Must See: Jermaine Dupri & Bryan-Michael Cox Introduce….Mishon

When it comes to forging classics, very few do it better than Bryan Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupri.

The masterminds behind some of the greatest R&B jams to drop in the last two decades ( ‘Confessions’, ‘We Belong Together‘, ‘Be Without You‘) the pair’s respective credits make them legends in the ever changing field of R&B.

Fortunately for budding R&B sensation Mishon, these are two legends he has firmly in his corner…thanks to a voice Dupri says will render all competition irrelevant.

His introduction below…

We look forward to hearing what he serves up.

In saying that, here’s hoping effort is put into creating an LP that’s Contemporary, steering away from R&B’s more dated sound (see overuse of the word ‘Shorty’).

For, as many of today’s acts prove, a good voice simply isn’t enough to score the success an act as talented as Mishon is deserving of.

Yes he can sing and yes Dupri and Cox are experts, but there is the risk that his sound may come across as being too ‘2005’-ish for an audience hooked on Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown and Drake.

Either way, as die hard fans of Bryan and Jermaine, we’re left with no choice but to pay attention to Mishon and hope the world opens it eyes to his undeniable talent!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Navy Sailor June 24, 2013

    Please. JD couldn’t even make Dondria successful with that dated ass music he gave her. Next.

    • Cici Slaaaaays June 24, 2013

      Your avi is DISGUSTING

      • Navy Sailor June 24, 2013

        Just like your life.

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  2. 12345 June 24, 2013

    his voice is basic. sounds like any rnb dude.

    we need original voices

  3. Lovebird June 24, 2013

    Why isn’t there another Beyonce post, or have you already met your quota of Beyonce posts allowed. I’m bored, I need to swat some flies.

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! June 24, 2013

      B**** keep your stupid ass off this mf site if you have a problem with what they post. Plus Beyonce sent her daughter to p*** on your favorites. When Blue Ivy was born she shut the scene down!!! So face fact that your a hating ass b**** and move on.

    • ADC143 June 24, 2013

      “I’m bored, I need to swat some flies.”

      Open your legs, and you’ll probably see a whole cocoon full of them. Go easy on that fly swatter. I know your ugly ass gets no traffic down there, except for flies, but try not to go overboard using that plastic instrument as compensation.

      Anything else?

  4. DIGGER BEY June 24, 2013

    Well why don’t u GET AN LIFE THEN C*NT @Lovebird. And fawkin with THE BEYHIVE, ur No Life Miserably ass is the one that’s gonna get swat.

    • ADC143 June 24, 2013

      Lovebird is officially cracking up. We got that sow shook and wanting to lash out. LOL

      Good job Hive!

      Rihanna is still a talentless hoebag with a conehead.

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