Exclusive Pics: Alexandra Burke Rehearses For US Debut With Beyonce’s Choreographer

Published: Monday 10th Jun 2013 by Sam

And it begins!

Alexandra Burke makes her eagerly awaited American debut tonight in New York City.

The Platinum-selling stage blazer will join Mary J Blige,  Erykah Badu, Mary Mary, and Patti LaBelle at a commemorative concert, christened the Apollo Spring Gala, to honor Chaka Khan‘s 40-years in the music industry.

A perfectionist of a performer, Burke has called on Beyonce’s right-hand man Jaquel Knight to help piece together what we’re hearing will be a must-see showing.


It goes without saying that the high-profile slot is the best of launches for the 24-year-old who is  -as many had hoped – embracing a more soulful sound for her 3rd studio album (which will dub as her US debut).  The X Factor graduate recently relocated to the States after signing a mega-management deal with industry force Kevin Liles – the former Def Jam executive who propelled the careers of Jay-Z and Kanye West into the stratosphere. More recent years have seen Liles mould Trey Songz into the Urban force he is today. Needless to say, it seems he and his team are working their magic with our girl.

Peep more EXCLUSIVE rehearsal pics after the jump — AND — be sure to keep it locked on That Grape Juice for more on Alexandra Burke’s US debut!

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  1. Jer June 10, 2013

    LOVE it! Can’t wait for her American debut!

    • Keshas Crazy Kid June 10, 2013


    • KerimelKisses June 10, 2013

      I see her potential but she really needs to get better songs and a better stylist.

    • BeyWhoUWanna June 10, 2013

      No drag queen choreography please. Miss Alex needs soft and subtle if you ask me.

    • xdhhxzbxzbre457 June 10, 2013

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      • Dev June 11, 2013

        Lies!!!!! Your friend has been married for months, and were bored of hearing about it.
        Speak to your friend today as i’m sure he’s left her ass by now

  2. Alexandra Burke #1 June 10, 2013

    She’s coming. Get ready people she’s not playing. JaQuel doesn’t work with talentless people, Alex is going to put on a mega show.

  3. Keshas Crazy Kid June 10, 2013

    She gon flop harder then Rita Ora in the US

    • Danny June 10, 2013

      says the 1 with kesha in his name LMAO!! phlopppppppppp.

  4. I Am above U June 10, 2013

    I see beyonce has stopped bleaching….

    • hi June 13, 2013

      Alex if she decide to be yourself, BAD BOY and not trying to be Beyonce she will succeed. Dark Skin, Black woman are far more successful then they light skin comparts. Whitney Houston first album sold 23 million. Release 9 albums sold over 300 million album. Rihanna have sold 7 million album will all her albums combined, Beyonce solo album sold 5 million. The world is waiting for the next dark skin sister like Diane Ross and Whitney. Both out sold everyone in they day.

  5. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 10, 2013

    don’t give up, alex!

    • Desperation June 10, 2013

      whats taking you and jared so long

  6. FentySoSnatched June 10, 2013

    I’m here for this. Alex’s problem was always material and her performances because she can be sloppy sometimes but you can tell she’s determined to do well and nobody can hate on that.

  7. JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 10, 2013

    “Embracing a more Soulful sound”

    So, she is working with a “DANCE” choreographer because?

    Why can’t she just ‘sing’?

    If she were given the correct material and marketed/promoted appropriately, possibly, she could be a US success without opting for the ‘performer’ route. I honestly don’t see Alexandra as that kind of artist. Her last tour SCREAMED ‘Beyonce wannabe 2.0’.

    To me, she’s another Leona Lewis: talented, albeit, more charisma and personality.

    • TRUTH TEA… WANT SOME? June 10, 2013

      I agree to the damn fullest…

    • Desperation June 10, 2013

      what’s taking you and pop so long

    • Suicide Blonde June 10, 2013

      She has no future here, btw, you look like Colton Haynes in that pic.

  8. HausMuthaAdele June 10, 2013

    You do know what will happen if Alex gets it right don’t you?
    She is literally one good make up artist, producer and dance teacher away from slaying.

    • Charlie June 11, 2013

      and weave/lacefrontoligist. I cant take the blonde.

  9. Danny June 10, 2013

    Alex coming to slay! Hope she goes more Urban/soul for 3rd album.

  10. JanetXone June 10, 2013

    I’ve always liked HER, just not her fashion and music.

  11. BrunoMartian June 10, 2013

    She strikes me as a really nice girl.

  12. Lolz June 10, 2013

    No shade to Alex I do like her but that Beyonce duet was a major part of her winning. Most people thought it would be JLS until Alex did that amazing duet with Beyonce. And JLS were more successful in the long run really. But good luck to her shes talented and a nice girl. Im here for an real R&B Alex.

    • Charlie June 11, 2013

      JLS were more successful because they released an album every year after winning and were marketed to the tween market and knew to make as much money as possible before their time was up. As soon as 1D came along they knew what to do. Alex has vocals and longevity and i think she won because she was the better artist.

