‘Epic’:Beyonce Eyes Box Office Glory With New Movie

Whether she’s laying down a track in the studio, wowing fans on a world tour or gracing the silver screen….Beyonce always come out on top.

Now, in the event that the statistics generated by her latest world tour didn’t drive this home hard enough, she is on course to storm the Box Office once again with her brand new movie ‘Epic‘.

Thirsty for info?

We’ll meet you below…

After generating $ 725,820,969 at the US Box Office since starring in ‘Austin Powers: Goldmember’ back in 2002, Mrs.Carter is now gearing up to generate a sweet $375 million with her Chris Wedge directed movie ‘Epic’, exceeding original estimations.

That Grape Juice TV reports:

Initially projected to generate 95 million dollars, momentum generated for the project by the star’s sold out ‘Mrs.Carter Show‘ world tour has helped push US projections to 130 million dollars- marking the latest win for the ‘Chime For Change‘ spokeswoman.

…but it gets better. As to push its total projections to 375 million dollars, the movie is on course to generate 245 million dollars across the globe in its release week.”

Due out on May 24th, the project’s arrival will cement the icon’s sporadic yet ever potent movie run, coming four years after she starred in the Screen Gems flick ‘Obsessed‘, alongside ‘The Wire‘s Idris Elba and Ali Larter.

#NowPlaying – Elijah Blake– ‘XOX‘.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2013

    Good for her…..but let’s not act like Beyonce excels at acting. Like, Tyrese, her handlers have placed her in the right place at the right time movie wise. I’m keeping it ALL the way real so Stan’s take your meds because its true.

    • Ballsy May 3, 2013

      lol *I just had a flashback to her role in Obsession. Her “acting” was cringe worthy

      • HerNameIsSasha May 3, 2013

        So you watched all of it?! Yass b**** stan for the KWAYNE!

      • HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2013

        I didn’t see Obsession….my point is that marginal singers turned actresses might have a large gross from movie tallies but its not a reflection of their acting talent. Beyonce is a corpse off stage and it shows. Maybe this movie will be different because it technically a voice over and we won’t actually see her.

        beyonce, jlo, tyrese, Mariah, Madonna, Ciara……all can werk a stage but suck at acting

        Jill Scott, Justin timberlake, brandy, Janet Jackson….they’re ok

        Sometimes you can’t do it all

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith May 3, 2013

        Never saw any of this film until now…TGJ if you can call Beyonce an actress after that mannequin manifestation you have can’t be taken seriously!

      • Tash May 3, 2013

        Who gives a fawk! Shes still making that money and getting them roles. She hasnt won a Razzie yet so cant be that bad!

    • HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2013

      The fact that y’all can’t be honest about the shortcomings of your favorite boggles the mind. Just like some actresses trying to be singers….you can’t do it all.

      • TruTH SERUM May 3, 2013

        STFU… She’s a corpse off stage???



        NO THE F*** YOU DON’T…





      • HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2013

        @TRUTH SERUM

        You’re precisely the type of blind sheep, one sided Stan I’m talking about. I never claimed to know her. And just like I don’t, neither do you to know that she excels at everything she does. Beyonce isn’t a good actress. Point blank and the period. It has nothing to do with her as a singer, painter, or anything else she might be.

        I challenge you and several other commenters to make a series of intelligent comments omitting curse words…well…then….you wouldn’t have much to say

      • MuiMui May 3, 2013

        @HALF AMAZIN Thanks that was one of the nicest comments i have read on any blog in quite some time.
        This site stays updated a lot and it is fun but some of the Fans act like they have got some loose screws in their heads. They seem to not want others to be the best they can
        be and you spilled the truth tea and called it just right, thanks again.
        And Challenging the Fans is a Winner because name calling and cursing seem to be the facts of Life for so many it does make one Wonder. It would be nice to read mean comments toward others but the site would really be on top if they could make them stop cursing so much, that would be Refreshing.

      • MuiMui May 3, 2013

        @HALF AMAZIN I was going to say that it is nice reading mean comments and it would be even better reading them if there was no cursing, people seem to feel they can not express themselves without cursing some one out. I go off the deep end some time but i soon find myself because it do not take all of that bad talk to express One’s self about another person.


      We all know Beyonce isn’t that great at acting babe. What was the point of your comment?

      Beyonce movies has gross 725,820,969 I don’t think it really matter how her acting is to be real with you.

      • HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2013


        you’ve clearly missed the point. But ok

      • RICHANDBLACK11 May 3, 2013

        No I didn’t …I caught all your shade boo.

      • HALF AMAZIN May 4, 2013

        No…point completely missed. But like a typical Stan, it doesn’t matter (insert Wikipedia stats, or whatever “receipts”)

        And there was no shade in my post. Shade is suggestive. I flat out made a statement. I know you don’t like it cuz that’s your fave but feel free not to read my comments

    • Nivea May 3, 2013

      being the number 1 fan i am,

      beyonce’s acting is no where near impressing as her entertaining ability!!

      and judging on the previews for this movie, im not buying her role, it seems real limited and dry!!!!

    • Greg May 3, 2013

      Umm, Is this article based of Projections?????……..Really??

  2. Kim Kardashian Stan May 3, 2013

    Its not like people are going to hear her voice she can’t act

    • HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2013

      I’m curious what you thought about Kim’s acting in Temptation?

