Rita Ora: ‘I Didn’t Expect My Success’

Published: Saturday 11th May 2013 by David

1.3 million UK units sold.

3 #1 singles.

1 #1 album.

The above, all achieved within the space of a year. Only right then, that ROC belle Rita Ora is hailed as the UK’s fastest rising and most celebrated Pop debutante.

Of course, while herimage would be better served if it centred around her stunning voice and not her friendship with Cara Delivingne, the last few months have seen score wins some of her closest rivals didn’t score until years after their debut.

Now watch as she discusses her ascent with Rio Ferdinand’s #5 below. An interview, which sees her admit that her success came as a surprise to her.

Check it out after the jump…

As work continues on her second album, here’s hoping more effort is placed in endorsing Rita the musician and not Rita the celebrity. For, despite the critical acclaim she nabbed with ‘ORA‘, recent months have seen her develop a brand of celebrity that she- in keeping it really real- is far too talented to indulge in.

Fact of the matter is…. Rita has the talent and aesthetic to nab Rihanna’s notoriety while enjoying Gwen’s credibility -if armed with the right material and promo that puts emphasis on the talent showcased below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jennefer May 11, 2013

    Good for her!

    • LaLopez May 11, 2013

      Ugh! TGJ stan for this girl she’s Queen Cleopatra or something.

      • TrickinForRita May 11, 2013

        That’s because TGJ stan for talent.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) May 12, 2013

        They stan for anyone willing to do an interview..

  2. Britney Stan May 11, 2013

    What Success?? the b**** is no one outside the UK!

    Btw them eyebrows look horrible

    • Likica May 11, 2013

      You don’t have to look like a movie star
      Ooh I think you’re good just the way you are
      Tell me if you could would you up and run away with me?

      You don’t have to roll like a millionaire
      Baby I would go with you anywhere
      We don’t need no gold, we’ll be shining anyway, we’ll see

      You know can nobody get down like us
      We don’t … ’till we get enough
      C’mon, turn it up ’till the speakers pop
      Break it down, show me what you’ve got

      Ooh my my baby don’t be shy
      I see that spark flashing in your eye
      My heart beats fast ’cause I want it all
      So baby come with me and be my ooh la la

      Take my hand, we can go all night
      And spin me round just the way I like
      It feels so good, I don’t wanna stop
      So baby come with me and be my ooh la la

      You don’t have to wear no designer clothes
      Just as long as we’re dancing on the floor
      Fingers in my hair and I’m letting go tonight, so free

      These are the lyrics of Britney’s upcoming song Oh La La for The Smurfs 2.

    • Rita is queen May 11, 2013

      Britney body looks horrible b**** tell her to do something about them line backer shoulders.

      • truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) May 11, 2013

        Deeeeeeeeath honey! I was gonna say something ugly about her but seeing that u slayn those who do ill just say GOOD FOR U RITA.

  3. #DirtyLaundry May 11, 2013


    • Rita is queen May 11, 2013

      Niether is Kelly Flopland & shes been out since the late 90s lmao 🙂

  4. JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 11, 2013

    Well… Internationally:


    So, take it all in… You’re currently on your 14th minute!!!


  5. Blue May 11, 2013

    What tgj is forgeting to mention is rihcopy has sold 1.3 records(0.3mil albums) world wide.

  6. Mother Monster May 11, 2013

    So your saying with 3 number 1 singles & a number 1 album the whole era has only sold 1.3 million wtf??? Sam please stop endorsing this flop its becoming embarrassing she gets all the promo in the world and can’t sell for s***

  7. Markell May 11, 2013

    Your succeful??

    • Kim Kardashian Stan May 11, 2013

      honey its successful.. & no shes really not that successful just overrated annoying and a copy cat

  8. rih the UNSLAYABLE DRAGON May 11, 2013

    I bet she didn’t expect her flopage either…chile she aint s***.

  9. Blue May 11, 2013

    when considering original-recipe-rihanna has three 1mil selling singles in he uk alone! And one never even reached #1

    • Likica May 11, 2013

      Did you know that Love The Way You Lie is certified 11xPlatinum in the USA thanks to their new charting rule (including streaming) and that We Found Love is 7xPlatinum?

