Rihanna & Elijah Blake Head To 3 Million / Beyonce US Sales Hit 30.5 Million

Published: Saturday 13th Apr 2013 by David

…and Roc Nation just keeps on winning!

One day before their closest affiliate Beyonce kicks off her ‘Mrs.Carter Show‘ World Tour, she and two of the label’s brightest stars have extended the label’s lead as one of Pop’s more productive machines.

Want to know why Beyonce, Elijah Blake and Rihanna have cause to celebrate this week?

We’ll meet you below!

Teaming up to pen cuts for her #1 album ‘Unapologetic‘ last year, Rihanna and Elijah will no doubt welcome the news that the LP has now reached global sales of 2,788,000 units- after shifting 54,000 copies worldwide in the last week!

Of course, though the success of its lead single ‘Diamonds’ should have seen it shift more, these sales shine a fresh light on Riri’s ever impressive ‘sonic brand’. For, if one studies units moved by her last three years, they’d find that each and every one has sold no less than 2 million units worldwide…less than a year after dropping.

Marking the latest sales win Elijah has scored since penning Usher‘s ‘Climax‘, Keyshia Cole‘s ‘Enough Of No Love’ and signing onto co-write material on Britney Spears’ forthcoming effort, this news arrives weeks before fans can expect to score news on his own debut effort, set to drop via Def Jam and Roc Nation.

Meanwhile, in leading the way for R&B once again, Beyonce’s 2008 effort ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ has now been certified Triple Platinum by the Recording Industry Association Of America for US sales of 3,073,496, after it moved 1,526 in the last week.

However, as the title of this post would have indicated, the best news to hit Camp Bey is that her combined US sales now sit at sales of 30.5 million.

Indeed, while recent years have some critics ignore the sales she amassed during her days in Destiny’s Child (despite her role as its lead singer/songwriter), sales of 17.5 million with the group arrive at sales of 30.5 million when solo sales of 13 million are added to the equation.

Unfortunately, this was not taken into consideration when Chart News published the RIIA’s list of Female Acts with Most Certified Albums sold, prompting fans of the ‘Killing Time‘ singer to ponder why.

This news comes after Elijah and Frank Ocean  bid adieu to Def Jam exec Joie Manda who left his position at the label to begin work at Jimmy Iovine‘s Interscope, after overseeing the release Blake’s ‘Bijoux 22′ mix tape back in December.

So, let us know…

Should DC Sales Count Towards Beyonce’s?


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  1. King B>Rihanna April 13, 2013

    TGJ you guys always, how about you show pictures of B arriving in Serbia for her tour.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013

      What pics? Give me a link or something?

      • Likica April 13, 2013

        Gurl, I cannot post you a link because it is not allowed. type kurir.rs Bijonse stigla u Beograd – means Beyonce landed in Belgrade! She wore a blue track suit.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013

        OK Thanks.

    • Likica April 13, 2013

      Yes gurl, she arrived here few hours ago. Hope she will enjoy it 😀

      • RICHANDBLACK11 April 13, 2013

        I take it your from serbia

  2. DON’T_START_NO_SHIT April 13, 2013


    • PGKeri2012 April 13, 2013

      Where is the single?

      • DON’T_START_NO_SHIT April 13, 2013

        The single that your waiting for her to drop?!.. She hasn’t released it yet!!!

  3. BeyWhoUWanna April 13, 2013

    The Queen!

    • riking/queen April 13, 2013

      of fat lip syncing trannys across the nation…

      • Teah April 13, 2013

        Rihanna is the Queen of extra terrestrial non talented h*** across the nation.

  4. King B>Rihanna April 13, 2013

    but anyway the KING stay wining.

    • RoyalNavi April 13, 2013

      It’s WINNING and how is she winning when she can’t even release her single. She knows she’s gonna flop again and that Columbia will be hot on her ass if she wastes their money again.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 April 13, 2013

        What your sayin makes no sense

      • Teah April 13, 2013

        Yeah and its LOOSING when you have poor ticket sales and a FLOP tour. Despite the fact, that you’ve had multiple hit singles *cough cough* Rihanna.

