Christina Aguilera Hits #1 With ‘Let There Be Love’

Published: Wednesday 22nd May 2013 by Sam

Christina Aguilera may be on a hiatus of sorts, yet that hasn’t stopped the Pop powerhouse from nabbing another #1 on the Billboard charts.

Details after the jump…

The diva’s latest triumph comes courtesy of ‘Let There Be Love’  – a Max Martin produced club anthem featured on her recent studio album ‘Lotus’.

This week saw the cut, which has been a That Grape Juice favourite, rocket to #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs tally – during its first “official” week of release. An “LOL” to some, yet a #1 nonetheless. ‘Love’ becomes Aguilera’s seventh song to top the chart.

For us, the feat is somewhat bittersweet. Indeed, while it’s great to see such a deserving number receive some kind of recognition, we feel it could have achieved so much more had it been given the “proper” single treatment (one decent performance on The Voice, and a terrible one at the AMA’s will not suffice). Why? Because next to ‘Your Body’ (also produced by Martin), it’s the best thing she has released in years.

Still, with Xtina back to being Xtina (take from that what you will), we’re hopeful she’ll back her next project to the fullest.

For now, though, bask in the Pop brilliance that is ‘Let There Be Love’ below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. andrew May 22, 2013

    loooool, what the f*** is this? people are definitly havaing some s*** in their ears

    • RIRI SLAY May 22, 2013

      b**** stay mad…

    • STELLA99 May 22, 2013

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    • TruthSpeaker May 23, 2013

      stfu seedy stan, this is 1 of the best tracks she’s released in years. damn you queens stay so fkn bitter. go away seed

  2. Nats May 22, 2013

    On the dance chart -_____-

  3. ratedxxx(tic toc) May 22, 2013

    xtina is still making music? she has an album out? where the fugg have I been?

    • TruthSpeaker May 23, 2013

      take your head out of g***** long enough to witness reality seedy queen.

  4. Suicide Blonde May 22, 2013

    I was so happy until i read Billboard Dance/Club, lost enthusiasm.

    • Robert May 27, 2013

      Go and kill yourself please!!

  5. . : : h 2 o : : . May 22, 2013

    Dance charts Samantha? 🙄

    Grats anyway

  6. ratedxxx(tic toc) May 22, 2013

    you know what I just read? this is going to make some b****** cry..

    janet jackson is worth a billion…… mean to tell me this woman who hasnt had a hit album in years is worth a billion?


    if its true…I love it….

    and her billion aint got s*** to do with her husband…

    ok back to xtina…I aint got nothing…

    • Suicide Blonde May 22, 2013

      The funny part is that they say, she earned 260 million for her albums.

      • ratedxxx(tic toc) May 22, 2013

        but she made the most money on her tours…the bish may not be able to sell an album, but her tours has always been a huge hit……

      • Suicide Blonde May 22, 2013

        I believe that but even if that’s the case Madonna would have earned 29 billion as of now and Forbes still put in doubt her billionaire status, well they hate her so.

      • D May 22, 2013

        What’s so surprising? If you were a fan you would have read Janet’s recording contracts. In her contracts it stated that she gets $2.50 cent for every album sold. She’s had that deal since 1986 with Control. So if she sells 100 million albums, do the math and you will see that it isn’t far-fetched. They’re not saying she sold that much, its saying based off how much she’s sold that’s how much she’s made.

  7. DOSSOME May 22, 2013

    congrats Xtina,it’s still a #1 nonetheless & christina looks amazing of late

  8. kaz money May 22, 2013

    “Standing on the Sun” in full is on 4shared, I’m trying to post the link and it’s getting deleted

    • RIRI SLAY May 22, 2013

      bye no one cares…

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 22, 2013

        lol. IKR

  9. ratedxxx(tic toc) May 22, 2013

    wait a f****** minute……………………

    xtina irks my damn nerves but, I know none of you b****** on here talking s*** about her having a number 1 on the dance charts..

    when the same people on here was bragging about their favs having a number 1 hit on the r&b charts in 2011…..

    a hit dog will holler ………………………….

