Alexandra Burke Announces Royal Albert Hall Residency / Will Tribute ‘Lady Sings The Blues’

Published: Monday 25th Mar 2013 by Sam

Alexandra Burke is one busy busy girl.

The Pop powerhouse is currently hard at work on her third studio album (which will also serve as her American debut), however she is set to take brief break from recording this June to take up residency at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall.

In what appears to be a strategic move to re-position Burke as a Soulful siren, the 24 year old will pay homage to the soundtrack of  classic Diana Ross movie ‘Lady Sings The Blues’. As many will note, the 1972 original told the story and celebrated the songs of Billie Holiday.

More on Burke’s live re-imagining of the ‘Blues’ after the jump…

PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT: From Tuesday 4- Saturday 8 June 2013, X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke takes residence in Royal Albert Hall’s Elgar Room for her own unique concert version of Lady Sings The Blues. Following in the footsteps of her idols Billie Holiday and Diana Ross, Alexandra will perform, with a full jazz band, her own take on the legendary 1972 film soundtrack of the same name.

Starring the queen of Motown, Diana Ross, and nominated for 5 Oscars, Lady Sings the Blues is the classic film and soundtrack that followed the life and career of legendary jazz singer and songwriter Billie Holiday from late childhood to the latter stages of her career and included many of her famous songs. This live concert version, for the first time ever, will revisit this soundtrack as Alexandra and her band put their own spin on these remarkable jazz standards and the life and career of the one of the world’s most cherished performers. Very much in homage to both Billie Holiday and Diana Ross, it seems only fitting that Alexandra performs this show at the Royal Albert Hall nearly 60 years after Billie Holiday made her only appearance at the venue for a special one-off concert in 1954.

Speaking on the shows, Burke said:

I am so excited to be performing these concerts in such an iconic venue. It is an honour to be able to sing Billie Holiday’s songs and I feel a very strong emotional attachment to them. Music is my life and I love doing different and surprising things, so I can’t wait to get on stage and sing these amazing and timeless songs”

Tickets go on-sale March 27th at the  Royal Albert Hall Box Office: 020 7589 8212 /


Without a morsel of doubt, Alex stands as one of the UK’s most unique and powerful voices, hence it’s great to see her making the necessary moves to ensure the masses note that as fact.

Fingers crossed her album serves up the same soulful blend of brilliance she’ll be bringing to the stage this Summer.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine March 25, 2013

    She can definitely sing but has no soul in her voice. That is why i cant get into her music.

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 25, 2013


      • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 25, 2013

        correction..’Bow Down/I Been On’. I hated it at first but now ITS MY S***!!! KEEP POSTN THE SONG SAM!!!

  2. Dee Dee March 25, 2013

    God is love!! Many tried to keep her down, radio stations, magazines and blogs but she keeps rising.

    Go Alex!

  3. LA LA March 25, 2013

    I wished you guys blogged more on other new artists such as: Keshia Chante, Cheryl Cole, The Weeknd, Kreesha Turner, and more instead of just annoying us with this girl and that Elijah guy.

    • Dee Dee March 25, 2013

      You say break new artists then mention Cheryl Cole. If you had said too much Beyonce & Rihanna i would agree but when last did you see an Alex post

  4. JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 25, 2013

    That’s cool for her…

    Alexandra has always had more of a ‘Pop/Jazz/Blues’ -y powerhouse sound to her voice, not particularly soulful or Gospel- like, so I think this could work well in her favour!!!

  5. Matthew Charlery-Smith March 25, 2013

    I was saying this to someone in her team about 2 months ago, that she needs to connect with her Black audience and have a soulful edge to her music. All that “Bad Boys” stuff does nothing for her.

    To position yourself as a premium vocalist you need to skillfully handle complex and classic hits. This should cement her in a more iconic position rather than “That Black girl who won X-Factor and beat JLS.”

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 25, 2013


      Why, exactly, do you feel she needs to connect with her “Black audience”?