      • DON’T_START_NO_SHIT April 13, 2013

        Even if she did flop(which would never happen)!!.. Columbia won’t be hot on Bey’s ass. If anything they would buy a million copies to keep their cash cow on top!!!!.. ———-There the rope HANG YOURSELF!!!!

  5. PIU April 13, 2013

    Oh how nice. Tgj only did this to throw us off the s*** she’s in for going to Cuba. Anything for their precious B.

    • oh baby (b****** will bow down and deal to a grown woman) April 13, 2013

      She’s in no s*** whatsoever, hence why she was smiling getting off her private jet in Serbia to commence her sold out world tour. She had permission and you will bow down and deal with that fact. You have a nice day 🙂

  6. BitchyBey April 13, 2013

    I like Elijah.

    • BrandNuStar April 13, 2013

      Me too. He has one song about Victoria’s secret but I couldn’t find it when i wanted to listen to it today. So mad lols.

      • OVORyanInMyBed April 13, 2013

        Did you try YT?

      • Woman2Woman April 13, 2013

        All his songs are on the net sis.

      • JanetXone April 13, 2013

        I had to play his videos because they kept shoving it down my throat. I kinda licked them.

  7. meenadelrey April 13, 2013

    congrats riri ans beyonce

  8. Lana Del Slay April 13, 2013

    Yass for Mutha Bey!

  9. Maddy April 13, 2013

    Beyonce I love you

  10. QueenCeline April 13, 2013

    Good for all of em, I’m not too familiar with Elijah but I like the songs you used from him today.

  11. Iz (Queen Adele) April 13, 2013

    Congrats to all of them, especially Beyonce because I have a soft spot for her 😉

    • DON’T_START_NO_SHIT April 13, 2013


  12. . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013

    We’re 30.5 million albums in the states alone???

    What kind of champion fanbase!!!!!!


    ***Plays “Lose My Breath” and waits for the usual tired, recycled, irrelevant “Destiny’s Child sales don’t count” comments***

  13. WhiteBoi April 13, 2013

    that all? Mariah has 4x what beyonce has, 2x if you add in DC .. Mariah the true queen!

  14. RICHANDBLACK11 April 13, 2013

    Both of them are winning …..save your hateful comments.

  15. Amina Adan April 13, 2013

    so dc sold 30.5 not beyonce on her own

  16. Amina Adan April 13, 2013

    ignore my last comment

  17. AQueenLikeBey April 13, 2013

    Yaass at TGJ showing love to both girls today. Lord knows R**** needs it after she got exposed as a industry d*** hopping s*** who couldn’t her legs closed if her p**** moisture depended on it.

    • TaylorWins April 13, 2013

      Kiiii, this b**** got thumbs downed 20 times! The Navy are here!!!!!

    • Likica April 13, 2013

      Where is your proof that she is a h**? She had 3 boyfriends, Chris Brown, Matt and Drake, other guys are just rumours, like Beyonce was supposed to be with Usher/Eminem. Do you believe it?

    • RICHANDBLACK11 April 13, 2013

      so shady

    • riking/queen April 13, 2013

      stfu c*nt She’s a h** because she dating Chris brown??? alright b****…

  18. Sass April 13, 2013

    Wheres that at @Blondie w**** tryna say bey sold less than 10 mill and less than Brandy the other day?

    • RICHANDBLACK11 April 13, 2013

      chile pay it no mind.

    • Aquarius April 13, 2013

      Lol @sass

  19. HOTSTUFF April 13, 2013


    • BeyWhoUWanna April 13, 2013

      Is that why Loud isn’t even dp hun?

      • Likica April 13, 2013

        Does it matter? Even if it’s not 2 x Platinum in the USA it has sold as much as B day worldwide with 3xPlatinum cert in the USA in the USA and which was only 1 x Platinum in the Uk, while Loud is 6xPlatinum there.