      Basically a role playing….herself…..but still not worthy of half a round of applause.

      • Kim Kardashian Stan May 3, 2013

        U thought Kim did great it was defiantly more then half amazing 🙂

      • HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2013

        Lies detected. Bye bye!

      • DON’T_START_NO_SHIT May 3, 2013

        I’m off the clock. Get that ass Half Amazin lol

  3. Lana Del Slay May 3, 2013

    Battleshit could never.

    • HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2013

      And the first ridiculous comparison is in…..

      Why two girls can’t win at the same time escapes me. But beefs are the new attention grabbers, whether real or fake or Stan generated. If Mike &Ike had beef, well that says a lot.

      Take a nap.

      • Lana Del Slay May 3, 2013

        Sorry b****, I was too busy getting my life from BTD’s sales to give a f*** about what you had to say.

      • truth(ill f*** a icki stan up honey NNN WIIITTT NNN WIT B****! rolls eyes) May 3, 2013

        Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeath @lana

      • HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2013


        It’s cute that you get your life from sales of which you reap no reward. Don’t try to come for me when I didn’t send for you, b****.

    • Likica May 3, 2013

      But Battleship already grossed over 300$ million which is almost half of entire Beyonce’s movie box office. :/ Plus Rihanna has a movie that comes in June.

      • BeyLikeMe May 3, 2013

        You told a big lie honey, a BIG lie. You know Battleship didn’t make a profit in America and that the company who made it said it was a flop so stop with that talk. It broke a record for how little money it made back for the producers so Imma need you to check your facts sis.

      • Likica May 3, 2013

        But it still grossed more than most of Beyonce’s movies.

        Carmen: A Hip Hopera – Flop
        Cadillac Records – Flop
        The Fighting Temptations – Flop
        Obsessed is pretty much a flop as well since it grossed only 53$ Million including its budget.
        Dream Girls grossed 74$ million with a budget of 80$.

        If Battleship is a flop with 94$ million grossing, so are most of Beyonce’s movies, just use your brain 😉

        Her only successful film is Austin Powers in Goldmember.

      • HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2013


        Are profits only made in America?

      • JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2013

        That´s not how movies work honey. Sorry you are wrong. Anyway, neither Rihanna nor Beyonce are movie stars at all so these two delusional stan bases fighting over nothing (and over many average achievements) day after day gets more and more absurd

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 3, 2013

        LOL I don’t know where you’re getting your stats from but this’s Beyonce’s actual Box Office/DVD stats :

        a****** . n e t / f o r u m s / s h o w t h r e a d . p h p ? t = 2 1 9 8 9 7 [remove spaces[

      • Likica May 3, 2013

        I Know, but why do the Beyhive have to bring Rihanna in this when Beyonce is not a good actress either? Most of her films are flops. Why do they have to bring Battleship ( yeah, it was a flop but so what?) when Beyonce has bigger flops than it?

        I am not here for random links, sorry.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 3, 2013

        Yes but those numbers at least are resourced hun . . 🙂

      • MUSIC May 3, 2013


        Wasn’t Rihanna in Battleship for like 5 minutes? Nobody watched that because of her. Dreamgirls was Beyonce’s most successful movie made over 160 million.

    • MuiMui May 3, 2013

      Beyonce is a Prospect in courage ,action and she works hard,others need to get with the program and try and be Inspired like Ms Beyonce is all of us have the same eight hours of each day make it work for You like Beyonce and
      Rihanna, Jayz them seem to Always do.
      Be inspired TO DO THINGS , to enrich your life and stop hating on Others for working their Butts off.


      • FAF May 3, 2013

        Battleshit flopped. Bottomline. End of discussion @LICKASSIA stop reaching h**

  4. DOSSOME May 3, 2013

    LOL,How exactly does a music world tourthat hasn’t even landed in the US boost a films gross figure in the US??& Is Elijah Blake in the film as well??

    i agree though on the part that Beyonce is actually on all fronts,she knows where the money is and she goes for it…Her,Madonna,JLO & Gloria Estefan are probably musics’ only female moguls

    • DOSSOME May 3, 2013

      *Actually winning on all fronts


      Yess ma’am baby

  5. fatusankoh May 3, 2013

    you go bey I can’t wait to see it with my family long live queen bey

  6. LaLopez May 3, 2013

    Jennifer taught her well.

    • KellyKDL May 3, 2013

      Down b****. DOWNE!

    • MUSIC May 3, 2013

      And Janet Jackson taught J Ho well…..

  7. BarbzRUs May 3, 2013

    The slayage is so real.

  8. Nostalgia1989 May 3, 2013


  9. BeyWhoUWanna May 3, 2013

    The way Battleship was set up though.

    • MuiMui May 3, 2013

      Leave Battleship OUT of this equation Beyonce has been doing movies for quite some time and she is still working on that Oscar Therefore Rihanna have got plenty of time to do Her Obsession in the Movies. To hell with trying to STALK
      Rihanna with Battleship that is over done and shes looking forward to the next Take,can’t fault Rihanna for trying you big
      horse faced dummy.

  10. . : : h 2 o : : . May 3, 2013

    And if you add home DVD sales, her current Box Office gross is above $850 million, worldwide. Making 3X the budget.

    Now Epic will take her to 1 billion in a matter of days?

