Leona Lewis Leaves Management / Plots New Album For This Year

Published: Saturday 16th Feb 2013 by Sam

It’s been a tricky few years for songbird Leona Lewis. Hailed as the second coming of Mariah Carey (with mammoth like success to match), the singer seemed poised for global superstardom.

Yet, a mishandled sophomore album and an incredibly mis-judged third album have left the Londoner in quite the precarious position.

And while not vocalizing the usual “artist done wrong” narrative that so many in her position employ, The X Factor alum is letting her actions do the talking instead.

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In a surprising yet not entirely shocking move, the 27 year old this week announced that she had parted ways with Modest! management. Of course touted as “amicable”, Lewis said of the team who had steered her career since the start:

“I greatly enjoyed my time working with Modest! and I’m very proud of all the things we achieved together. I would like to thank them for all their hard work and support over the years. They played an important role in my career and I’ll always be grateful to them. I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my career.”

Modest! swiftly added:

“We were very proud to have Leona on the Modest! roster and of everything she has achieved. We wish her all the best in the next phase of her career.”

According to Music Week, the parting may indeed be as “amicable” as suggested (rare for an industry famed for saying one thing, but meaning another). For, Modest! are believed to be helping the star secure management in the US – with Front Line being touted as one of the major juggernauts in the running.

In the interim, Lewis will embark on a short European tour in support of her latest LP ‘Glassheart’, which -upon release last October-peaked at #3 in the UK and #4 in Ireland. The ‘Trouble’ led set was not released in America.

Plans thereafter will see the vocalist hit the studio to record her fourth project. Reacting to news of her management split, a spokeswoman for record label Syco issued a statement saying:

“Leona Lewis is one of the UK’s most successful artists, one of a few that have enjoyed huge global success in recent years selling more than 20 million records worldwide.

She will begin the recording of her fourth album imminently to be released later this year. She remains a key priority artist for Syco and for Sony Music Worldwide.”


The collaborative commitment to re-push Leona globally excites us much. For, with talent as world-class as hers, someone-somewhere clearly messed up by pushing her latest project in Europe alone.

That said, one has to wonder how accountable Leona herself should be for this. After all, despite pushing for creative freedom and delaying the album in earnest, the finished project was markedly “meh” and didn’t feel like authentic Leona (see: uninspired Dance cuts). As such, perhaps it was a disguised blessing that the rest of the world wasn’t exposed to it. For, while lengthy gaps between projects is often dangerous (just ask Nelly Furtado), it’s often a lesser evil than trying to bounce back from a dud – especially in the US.

In any case, we wish Ms. Lewis the best. Her talent alone auto-renders her next project one of our most anticipated of the year. Fingers crossed a solid cast of writers and producers will be enlisted to craft it, while a sound global marketing strategy is put in place for its roll-out. Heck, if necessary cheques need to be cut, then cut them!

We’re in an industry where models with mics are dominating – something entirely not right when talent of Leona’s caliber sits around un-pushed. Here’s hoping this year ushers in a return of real talent.

Your thoughts?

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    She was bigger in America than Rita Whora ever will be, and SHE had far less promotion that flop rita whora. So, Sam, if we use your logic, how do you explain why rita whora cannot even chart on Itunes?

    I’ll wait.

  2. Sleazy February 16, 2013

    I love Leona She is known for her TALENT! That’s all any artist can ask for you and not your tabloid antics anyway I’m glad she left her management she needs better people! Management plays an important role in a artist career if they unbalanced your career will be to so goodluck to lew lew here’s to another “Spirit”

  3. True Tea February 16, 2013

    The main reason why she wasn’t successful is because it was the dance/pop era. People were not here for big voices…if they ever will be one day again.