  20. Xxx April 13, 2013

    Congrats to them both! Lets save the petty wars for today both girls stay winning.

  21. Alex T April 13, 2013

    Elijah Blake had absolutely nothing to do with this news.

  22. VisionOfMimi April 13, 2013

    Is that all.

  23. Kameron April 13, 2013

    Yes I do think sales & accolades’s from destiny child should be accounted for when evaluating her music career. To be quite honest Beyonce’s contribution as a vocalist & a song-writer propelled the group to success, and that simply should not be ignored. Either way the queen still will go on to be one of the greatest iconic legendary vocalist/performers of ALL TIME!U

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013

      This right here.

  24. ARFA April 13, 2013

    can we get the full list please

  25. RICHANDBLACK11 April 13, 2013

    Mimi fan don’t come in her with that crap….Mimi came out in 1990 when sales were high. So cut the b.s.

  26. Kate Middleton April 13, 2013

    You don’t see Michael Jackson fans claiming the Jackson 5 do you? Of course not, because Michael stands strong.

    This fat cow and her cattle stay using destiny’s child to make themselves feel better.

    • Lydia April 13, 2013

      And shes still sold more there than Riwhore with only 4 albums.. U mad?

      • Likica April 13, 2013

        She didn’t, stop lying.

      • Lydia April 13, 2013

        She has sold more US albums than Rihanna deal hon.

      • Likica April 13, 2013

        In the USA yes, but worldwide (what actually matters) no.

      • Lydia April 13, 2013

        I didnt say WW READ before u accuse me of lying! I expect her to outsell her WW because she has 7 albums!

      • . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013

        Maybe because Rihanna released like 2X the number of albums, and we’re not including any of Beyonce’s live DVDs or any collaborational/group albums.


    • Teah April 13, 2013

      Nor did Micheal Jackson have to release 1,000 f****** albums a year just to stay afloat or to reach the 100 mill mark. Of course not, because Michel actually obtained talent and was an amazing tour act.

      RhiAnorexic’s extra terrestrial ass and her martians just don’t seem to comprehend that. You being one of them…Kate Middlehoe.

  27. Berg April 13, 2013

    Ok I kinda f**** with this Elijah yall keep talking about. That Birds song is nice.

  28. Lydia April 13, 2013

    Lets be real. If the Navy are allowed to harp on about Ris 12 #1s when some of them are features, then same goes for Beyonce and Destinys Child!! I dont like double standards, Congrats to them BOTH anyway.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013

      This right here too.

    • TeamBreezy April 13, 2013

      LYDIA you make no sense, her 12 #1s are recognized by Billboard because shes a featured solo artist on the songs
      , Bey is a part of DC not a feature! so the RIAA is not recognizing those sales and rightfully so

      • danny b April 13, 2013

        Regardless if you call it a feature or not, neither are listed as the sole performer on the song. Both SHARE the hit with other vocalists. If that’s the logic you wanna go wit, then every Grammy and award Rihanna has ever won for a song doesn’t belong to her because she hasn’t written any of her awarded hits. Beyoncé has 9 number 1s in her total career and has sold 30 mil and has 17 Grammys to HER NAME, whether part of a group or solo, and you will deal. Stop being so damn steam pressed. So you maam “make no sense”.

      • Lou April 13, 2013

        But its not HER song @Team Breezy. The fact Bey IS PART of DC makes it EVEN MORE her music. Simple logic. Bey has good US sales for this day and age. Rihanna cant even catch up and she has more albums. And lets not talk about WW cos Beyoncé aint far behind and she only has 4 albums so its inevitable. Most certified artists of the 2000s by RIAA so I doubt she cares.

      • Lou April 13, 2013


  29. caribbean native April 13, 2013


    • oh baby (b****** will bow down and deal to a grown woman) April 13, 2013

      No she’s not, she is however something, just not everything 🙂

  30. Loyalty April 13, 2013

    Congrats Bey!