      • HerNameIsSasha May 11, 2013

        Did you know the love of her life thinks she’s a ho.

    • hammer May 11, 2013

      did you know you have no proof of this…

      • Likica May 11, 2013

        With the launch of the new program, RIAA today is awarding the following artists/songs with new certifications: 30 Seconds To Mars/”This Is War,” Adele/”Rolling in the Deep, “Aerosmith/”I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing,” Andy Grammer/”Keep Your Head Up,” Anna Kendrick/”Cups,” Avril Lavigne/”Smile,” Ca$h Out/”Cashin’ Out,” Carly Rae Jepsen/”Call Me Maybe,” Carrie Underwood/”Before He Cheats,” Cher Lloyd/”Oath,” Don Omar/”Danza Kuduro,” Drake/”Started from The Bottom,” Emeli Sandé/”Next To Me,” Eminem/”Love The Way You Lie,” Frank Ocean/”Thinkin Bout You,” Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder/”The Fighter,” Imagine Dragons/”Radioactive,” J. Cole/”Workout,” Jake Owen/”Alone With You” and “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” Jason Derulo/”Watcha Say” and “Ridin’ Solo,” Josh Turner/”Why Don’t We Just Dance,” Journey/”Don’t Stop Believin,'” Juanes/”La Camisa Negra,” Justin Bieber/”Baby,” Justin Timberlake/”Suit & Tie,” Kansas/”Dust In The Wind,” Kanye West/”Stronger,” Kelly Clarkson/”Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” Kelly Rowland/”Motivation,” Kendrick Lamar/”Poetic Justice,” Kenny Chesney/”The Boys Of Fall,” Lady Gaga/”Bad Romance,” Lana Del Rey/”Video Games,” LMFAO/”S*** And I Know It,” M83/”Midnight City,” Michael Jackson/”Billie Jean,” Of Monsters And Men/”Little Talks,” Olly Murs/”Troublemaker,” One Direction/”Little Things,” P!nk feat. Nate Ruess/”Just Give Me A Reason,” Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera/”Feel This Moment,” Rihanna/”We Found Love,” Robin Thicke/”Lost Without U,” Selena Gomez & The Scene/”Love You Like A Love Song,” The Black Keys/”Lonely Boy,” The Fray/ “Over My Head (Cable Car),” The Script/”The Man Who Can’t Be Moved,” The Weeknd/”Wicked Games,” Toby Keith/”Beers Ago,” Train/”Drive By,” Usher/”Scream,” Whitney Houston/”I Will Always Love You,” Will.i.am/”Scream & Shout” and Wisin & Yandel/”Follow The Leader.”



        Feel free to take your seat _/

  10. Kim Kardashian Stan May 11, 2013

    You haven’t seen real success because your to busy trying to be the next b****.

  11. Liberation May 11, 2013

    I’ve never heard any of her music….

  12. RitasLipstick May 11, 2013

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Cara is using Reets for fame and I’m not here for it.

    • AlexandraIsPretty May 11, 2013

      Like attracts like. If Cara is a fame w**** so is Rita.

      • RitasLipstick May 11, 2013

        F*** you. This is exactly what I’m saying, them hanging out together makes it seem like its for the cameras and the only one getting anything out of it is Cara.

      • Blackout2.0 May 11, 2013

        Tbh I do have to agree with RL today because I see it too. This Cara girl spends more time in the clubs than on the cat walk and it looks so trashy. Rita’s music is s*** but her voice isn’t and she needs to drop the dead weight because so many people want to her flop already.

      • BrixtonMassive May 11, 2013

        At the end of the day if Rita is too blind to see half of the people in her camp are using her she is a fool. There’s one new leech she’s been hanging around with, I don’t know his name but he’s black and begs it with any celebrity he can get his hands on. When I saw pictures of him and her in Las vegas I literally wanted to scream. She needs to wise up and focus on her music really.

      • RitasLipstick May 11, 2013

        @BrixtonMassive I know exactly who you mean, but only because all my friends laugh at him buying his Twitter followers. I can’t believe she hangs around with him.

    • PrincessTweedy May 11, 2013

      The irony of an Alex stan talking about fame whores when most of her friends are the same.