  13. NaviKissKiss June 10, 2013

    Good for her. I remember her from that show in the UK and she was always pleasant so I hope she does well now she’s with new people.

  14. BrandNuStar June 10, 2013

    I love this girl to death but I don’t want her dancing anymore. She needs to be given us Emeli Sande teas and come for that AC wig because nobody is here for a new Beyonce.

  15. Suicide Blonde June 10, 2013

    Beyonce’s Choreographer is fat, who is she tho?

  16. Anon June 10, 2013

    1. Alex is beautiful.
    2. Alex can sing.
    3. Alex should not be trying to sing fast songs when that’s not even fashion nowadays. I see a few of my TGJ sistahs agree with me when I say she should hit up some new producers and make the kind of songs people can sing with their guitars.

  17. julien June 10, 2013

    Babygirl needs a nose job. Deborah C** and Jennifer Holliday are also performing for Chaka. They couldn’t get a mention?

  18. hi June 10, 2013

    I like Alex to STOP, being Beyonce. Rihanna got the message, when she become herself Rihanna became a really super star original and FRESH. Alex you cannot do a better Beyonce, just hit the USA with your UK and Ireland number 1s. Bad boys etc, Black hair, etc. You are using Bee people are you MAD. Beyonce will go after your a**. You comeover as a foolish fool, wanting to be Beyonce. Bee is great and you are great be yourself. If you want to be Beyonce you will flop. Just be yourself. Beyonce, have made her mark she is a very light skin sister, you are dark and beautiful the world is waiting for a next Whitney and Diane Ross. Be yourself. Beyonce is beautiful so are you it’s sad.

  19. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax June 10, 2013

    I do not see it for her in the USA. She is s*** or attractive enough to stand out, nor is her voice special. I mean, more prettier girls like Bridjet kelly and melanie fiona can sing and write better and they have not made it.

    WHat label will have her? Who will her target fanbase. What I find weird that her UK debut outsold RITA WHORA UK debut and yet she got dropped. If this Chaka performance does not get her a deal, she should get a 9 – 5 job.

    Oh, Sam her billie holiday concert at the royal albert hall was cancelled due to low ticket sales. You said it was gonna open her up in the UK.

    • ZACK June 10, 2013

      Obviously you have some kind of reading/comprehension issue so let me break it down for you.

      She is already signed again that’s pretty obvious now. You really think she can hire Bey’s choreographer unsigned?

      The Billie concert was postponed due to overwhelming demand and so she could go to America. She signed management with the man who discovered Jay-Z and Kanye, they have connections and will get her to places. She was spotted at a Roc Nation event in Jay’s club in NY just a few days ago and she was backstage at SummerJam as well.

      Alexandra is not a game, PERIOD. She WANTS this, don’t compare her to Ora who slept her way to the top. Alex has the talent and she will get there in the end. Most people said she would never ever perform in the US. Look at her now/

      • rih keeps winning – catch up heuax June 10, 2013

        Talent has never ben just enough to get u there, you f****** dumb pig s***. If talent was important, how comes there are talented people bsuking on subway’s? How comes non talented people like Megan Fox become movie star?

        She is not SIGNED TO A US DEAL, She has management, but so far no LABEL has been mentioned. Do u know what a major label is? Atlantic, Sony, RCA, interscope, Def jam, Roc nation, Cah money, Universal, Capitol etc

        Kevin liles has conncetions, but will they take a chance on black dark skin flop? Remember, she is coming to the USA AS FAILURE; someone who was not good enough for a career in Europe / uk. She should of come to the UK fresh after she won xfactor and had a number1 – there would of been more interest. WHO will be interested in washed up flop?

        She is not amazingly talented: she has average RNB voice and is not attractive, nor does she write or record amazing songs. What does she have that the other black americans girls do not?

        Maybe she should be a back up singer. Beyonce choreographer means nothing, this is not Frank Gatson – the MAIN ONE WHO WORKS WITH RIH. This guy made worked for bey, once.

        OOOOH she ent to jay z club? YOU know damm well jay will never sign a black girl, especially one as unattraive as her. HE whole label is filled with exxotical ( Rita Whora, Bridjet kelly, Some mixed chick from london, Alexis jordan ) They passed on that Rihanna clone from xfactor.

        Kevin l

      • BritGirl June 10, 2013

        Your response is 100% correct.

      • Lolz June 10, 2013

        Lol @ the Frank Gatson part. Hes been working with Beyoncé since she was 16 darling and is in all her documentaries. He is more part of her team than Rihannas.

      • ZACK June 10, 2013

        You are so dumb. Don’t talk to me about Alexandra’s career details because you’ll never win.

        She is signed you fool, you think she could afford to work with Rico Love, Vinylz etc as an unsigned artist. HELL NO. Do the math if you even can.

        AGAIN you know nothing. Alexandra has the 2nd biggest selling single EVER by a British female in the UK. She was 1st until a few months ago when Adele over took her. Her single Hallelujah sold way over a million and her album is well over 2x platinum in the UK. Plus #1 singles with Bad Boys and Tonight in Europe plus top 10s in several other European countries. So next time get the facts RIGHT, you sound uneducated and PRESSED as hell.