  31. Oh baby (b****** will bow down and deal to a grown woman) April 13, 2013

    Amina girl can you read? Dc has sold 17.5 million from 4 official albums and a few compilations and remix albums and Beyoncé on her own has sold 13 million ALBUMS in the US alone. 5mill from DIL
    3.5mill from B’day, 3mill from IASF and 1.5 mill for 4. Now that’s impressive as f***! #yourbadicfavcoulnever! Yassssssss slayonce! And yes, the queen is officially in Europe now, she just landed in Serbia earlier today on her private jet. I’m seeing her May 27th. Can’t wait!

    • kk April 13, 2013

      no its not!

  32. RICHANDBLACK11 April 13, 2013

    Please save the stan war crap it’s gettin old and BORING….No matter how much one might hate Beyonce or Rihanna both BLACK women are winning. We as Blacks need to stop tearing down one another. I want to see all My Black musicians win. PERIOD.POINT.BLANK.

    • Likica April 13, 2013

      I am not even black but I agree with you hon!

      • RICHANDBLACK11 April 13, 2013

        Thanks Babe enough is enough.

  33. King B>Rihanna April 13, 2013


  34. Aquarius April 13, 2013

    Beyonce… Im so ready for you this summer

  35. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. April 13, 2013


    DC sales are not factored into THIEFonce’s overall sales no matter how much the Flea Hive wants it to

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013

      BUT rap tracks where Rihanna can get a chance to take a breath only when the rapper decides to take his d*** back from her throat DO add up to her total US #1s

      . . . . huh?

      And BTW hun, when Billboard give creadits to Beyonce’s group efforts, how do you expect anyone to give three shits on your 12-year-old Skeleton ass thinks?

    • Jas April 13, 2013

      You sucken ship stans can’t even talk. Because RihSPLICE’S album sales are faaaaaarrr from impressive hun.

  36. Likica April 13, 2013

    Samantha, if you write about Kesha/P!nk, you can write an article about Avril Lavigne. She has just released her new single Here’s To Never Growing Up. It’s a new bop!


    • OMG(AVRIL,BEYONCE) April 13, 2013

      Yessssssssssssssssssssssss 🙂

    • JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2013

      Wow sounding like Taylor Swift (which means like a joke). What a legend right? 🙂

    • Queen Brit Brit April 13, 2013

      No one cares about that flop never was LOL

      • Likica April 13, 2013

        Don’t be rude. If no one cared, how she could manage to sell close to 40 million albums worlwide? Plus Femme Fatale and Goodbye Lullaby sold about the same number of albums. Avril rocks!

  37. FentySoSnatched April 13, 2013

    Song writer? I can’t.

    • Draggin4MrsCarter April 13, 2013

      Monogamous? Rihanna can’t.

    • KellyKDL April 13, 2013

      What does Rihanna write though.

      • NewBeyianQueen April 13, 2013

        Complaint letters to Trojan.

      • riking/queen April 13, 2013

        but rihanna never took credit for someone elses doing…….

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013

      You can’t what? Find a seat?

    • Jas April 13, 2013

      Oh please, whether Rihanna took credit or not is irrelevant. The b**** whom you stan for isn’t a song writer either. So you sound f****** stupid . Rihanna? A singer?….I can’t smdh.

  38. Lovebird (I’m legit) April 13, 2013

    I see Beyonce is on a thieving mission again, can she ever sit her fat ass down somewhere for once. Why should she STEAL all the credit for Destiny’s Child when we both know the first two albums which were the most successful and the one that matter are Letoya Luckett’s handiwork??

    This Beyonce b**** didn’t even like Say My name, a song Letoya Luckett slaved over and poured her heart in only to have the fraudulent fat b**** downplay it, oh and replace her in the music video with the beautiful Farah.

    Letoya wrote all the hits including Bills Bills Bills, Say my name (which Beyonce hated) and now the thieving b**** wants to steal all the glory.