      I understand if, by your statement, you mean that she needs to add a more ‘Black’- orientated sound to her music but I don’t think she needs to become a ‘Soul- based’ artist just to re-ignite a gain more Black fans.

      Personally, I see Alexandra as more of a Pop singer. There probably isn’t a Soulful edge to her music because she can’t exactly duplicate a ‘Soulful’ sound with her voice – Jazz/Blues etc. would and will fit her perfectly.

      Also, you have to remember, Alexandra is a British- based act… The musical dynamics here in Britain and in the U.S is much different, not to mention that the Black population here is much smaller aswell. There has to be a Worldwide Soul- singing star to come out of my dear country and the Black stars who have made it internationally are Pop singers.

      • Dev March 25, 2013

        Clearly you know noting about singing if you think she has no soul to her voice. Granted the pop songs she sang were pop, but in the xfactor auditions and thje covers she has done since as well as the mini concert or TGJ there was soul

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith March 25, 2013

        Jared, the reason she NEEDS to connect with her Black audience is because she IS Black. Let me explain.

        Unlike Leona, Alexandra Burke is a strong representation of the Black female. Curvy, boisterous, dark skinned and with a very Soulful, alto voice like Anita Baker. Therefore, when the majority of X Factor viewers/fans watch (who are mostly white girls and their parents) they are not seeing someone who necessarily represents them.

        Think about it. Whitney was marketed to appeal to BOTH Black and White audiences for her first 2 albums and it worked, Mariah had a similar dual appeal. Alex on the other hand came out with this horrible sounding FAUX RnB which appealed to NO black people and we, unfortunately, deserted her. Think about this, Poppy songs aside, Alex is not even serving RnB remixes that would get her music played on A) Urban Radio B) Clubs therefore she has no real connection to her own people…and her mother used to sing in Soul II Soul!!!

        Jazz and Blues ARE children of Soul. Soul is in ALL Black music starting with Gospel and Blues which arguably came first (in Afro-American English speakers during slavery) and as Black and White cultures merged we had Jazz, Swing, RnB and Motown which evolved into Disco and eventually Dance etc.

        I’m not American. I am British and born in London. I’ve seen Damage, Shola Ama, Mark Morrisson and a few others scale to the top of the UK charts with great R&B and great Pop remixes. Check the SEVEN remixes of “Return of the Mack” and “Crazy”. Also, when a real sista like Alex is made to do the cheesy, Dairylea type of R&B associated with acts such as All Saints, Another Level, Blue and a few other triers many black folk laugh because we heard Motown, watched the 90’s US R&B domination and find the UK’s attempts to do it (find three White people and dash in a Black) quite laughable.

        I think Alex needs a slice of Eternal’s marketing. A great mixture of Pop and R&B without leaning too heavily on either…but she SHOULD lean a bit more on R&B for the sake of her voice and recapturing the Black audience she lost after she stopped singing with Beyonce at the finals!

    • Variousmusiclover March 25, 2013

      Why connect with a minority audience who are as tight as a*** with short hands deep pockets. I hate to say this as I don’t want to offend but it s no secret tat black people do not support their own. Alexandra is where she is due to her white fan base. However I do believe British blacks are more loyal than African Americans. Correct me if I am wrong by giving me an example.

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith March 25, 2013


        And where is she? At the bottom of the charts with practically no fans left. To say that Blacks don’t support their own is nonsense really. Do you think it was White people playing their music all over the airwaves and buying it throughout the 90’s up til now? Do you think only White people turned up to the Jodeci, SWV, Blackstreet and Dru Hill concert in Wembley a few days ago?

        How old are you, 17?

  6. leelee March 25, 2013

    If only i managed her. hopefully it works well am sure it will.

  7. mobwife March 25, 2013


    Please make sure to have video for this concert! I feel that she is going to slay…. Lady Sings the Blues is an amazing soundtrack!Good for her…

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 25, 2013

      i agree

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