        AGAIN you are dumb, ROC NATION did the A&R for her first album (i.e. they found all the songs from the producers, since you can’t be expected to know what that means with your dumb ghetto ass) so obviously they want to be involved in her career. Alexandra has got it going ON and you just have to deal.

      • Lolz June 10, 2013

        Frank Gatson = BEYONCES creative director/choreographer for years. He is associated with Beyonce not really Rihanna. You only have to google to see that. You tried though.

      • rih keeps winning – catch up heuax June 10, 2013

        I made a msitake, I meant beyonce.

      • ZACK June 10, 2013

        FYI Frank Gatson has also worked with Alexandra so >>>> The facts speak for themselves and you are WRONG. Plus the fact that you can’t even spell “HEAUX” properly is just the icing on the cake. Get your life before sending for Alexandra. She’s prepared to fight for her dream. There aren’t enough real black chicks in the game besides Kelly and a few others. Alexandra is talented and should breakthrough.

      • Charlie June 11, 2013

        @RIH KEEPS WINNING – CATCH UP HEUAX you made several mistakes. Take several seats to think about each and everyone of them.

      • Christian June 11, 2013

        This is a bit long, but I have to give this kid one good scalping. I’ll give you the point of talent not being enough to carry you all the way these days. Megan Fox married a guy from one of the biggest shows of the ’90’s (90210) which put here in the Aaron Spelling circle. And buskers aren’t known for their personalities no matter how awesome they are. But it’s not what you know it’s who you know. That’s where Alex has the upper hand. She’s been meeting ppl left and right here in the states when recording, and meeting ppl in the UK when a US act goes ever there. She must also be signed, b/c she was recording songs for album #3 while still with RCA. When you get released from a contract, masters usually are property of the label. But in her case, the recording process didn’t stop. She couldn’t buy them herself, so another label had to buy them and finalize financing it. It’s all a matter of timing announcements. Ciara just went through a very similar ordeal. Her manager repped Jay Z., who’s wife supports Alex, while Roc Nation AND Alex both recently broke from Sony. She’s clearly going to be there. The fact that she has dark skin isn’t going to be that big of a deal b/c she’s going to open her mouth and have a British accent. She is going to be seen as exotic here, since there hasn’t been a black girl from the UK that would have been on a bill like the Chaka event. Rih has no voice, doesn’t write, etc either. What did SHE have that Black American girls don’t? Most of her hits were songs other artists rejected, but it took someone with clout who believed in her. Just as Mary J. Blige had the same things said about her looks, not being a great singer when Diddy helped her fit in, so will Alex. And Alexis Jordan is from South Carolina.

  20. Sterling Infinity #SexDrone June 10, 2013


  21. Mimi Carey June 10, 2013

    Beyonce wanna be

  22. Sterling Infinity June 10, 2013

    Be U

  23. Danny June 10, 2013

    Funny that because all her Albert hall dates sold out on the first day! Do some research you idiot lmao. She cancelled them because of bigger US opportunities

  24. Mingxxxx June 10, 2013

    beyonce is a rip off copycat herself so she shouldn’t mind

  25. Bow Down June 10, 2013

    B**** be yourself.

  26. meena June 10, 2013

    @jared I think it was you that had a gravatar up claiming it was you when the picture was actually the kid from peter pan but all grown up

    https :// mobile. twitter.com / _Its_Leah / status / 318764140434976769/photo /1

    remove the spaces, zoom in you will see.

    I knew I saw that picture somewhere .

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 10, 2013

      I wasn’t claiming it was me… I blatantly said it was someone else.


      • STONY June 11, 2013


    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 10, 2013

      I think i did this job before … AND in a better way tbh.

      Now he’s rocking his real selfie i believe , deal.

  27. Lovebird June 10, 2013

    Live Nation tweeted it, it’s official, Rihanna is the youngest artist ever to SELL OUT Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. That is a 60K stadium, thank you UK Navi.

    #Winning #MillenniumStadium #StadiumStatus

    • STONY June 11, 2013

      and how much money will you get from that? like really don’t you have a f****** life ? she’s making millions of dollars and you’re behind your computer posting message about her success just to begin a stan war .anyway you are very pathetic with all those stanning and childlish fights.go get a life

  28. SOFIA June 10, 2013

    @Pop Royalty…

    That is not you in the picture.

    YOU’RE A LIAR!!!

    Fake F***!!!

  29. Dev June 11, 2013

    Has anyone got any footage of Alexandra at the Chaka Khan concert yesterday? It was Chaka featuring
    Chaka Khan
    Mary J. Blige
    Jennifer Holliday
    Patti Labelle
    Alexandra Burke
    Apollo Spring Gala 2013
    Apollo Theatre Spring Gala
    Wayne Brady
    Erykah Badu
    Deborah C**

    She got in with some big singers

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