    Everyone knows that DC music went downhill once Beyonce forcefully and ferociously kicked Letoya out because she didn’t want any competition, she even called her a bad seed. She does not deserve those sales because Letoya Luckett is the one responsible for them.

    • NewBeyianQueen April 13, 2013

      You’re a bloody liar.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013




      The meltdowns are so sweet to see!!!!! YEASSS!!!!!

    • Jewell April 13, 2013

      4 paragraphs for Beyonce LMAO someone is pressed.

      • riking/queen April 13, 2013

        and the hivs do the same to rih STFU.

      • Teah April 13, 2013

        @Rihmedial STFU! The hive isn’t starting s***, you and the rest of the hating ass sucken ships are. H20 even stated that “enough was enough”. Too bad your hateful jealous ass is too blind to see it.

  39. PhuckYoFave April 13, 2013

    Yes at Obama calling Jay and B liars for saying he said they could go to Cuba.

    • Jewell April 13, 2013

      And you are lying. Their trip was authorised by the TREASURY not Obama, they never saud Obama specifically.

      • FentySoSnatched April 13, 2013

        So why did Jay say Obama spoke to him in OL.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013

        “Their trip was authorised by the TREASURY not Obama”

        Someone just needed some schooling.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 April 13, 2013

        it was a song ….you people love reaching for the stars….so since you have nothing else to say , you use cuba to make your point. lol the reach.

    • Jewell April 13, 2013

      What in the song? Honey you have to learn he raps is jest. Why would he say the ‘treasury’ in a song lool. The official report however, confirmed it was the TREASURY.

  40. MCThePlaceToBe April 13, 2013

    30 million? Are we being serious? Beyonce hasn’t sold a third of what M did solo.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013

      Yeah hun, 30 million.

      Any problems?

    • TeamBreezy April 13, 2013

      its 13 million , they tryna add DC album sales but RIAA aint havin it!

  41. Jewell April 13, 2013

    Love Beyonce. Good for Rihanna too. Can people just stop being being bitter its always the same people shading Beyonce, pressed fools. While she just keeps achieving….

  42. Yolo April 13, 2013

    The picture alone of her is pure f****** slayage

  43. SNIFF MY BALLS April 13, 2013

    @H2O “BUT rap tracks where Rihanna can get a chance to take a breath only when the rapper decides to take his d*** back from her throat DO add up to her total US #1s”



    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013

      That GIF is every f*****’ thing man…

  44. Its Me April 13, 2013

    These girls stay winning in their own lanes.

  45. IT’S GETTING TIRED April 13, 2013

    It’s always the SAME people arguing about the SAME OLD CRAP (Beyonce vs Rihanna). AT THE END OF THE DAY BOTH OF THE B****** ARE WINNING.


    What other CURRENT (leave the LEGENDS out of this) BLACK female R&B/Pop artist is relevant right now? Who slays on a worldwide scale like BEYONCE & RIHANNA? What black female singers (CURRENT) have been CONSISTENTLY relevant for 16 & 8 years consecutively like BEYONCE & RIHANNA?

    Thats right! NO ONE! I know the Hive & Navy will probably never get along, but s*** both BEYONCE GISELLE KNOWLES & ROBYN RIHANNA FENTY deserve PROPS for doing it BIG for black women!!!

    I am a fan of BOTH (unheard of, I know). I love Beyonce because she’s one of the BADDEST female performers, and her work ethic is unmatched. Not to mention, the girl is FIERCE and can SLAY a routine in 4″ heels!!! I love Rihanna because she’s…well Rihanna. She’s not perfect, she doesn’t give a fxxk, her music is always interesting, shes a chameleon when it comes to hair & fashion and I also love her performances (she’s fun). They both have their own lane and they’re KILLING IT!!!

    CLAP CLAP BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Dev April 13, 2013

    I’m sorry, When did Elijah release an album? Although a songwriter can gain credit its the artists who sell the records… or not. On many occasions a good songwriter writes a song for an artist that doesn’t get recognition, so TGJ, until the sells records as an artist i ask you to stop this foolishness.

