The First Time I Heard ‘Crazy In Love’ Was…

For anyone old enough remember to release of Beyonce‘s debut album ‘Dangerously In Love’, its 10th anniversary will no doubt bring back many a fond memory.

Following the critical success of Kelly Rowland‘s Alternative R&B piece ‘Simply Deep’ and Michelle Williams’ speedy ascent to the top of Gospel, ‘Love’ came two years after its title track featured on Destiny’s Child 2001 LP ‘Survivor’, a classic in its own right.

Now, in celebrating the album’s tenth birthday and the moments it created for so many across the world, we ask…


When was the first time you heard ‘Crazy In Love’?

Share your stories below…

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  1. MK June 23, 2013

    I didn’t note it down in my diary, nor was it a milestone in my life.

    • BeachHouseBritney June 23, 2013

      Then this thread isn’t for you. Goodbye!

    • @PEGGYHYLS5 on Instagram June 23, 2013

      Stupid c***

    • QueenCeline June 23, 2013

      Then why did you comment? This is a nice post about sharing memories and you tried to ruin it. BE GONE!

    • wsaijget45 June 23, 2013

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      • eqvilim June 23, 2013

        Was driving home from summer school I remember exactly where I was on the road hah, even the temp outside.

      • FAF June 23, 2013

        DEAD. Ikr WTF SAM!

    • Just admit it June 23, 2013

      Thank you. Finally another Normal person.

  2. DanYiel Teflon June 23, 2013

    I heard it when I was on my way to school…still makes me wanna shake my Shimmie!!

  3. TheTRUTH June 23, 2013

    ANOTHER Beyonce Dickriding Post?
    I LOVE Her Too, But DAMN. Ya Be Posting RANDOM & POINTLESS POSTS For NO Reason.

    • earthstone June 23, 2013




  4. @PEGGYHYLS5 on Instagram June 23, 2013

    I was only 13 but I Danced on it madly

  5. DMoney June 23, 2013

    I was shopping with mum and dad and we walked into one the TV shops. The video was literally playing on every screen. It was like something out of a movie and I’ll never forget it.

  6. Paula June 23, 2013

    When I watched her perform it on Oprah.. I was like :O then the music video was premiering and my
    Whole family gathered round to watch it. It was such an event. I was only 10 when it came out but even then I knew she would become a legend.

    • E June 23, 2013







      • HerNameIsSasha June 23, 2013

        Shows how much you know. Beyonce was almost sued many times before that song came out because of Bootylicious, so sit.






        ……WOOOW, NOW BOOTYLICIOUS WHICH SHE STOLE FROM SNOOP DOG ALSO…(he came up with bootylicious term not beyonce)


  7. Lana Del Slay June 23, 2013

    In my dad’s trailer on the way to Missouri for my nana’s birthday.

  8. PRINCE CARTER FENTY June 23, 2013

    I was 11 years old and I remember I heard it playing on the radio in my dad’s car. Crazy In Love turned me into a Beyonce stan. The Uh Oh dance literally turned me gay.

  9. NickiSaidDis June 23, 2013

    I saw the video before I heard the song, but the first time I heard it was during my dance class and I’ll never forget how happy it made me when we got the routine right. We lost the competition but it didn’t matter cos I made so many life long friends there.

  10. 1D>>>>YourLife June 23, 2013

    My step sister used to play it all the time when we lived in Frankfurt, but I was 6 so I didn’t really like it all that much.

  11. KellyKDL June 23, 2013

    My dad didn’t let us listen to secular music in the house so I went to my friend’s house after school one day and she played it for me. I’ve been stanning ever since.

  12. MCThePlaceToBe June 23, 2013

    I’m sorry, but this video reminded me whey Rihanna will never be s***.

    • Lovebird June 23, 2013

      LOL Bringing Rihanna on a post that has absolutely nothing to do with her. smh.

  13. bMJor June 23, 2013

    When I first heard Crazy in Love it was definitely either almost summer time or early summer time. I was listening to my local diverse radio station (they play stuff like Pink,KISS,Aeorsmith) and I heard them say this was the premiere of a new Beyonce track….instantly the beat dropped and it was OVER! Then the Uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no no came on and it waa really OVER. From that moment on I knew the summer was hers. Then she had the making of the video on MTV which I recorded and still have on VHS ,she introduced us to the booty dance and made it okay for a female artist to perform,something that is lacking in new female artist. Although they all (Ashanti,Mariah,Amerie,Keyshia Cole) are great artist,nobody gives vocals and performance like Bey. People can say she’s fake,she’s arrogant or whatever. But I BET if you put your favorite next to her on stage when crazy in love drops ,you’ll see why she is And will remain the Queen of MUSIC. (Britney and Madonna Stan’s please don’t get crazy cause neither of those b****** can sing…and Britney no longer dances,she swings her head and looks crazy AF)

  14. J’ June 23, 2013

    I was soo young! I remember hearing ‘Crazy’ & actually going crazy! & then when this video came out… i DIIIIED & learner every single step, pose, walk, head nod ect. lol i love this song!! I Love Bey

  15. MDNA2013 June 23, 2013

    I’m sorry but when will Rihanna, Mariah or Ciara?

  16. Edwin June 23, 2013

    The first time I heard was when I stumbled across seeing her perform it on SNL.

  17. Adam June 23, 2013

    I was in the service in the Israeli IDF, when the song came out on TV or on the radio people turned up the volume and sang along to the booty shaking.

  18. just admit it June 23, 2013

    This is a site run by gay men.. clearly.. Because Nobody cares about what they were doing heard this song. Its not that important. . Fawning over Nicki Minaj and Beyonce and obsessing over everything they do. You Always have Rihanna’s name in your mouths speaking about her (not a fan of hers. Just saying)and attacking anyone that doesn’t like beyonce or nicki minaj (see lil Kim).
    The pictures you use when you’re posting these interviews about male artists almost always involve them with their shirts off..
    Obsessing over girl groups, pop music, etc. Need I go on?.

    • Jessie June 23, 2013

      Its the 10 year anniversary of dangerously in love thats why he is doing it. And why not? There are a lot of Hive memebers on this site who care including me and i am a female not a gay man.

      • Just admit it June 23, 2013

        All they do is post on nicki minaj and beyonce… and how they’re better than everyone (they’re not..) TGJ JUST started doing stuff on gospel and focusing on other artists besides bashing rihanna. The Hive or whatever y’all call yourselves is made of mostly gay men. (not all of it)That’s not me being mean. That’s just a fact.

    • BitchyBey June 23, 2013

      Do you think they care that YOU think they’re gay? Like seriously, sit down and ask yourself if you think that they actually give a damn about what people think about their sexuality.
      I don’t always like what they do, but when you go to bed at night can you say you make money doing something you like for FUN? Also, if you didn’t know, being gay isn’t the insult it used to be and can actually HELP a person get ahead seeing as some of the most powerful men in the industry are the same way.