    SMH.. What is this woman made of?

    Is there any branch that she hasn’t SLAYED?!!

    • MuiMui May 3, 2013

      All of this is GREAT and Over sixteen years deep into the Industry has gotten BEYONCE this wait until others get this many years behind their Belt, BEYONCE stats and Beyonce’s Money is always great and while she is still working on that Oscar Others are Inspired and praying for a part in the next big Movie,Perhaps Beyonce can give them some pointer as to how to land the next great role in a movie.

      • MuiMui May 3, 2013

        @WATER and add Beyonce 12 soundtracks She is rolling in the dough, and by the end of the year the Royal’s and those who are connected will be rolling in the dough and that is a fun fact.

  11. BrunoMartian May 3, 2013


  12. . : : h 2 o : : . May 3, 2013

    Rihanna Nazi disliking comments before reading anything?

    What a f*****’ FLOP stanbase!!!

  13. BeyBrandyMonica May 3, 2013

    OOoooh chile the Titanic are lurking!

    • RomansAuPair May 3, 2013

      Those shady b****** stay thumbing down the positive comments. Their pressedness is authentic hunty!

  14. ERIN May 3, 2013



    • Likica May 3, 2013

      Too bad all of Beyonce’s movies beside Austin Powers in Goldmember.tanked even harder. LOL

      • JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2013

        Sorry but you´re wrong (again). Few films are such a disaster as Battleship. It was in everybody´s top10 worst films of the year, and commercially it was a huge failure, huge huge huge. And don´t bring random numbers comparing super megaproductions destined to break the box office with small films. The thing is how much you do compared to how much the movie (and the huge promo) costed. That´s how the industry works. It was one of the biggest flops of the last years. Not that it was Rihanna´s fault. I´m just stating the fatcs

    • Likica May 3, 2013

      Yeah right! And you are probably right as always LOL. Don’t forget about Glitter which was probably the biggest flop movie of all time not just commercially but critically as well. I am not saying that Battleship was a success, but most of Beyonce’s movies were flops if you look at their grossing so Beyhive shouldn’t come for Rihanna at that. Battleship is Rihanna’s debut movie and it was million times more successful than Carmen: A Hip Hopera, plus has a movie that comes in June and I am pretty sure that it will be huge.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2013

        Check my comment and see I said Glitter was a flop. It´s just like you just can´t be unbiased. Seriously girl. You are obsessed with numbers sometimes but it seems you don´t understand them at all, especially what make people be respected and legends
        That comment of mine that has been so thumbed down in this post is totally unbised. Check and tell me it isn´t…
        ps: Now being a good actress and a legend in movie industry is going to be about some blockbuster numbers? No

      • MUSIC May 3, 2013

        @ Likica

        Carmen: A Hip Hopera was a TV film.

        Beyonce’s debut movie was Austin Powers In Goldmember which made over 300 million.

  15. ERIN May 3, 2013






    • . : : h 2 o : : . May 3, 2013

      Yes but three Beyonce movies had muuuch lower buget and made more profits than BajanShit and grossed more from home DVD sales so . . . take your words and shove them in your school buz – sized ass.

    • MUSIC May 3, 2013

      Beyonce’s movie debut was Austin Powers Goldmember which made over 300 million.
      R**** stays canceling and postponing her shows nonstop #poordat

      • Likica May 3, 2013

        Nope, Carmen A Hip Hopera is her debut film, not my fault that it flopped and Austin didn’t make 300 million.

        Non stop? She cancelled just 2 shows, what are you talking about? You are a pressed hater.

      • Tash May 3, 2013

        Carmen was a Television film. Keep reaching.

      • MuiMui May 3, 2013

        Beyonce tries so very hard to be a jack of all trades, Shes everywhere and doing it all, Shes one of a kind and her fans seem to feel that the world starts and ends with Beyonce and there is still not anything to make the Blind See again, or
        cure for Cancer and Food for the Hungry. At least Rihanna bough some Cancer Equipment for a Hospital in Her Grannys name and that is something that you don’t see often.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 May 4, 2013

        We don’t know what these people give. Just because they don’t say doesn’t mean they don’t.

  17. JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2013

    B**** please!!!!!!!!
    None of these girls have become film stars. Stop it. Those $725,820,969 amassed at the box office if you put the films she´s been in together is a b******* argument. Most of those roles could have been done by any other random supporting actress out there and those movies would have made the same amount of money at the box office. It´s like Rihanna in Battleship, if the movie had been a success (which it wasn´t, it was the critical and commercial flop of the year), it wouldn´t have been thanks to her, she could have been replaced by any other girl. Maybe in Beyonce´s case there are a couple of movies in which she is more the star, but not huge success at all.
    None of these girls tried the almost impossible thing for a music superstar, what Whitney Houston did (so successfully) and Mariah Carey did (flopping), debuting in the film world when you are known and closeted as a music star and with a leading role with all the risks and everything. Once more, true greats power and determination slay these lessers 🙂
    Sorry for offending the typical delusional stan bases in TGJ. Sorry guys 🙂

    • JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2013

      LOLOL Look at all this pressed Beyonce and Rihanna stans thumbing my comment down. They can´t stand the truth, can they?
      At the end of the day you know I was fair with every single word I said