  4. J February 16, 2013

    I’m not a fan but this girl can sing, i’m excited to see what she brings thing time

  5. J February 16, 2013


  6. Sleazy February 16, 2013

    @beyonce and rita whora………. You kelly and LAX stop changing your name! You that crazy rihanna stan!!!!!!!!! Rita performed on what 2 or 3 shows in america Plus HWD charted at #68 on the hot 100 and R.I.P has charted on US itunes. Get your f****** facts straight!!! I don’t think her main focus was america her album did well in Europe so I guess her focus is america now … Why you so hateful! Your fav is back with the guyw ho beat her bwt that

  7. Sleazy February 16, 2013

    *worry bout that

  8. SandySande February 16, 2013

    ‘People were not here for big voices’. (Blasts Our Version Of Events)

  9. Destiny February 16, 2013

    There is no doubt that Leona can sing, but she’s just not all that! The moment age was named with the greats is when she was destined to fail. Leona can sing pitch perfect all day long, but what she lacks that lesser singers have is emotion and range, Leona sings everything in the same pitch and style regardless of the bpm behind her and makes everything sound the same.
    Unfortunately no-one but TGJ juice is anticipating another dull ass Leona Album. This wasn’t a management issue it is a Leona issue, she primarily sings the songs, agrees the styling but most of all controls the way she sings, and the management just push an already lacklustre product.
    Leon’s needs to take sometime out and get vocal lessions and find herself because another album isn’t going to change what the issues are.
    Leona received a better footing than any other of the xfactor contestants and couldn’t maintain.

  10. mr.m February 16, 2013

    Leona should only sing POWERHOUSE ballads
    She’s boring and dated as “nowadays pop star”
    People LOVE her voice and only wanna hear it
    She’s so “Celine-Dion-ish” “90’sMariah-ish ” She can pull those!!
    Kinda lost it with Echo and Glassheart (NO IDENTITY)
    Spirit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  11. beYONCE N RITA WHORA FLOP TOGETHER February 16, 2013

    @beyonce and rita whora………. You kelly and LAX stop changing your name! You that crazy rihanna stan!!!!!!!!! Rita performed on what 2 or 3 shows in america Plus HWD charted at #68 on the hot 100 and R.I.P has charted on US itunes. Get your f****** facts straight!!! I don’t think her main focus was america her album did well in Europe so I guess her focus is america now … Why you so hateful! Your fav is back with the guyw ho beat her bwt that

    Z100 with jayz, Billboard showcases introduced as next big thing, cartier show, nyc show cases, American pop and Urban radio tour, Vegas shows, Made in America festival, GQ USA, Good morning America, Seventeen magazine, Anna wintour of vogue dinner party, Dinner with fashion designer Jason wu, Bergdof Goodman with Pucci designer, Teen Vogue, Tour of canada, Absolute vodka showcase, MTV unplugged, MTV when I was 17, MTV NYE party, MTV VMA commercial, MTV after parties, MTV presenting Chris brown best male, MTV rOLLING STONE competition, sponsored tour with Iggy azalia, Vibe magazine, Rolling out, David letterman, Jimmy kimmell, Sony event in LA, Drake video for ‘ over’ , Face of roc nation headphones . Interview with Ryan Seacrest on Kiss. This is more than even what A list singers get. HWD peaked at 62 and RIP DID NOT CHART IN THE ITUNES CHART OR BB HOT 100 AND HER ALBUM GOT SCRAPPED.

    Her main focus was America. cos she though she was better than Rihanna, and was gonna end her career, and America is the market where Rih lives. So America is her concern, look at her USA promo campaign! What does she have to show in the USA?

    Her album flopped in Europe. it was not released in France; it peaked at 69 in Germany. In fact, it was not even released in most European countries due low demand. It only went number 1 in the UK, with 40k sold and scrapped platinum in Dec, due to heavy discounting and TV commercials.

    So, My point still stands. If Ciara and all other RNB singers had the level of Promo Rita had in the USA they would be huge acts by now. She also has had heavy promotion in Australia, Japan, France, Germany and has nothing to show.. The fact that she went to France numerous times and has never had hit in France and did not even drop her LP in France indicates that SHE WILL NEVER HAPPEN! No one FLOPS this hard with that level of promo.