      Clive Davis anybody?

    • JanetXone June 23, 2013

      @JustAdmitIt Define gay.

    • PhuckYoFave June 23, 2013

      Because loving female singers makes people gay? Your world experience must be very slim if you think that stereotype applies in the real world.

    • OVODasher June 23, 2013

      Kiii, so by your standard dudes who listen to Hip Hop and lust after other dudes aren’t gay because of the music they listen to.

    • Draggin4MrsCarter June 23, 2013

      OK, let’s just say Grape Juice is gay, what happens next?

    • DontDoIt June 23, 2013

      The way your ignorance is set up though. Since when do we define who someone’s attracted to by who they stan for her.

      If we did that, we’d say that every single producer or songwriter is gay. Future wrote LS for Rihanna, is he gay? Chris wrote Disturbia for Rihanna is he gay? Neyo wrote IR for Bey, is he gay?
      La Reid put together TLC and decided on everything they did from their music to their styling is he gay? Look a little deeper when judging people please.

    • RobynThicke June 23, 2013

      Since you’re good at spotting gay men, did you know Frank Ocean liked men before he told us?

    • AzaleanArmy June 23, 2013

      So every man who listens to Nas and Pac is straight?

    • PhunkWithMyHeart June 23, 2013

      So if a man sucks d***, takes it in the ass and has a boyfriend on the low he automatically becomes straight if he decides to stan for Ace Hood instead of Ariana.

      And i’m sure you think all gay men can be spotted by their feather boas and finger snaps right?

    • glum June 23, 2013

      Uhhhh… We all know they’re gay, duh?

  19. Jessie June 23, 2013

    I cant remember LOL! I was like 10! But I remember everyone being so hype about the song in school doing the uh oh dance Beyonce was the girl everyone wanted to be!

  20. Miss M June 23, 2013

    Not sure if it was the first time but I remember it came on the radio when i was in the back of my dads car and even he turned up the volume and was like ‘whos this girl?’ Because obviously, he didnt really follow DC like that lol.

  21. JER June 23, 2013

    The reach. The thirst.

    The only person that remembers the first time they heard “Crazy in Love” is Ashanti.

  22. Yaz June 23, 2013

    Crazy in Love is such a classic tune of the 2000s. The fact it doesnt even sound dated 10 years later>>>>>

  23. Lovebird June 23, 2013

    Firstly, TOTAL DEATH at Simply Deep being a success, it was a FLOP, a huge one at that. Also Kelly couldn’t sing then and she cannot sing now.

    The first time I heard Crazy In Love, I changed the channel on account of how ratchet and boring it was, song that caught my ear was Baby Boy and that prompted me to give the album a chance.

    • Yeah I Said It June 23, 2013

      Its a flop yet its considered the song that defined noughties by various sources. Oh ok.

      • Lovebird June 23, 2013

        Yes, Simply deep was a FLOP, a big one.

      • Yeah I Said It June 23, 2013

        Yeahh I realized… No comment lol.

    • Yeah I Said It June 23, 2013

      Oh ok you were talking about simply deep.

  24. Lovebird June 23, 2013

    Anyway instead of celebrating Beyonce’s lack of past glory considering Britney, Christina, Mariah, Madonna, Janet, Usher were dominating the charts, both albums and singles at the time Dangerously in Love tried, you should be pressing Beyonce to release another snippet, or has she not found “inspiration” yet.

  25. Yeah I Said It June 23, 2013

    Sam I dont remember the specific time I first heard it, majority of people on here were probably young when it came out and wouldnt lock it in their memory bank but I do remember Beyonce was THAT B**** when this came out. But now shes moving up into respected young legend territory.

  26. Lovebird June 23, 2013

    I also like that I got the chance to truly look at Beyonce’s figures and they are BASIC with the hype machine the hive espouse. From the time slot DIL came out, I can see that they were artists like Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Christina, Mariah, Usher who were selling twice or more what DIL did.

    Pitiful really considering she had a strong foundation with this girl group and yet could not push numbers. To make matters worst, her numbers have been declining every era, with each album selling considerably less than the previous one. But hey, anything to make Beyonce seem like she is more than she actually is right.

    • Tallb June 23, 2013

      i thougt “i am” was more succesfull than “b’day”?

  27. PaulaDeenFan June 23, 2013

    The first time I heard crazy in love, I was blowing this thug in Motel 6 that I met off of Adam4Adam with another friend… the thug stacked us like pancakes and double dipped inside of both of us with the same condom when the famous booty shake break down came on.. Beyonce rules…..

  28. PhuckYoFave June 23, 2013

    Don’t get it twisted, TGJ work my nerves with the Rihanna shade, but I just have to address some b******* I saw.
    If you think calling someone is gay, you’re not doing anything by telling them that you think they’re gay because they already know it. I’m talking to you Just Admit It. You need to get out of your head and walk into the world we live and see that stereotypes don’t always apply because I know men who don’t listen to pop music, who pump weights at the gym and who f*** girls who are attracted to men. Are they any less bi or gay because they don’t know all the words to a Madonna song.


  29. Kendall June 23, 2013

    Crazy in Love was definitely the ultimate song at that point in pop culture. It appealed to both the pop an urban audiences which is what made it so great.

  30. lol June 23, 2013

    can’t rememember. that damn old. probably somewhen on mtv. not the most important thing on earth to remember is it? was quite “funky” and had vibe tho. but i know for a fact i didn’t and still don’t like that stupid wanna be s*** dance routine video. it’s so uber it’s not appealing anymore. atleast not to me. 😛

  31. Pour It Up June 23, 2013

    I just remember it being played at the school disco and everyone going into meltdown our teachers threatened to turn off the music everyone went so crazy lol.

  32. JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 23, 2013



    I agree Babe. I have never been too much a fan of “Crazy in Love”. Yes, it has permeated Pop culture and one of the defining popular songs of the 21st century, but I couldn’t stand it and still can’t.

    “Baby Boy” is what made me LOVE Beyonce. As well as “Naughty Girl & Me, Myself & I”.

    Also, admittedly, I.didn’t even purchase her “Dangerously in Love” album when it first came out. “B’Day” was the first album I.bought of hers.


    • Lovebird June 23, 2013

      I cannot believe you bought B’Day, that album made me realize there was actually a skip button, her worst album to date. Plus there’s someone who does that album better,

      • Marley June 23, 2013

        I like that song, but she was such a Beyonce wannabe though^

      • Lovebird June 23, 2013

        Oh please, she was Original, Beyonce is the one who copied her style with B’Day.

      • Marley June 23, 2013

        One Thing was too reminiscent of Beyonce, even before B Day everyone said it.

      • Lovebird June 23, 2013

        You’re kidding yourself, but anyway you guys in the hive worship Beyonce and so EVERYONE is copying Beyonce…smh.