    • MuiMui May 3, 2013

      John while i agree with you and i will say that even though “Gone With The Wind”was a great movie it did not stop other MOVIES FROM BEING GREAT. Many movies has been good , and many hs lossed all the way out and since we are talking about Movies Tyler Perry did not get a single Nod yet His Movies and all of the people who played in Tyler’s movie are still paid.
      Battleship was a flop and got Green Tomatoes but the show still must go on and Rihanna was not the only star who was in that Movie but since many of you love to try and break Rihanna go right ahead, because no matter how good Beyonce is in Her Movies there will always be some one who will come along and be better.
      Let Beyonce do a Movie and Be a Actress as tough as Zoe was in Pirates Of The Caribbean and there will still be Halle with Her Movie, and so forth and so on, Time do not stand still for no one not even Me and You John.
      And even though you did not name names you seem to ALWAYS write really Great Comments and i just though i’d speak to Knowledge as i see it, thanks.

  18. Shaquinisha-rose May 3, 2013

    I’m sorry but this article is a joke…Why on earth are you quoting yourself as a source??? Basically you are catering to Bey Stans by insinuating that bey is the reason behind Epic’s projected success…that sh*t is laughable, and I like Beyonce.

  19. ZANIA May 3, 2013

    Not to seem like a hater Sam, but don’t all cartoons gross a whole lot of money?

  20. HausMuthaAdele May 3, 2013


    • PGRKeri2013 May 3, 2013


  21. JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 3, 2013

    This is a quite an impressive feat. for Beyonce – I may actually go and watch ‘Epic’. But… None of today’s ‘singers turned actresses’ can compete with ‘Barbra Streisand’ & ‘Jennifer Lopez’.


    1) Overall Box-Office Gross – $2.9 Billion

    2) Awards – 2 Oscars from 3 Nominations (Acting, Directing, Producing, Singing and Writing)

    3) #1 Movies – 8


    1) Overalls Box-Office Gross – $2.5 Billion

    2) Awards: 1 Golden Globe win (2 Golden Globe Nominations)

    3) #1 Movies – 7

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Likica May 3, 2013

      I agree sweetie! 😀

      J. Lo rocks, I like her movies, Maid in Manhattan is such a great and romantic movie!

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 3, 2013

        Yes Honey…

        My ‘Top-5’ favourite ‘Jennifer Lopez’ movies are :

        1) Maid in Manhattan
        2) The Wedding Planner
        3) Enough
        4) Monster in Law
        5) Selena

        🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Likica May 3, 2013

        Mother In Low yeaaaaaah 🙂 I like Anaconda as well.

    • MuiMui May 3, 2013

      Jennifer Hudson, “Dream Girls”, great movie.

  22. mildred May 3, 2013

    Wow that’s how to slay!!! Go bey. And 4 d haters u guys hav ntine on beym just accept that she is the QUEEN

  23. . : : h 2 o : : . May 3, 2013

    Likica is that you in that AVI?

    You’re VERY beautiful!!

    • Likica May 3, 2013

      Yes, it is. Thank you. xD

  24. christinastherealtalent May 3, 2013

    yall lets face it, Beyonce sucks as an actress! People only cast her because of her name alone. She has not done one movie where she didnt suck and everything she has done well in was a musical basically portraying herself as a singer and dancer.

    i used to think that the rihanna stans were crazier than s*** house rats but you Bey stans need a f****** straight jacket and dose of “wake the f*** up”

    Besides, Beys part in Epic is not that big and she is credited as a “co-star”…

    i just how some media moguls hype up their faves upvoming projects and throw out estimated figures weeks before it is released. But this being a kids movie im sure it well do well but not bc of Bey being in it but the fact its an animated kids movie. it wouldve done well even without Bey in it just like every other kids movie does too.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2013

      Both stan bases are crazy and delusional

      • MuiMui May 3, 2013

        John the fans bases might be but Beyonce has been at it longer then Rihanna has don’t that count.

    • MUSIC May 3, 2013

      Have you seen XXXXXXL Tina in Burlesque? Now, THAT is sucking as an actress ROTFLMAO

    • Likica May 3, 2013

      The gurl just told the truth. Neither Beyonce nor Rihanna are good actresses, at least I can admit it for my fav. Why bringing Xtina into this? You showed how pressed you are LOL.

      • MUSIC May 3, 2013

        You are an idiot pressed like a panini. Lmao I brought Christina into it because a Christina fan talking about Beyonce’s acting is a joke. XXXXXXL Tina sucked in Burlesque which I saw because I love Cher.

  25. Likica May 3, 2013

    All see is sign, all I see is red dislike signs LOL

    • MUSIC May 3, 2013

      All I see is Rihtards, All I see is blind Rihtards…LOL

      • Likica May 3, 2013

        All I see is pressed Beyhice that had to bring Rihanna into this, into this, ohohoh ohohoh… LOL

      • MUSIC May 3, 2013

        Girl, you are pressed like a panini on this post. Get over yourself and accept that Beyonce has had more success than Rihanna when it comes to movies. You’re acting like a maniac because you can’t deal with the truth. Number don’t lie. Enjoy your Friday.

      • ERIN May 3, 2013

        @ MUSIC


      • Likica May 3, 2013

        How many movies does Beyonce have though LOL? How many of them are successful? Just like 1. Weren’t The Beyhive those who brought Rihanna and Battleship into this post? You are the only one pressed here so spare me. @JohnVidal said the truth, neither Rihanna nor Beyonce are huge at films.