  12. Cream Beyonce run this s*** February 16, 2013

    Y’all have to here her song call love Birds from glass heart omg!!!! That s*** is hot Leona lewis is my 2nd fave singer so I’m happy for this s*** and ready for some new Spirt>>>>>>

  13. Dev February 16, 2013

    @TGJ, why does the reply button not work?
    I agree with @Destiny Her management have nothing to do with her vocal ability or her choice of songs. Her promo was okay and she’s signed to a big label with with Slimon Cowell backing her, the problem is her. Bleeding Love was the the bar and it was high, i love that song and how she sung it but everything after that was lame and just got worse.
    Adele came out, indie label next to no promo, grammy’s. second album, again next to no promo and straight out the gate with rolling in the deep followed by someone like you. Is she a better singer than Leona? Technically no but you were feeling everyone of Adelds words across countries, time zones, cultures and nations because of the emotion in the songs. Also, i think Leona markets herself to the white audiences whereas Adele was a girl who sang decent songs well.

  14. antertain February 16, 2013

    Good for her.
    She needs to really get her artistry promoted properly and perform on all big shows.

    This next album must really be carefully handled especially with single choices.

  15. JER February 16, 2013

    Grrrl its over. The ship has sailed!!! This is not 2008 anymore and no one is waiting for this s***!!!!!

  16. Monsta☈ebel February 16, 2013

    I used to love her alot but she bores me to death now

  17. butlerny February 16, 2013

    leona has been managed badly and this split will be the right move…The album Glassheart has several hits and I love the album…Also listen on YT to Ricky Hil Fix me ft Leona Lewis..now an album of urban from Leona would be amazing ..she needs to do more collabs too …this girl aint done yet..her voice will make sure when others are gone she wil still be around for a long time…

    those that hate on her or say shes boring are fickle..yes fickle …

  18. eric February 16, 2013

    Her time will come around. All she has to do is be prepared for it, and getting new management is one of those steps.

  19. ceaton85 February 16, 2013

    For Leona to even be mentioned in the same sentence as MC is delusion at it’s best. LAst I checked, Leona had two (count two) bonafide hits with her first album and has been flopping and floundering ever since. MC’s first 5 consecutive singles of her career were number one hits a record that has yet to be broken by an female debut

    Fair and unbiased TGJ? Yeh Right GTFOOHWTBS!

  20. RobX February 16, 2013

    I hope Christina Aguilera leaves RCA.

  21. cali February 16, 2013

    please put a current pic, she looks nothing like this pic anymore…she has gained sooo much weight!

  22. Hilly February 16, 2013

    Good for her, she deserves better, the promotion of Glassheart was sloppy.

  23. CHUDDS February 16, 2013

    America will probably NEVER be checking for Leona again. Those big-voiced power ballads are soooooo 90’s. She’s boring with no star quality or identity.

  24. Citygal718 February 16, 2013

    Leona just needs better songs and a more strategic plan. She’s like a poppier version of Jennifer Hudson. They have the voices, but their images are bland and material is uninspiring. Everyone involved with them is under the impression that the voice will sell anything, and that hasn’t been the case. Sing the big voiced power ballads, just make sure their good.

  25. Kyle February 16, 2013

    I agree that Leona lacks star quality in some departments but there is no denying her amazing voice. Good luck to her! I was actually really impressed with “Glassheart.” That’s her best album IMO.

  26. Carona February 16, 2013

    Her problem is that she doesn’t particularly stand out. Leona is like a modern day version of Tina Arena. Big voice, trite/forgettable music and no personality. Truth be told, I don’t think Mariah and Celine had much personality either, but they both had Tommy Matolla there to mass market them despite that. Leona doesn’t have a “Tommy”, so she gets stranded with no real support.

  27. SayAyeYoJay February 16, 2013

    She’s just BORING!! Her tone is sleepy, her personality is non-existent. I’m not saying that she should have a “wardrobe malfunction.” She just needs to find herself, enjoy life and stop acting like she wants to be a nun instead of a global powerhouse.

  28. MISHKA February 17, 2013

    She better sign with Clive Davis and get back to where she is supposed to be.

    I just hate to see talented artists who turn lazy as f*ck. Move your as$ to the US, Leona!

  29. MRDIVABITCH February 17, 2013

    The whole issue is sad because Leona is indeed talented and at least tries to be unique and different with her latest album.

  30. dwayne February 22, 2013

    FINALLY she is dropping them, they did not know how to promote her music well, at ALL. I like her third album, but I hope the fourth album is AMAZING and releases WORLDWIDE BABY!

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