      • Marley June 23, 2013

        No Lovebird, you are just in denial of giving Beyonce kudos. Im not even a massive Beyonce stan Id consider myself more a casual fan so you are the one he needs to take a reality check.

    • ^AKA^ June 23, 2013

      I remember listening to a local radio station at the end of 2005 and they published Top 100 singles for that year. I cried when Madonna’s Hung Up won over Don’t Cha, because I liked Don’t Cha so much back in the say. 😀

  33. Marley June 23, 2013

    Wow 10 years. My how time flies. Crazy in Love is a great song it will live on as a classic dance floor filler.

  34. Draggin4MrsCarter June 23, 2013

    Girls, I have a question.
    Do you think it matters if someone is gay or not? Please answer because I think it’s time we had some serious debates on here.

    • AzealiaBankabale June 23, 2013

      Not if that person has a good heart, does good things and has good motives behind everything they do. Why?

  35. HOWYOULIKEIT June 23, 2013

    I watched the video at home and i was literally frozen. Nothing had even been so fresh and epic.
    I guess in 2003 rihanna was still a puppet trying to figure out the gimmicks she would use to be popular

      • Miss M June 23, 2013

        And CIL still topped all Britneys songs of that decade besides Toxic though.

      • Lovebird June 23, 2013

        LMAO stop kidding yourself, Beyonce cannot touch Britney, not even on a bad day.

      • Miss M June 23, 2013

        Which Britney song of the 2000s was bigger than CIL then besides Toxic (which was about the same)? Im being totally real here I know Britney is the Princess of Pop.

      • Miss M June 23, 2013

        Lol. No. The Struggle.

    • KingBeyBitch June 23, 2013

      @Miss M Thank you lovebird just hating as usual.

      • HOWYOULIKEIT June 23, 2013

        Why people dislike my comment? I’m telling the truth.
        Ever since CIL debuted i knew all other b****** had to bow down, because there’s only one spot: the QUEEN’S
        For britney stans, yes she has hits but she’s not known for her talent, just like her pal rihanna

  36. KingBeyBitch June 23, 2013

    I was in a mall when I first heard this song this song is still being played to this very date and it never get old , its a classic of the 00s decade.

  37. JanetXone June 23, 2013

    Lovebird stans for Rihanna so they’re knowledge of music is next to nothing. Even a Beyonce hater can admit that CIL had a huge cultural impact that wiped out every other R&B chick. The only one she couldn’t beat was Britney.

    • KingBeyBitch June 23, 2013

      Thank you no lies detected..

    • JanetXone June 23, 2013

      The reason the Rihanna stans say it was irrelevant is because they didn’t pay attention to music until a few years ago. I was there and I remember being mad at Janet because I felt like she was resting on her laurels and not doing enough to compete.

      • KingBeyBitch June 23, 2013

        IKR Umbrella is Rihanna only classic song ad I dont remember the last time I heard that on the radio and I’m not hating. And Janet is my b**** I love her

      • ^AKA^ June 23, 2013

        Nope it’s not. Here where I live Rihanna is absolutely the biggest pop star without a doubt. The fact that Don’t Stop The Music is performed in a competition for folk artists is amazing. Unfaithful, Don’t Stop The Music, Umbrella, We Found Love and many others are still remembered here. You cannot escape Rihanna’s music in the clubs, on radio/TV Channels. And Shine Bright Like A Diamond is one of the most iconic lines in this decade, everyone knows it 😀

    • Lovebird June 23, 2013

      ” Even a Beyonce hater can admit that CIL had a huge cultural impact that wiped out every other R&B chick.

      Alicia Keys disagrees.

      • NaviKiss June 23, 2013

        Lovebird, I didn’t want to do this to you but you’re starting to look very stupid. Crazy In Love was a mega hit and Alicia has never seen a hit like in her career. If we’re talking about album sales, Alicia and Britney did slay DIL but that song was and is iconic. I just don’t like the person who sings it.

      • Lovebird June 23, 2013

        Sorry, the truth is Beyonce will never have a song as timeless as this one. This song will never die.

  38. TireofB June 23, 2013

    I was attempting to give a f*ck then and still trying to attempt to give a f*ck now. To quote K. Michelle Zero F*cks Given! Beyonce irrelevant at this point!

    • BeyLikeMe June 23, 2013

      But you cared enough to comment didn’t you?

  39. KingBeyBitch June 23, 2013

    Single Ladies had a impact on pop/r&b as well. I dont care who disagrees

  40. Nene June 23, 2013

    Who cares about this stupid flop anywways. She can go die for all I care.

  41. ^AKA^ June 23, 2013

    Great song. I was only 12. I used to watch MTV channel and German Viva and I couldn’t wait to see Britney, Xtina, Beyonce, Justin and other starts. 😀 The trend continued in 2005 when Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna, Madonna had good bops.

  42. Lou June 23, 2013

    Why are you on the thread if it means nothing to you smh. Crazy in Love was the s*** and the fact Beyonce has still remained arguably the most relevant chick from her generation despite not topping some of their sales says it all. You cant knock Bey shes here to stay. I can see her being one of them legends that will still able to shake it 60.

  43. nene June 23, 2013


  44. Lovebird June 23, 2013

    Now Hive, stop touting your own horn. There were too many amazing songs in that period for Crazy In Love to be hyped the way you guys are hyping it up.

    • XXX June 23, 2013

      The Hive isn’t hyping anything up its a fact that Crazy in Love was one of, if not the biggest song of that decade. Just chill.

      • Lovebird June 23, 2013

        I was never really a huge fan TBH. I liked some of their songs though.

  45. rih rox June 23, 2013

    YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake Me up when she releases something NEW.

  46. XXX June 23, 2013

    Summertime Banger!

  47. QUEEN BEY – RULES June 23, 2013

    CRACKney COCAINEston could never…

    Yes King Bey.

    • Carpe Diem. June 23, 2013

      ^ This is the reason why people like “LoveBird” do what they do! smh!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 23, 2013

      the delusions are real…

  48. Jewell June 23, 2013

    People love to try and discredit Beyonce at any opportunity its hilarious. The reaching is real. No shade to Alica her sales are great but shes not anywhere near as iconic and had as much impact as Beyonce. She has some nice R&B ballads.

  49. MACQueenRiri June 23, 2013

    This song is legendary idc.

  50. rih rox June 23, 2013

    Britney shitTed All over Beyonce.

    • Lovebird June 23, 2013

      Not just Britney, but also Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys.

  51. JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 23, 2013

    @Queen Bey – Rules…

    “CRACKney COCAINEston” could never what…?

    1) Sell 210 Million Records Worldwide (100 + Million of which are from album sales)

    2) Become the most influential popular singer of her generation and one of the greatest of all time

    3) INSPIRE you’re fave to want to be a better singer.

    Clearly, you’re not a “true” Beyonce stan… SHUT THE F*** UP.