      • MuiMui May 3, 2013

        No matter how much Beyonce Movie makes are how many huge endorsements Beyonce gets the people in the world will still get work and still live their lives no matter how many movies Beyonce do and how much She get paid because Beyonce’s paper is for Her and Her family not any of her fans who fight others so hard for any success they ever have.
        This world will never belong to any single person, and why is Rihanna being compared to Beyonce the most.
        Why isn’t Kelly, Britney and Justin ever compared to Beyonce.
        Why is many stuck on what Rihanna did in her Battleship Movie, compare Beyonce to Halle,Zoe, Whitney, Mariah,Kelly, Brandy, why is Rihanna targeted so much what is it rihanna has that keep Beyonce fans all high as a kite all the time.


      Hey Babe your so pretty ….might turn me back lmao

  26. JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2013

    Now people are talking about Streisand and JLo.
    It´s not comparable guys. Those two started doing films at the same time they did music, or even before. The thing is how difficult it is for an established music star to defy what the media and public thinks of you, to be able to not be seen as the music megastar you are when you star in a movie. This would be the case of Whitney, Madonna, Mariah, Beyonce or Rihanna
    Let´s be real none of them ended being known as actresses. Although the one who made a bigger impact was definitely Whitney Houston. She´s probably the best actress of the bunch too. And yes Mariah flopped in her debut (I said it in my first comment but people seem to not be able to read).
    The difference would be Mariah, Whitney and probably Madonna (I don´t know, don´t really know how she started doing films or which one was her first) did it facing all the consequences, leading their first movies, while Rihanna and Beyonce were just random supporting actresses in big films, that´s proof of how much bigger those other 3 were compared to Ri and Bey.

    About Barbra Stresand and JLo: At least Barbra is a respected icon, JLo is not respected among her peers or general public/critics. She´s never mentioned as a good actress, more the the opposite. Nver receives awards or even nominations (yeah I know sometime in the 90´s there was a little buzz regarding a concrete film)Most of the films she´s been in are mediocre and more than half of them are easy romantic comedies, yeah those forgettable ones. I have a friend who follows JLo since always (don´t ask me why) so I had to endure seeing her last two films (they were so terrible). Apart from music lover I am I film lover so I follow plenty of movie shows, and JLo always gets destroyed. I mean, people please be serious. She´s a decent actress, above the group I talked about before (Madonna, Beyonce, etc) but give me a break, she´s not great and her movie career is so basic. Ala Sandra Bullock or Cameron Diaz only that worse

    • Likica May 3, 2013

      LOL you simply cannot like J. Lo.. I thought you would support her because she is latina 😀 Maid is her best movie, she slayed that role.
      What do you think about her Spanish album Como Ama Una Mujer, did you listen to it?

      • JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2013

        No I didn´t! lol well I think I know the leading single. Don´t remember the name. The thing is she can´t sing (something that captures your attention at least I mean) and she has almost zero input/direction/songwrting ability to make the music. So I don´t support. Sorry. There´s no especial evolution, or trend setting or something (more like the opposite), etc. I just can´t. Being the fair person I am I always give her the beauty and the dancing skills. And that´s it. Nobody takes her seriously in the music industry and you know it. I mean… come one 🙂

    • MuiMui May 3, 2013

      John less use Jenni9fer Hudson and Beyonce,
      John close your eyes and Use Beyonce and Jennifer Husdon Now she won
      the Oscar now how did that happen and Beyonce was casted in the same Movie, song just like Jennifer and acted just like Jennifer and Beyonce can Dance harder than Jennifer. See John no matter how you see it theres always some one who is seen as the Better Person are Actress, and Jennifer and Beyonce had what the Directors was looking for But through it all The People on that AWARD BOARD casted their votes and they voted for Jennifer not Beyonce and that is life now isn’t it.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2013

        What? lol

      • Suicide Blonde May 3, 2013

        I didn’t say she is as repected as Angelina Jolie but she is more well respected as an Actress, for you information, i don’t like Cameron Diaz, she’s funny and cool but it all ends there, J.Lo can be funny, sensual, bad and dramatic, films like Monster-In Law, Out of Sight, U Turn and El Cantante, and i don’t understand how can you say her albums are bad when you are a Mariah Carey fan, apart from the voice, the sound, the music is not different from J.Lo’s sound and you know it. I’m not trying to make you a fan of her but you should acknowledged her skills, everyone has one, i don’t like other people but i give credits when is due.

    • Suicide Blonde May 3, 2013

      Dear Johnny while i agree with you about your first statement, you lost credits in the second, just give J.Lo what she deserves, she’s more respected in Hollywood than in the Music business, even more successful, few singers has been able to dominate both Music and motion picture the way she does, I know you don’t wnat to put her in the same category of Barbra blah, blah, blah, Barbra, Cher and J.Lo are the only ones to do it, Madonna, Mariah and Whitney all failed to do so, Whitney had one successful film but she wasn’t considered a good actress, Madonna at least GOT recognition for her interpretation of Eva Peron, if you think J.Lo’s career is basic you are just hating, i’m sorry man but if you haven’t heard her albums (especially her spanish album) and you think is not good at all then your issues with her are stronger than the real facts, you know i like her, i won’t defend someone who has not talent at all, trust me when i say all of her albums are great, even Love? who has a couple or generic songs and is her worst album, J.Lo is an Icon, a superstar, no one can deny that and she has more class than some Divas, that’s a real Diva. Get Real man, don’t fall into the delusion.


      • JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2013

        You are pure delusion man. Sorry. It´s you, not me. JLo is not respected as a great actress in Hollywood and any serious critic bash her almost in every film she´s in
        I´m just telling truths and you know it. This is just showing I´m more into films than you and know that media better.
        You seem the kind of person who likes the superficial stuff and think JLo and Cameron Diaz are so damn cool and their careers strong LOL
        I´ve listened to most of JLo´s music btw, so my opinion is based on what I heard
        Thanks for your attention 🙂

      • Likica May 3, 2013

        I agree with Suicide on this. Beside her beauty (many magazines cited her as The World’s Hottest female million times), charisma, great dancing, she is a huge fashion icon. Us Weekly named her Style Icon of the 2000s decade. For girls she is a great inspiration and her Versace Dress is still talked about. She even topped The Forbes List last year even though Love? flopped and she is the biggest Latin artist in Hollywood. I do think that she is respected in Hollywood. How would they hire her for a judge in one of the biggest talent shows if they don’t respect her legacy? Anyway, even if music/film critics don’t review her albums/ films well, does it matter? The most important thing is if GP will like them and obviously they do.

        Her Spanish album is great, I do really like it, it’s very emotional. Janet Jackson doesn’t sing better than J. Lo and people consider her a legend. Jenny is a great entertainer, Whitney/Mariah are real singers. And it’s not right that she doesn’t write her music, she wrote most of her songs especially on her first 3 albums, look at her writing credits.And her career is strong, hence the reason her networth is 250$ million despite having ups and downs like everyone.

        Ignore the fact that she can’t sing *in your opinion* and listen to her music. Is it that bad? :/ Buy her Spanish album 😀 One of her best songs:


      • MuiMui May 3, 2013

        JLO Represents for Her people shes very respected and no one will ever take that away from her.

      • Suicide Blonde May 3, 2013

        I didn’t say she is as repected as Angelina Jolie but she is more well respected as an Actress, for you information, i don’t like Cameron Diaz, she’s funny and cool but it all ends there, J.Lo can be funny, sensual, bad and dramatic, films like Monster-In Law, Out of Sight, U Turn and El Cantante, and i don’t understand how can you say her albums are bad when you are a Mariah Carey fan, apart from the voice, the sound, the music is not different from J.Lo’s sound and you know it. I’m not trying to make you a fan of her but you should acknowledged her skills, everyone has one, i don’t like other people but i give credits when is due.

        I agree with you.

        Sorry for post this twice.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 4, 2013

        She is no damn songwriter. She is like Rihanna and Beyonce. We know how that credits thing works. How is it that this girl never talks about the proccess, the songs, etc, no passion there. You can tell when someone is a real songwriter like Mariah Carey or Alicia Keya… or is not

        And again, you mixed so many things. As an actress she is not critically respected. Face it. What does that have to do with American Idol and her judging job there? lol Of course there´s a part of the public who like her, that´s why she has a career, but she is not respected neither musically nor in cinema. No awards, no praises, constant slamming from the critics (I can´t blame them)

        You´re obsessed with Angelina Jolie. Of course she´s better than JLo and more respected. But she is not one of the best either
        And btw, Mariah´s sound has nothing to do with JLo give me a f****** break, maybe when JLo went more hip hop cos it just trendy… lol

  27. MUSIC May 3, 2013

    I see a certain someone’s dumb stans can’t take the slayage Beyonce constantly delivers. Oh well, do your thing Beyonce

  28. Jackieyonce May 3, 2013

    OMG my fave! Her movies are BIG, I knew it was gonna gross big but not this Big? OMG my fave 🙂 ^^^ anyways Forbes is gonna get people pressed this Year. ‘m fucken scareÐ yall really scared. I mean she’s got PEPSI! H&M and MRS CARTER WORLD TOUR! Plus other endorsements Loreal etc its awesome to stan for King B. We know she’s talented! Rich! very successful! And beautiful. We are going BIG

    • MuiMui May 3, 2013

      Everything Beyonce do is Big, and that is wonderful
      Where the problem come in is when people think the world stops with Beyonce, the world never has and never will stop and start or stop with Beyonce no matter how some might think it does.

  29. ERIN May 3, 2013


    • RIHKING May 3, 2013

      Wait your music and erin EXPOSED B****!!!

  30. godonna army May 3, 2013

    Vevo netherlands just tweeted that Grown woman will premier next week

  31. ERIN May 3, 2013


    • rihking May 3, 2013

      Will she be preforming her NEW smash HIT??KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  32. Jackieyonce May 3, 2013

    I know I’m so excited. I’m waiting for it OMG

  33. Jackieyonce May 3, 2013

    Who needs the navy while my fave is killing her tour?

  34. HOTSTUFF May 3, 2013


    “ When Beyonce’s Inspiration Turns Into Imitation”

    http : // www . billboard . com /articles/columns/the-juice/1560092/op-ed-when-beyonces-inspiration-turns-into-imitation

    Not even single ladies choreo is original, thats like saying thriller or umbrellas choreo/imagery were stolen. LMAO what a fraud.


