Hot Shots: Rita Ora Hits ‘Groucho’ With Cara Delevingne And Florence Welch

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Rita Ora hit London Town last night, still fresh from her recent trip to Thailand.

Caught leaving Dean Street’s ‘Groucho Club‘, the 22 year old singer/songwriter hit the spot with ‘Bally’ sporting best friend Cara Delevingne and ‘I Come Apart‘ singer Florence Welch, one week after speaking to That Grape Juice.Net on her 90s Hip Hop infused second album.

Next month, in what should mark her biggest appearance to date, Rita is set to hit the 2013 Brit Awards with Satelites singer Beyonce, where the latter will perform cuts from her new studio album.

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  1. rita is a January 20, 2013


  2. j January 20, 2013

    have a blessed sunday yall

  3. rita is a flop January 20, 2013

    she better try pop and dance.

    • rita is a flop January 20, 2013

      that hip hop gonna cut it for better?

  4. MADAME PEPSI January 20, 2013

    Four years ago, a surprise performance by Beyonce at President Barack Obama’s Neighborhood Ball became arguably the most talked-about musical moment of the inauguration festivities.

    At the Jan. 20, 2009 event — broadcast on ABC and watched by 12.6 million U.S. TV viewers according to Nielsen — she serenaded the newly-elected president and first lady Michelle Obama with a cover of Etta James’ “At Last.”

    Video clips of the performance went viral on YouTube, other TV networks played it repeatedly, and sales of the song immediately surged. Beyonce’s already-released cover version earned a 1,318% sales gain according to Nielsen SoundScan in the tracking week ending Jan. 25. The tune sold 31,000 downloads that week — up from just 2,000 the week previous. (Her version of “At Last” had been released late in 2008 on the “Cadillac Records” soundtrack. She co-starred in the film as James.)

    Beyonce is back again for Obama’s second inauguration, though this time she’ll be performing at the Ceremonial Swearing-In Ceremony on Jan. 21. Also on hand for the ceremony: Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor.

    Obama’s first inauguration was a major TV event. The Jan. 20, 2009 ceremony was watched by 37.8 million U.S. TV viewers — the second-most-watched presidential inauguration after President Reagan’s first in 1981 (41.8 million). Leading up to that were an array of concerts and balls, broadcast on HBO and Disney Channel, all of which earned many millions of viewers and boasted A-list talent.

  5. NO Daddy January 20, 2013

    I wonder why Jay-Z didnt push so many money, time & promo for my girl Teairra Mari!

    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 20, 2013

      she is black. Have u not heard the hollywood gossip? Jayz is sleeping with Gwyneth paltrow.

      • Lax January 20, 2013

        Jay has DIPPED in many a Pools, for
        a refresher course, Bey must not be
        keeping him Pleased, I mean she did
        say that she has to get High and Listen to
        Love Songs to get Ready for Her Camel!!!!!

  6. Kate Middleton January 20, 2013

    i believe rita is not the age she claims to be, she looks old, older than Rihanna. and there is no way Florence is 25-26, more like 46 old t*****, that thing looks like a guy.ewwww!!!

    • Lax January 20, 2013

      Rita look like Shes in Jayz’s Class of
      “Hard Knocks”,,,

  7. Pop Royalty January 20, 2013

    what the f*** is she wearing ? and the other girl looks drunk and high as a kite , like b**** tie your f*****’ shoes 🙄

    • Lax January 20, 2013

      Pop they are trying hard to be Coooooool,,,

  8. aurora January 20, 2013

    This girl needs an image overhaul asap

  9. Lana Del Slay January 20, 2013

    Rita looks good with some color in her damn skin. B**** was looking like a damn ghost last year.

  10. REe* January 20, 2013

    Rita Ora lacks originality, she’s trying to hard to be someone she aint, that’s why no one likes her, plus she makes sh!t music

  11. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 20, 2013

    Poor sad rita whora: been in the game for less than a year; she has flopped beyond belief , but she has now fallen onto that hardcore london drug scene that destroyed Amy Winehouse. Cara is a her lesbian lover and well know junkie . She has not even sold a million albums, what image is she telling her label. ? That she would rather party, sleep around with men and women,and do drugs?

    I predict rehab for rita

    • Lax January 20, 2013

      @FLOP cHEETA,,,,Noooo Rita been in the
      Game around 4 years,,,,I think, Ofc.

  12. John January 20, 2013

    She should be thankful that she has the privilege to hang around with Flo & Cara. Two dope girls one must admit!

  13. Chile Please!! January 20, 2013

    I’m sorry but every time I see this chick….she gives me a knock off version of Rhianna!! Not hating….I”M JUST SAYIN’! ***Kanye shrug***

  14. SAGAT January 20, 2013

    Rita #1

  15. Lax January 20, 2013

    And everytime I look at Rita I see The First White/ Albanian
    who Wants to be a Boss Black “HBIC”….Name RIHANNA!!

  16. HD January 22, 2013

    Damn that Cara girl is fugly. And apparently she’s a VS model…? yuck

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