  52. steph June 23, 2013

    Didn’t she still CRAZY IN LOVE beat from that song from the 1970s? Anyways, this dance & song was her breakout moment. I remember dancing and getting tired of hearing it everyday on the bus & in my moms car. Beyoncé gurl, please put your new single out. This post is dumb. If you gonna do a history album anniversary then do MUSIC BOX or RAY OF LIGHT or THRILLER something worth reviewing

    • Miss M June 23, 2013

      No she didn’t steal it she sampled it. A difference.

    • quetta June 23, 2013

      But obviously this post was “worth” your time. Foh

  53. Sass June 23, 2013

    People are doing TOOOOO much its not necessary Crazy In love was a classic and Beyonce made her mark with that song and it had crossover appeal for both POP and R&B audience, something Beyonce has always managed to achieve. People always bring negativity. You seem very pressed.

  54. QUEEN BEY – RULES June 23, 2013


    No B****…

    CRACKney COCAINEston could never put on a SHOW like Beyonce…

    That sell out, crack h** couldn’t dance to save her life.

    She wishes she could be the KING.

    The same applies to ALCOHOLriah DRUNKrey.


    • June 23, 2013

      Are you sure you are not Jared. You type very similarly. I know Jared and Dr Fenty is the same person as well.

    • Carpe Diem. June 23, 2013

      She didnt need to dance! All she had to do was SANG!!! looooool!! Thats why she’s “The Voice!!”

  55. ^AKA^ June 23, 2013

    What are your favs most iconic lines from their songs?

    For example, something like Hit me baby one more time from Britney, Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh, no, no crazy in love from Beyonce or Umbrella ella ella eh eh from Rihanna.

    • Lovebird June 23, 2013

      Usher baby 🙂

    • Jewell June 23, 2013

      To the left, To the left
      If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 23, 2013

      It’s Britney B**** – 1)

      Yeah Man – 2)

    • ^AKA^ June 23, 2013

      In my opinion (I will put 3 for all my gurls)

      Rihanna – Shine Bright Like a Diamond (Diamonds), That Rihanna Reign Just Won’t Let Up (Hard), Plase Don’t Stop The Music Ma-Ma-Say-Ma-Ma-Sa-Ma-Ma-Coo-Sa (Don’t Stop The Music, thanks to MJ),

      Britney Spears – Don’t you know that you’re toxic?(Toxic), Oops I Did It Again (OIDIA), It’s Britney B**** (Gimme More/Scream and Shout)

      Beyonce – To the left to the left (Irreplaceable), If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it oh oh oh oh ooo (Single Ladies), Who run this mutha (Run The World)

      Xtina – I’m beautiful no matter what they say (Beautiful), I’m a genie in a bottle baby Gotta rub me the right way honey (Genie In a Bottle), I’ve Hurt Myself by hurting You (Hurt)

      Madonna – so many, it’s hard to choose.

  56. JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 23, 2013

    @Queen Bey – Rules.

    Clearly, you’re nothing but a F****** TROGLODYTE, therefore, I refuse to take you, or you’re delusional opinions, seriously

    And you wonder why there are those who find it hard to refrain from ‘shading’ “The King”.

    “The Legendary Whitney Houston” will always tower miles above ‘you’re fave’ so…

    It’s ‘fake Beyonce stans’ like you who.give ‘you’re fave’ a bad name.

    But, honestly, if you want to start a war… Come om, I’m waiting.

  57. fatusankoh June 23, 2013

    Sam thax for posting I had itwhen I am going to work I have to stope my car on a coner and listern to her I went to myjob happy ready to work I did my job very well that since that day I never stope loving and support her and I will continue to that for life she is the only star for me are part from whine and MJ long live queen bey more success in all you do

  58. Omari June 23, 2013

    Beyonce did the damn thing with that whole era. Her prevalence was real. But people will hate regardless.

    • Lovebird June 23, 2013

      And yet she sold LESS than Mariah, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

      • Omari June 23, 2013

        Yawn yeah and it hasn’t stopped her. You’re doing the most. Why?

      • Lovebird June 23, 2013

        Those falling album sales say otherwise.

      • Omari June 23, 2013

        And Alicia, Christina sales have all fallen. Your point?

      • Lovebird June 23, 2013

        But their discography’s are still richer than Beyonce’s. In their prime, they were selling 7 million+ albums, Beyonce could only barely manage 4 million+ and yet you guys hype her up to be the revolutionary untouchable of the 2000s who ended careers, please.

      • Omari June 23, 2013

        Bla bla bla. Keep trying boo. Beyonce still remains one of the biggest. And has achieved things they have not.

  59. i can June 23, 2013

    It was 10 years old.. It would play on TV at least everyday. I don’t hate it, but I think it’s overrated. My favorite Beyonce song for now is Rise Up, and my all-time favorite is Amor Gitano.

  60. e rawq June 23, 2013

    It was when she sang it on Saturday night live, I think that was the debut of the actual song. I didn know the track would sound all live and loud like that. when I saw the video it was over, the obsession was born

  61. HOTSTUFF June 23, 2013

    crazy in love was a “hit” but talking about ‘cultural impact’ blablabla lets not push it Flea-Hive ! LMAO the delusions.

    • Omari June 23, 2013

      Go read rolling stones, wiki or VH1 if you think its only the Hive doing the talking boo.

      • Lolz June 23, 2013

        And NME

    • Lovebird June 23, 2013

      I know right, these people worship Beyonce so much that they are developing delusions of grandeur. It’s really funny to watch.

      • Brandys Starr June 23, 2013

        Come on its not delusion there are various sources that support the theory.

  62. Lovebird June 23, 2013

    Since we are talking about music history, I think someone much more important, timeless, original and talented should be discussed.

  63. HOTSTUFF June 23, 2013

    i thinks the song that defines Bey’s weave Oops career is ‘single ladies’ BUT too bad she stole the dances move.

    Check it out after the jump LMAO:


    “When Beyonce’s Inspiration Turns Into Imitation”

    http : // www . billboard . com /articles/columns/the-juice/1560092/op-ed-when-beyonces-inspiration-turns-into-imitation


    • HOTSTUFF June 23, 2013

      dance moves**

    • Lovebird June 23, 2013

      Honey, the weave worshipers will put their Brazilian saw ins on hold to come attack you with fake receipts.

      • HOTSTUFF June 23, 2013

        LMAOOOO IKR , they can nerver deal with the solid truth.

  64. Mimi carey June 23, 2013

    Lmao who really gives a F*** about what you were doing when the song came out it was 10 years ago I swear the hive is pathetic & delusional like do any of them have a life of they’re own? Or does their life consist of Beyonce?

    • Lydia June 23, 2013

      Feel free to exit the post then and do everyone a favor.

  65. Mimi carey June 23, 2013

    To bad during this time Beyonce was being SLAYED by Britney & Christina

    • Lovebird June 23, 2013

      And Alicia Keys.