    • SLAY_HIVE May 3, 2013

      Girl, do you have a life?? Kiiiiiii

    • Mwah May 3, 2013

      Death at you still posting that.

  35. Junior Queens & Lesbians in training. May 3, 2013

    Now Sam. Is this shade? Is this a read? We all know that Beyonce has no box office power and even less acting ability. Lets keep it real and sweet.

  36. Dane May 3, 2013

    She’s almost touching 1 Billion dollars in box office sales…. What a successful run… She’s definitely made her mark….. I love my black excellence…..

  37. mc the place to be! May 3, 2013

    with fast and the furious 6 and hangover part 3 coming out on the same day we’ll see it’ll gross high because i can’t think of a animated movie that came out in these past years that flopped soo but come on beyonce only has a few lines in the movie it’s not like she has the leading role tbh anyone couldve played the part…i dont even think she auditioned for it #shrugs

    • RICHANDBLACK11 May 3, 2013

      You sound like your jealous.

    • Rellz May 3, 2013

      Why the negativity? Pressed much?

  38. Tash May 3, 2013

    Beyonceeee!!!!!! I shall take my nieces to go watch this! Meanwhile shes receiving raving reviews for the Mrs Carter Tour as expected. Shes #winning without any new material!

  39. Jackieyonce May 3, 2013

    Why are you always negative people? You always want people to fail. Its getting really old and tired now.

  40. Tash May 3, 2013

    I just had a flashback to the most hilarious TGJ post in history when Rihanna won a Razzie. The shade was so THICK!

    • Tash May 3, 2013

      Watch me get thumbed down ha!

    • BEWARE OF KING RIH!! May 3, 2013


      • CiCi Slaaaaays May 3, 2013


      • Tash May 3, 2013

        Better than winning a Razzie honey boo. Beyonce is a golden globe nominated actress. When will Rihanna get that feat!

    • RIHANNAROCKS May 3, 2013

      when beyTRANNYce get another number 1…………

  41. sniff my balls May 3, 2013

    Why are people always so f****** PRESSED over anything about Beyonce?

  42. CiCi Slaaaaays May 3, 2013


  43. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) May 3, 2013

    ……Shall we talk Battleship navy?? LOL! I don’t see ya’ll throwing “stats” on this post….that’s weird..

    • SLAY_HIVE May 3, 2013

      Kiiiiiiiii They stay in their lane! “singles” #SMH

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) May 3, 2013

        LOL! Cause they’re only willing to spend $1.29 on their “fav”….

  44. Loyalty May 3, 2013


  45. SLAY_HIVE May 3, 2013

    All she know how to do is win! Kiiiiii

    Telling you hxes, Queen Carter coming for these bxtches throats and wigs this era! HIVE we will be getting our life this era! 😉 😉 😉

  46. Mwah May 3, 2013

    Yes mama Bey!

  47. Jackieyonce May 3, 2013

    Yes Beyonce! Jhudson won that oscar and golden globe where is she now? Really? Which movie? Hahaha

  48. elijah May 3, 2013

    Yooooo Beyonce looks stunning in that pic!!!

  49. RIHKING May 3, 2013

    This flop trannys still trying to pull a tyrese a jlo a Barbra LOOOL.And as much as you hives love your little drag queen .I’m sure you ALL know she’s a terrible actress.


      yep we know just like you shipwreckers ALL know Rihanna is a terrible singer

      • rihking May 3, 2013


        rihanna can’t sing? OK.loooooooooool

      • RICHANDBLACK11 May 3, 2013

        She can’t lets be for real babe and that’s no shade

        really brokeandasian….YOUR SHADE IS WEAK HUN, atleast make me smirk

    • rihking May 3, 2013

      I’ve been real b****…Rihanna has talent more talent then beyFAT END OF STORY. It’s pretty pointless to fight on rihs vocals with a beyflopce stan though. The beyWHALce stan is always gonna lie and claim she doesn’t have any talent. Just remember NO ONE agrees with you expect your little hive members. If they did why has unapologetic already sold 3 million copies WW? Why do people still show up to her shows? Why has she been slaying the charts non stop since 09? Why is she selling 2.5 million with a ballad stay? #GIVEITANOTHERTRYHOE

      • RICHANDBLACK11 May 4, 2013

        You gave me all this and still ain’t say nothing.

        I will say when she is compared to the lessor she can sing, but when compared to the big girls like Beyonce, JHUD, Fantasia, etc she can’t and you will deal lil girl. I can tell your a child and I want be wasting anymore time on a CHILD. GROW UP

        That’s cute that stay has sold 2.5 mill, but the SHADE is DWT still not sold-out. Tickets have been on sale since like NOV 2012. Beyonce tickets went on sale back in FEB and sold out all arcoss in 11 days.

        Ps. Anything Rihanna does just know Beyonce and Jay-z gets a cut boo..THAT 360 DEAL IS A B**** so keep buying all her singles hun. MUAH


      • RICHANDBLACK11 May 4, 2013


    • RIHKING ( god father ) May 4, 2013

      Gurl hush Because i didn’t read your essay. I know I’m just going to disagree.THE TRUTH IS rihanna sings better than beyflop DONE. There’s nothing more to it.