  13. rih the UNSLAYABLE DRAGON May 11, 2013

    I mean the only real success was f****** rob. Because its the only thing she’s known for. f****** a Kardashion like ray j. Nobody but the people on this website still even hear anything related to rayj ora. Why? cuz she’s a flop ass b****.

  14. Mimi Carey May 11, 2013

    Her success was given to her she didn’t work to get there… What has she done to deserve to be on the cover of vouge

    • BeyWhoUWanna May 11, 2013

      The same thing Mariah did to get her first deal.

      • more May 11, 2013

        the only difference is she could sing and sell s*** in America

      • Dev May 11, 2013

        Although i dont think so, even if you were right at least Mariah married the man. Also, when she cut him loose she got even more successful. The moment Rita leaves Jay its all over forever

  15. RiRi Bad May 11, 2013

    Until she makes it in America she ain’t s***!

    • Lana Del Slay May 11, 2013

      Then Rihanna was a flop till 2007 because nobody cared before then.

      • Liberation May 11, 2013

        But Rihanna had platinum albums and #1 hits before 2007…. O_O

      • BitchyBey May 11, 2013

        Don’t lie b****. MOTS didn’t even go Gold and we know AGLM didn’t either so Imma need you to SET DOWNE!

      • more May 11, 2013

        music of the sun sold 593,000 A girl like me sold 1,330,000 ritas debut album sold only 242,500. Not to mention all of the hit single she had back in 05 and 06.

      • RiRi Bad May 11, 2013

        B**** please Rihanna had her first hit with pon de replay her first album went GOLD… then in 2006 released her 2nd album she got her first number 1 single s.o.s & first platinum album… Rita has no certifications in the US

      • rih the UNSLAYABLE DRAGON May 11, 2013

        Rih had countless number ones and platinum albums before she blew up in 07.

  16. Daddy2rough May 11, 2013

    S***, neither did I. Anyway …

  17. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 11, 2013

    Yes She’s Successful , As a LOCAL UK act.

    Seriously , with this amount of promo she constantly get , I expected her “Ora” to be certified At least “2x Platinum” by now in the UK. 🙄

  18. Hive May 11, 2013


  19. Hive May 11, 2013


  20. soulmusiclover May 11, 2013

    pardon me, have i missed something?? which success? girl, your music sucks big time! i’ve heard more about her appearances on red carpets than about her music! you are a fame w**** not an artist! that’s different

  21. Rita is queen May 11, 2013

    Everyones so JEALOUS of the QUEEN & her SUCCESS especially R****** Navy

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) May 12, 2013

      What exactly is she queen of and what success are u referring to? …I’m confused…

  22. RadiORA May 11, 2013

    YAASSS at TGJ spilling the true tea. Tyty said the same thing about her last year, he said she makes friends too easily and is too trusting.

  23. Dev May 11, 2013

    Stunning voice! Imma about itred of this blog and its overhyping

    • VisionOfMimi May 11, 2013

      If you’re signed to Roc, they stan for you by default.

  24. MariahIsMusic1 May 11, 2013

    Who’s Rita Ora? Next. Cu’mon can’t even reach kesha’s success

  25. KEY May 11, 2013

    Excuse me….who?

  26. the real xoxo May 11, 2013

    her album isn’t even UK platinum (300k) which is horrible considering she is one of the most overexposed popstars of the past year.

  27. Lovebird May 11, 2013

    Good for her and good luck to her. All the best honey.

    **Plays Rita Ora – Hello, Hi, Goodbye**

  28. Youmadbeeeotch May 11, 2013

    Blotchybey, I mean bitcjybey. Your an idiot get your facts straight on Rihanna. Quit your hater lying. Quit being jelli Rihanna is super successful. Your pathetic 🙂

  29. HoneychildPlease May 11, 2013

    Success???? The only time i hear about this Slore is on TGJ i’m confused…how so?

  30. JER May 11, 2013

    It’s a good thing she didn’t expect success.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) May 12, 2013

      Why would she? She’s a flop..

  31. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) May 12, 2013

    Since when did obvious payola become something to boost about and call success? Rita please go somewhere with that bullish*t.

  32. jessica May 13, 2013

    just another ho who spread her legs or bent over to get famous. I pity the real talented people who can’t get discovered for their “real” talent today.

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