  66. Brandys Starr June 23, 2013

    Come on its not like a ‘where were you when MJ died’ kind of event lol. The only thing that was annoying is it was played everywhere at the time. But its remained a banger a lead contributor of 21st century pop while songs that have come out by others after it even sound more dated. I loved that whole album. It still sounds fresh when I listen.

  67. Lovebird June 23, 2013

    I find it hilarious that the Hive is hyping up Crazy in Love because it’s Beyonce. When Rihanna brings her “singles” stats, oh singles don’t mean s*** right??? BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES.

    • quetta June 23, 2013

      No one is hyping it up they are just defending what you are trying to discredit. I see how you act. You talk all crazy about beyonce and when the hive starts defending you want to play the victim role and call them delusional. Foh with your b******* you delusional over-obsessed beyonce stan. You’re worst than her worst stans.

  68. Lolz June 23, 2013

    @lOVEBIRD why are you pressed boo. Majorty of people agree minus the Rihanna fans and you. The post is about a SINGLE that’s why the Hive are talking about it duh.

  69. XtinaaLovee June 23, 2013

    The stans have to reminisce on old s*** because shityonce has yet to releases new material the hive is bored.

    Beyonce couldn’t compete & still cant with Xtina & s******.

  70. Navy Sailor June 23, 2013

    Uhhhh idk I was 11 1/2 years old lol. I was probably thinking about going to the 7th grade!

    • ^AKA^ June 23, 2013

      So, you are 22 too honey?

      • Navy Sailor June 23, 2013

        I will be on July 27 😀

  71. HOTSTUFF June 23, 2013

    Mickael Jacskon ‘s Thriller Video, choreography, concept are original and iconic.

    Rihanna’s Umbrella Video, choreography, concept are original and iconic.

    But too bad Beyfrauds Single ladies video is a compilation of stolen work from others.

    If nothing is original about you ? What is exactly the impact you had/have ? since you’re nothing new ? – you’re just famous nothing more nothing less. Don’t get it twisted. Beyonce is just a famous singer, thieving song writers credit, entertainer.

    However Rihanna, with her reggae touch on nearly every album brought something new to the pop scene. The way Rihanna is dominating the pop scene since 2005, you can talk about an impact. Since 2011 to now Rihanna is the only pop entertainer relevant.Rih will basically have 2013 for her self since the other pop h*** are afraid to release music.
    Every body wants to be her, Demi, Rita ora, Dawn richard (look at her instagram pic, her new style is so Rated R era), Cassie, Miley and the list goes on and on. #iconic #deal

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 23, 2013

      & WELL REMEMBERED.Even ‘Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” video is ICONIC.

      How many artists today could pull off a ‘4: 50 second’ video of them just them sitting in a chair, wearing a suit, with snow falling in the background?

      🙂 🙂 🙂

      Let’s not forget Mariah Carey’s ‘Honey’ video too.

      • HOTSTUFF June 23, 2013


        EXACTLY !!!!

    • Lolz June 23, 2013

      LOL Umbrella choreography? What choreography #THEDELUSION and NME disagrees with you

      • Lolz June 23, 2013

        So does VH1 for that matter. And single ladie may not be totally original, Vogue wasn’t Madonnas, but it still one of the biggest dance crazes of the 21st century. Bigger than anything Riannas put out.

    • Gilberto June 23, 2013

      DEAD @ you calling Umbrella original. Its video was a rip-off of Brandy’s Afrodisiac. “Original choreography”? Is there any choreography on that lame video? I don’t remember. How do you call that ICONIC? THE REACH. Umbrella wasn’t even originally made for R******, it was offered to many other singers first. LOL. She didn’t write nor produce it. LOL. What are you bragging about, b****? LMFAO!!!
      I don’t see anyone refering to Umbrella video thesedays. Have you ever seen someone paying a tribute to it on tv, movies, tv shows etc? Umbrella video doesn’t have any legacy.

      • HOTSTUFF June 23, 2013


  72. Monstarebel June 23, 2013

    I was 10 when this song came out….. Lol dont remember or care when i first heard it doesn’t matter.

  73. Torrence June 23, 2013

    Lmaoooooooo sorry hive, but EVERYONE knows that the biggest song of the decade was released two years later, by the songbird supreme herself—MARIAH CAREY. “We Belong Together” dominated the year 2005. You couldn’t escape it. It was everywhere. Thugs sang it out in the open, grandmothers, kids, teens, young adults, adults, pastors, restaurants, clothing stores, dump trucks, casinos, nightclubs, blacks, whites, Asians, Indians, Hispanics…EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE! Not to mention that it was #1 for a whooping 14 weeks 🙂

    • Lovebird June 23, 2013

      I agree, WE BELONG TOGETHER >>>> Beyonce’s entire discography.

    • wtf June 23, 2013

      you made me google a video if that is worth something. but damn… i had to stop it after 5 seconds. LOLOLOL

    • ^AKA^ June 23, 2013

      Not with those lackluster sales and bad charting outside of the USA, sorry. It was a local hit. No one used it here in Europe.

      The biggest songs of 2000s were Crazy In Love, Umbrella, Toxic, Poker Face, Beautiful (Xtina), Hung Up, Yeah and I am not talking only about America. Those songs had big impact. Beside huge radio audicence, I still fail to see what impact We Belong Together had.

      • Navy Sailor June 23, 2013

        WBT was inescapable here in America. It had to have been one of the most overplayed songs of the 2000s omg lol.

  74. Monstarebel June 23, 2013

    We belong together slays crazy in love ^^^

  75. HOTSTUFF June 23, 2013

    HOWEVER for the fair and unbiased commenter that i am, i will give credit when it is due. Beyonce had an impact on RnB culture BUT WITH DESTINYS CHILD. So this includes Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams ( and the girls that were there at the beginning).

    The flea- Hive love to make DC only about Beyweave but i guess their idol egocentric philosophy was passed on to them trough that brain washing hair flipping booty shaking garbage that they call her music. Today they are talking about ‘cultural impact’. She must be proud of the Brain washing she did into buying all those grammy like shes the most talented after god , nigg* please. Mariah has 5 grammy. #TheShade

    Beyonce and her father used all those girls ( in destiny’s child) talent to build her career, what a thieving family, father like daughter.

    Independent woman, Survivor, say my names are classic. But if we compare those RnB classics with the likes of Mariah’s RnB classics we can all agree that Destiny’s Child catalog of music is GETTO TRASH. Their reunion couldn’t even beat Madonna’s super bowl ratings. No one cared. #PoorDat

  76. Lolz June 23, 2013

    Crazy in Love has been certified the song of the Decade multiple times. As has Beyonce, according to Billboard. Someone with no impact/a flop doesn’t just get them titles for nothing. The rest is all just opinion you can argue till the cows come home folks doesn’t mean you are right.

    • ^AKA^ June 23, 2013

      Sorry but no. It was local. I know that you don’t like Beyonce, but Crazy In Love was bigger hit worldwide and it’s more remembered and used in music competitons.