  50. DIGGER BEY THE KING May 3, 2013

    NPR Music’s Critic Ann Powers says As a pop star, no one comes close to dominating culture and conversation the way Beyonce does. While talking about her Inaugration performance, Superbowl performance, Soldout Tour dates, Pepsi, new album and H&M Endorsement. She says, u may think she’s great, you may think she’s overexposed, but there’s no denyiny: Today, Beyonce’ stands alone in the pop spectacle landscape. #QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN

  51. I go back to… May 3, 2013

    Lets be honest..if she really cant act why did she get nominated for three golden globes and one oscar?? Some of the biggest name in music dont get nominated for that! TBH,I think Beyonce isn’t the best actress BUT she can still act. Just look at her in Cadillac Records,she was great. And for all the pressed Rihanna stans,she acts WAYY better than Rihanna. Rihanna acts just as good as she sings…

    • JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2013

      When was Beyonce nominated for an oscar????????? For her acting?????? I think your brain is not working

      • RICHANDBLACK11 May 3, 2013

        she wasn’t hun … I don’t know what their talking about.

  52. HOWYOULIKEIT May 3, 2013

    Beyonce can snatch some wigs in real life

  53. Suicide Blonde May 3, 2013

    I’m a huge movies fan, lest’s be real Beyonce is not a movie star, never has been and never will be, even the Beyhive knows this, Beyonce knows this, Hollywood knows this, the world knows this and the girl can’t act, that been said, it’s good to expand your horizons, Justin Timberlake is in talk for a huge role, he can pull off a career ala Jared Leto, the male J.LO.

    In other more realistic news, i like Beyonce’s song that appears on the H&M ad, those are good progress :).

    • RICHANDBLACK11 May 3, 2013

      yes hun I saw the ad this morning ……

      We all know she could use some acting lesson.

      • Suicide Blonde May 3, 2013

        What is the name of the song?

      • RICHANDBLACK11 May 3, 2013

        Standing on the sun

      • Suicide Blonde May 3, 2013


      • RICHANDBLACK11 May 3, 2013

        welcome boo.

  54. RICHANDBLACK11 May 3, 2013

    Yass Queen Beyonce

    Why do the kids be so damn Mad at Beyonce? like forreal

  55. RICHANDBLACK11 May 3, 2013

    The shade is we all know Beyonce isn’t great at acting but she manage to gross $ 725,820,969….kiiiiiiii

  56. king bey May 3, 2013

    i guess queen bey bey keeps shutting them haters down with her every move

  57. Rellz May 3, 2013

    Dya know what, good for Bey! I dont see why just because she likes going down different avenues and expanding her horizons she needs to be compared to Jlo and Barbra Streisand! Shes just doing her. Whatever shes doing it cant be that awful because shes still getting paid and still getting them roles. Not everyone can say Clint Eastwood wanted them to be in his movie (even though she pulled out). So good for her, no she is not a great actress and wont go down in history for her acting skills but she has definatley achieved in cinema and is doing well for a singer branching into Hollywood, so good for her.

    • Rellz May 3, 2013

      Sidenote: While I like Jlo and think shes good in movies, shes not that critically acclaimed either.

  58. RICHANDBLACK11 May 4, 2013

    Last week, a new Beyonce debuted a new song, “Standing on the Sun,” in an online advertisement for the clothing company H&M. In the 90-second ad, she models bikinis while staring into the camera, dancing, splashing in the water and lip-synching the song. Apart from two bits of text on screen identifying the clothing maker, it looks like a Beyonce video. So does another commercial, released a couple of weeks earlier, that introduced the song “Grown Woman”: In between sips of Pepsi, Beyonce dances with multiple mirror images of herself, dressed in outfits from her previous videos.

    This isn’t the first time a pop star has introduced a new song in an advertisement, but as with nearly everything Beyonce has done recently — gestate and bear a child, perform at President Obama’s inauguration and at the Super Bowl, present an awkwardly assembled home video — it has felt like news, and fodder for endless discussion online.

    “There’s as much Beyonce as you can take,” NPR Music’s pop critic Ann Powers tells Morning Edition’s David Greene. It’s not unusual, that idea of using celebrity to sell a product. “In the early days,” Powers says, “fan magazines were invented so that products could be pushed through the images of very early movie stars. Like Mary Pickford, for example: Her marriage to Douglas Fairbanks was the early 20th century version of Beyonce and Jay-Z.”

    You may think she’s great; you may think she’s overexposed, but there’s no denying: Today, Beyonce stands alone in the pop landscape.

    “One of the things about Beyonce’s saturation of every moment of our lives is that she is largely in control of it,” Powers says, “which makes her very different than many tabloid stars. The nature of tabloid media is that it’s not in the star’s control. We think of Britney Spears, that moment years ago when she shaved her head. Beyonce has almost completely taken command of her representation in these media, which is extremely unusual.”

    That control, and her drive for perfection, which led, indirectly, to both the inauguration controversy and the Super Bowl spectacular, means that we scrutinize her differently. “I do feel that what we’re watching, we might call it The Beyonce Experiment,” Powers says. “She wants to be A-class, No. 1 in critics’ eyes. She wants to sell the most, and she wants to influence the culture. I’m interested to see how far she can take it. Plus, her new song is bangin’.”

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