    I’m terms of beyonce’s sales in a group, i dont think they should included in solo achievements, She was pushed in front but they all have songwriting credits and sold records as a group.

  47. TeamBreezy April 13, 2013

    Beyonce has sold more with DC than her solo efforts .. maybe a DC reunion should be in the works!

    and NO, dc album sales should not count towards Beys solo album sales .. being a solo artist and being part of a group entity are completely different

  48. TeamBreezy April 13, 2013

    Britneys 1st album alone sold 14 million us, 24 million world wide …

    Beyonce, #theStruggle , I take it back, she needs all the sales she can get if she ever want to be part of the highest selling females of all time with MC, Whitney, Barabara and Britney …

    Everyone go out and buy a beyonce album, hurry she needs it!

    • JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2013

      Hun the highest selling females of all time are Barbra, Mariah, Madonna, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston in the USA… and Mariah, Madonna, Celine and Whitney worldwide. Leave Britney out of that superior league cos she´s not there

      • Likica April 13, 2013

        Barbara has 33 albums though so her achievement is nothing to brag about :S Britney is the only artist from our generation that managed to pull over 30 million, that is a good achievement, plus she has 2 X 20+ million sellers. Btw, you never mention Janet with Mariah/Whitney/Celine and Madonna. You don’t consider her a legend?

      • TeamBreezy April 13, 2013

        You miss the point , Brit is the youngest on te top ten list over 30 million, shes 8 or 9 I think ,, beyonce is nowhere near brits sales and they are the same age and came out the same time

      • JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2013

        I don´t miss the point. You should have said that in your first comment

    • Sass April 13, 2013

      It helps to be white and have a bubblegum pop album.

    • danny b April 13, 2013

      you sit here talking about Beyoncé’s sales when Chris Clown is sitting in his Compton apartment with a cumulative 5 million sold in the US. Chil those are Ciara numbers. Please have a seat in your cockroach infested living room.

  49. Nichole April 13, 2013

    Samantha and the rest of the Hoodrat Hive stay inflating b******* numbers.

    Thief hasn’t sold any where near no 30 million albums in the US.

    If that was the case, then she would be close to surpassing Britney Spears who is the only young artist on the list to sell over 30 million albums in the US according to the RIAA.

    The Hoodrat Hive stay with the b*******, with no receipts to back it up.

    What thief sold with DC, is completely seperate than what she has sold as a solo performer.

  50. JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2013

    LOL Dead at these typical Beyonce and Rihanna stans trying to fight about who is bigger when both of them average sales when compared to the hype and fame (well in Ritry´s case it´s below average)
    Beyonce´s solo career has sold 13 million in the USA and that´s a bit average. If you add Destinys Child, it is still nothing impressive, she had the help of a group and then a second revival with her solo career, she has been around like 16 years. It´s not impressive. She´s sooooo far from true huge sellers sales even if you add DC´s sales. And stop with the b******* about Mariah or Madonna stated when sales were huge cos DC´s career took place during the absolute peak of album sales in history, and around her first album “Dangerously…” sales were still pretty huge. Two years after that Mariah Carey, out of her peak, still sold more than Beyonce. Really stop the b*******
    Rihanna´s case: LOL has she even sold at leat 10 million albums in the USA? lol with 7 albums? 🙂 The girl is a joke. And yes Beyonce fans are right. If you don´t want to recognize Beyonce with DC… then what the hell are we going to say about Ritry´s #1 singles? Half of them features or desperate attempts with remixes, etc? A joke
    At least Beyonce sold bigger than Rihanna at one point

    • riking/queen April 13, 2013

      STFU. you say Dead at these typical Beyonce and Rihanna stans trying to fight about who is bigger? yet half of your essay was about shading rihanna.Your being a major hypocrite.You sound like any other unemployed ghetto h** stan….