  10. Navy Nick May 22, 2013

    Please do NOT come 4 JANET! She is teh QUEEN and her albums have all sold, regardless…X-tina chile, after singing over that track last week on BILLBOARDS-IDK what 2 say 2 u now., VERY DISAPPOINTED/

  11. Meena Mathers May 22, 2013

    For a second I thought she actually got a 1 on the actual chart

  12. DOSSOME May 22, 2013

    I would love that to be true but it’s not.I don’t know but wasn’t this what they tried with BONO & MADONNA one day only to realize they aren’t billionaires yet the following day…Now Jay-Z and Beyonce are the billion dollar couple when according to forbes and celebritynetworth,neither has cracked 500million dollar mark individually (only DIDDY has reached that far)

    • Suicide Blonde May 22, 2013

      Madonna’s net worth was at $650 million before the MDNA tour, she must be at 700 now, Bono is very rich tho.

      • DOSSOME May 22, 2013

        BONO was at 200million before the Facebook deal,now he’s at 600 million,which is amazing as well..

      • Suicide Blonde May 22, 2013

        They Say Paul MacCartney is pretty close.

      • DOSSOME May 22, 2013

        He is actually…Andrew Lloyd Webber (phantom of the opera) is the only music act to reach billionaire status

      • Suicide Blonde May 22, 2013

        I know about Andrew, i think Pauly is second to him.


      The queen scored her 32nd top 20 hit today. *screams*

      211,000 downloads. *Screams Again*

      • DOSSOME May 22, 2013

        Biggest airplay gainer *screams*

        Both the standard and explicit versions on ITUNES 200
        *screams again*
        i’m so happy for her

      • Suicide Blonde May 22, 2013

        When the second single is gonna be released?

      • DOSSOME May 22, 2013

        TBH,I have no idea.She’s very mysterious this era but i hope it’s soon

      • Suicide Blonde May 22, 2013

        I hope, i buy #Beautiful but i still can’t get over the fact that i imagine her singing the song, i mean the entire song by herself, it hope the demo leaked + you know i’m not a fan of that Prince wannabe.

      • DOSSOME May 22, 2013

        lol,I like Miguel alot.I see lots of Prince influence on him but give him time,he’s super talented and will grow into his own style with time….but honestly though,i’d rather a Prince wannabe than the thousand MJ wannabes i’ve see on MTV the past 15yrs

    • D May 22, 2013

      Ok to a clear all this up. No as far as net worth Janet is not a billionaire. She is a billionaire entertainer. With her albums, tours, music licensing and acting; from 1986 till now she has generated a billion dollars as a brand. Either way she is in the same company as Madonna cuz they’re both billionaire entertainers. Neither are worth that much but both of their brands have generated that much. That in itself is an accomplishment. So rather she’s worth that much or generated that much, she should be commended for both cuz many entertainers don’t even get to that level.

      • Suicide Blonde May 22, 2013


      • DOSSOME May 22, 2013

        That makes more sense now

  13. Meena Mathers May 22, 2013

    **Christina Aguilera Hits #1 With ‘Let There Be Love’ on the BILLBOARD DANCE/CLUB PLAY SONGS

  14. lotus May 22, 2013

    Xtina sung live at the billboards. Go search YouTube just released her singing live its different from what we saw on bitchs shut up already

  15. John May 22, 2013

    Billboard Dance…. The chart where Luciana and Jessica Sutta can be on number one… LOL

  16. RICHANDBLACK11 May 22, 2013

    Congrats Xtina boo

  17. christinastherealtalent May 22, 2013

    You f****** haters I swear!

    Whenever any of your faves nab a #1 on the dance club chart, all we hear from y’all is “my b**** is slaying, my b**** reign won’t let up” blah blah blah.

    This is pretty much a huge deal considering the song was never released as a single, is nowhere to be found on iTunes, has 0 promotion AND isn’t played on the radio.


  18. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 22, 2013

    I Love this Song.

    Dont care about Albums and their chart positions when the artists stop promoting.

  19. Enni May 22, 2013

    Mariah too. You forgot. She’s worth $500 Million

  20. Claudia May 22, 2013

    Actually backtrack was added by ABC and the BBMA to not only xtinas performance, but others as well. A video was posted on YouTube today showing that NO backtrack was used in the actual performance, so you can check it out and take back your comment 🙂

  21. JER May 23, 2013

    The dance chart: where flops go to smash! LEGEND!

  22. Mark111 May 23, 2013

    Dance chart, that’s cute. Where is it on the Hot 100? #Oops

  23. Carpe Diem May 23, 2013

    Ummmmmmm…. OK.
    She looks beautiful in that pic doe…

  24. mr.m May 23, 2013

    Till NOW
    Lotus is still the best album 2012/2013

  25. Music May 23, 2013

    There was no promo for this except the voice. Stop hating.

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