      Crazy in Love
      Poker Face
      Hung Up

      had bigger impact and did better worldwide than WBT.

  77. Mark111 June 23, 2013

    Well for one, I don’t get why people are acting like this is Thriller 30 or something. But I remember I was 16 and it was the best summer ever. I heard Crazy once and didn’t care nor remembered it, but the horns stayed in my head for awhile. It was at the Bet awards that made me fully aware of the Beyoncé Beast she is today and that was the day Ashuntu career died.

  78. Vanessa B June 23, 2013

    Haha people are so pressed! I love it. Crazy in Love is everything. Go Bey! Ten years man that went fast!

  79. #Beautiful Carey June 23, 2013

    When i first heard We Belong Together i was 16 just got out the pool & heard it on the radio omg it was so amazing her VOCALS are like no others i started stanning ever since Beyonce Doesnt have a good discography like Mariah #Truth

    • Lovebird June 23, 2013

      Honey, even ASHANTI’s discography >> Beyonce’s, at least Ashanti has got some deep meaningful songs.

      • #Beautiful Carey June 23, 2013

        True that rain on me & foolish were amazing majority of beyonce music is shallow

      • Lovebird June 23, 2013

        I love rain on me.

  80. . : : h 2 o : : . June 23, 2013

    AHHHH early 2000’s!

    Before XtinKa and S****** turned theirselves into the biggest 2 flops alive!!!

    I still can’t stop laughing @ their stans having the actual fat hairy balls to even mention then in the same sentence – much less use them against Beyonce who would later surpass their success and out-wealthed both of them combined in a few years, all the time while their careers only declined until one of them was even BANKRUPT!!!

    Look @ them now!

    If they’re not sitting their 96570-year-old, 3010T asses on American Idol and The Voice chairs, they’re probably sucking and Pitbull off for duets!!

    Because they know they’re FLOPS everywhere else!!!


    • #Beautiful Carey June 23, 2013

      Beyonce is just as much as a flop as Britney, Britney & Mariah have still sold more records than BEY HAHAHA

      • ^AKA^ June 23, 2013


        Oh please. Come back when Mariah scores at least 1 critically acclaimed song like Bey did with Crazy In Love and Rihanna with Umbrella.

        Rihanna feat. Jay-Z

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  81. HOTSTUFF June 23, 2013

    I think whats iconic about Beyonce after all is the fact that she married a Gorilla !

    • Gilberto June 23, 2013

      I see that you ran out of shades. Is that the best you can give, b****? At least she can keep a man, unlike your fave and her weak ass p****.

  82. Barb B**** June 23, 2013

    This song brings back so many childhood memories lol

  83. triniboy June 23, 2013

    I was on my way home from school in a taxi, the windows were down thus I cud barely hear the radio. I wasn’t paying much attention to the radio anyway, then I noticed the voice, the tone, the ring. I knew DC didn’t have any new music I hadn’t heard before so I knew it was her. I couldn’t identify what she was singing (the lyrics) but I could have heard her voice. As soon as I got home I searched for it. The same radio station played that song every morning at the same time, until Baby Boy was released and they switched to playing that song every morning at that said time. 6.20. Wow! I can’t believe I remember that so vividly, even after 10 years.

  84. Britney Stan June 23, 2013

    Beyonce was still a non factor during this time… people started to take her serious after irreplaceable then lost interest in her after single ladies…. kiiii #FACT

    • Gilberto June 23, 2013

      You should worry about “Oh La Flop”. Femme Floptale didn’t even sell 800k in USA, just looking at “Oh La Flop” performance on charts, her next album will struggle to sell enough for a Plastic certification. LMFAO.

      • Britney Stan June 23, 2013

        To bad Scream & Shout outsold all of 4s singles lololololol Oh la la is for a kids movie b**** i sure dont see rise up on the charts lmao

      • Gilberto June 23, 2013

        So when did Britney become a Flo Rida or Pitbull kind of singer whose only singles matter? Decadent! I am not surprised that she’s heading to Vegas. LMFAO. Beyoncé’s 4 US sales alone shitted all over Femme Floptale’s worldwide sales. LMFAO.
        Why are you bragging about Scream & S***? It isn’t even HER song. THE REACH. You have a new single flopping everywhere right in your face, and you spend your energy bragging about a song that isn’t even hers. LMFAO!!! THE REACH.

  85. Navy Sailor June 23, 2013

    I love how some Hive h*** say that us Navy’s know nothing about music. As if Beyonces s*** is on some Prince, Erykah Badu type s***. 🙄 please spare me!!

    • Britney Stan June 23, 2013

      Whats funny is before there was Rihanna who do they think the navy was listening to before lol . #Beyonce

      • Navy Sailor June 23, 2013

        I know I was. I liked Ashanti and dumped her when Beyonce came around lol.

    • XTINAALOVEE June 23, 2013

      Beyonce & Rihanna make the same type of generic music. Generic R&B & Pop only difference is one sings better & the other one has the better songs

  86. Special Delivery June 23, 2013

    Lmao at it hurting people to give Beyonce credit though.

  87. Lovebird June 23, 2013

    @Britney Stan

    I agree, the only stand out Beyonce song is irreplaceable, a song she stole until Ne-Yo called her ass out.

    Crazy in love was 2003’s Call me maybe. I mean with that song, she barely sold 4 million of DIL when Britney, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera were selling considerably more. They were selling enough to dwarf Beyonce’s entire discography to date. Pretty basic for Beyonce, the one with the DESTINY’S CHILD FOUNDATION AND THE UNTOUCHABLE WHO ENDED CAREERS WITH BASIC ASS STATS.

    • Gilberto June 23, 2013

      “Crazy in love was 2003′s Call me maybe”

      Girl, bye! Comparing Crazy In Love to that bubblegum pop song is enough, you reached a new level of stupidity.

      “she barely sold 4 million of DIL when Britney, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera were selling considerably more.”

      Firstly, how did she “barely” sold 4 million, when DIL is expected to reach 5kk later this year? LOL. THE REACH.
      DIL out sold In The Zone, Stripped, The Diary of Alicia Keys,Charmbracelet. LOL. You’d better check your facts, b****. You’re just embarrassing yourself. I bet it won more Grammys than all these albums together. LOL.

      • ^AKA^ June 23, 2013

        Sorry but no. Stripped hasdefinitely sold more than DIL, I don’t know about others. DIL has yet to hit 10 million *and don’t bring me inflated 11 million from MTV* while Stripped is well over it, like 11 million.

      • Gilberto June 23, 2013


        It’s clear that Lovebird is refering to US sales.

      • Nope June 23, 2013

        Stripped sold 16 million WW…
        In The Zone sold 10 million WW…
        The Diary Of Alicia Keys has sold around the same as DIL (8 mill)

      • ^AKA^ June 23, 2013

        Gilberto than OK. DIL did better in the USA. You are right.