      • Teacher April 13, 2013

        @Riking Ignore JohnVidumbass…..it’s and undercover Bey stan

      • riking/queen April 13, 2013

        @teacher thought so…..

      • JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2013

        Whatttttt??? No no no everybody knows I don´t like Beyonce. But her sales and impact is a little bit bigger than Rihanna´s. That´s a fact

    • Lou April 13, 2013

      He is a not Bey stan just because someone doesn’t shade Beyonce as hard as Rihanna don’t make them a stan. In fact, he still shades Beyonce pretty hard. Get over it not everyone thinks your fav is a big as you do.

      • Lou April 13, 2013

        Or rather, just because someone sees more pro’s in Beyonce than Rihanna.

  51. JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2013

    Best female seller in the USA by RIAA:
    1. Barbra Streisand (71.5 million ALBUMS, not cheap digital singles I mean)
    2. Madonna (64.5 million albums)
    3. Mariah Carey (63.5)
    4. Whitney Houston (57)
    5. Celine Dion (50)

    I couldn´t find neither Beyonce nor Rihanna in the long ass list. It´s full of men and groups and I don´t have time to check below number 100 🙂

    • Sass April 13, 2013

      Funny because they all peaked around the height of album sales. So is it any surprise.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2013

        Why are talentless Britney, Xtina, Alicia Keys or Taylor Swift above them then? (Of corse nowhere near the big ones either)

    • RICHANDBLACK11 April 13, 2013

      Barbra came out in the 70’s Madonna came out in the 80’s as well as Whitney. Mariah and Celine came out in the early 90’s. All at a time when albums were selling…..John you tried it hun….

      • JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2013

        Read my first comment please! DC´s career happened during the biggest peak of album sales in history, which means, that part of Beyonce´s career (cos you want to add those numbers to her name right 🙂 ) benefited from high sales more than Whitney´s, Madonna´s or Mariah´s career. Too bad she still couldn´t hold a candle next to them. I´m not even saying these two girls are below those real legends… I´m saying they are soooooooooooo far from their selling status. You both stan bases can´t deny they are not that huge sellers, and that´s it

    • Amber April 13, 2013

      Im sure it would be a different story of there was such a thing as youtube converter and all the otherways of illegal downloading then. Im sorry but you need to get with the times babe you cant compare people that came out decades agos sales to now its a whole different ball game. Unless you have that immediate impact with one album like Adele did its very unlikely you will see these sales. And I am not a huge fan of either Beyonce or Rihanna but they are both still undoubtedly two of the biggest stars of their generation. Lets nor discredit them now.

      • Amber April 13, 2013

        Excuse some of the typos

      • JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2013

        I´m not trying to discredit. I´m putting them in their respective places. Cos both of their stan bases live in an imaginary world and fight day after day saying the same things, when Adele slayed them like you said. Like I said Beyonce career started when album sales were at their higest level in history. Behave cos I´m not an ignorant like most people in here are.

      • Amber April 13, 2013

        But theyre arguing amongst themselves, they always will. Theyre not talking about Mariah, Whitney and everyone else. And you said DC still being around in the height of album sales and they are one of the best selling girl groups of all time so it still stands to reason.

  52. KELLY April 13, 2013

    It’s the same thing with you people, everyday. SMDH. Do you guys ever get bored saying the same s*** every single day on TGJ. If I’m tired of Reading the long a*** beyonce hate and the stupid stan wars everyday then You guys must be tired of writing it.

    Can we be positive at least for one day?

  53. fatusankoh April 13, 2013

    you go bey the one and only their is no one like you hate mongers have noting on you thank Sam for posting you make my day may god continue to bless protect bey jay blue and their family for life good luck in all you and the tour I can’t wait to see you long live queen bey I love you

  54. LaurieBlue. April 13, 2013

    DEAD @Lovebird typing 4 paragraphs!
    YASSSSSSSS B****!! Giving me all kinds of PRESSED for the gods LIFE!!! WERK IT!! *flings arm and clicks fingers*

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 13, 2013


  55. Queen Brit Brit April 13, 2013

    The fact that DC’s sales are needed to make Beyonce’s sales look relevant is just pathetic. MJ stans would never. This is proof that Beyflop’s solo career has been mediocre compared to her “contemporaries”.

    • Amber April 13, 2013

      Not so sure about the contemporaries part when her 4 solo albums still sold more than Rihanna in the states who has 7 albums. If your gonna drag Beyonce, then Rihannas even worse.

      • C-SQUAD HAS 12 MEMBERS!!!! April 13, 2013


      • Amber April 13, 2013

        Beyonce has WW figues too hon. Rihannas are only more cos she has 7 albums.

  56. Brandys Starr April 13, 2013

    Well sales are great and everything but I judge an artist by their talent and what they were born to do. Give me Beyonce over Britney anyday. Ask anyone whos the best female performer of their genration and I guarantee more people would say Beyonce over Britney. Britneys more of a joke and people see her for her LACK of talent. I wouldnt wanna be seen as that no matter how many sales I have under my belt.

    • Lewis April 13, 2013

      I concur!

  57. Ch….bye April 13, 2013

    Girl….if Britney is seen as a joke then exactly what in the actual F*** is Brandy seen as? A liar? A clown? A flop? A MURDERER? Girl, have a smooth f****** seat indian style in the corner because you CANNOT win in the great scheme of things.

    • Lewis April 13, 2013

      Brandy is a veterian of the Rnb genre who has talent. I dont stan for Brandy but she can SING just cos shes not as mainstream now doesnt mean she didnt achieve a lot in her prime which she did. She has way more talent than Britney.

      • Ch….bye April 13, 2013

        And Britney is a veteran in the Pop genre that has also achieved alot in her prime, is also multi-talented, CAN sing, CAN dance, CAN play instruments and CAN songwrite. She may not be what she used to be (just like Brandy), but dont sit up here and try to play like it never happened for her.

      • Brandys Starr April 13, 2013

        @Ch…Bye That wasnt my point. I was talking about talent. And come now, more people insult Britneys talent than compliment it. Thats why I used the word joke. Has nothing to do with Brandy. I never knocked her impact sales wise. My point was about talent if you read and understood it properly.

  58. Ch….bye April 13, 2013

    I got what you’re point was. MY point was you got some nerve to call someone (who is highly successful) a joke when you stan for Brandy. The same “jokes” about Britney could be said about Brandy and more. The moral of the story: keep it cute. Now back to the ORIGINAL THREAD TOPIC, you go.

    • Brandys Starr April 13, 2013

      Well sorry but I don’t ever hear anyone slamming Brandys talent like they do Britneys. You are just referring to commercial success which I am NOT. So no, you didn’t get my point if you are still arguing. You were the one that went off topic in the first place honey bringing Brandy into it when I was talking about Britney and Beyonce. So have several

      • Ch….bye April 13, 2013

        This is the perfect example of someone who doesnt know their way to Sesame Street. Did you or did you NOT see me speaking about talent? Dont bother to answer because its clear you didn’t. I listed her TALENTS and mentioned that she Is successful because….wait for it….she is MULTI-TALENTED. Damn! Now, find a pew and be the best damn seat filler you can be.


      • Brandys Starr April 13, 2013

        And the fact still remains…. Britney is not known for being very talented in general which relays back to my original point. We are not getting anywhere with this its like talking to a brick wall. Don’t start responding if you cant finish it properly. You bought up Brandy which was IRRELEVANT to the point I was making in the first place.

      • Brandys Starr April 13, 2013

        When you alluded to the fact Brandy is more of a joke than Britney, it was because shes not as commercially successful. Im not stupid. Because it damn sure aint cos shes a worse performer than Britney.

  59. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! April 14, 2013

    Taylor swift must have done well over 20 million in the states, despite album sales being at all time low. All these other artists sold albums when albums sales were higher.

    I declare Taylor the winner;)

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