        No. Inflation.

      • Gilberto June 23, 2013

        “Stripped sold 16 million WW…
        In The Zone sold 10 million WW…
        The Diary Of Alicia Keys has sold around the same as DIL (8 mill)”


        I have never seen sales so inflated in my entire life. Sorry, b****. You’d better check your s*** before posting here. But thanks for making me laugh.

  88. swim good June 23, 2013

    Why do the B***** keep talking about Methuselah’s checks and how much she’s worth? Are you shitheads seeing a cent from her bank account?

    This can’t be life! Everytime we wanna talk about BeyFLOP and her FLOOOOOOOP music you’re gonna be talking talking money?

    – Question: How big of a superstar is Beyonce?

    SMDH.. just SMDH

  89. Special Delivery June 23, 2013

    Crazy in Love was 2003s call me maybe? HAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Ive heard it all now. And they say the Hive is delusional.

  90. Quelqu’un June 23, 2013

    I don’t remember, in 2003 I didn’t care much bout Beyoncé, I was more into Spears and others. CIL is a great song and still be a hit reference, but I actually started gving a f*** about Beyoncé with “déjà vu” and the b’day era lol

  91. Cassie Lover June 23, 2013

    Didn’t Kelly Rowland have a solo hit before bey

    • earth June 23, 2013

      this was her hit that was stolen by beyonce

      song released in 2002.


      …beyonce stole that s***…Shouts to Kelly


      Kelly created uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh…

      beyonce was f****** jayz so she knew it would be a bigger hit. that was kellys creation first…

      ///Simply Deep// Cant Nobody

  92. Cassie Lover June 23, 2013

    Back in 2003 i was f****** with Britney Ashanti & Christina… Beyonce wasn’t even cared about during this still no cared for her the gurl had a hit ok? But she couldn’t phase the dominating girls one bit

  93. Lydia June 23, 2013

    I remember it because Beyonce made listening to pop at the time cool amongst my peers. Brit was too cheesy and people used to make fun of you. But everyone wanted to look and be like Beyonce.

  94. Lydia June 23, 2013

    I dont remember the first time I heard it but I remember having a dance off to it hahaha so funny. It was like the scene from White Chicks.

  95. JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 23, 2013


    “Crazy In Love was 2003’s – Call Me Maybe”


    Stop being so ‘shady’.

    I agree with you in the context of all the other acts that were hot in 2003, but ‘Call Me Maybe’?

    ‘Crazy In Love’ absolutely demolishes that other song in status and significance. Stop it Babe. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • CiCi Slaaaaays June 23, 2013

      Didn’t call me maybe sell more records tho

      • Gilberto June 23, 2013

        Are you comparing 2003 single sales to 2012? THE REACH!

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 23, 2013

        “Call Me Maybe” was a ‘Bubblegum/Teen Pop’ song that was released in 2012, at the height of the digital/download era.

        “Crazy In Love” was an ‘R&B’ song released when people use to actually BUY physical copies of CD singles/albums.

        You can’t compare the two.

        Either way, “Crazy in Love” is iconic, Call Me Maybe is b*******.

  96. CiCi Slaaaaays June 23, 2013

    Beyonce didn’t become a Mega star/ household name until irreplaceable we all know that the hive is to scared to admit it.

    • Lydia June 23, 2013

      Because she was an IT girl during DIL but that doesnt take away from her impact. And Ciara never was a household name she was just known for that song 1,2 step.

      • CiCi Slaaaaays June 23, 2013

        It girl during DIL? lol b**** please the it girl was Britney & Get up made Ciara a household name get ya facts right sweetie.

      • Lydia June 23, 2013

        Not where Im from.

      • Gilberto June 23, 2013

        “Get up” made C-error a flop, b****. LOL. C-error has never been a household name. People only checked her in 2004 because Beyoncé wasn hanging out with Destiny’s Child. When Beyoncé released God’Day and C-error dropped Floplution, you know that Beyoncé made her look obsolete, untalented and boring.

      • Navy Sailor June 23, 2013

        LMAO here comes the delusional Ciara stan. Ciara needs to be in the dungeon with Lil Jon, YoungBloodz and the Ying Yang Twins because that’s the last time she was hot.

    • Nope June 23, 2013

      Too bad DIL was her highest selling album 🙁 (4.8 mill)

  97. Diamond Navy June 23, 2013

    The release of Crazy in Love. In other words, Ashantis D Day. And I did love Beyonce during that era. Yes. I can admit it.

  98. Ke$has Crazy Kid June 23, 2013

    If Kelly Rowland would have song crazy in love would it have become a hit? lol

    • Ke$has Crazy Kid June 23, 2013


    • Navy Sailor June 23, 2013

      HELL no. Beyonce has more confidence, better vocals and more star quality than Kelly could EVER have.

      • Ke$has Crazy Kid June 23, 2013

        lol well damn.

      • Gilberto June 23, 2013

        THE REACH!

        You better come out with better shades, yours are very weak.

  99. Fran June 23, 2013

    Not everything has to be a competition. Beyonce came saw and conquered with Crazy in Love thats all that needs to be said. No ifs or buts needed its not about anyone else.

  100. My Forehead Tho June 23, 2013

    In all honesty I don’t remember…

    Beyonce’s impact in the 00’s and 10’s is unmatched. If it wasn’t for her, your fave wouldn’t be who they are today- that’s a fact. When your fave is mentioning Beyonce’s name next to Madonna, MJ, Mariah, and Janet Jackson as their insparations and influences, you know that she’s just as iconic and legendary as they are.

    I would tell you b****** to bow down, but I won’t waste my time seeing as your fave’s already have.

    • she stole the song from kelly rowland June 23, 2013

      Kelly created uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh…

      ..that beyonce stole kellys song and put JAyz on it your big ears fave will go down AS


      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 23, 2013

        LOL!!!! So Kelly have “uh-oh” copyrighted?? LOL you sound foolish. Actin like she’s like first artist to sing uh oh. _/


      Kelly created uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh…

      ……..beyonce stole it from Kelly Rowland….

      ..that w**** stole kellys song and put JAyz on it knowing it would be a bigger hit.

  101. Masterpiece June 23, 2013

    Judging by the comments, Beyonce fans have definitely grown with her. No wonder they feel so connected.

  102. Thando June 23, 2013

    Beyonce the Queen forever eternal. “Crazy love” will be as great as it is today as it will also be great in 2023. The signature horns, the fizzy drums, the sick percussion, the coy electric guitar, the loopy bass-line , the bridging keys/synths, and those amazing rise and fall vocals all combine to make one of the most iconic rnb/funk/disco/pop songs of ALL time. This is true regardless of how many white people try and discredit the record’s greatness. There’s no need to define artistry according to white people perspectives. Long live Crazy Love, long f****** live.

    #hope Beyonce announces dates to South Africa. Especially Durban. You have the best selling foreign album in this country, you have ignored us for too long! If Beyonce people are reading this: Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban is waiting for you. You’re tickets are expensive for a South African, but I’ve been saving since 2009 so you better not. Sorry for the essay.

    • she stole the song from kelly rowland June 23, 2013


      Kelly created uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh…

      ……..beyonce stole it from Kelly Rowland….

      ..that w**** stole kellys song and put JAyz on it sHE KNEW THAT JAYZ WOULD MAKE IT A HIT..

      KELLY rreleased UH-OH UH-OH BACK IN 2002 STOLEN BY BEYONCE BY 2003..


  103. FAF June 23, 2013

    How did cil wipeout chicks when Ashanti had a plat album then and In 2005 …. keyshia had 3 platinum albums since her 05 debut and ciara had 2 multiplatinum albums eight top tens and a 6 week number one song all since 03?

  104. HOWYOULIKEIT June 23, 2013

    Ever since CIL debuted i knew all other b****** had to bow down, because there’s only one spot: the QUEEN’S

  105. truthtellerflopAutoFiluthteller, D June 23, 2013

    I was taking a dump.
    That song must have been the best laxative ever cus it just made me wanna sh!t.

  106. Krissy June 23, 2013

    She slayed with this

  107. Lemme P*** in Your B**** June 23, 2013

    I was a little ass child and then I saw the video and she became everything to me and it was f*** you and all your other favs. Beyonce really was my first love musically then all my other favs came after.

    • HOWYOULIKEIT June 23, 2013

      who are your other favs?

      • Lemme P*** in Your B**** June 23, 2013

        Christina,Ke$ha, Mariah, Taylor Swift, Ciara Gaga, Katy Perry & Kat Deluna

        I really hate Rihanna tbh

      • HOWYOULIKEIT June 23, 2013

        I like christina, mariah and ciara too. I agree with u about rihanna. she doesnt give a f*** about how own fans. I’m so sorry for the navy who think she loves them

    • Lemme P*** in Your B**** June 23, 2013

      LMFAO! at this fake ass conversation…..I never had this conversation

  108. quetta June 23, 2013

    I was 10 and I remember seeing the video in my front living room trying to do the uh-oh and couldn’t stop thinking how gorgeous she was. One beautiful and amazing woman.

  109. quetta June 23, 2013


    Why do all of the fan bases come together to discredit bey and attack the hive? Is it because bey snatched your favs wig and the hive has dragged every stan base some more than others.?

    • XTINAALOVEE June 23, 2013

      maybe cause bey has stolen from almost everyone’s fav

      • HOWYOULIKEIT June 23, 2013

        thats when u know they are pressed. Haters have been pressed throughout beyonce’s successfull career. the day u see people stop hating on beyonce thats when u know she is flopping (truth)

      • quetta June 23, 2013

        @xtina that is one weak ass excuse. Everyone has taken something from someone. Who tf is original?

        @howyoulikeit that statement was nothing but the truth. They can never give credit.

  110. Beyond amazing June 23, 2013

    @LoveBird you stay shading Beyoncé, like get a life. Everything she does you ridicule her over, why is that my friend? They way you HATE her makes me thing she did damage in your life, i.e. did she still your man or kill one of your beloved family members? like child please give it damn rest. The way you are HATING makes it seem like if you where to Bey walking down the road you would try an run her over and kill her.

    • Lou June 23, 2013

      The b**** is confused. It will say because she ‘steals’ from others but then supports artists like Madonna the queen of plaijiarusm, Nicki Minaj the swagger jacker and even Mariah Carey who has been is just about as many lawsuits. I cant with the basic b****.

      • Lou June 23, 2013


  111. give kelly her song back thief June 23, 2013

    Kelly did UH OH UH OH UH OH IN 2002


    BEYONCE STOLE IT 2003, even stole from a friend like Kelly.

    ..stole her song and started beythief feat jayz career with it


    • Lou June 23, 2013

      Lmao you’re dumb stop embarassing yourself. Kelly wasnt the first person to say uh oh in a song and she doesnt have legal rights rotf.



    Kelly never got any $$$$$ after beyonce stole the hook to her song.
    ….beyonce took all the credit, money and awards for a song she stole.

  113. Hadley June 23, 2013

    Why is this saddo spamming the post with that pathetic video lol.

    Crazy in Love was the song of the decade no doubt.

    • give kelly her song back thief June 23, 2013

      I HATE A F****** THIEF.,,

      Soo pathetic of her to steal song from a childhood friend like Kelly.

      Today, Kelly will get some credit for the hook she wrote in 2002.

      • Hadley June 23, 2013

        Get a life.

      • KELLY WROTE CRAZY IN LOVE HOOK June 23, 2013

        I actually like Kelly Rowland UH OH OH NO NO NO HOOK BETTER. maybe bcuz it was the original version

        how can beyonce steal from a good friend like Kelly

  114. sammi June 23, 2013

    The first time I heard Crazy In Love it was in 2003 at my friend’s house waiting for her to get ready for her prom lol. We were watching 106 and Park and it came on as the world premiere on a Friday night. We were HOOKED when we heard this song. Everyone had to have this album.

  115. DIGGER BEY June 23, 2013

    The first time I heard CIL, lol I was n CVS parking lot, about to go into the store. That was when the radio dj said they have Beyonce’s first single and they played it. At first I was like ” what did Beyonce make”. I intially wasn’t sold but it grew on me! To this day I still don’t know why I wasn’t feelin it rite off, because the song is an classic. But that’s the thing about certain songs. The best song of the decade! One music critic called it an Pop Masterpiece! #THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN

  116. Ropeburn June 23, 2013

    I always knew Sam was a Beyonce stan but damn!! You seriously need to stop it. Every damn time I come up on this website to get entertainment news I get slammed with 5 random ass Beyonce posts about how this or that song or video is “Iconic”.

    You might as well just make it official and change the name of the site to “ThatBeyoncePu**yJuice”!!!

  117. Rihanna # 1 Fan T June 24, 2013

    feels like 20 years

  118. Mwah June 24, 2013

    Great song. It is iconic and classic.

  119. C June 28, 2013

    I remember as if it were yesterday, watching the making the video on MTV. And at the end the entire video dropped, from then I knew she was that b****, from when Jake Nava was giving her them ratchet instructions and she was just killing it!And that real love chemistry between her and Jay hotter than that car they set on fire. What other b**** was rocking them iconic looks? that Versace dress blowing in the wind, that broken back babydoll with the cameras on the roof of the building, the booty pop in the back alley with them dancers, the runway walk from white west, short shorts and red pumps, the skin tight jeans and top and fire hydrant, the swim suit with chinchilla, hair laid, weave bloewing in the wind, even with the cap over weave she nailed it! Mathew Knowles taught her well!


    seriously the first time i heard cil i went overly crrraazzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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