Watch: Rihanna Performs Reworked Version Of ‘Talk That Talk’ Live In Amsterdam

Published: Saturday 29th Jun 2013 by David

It rarely happens, but when Rihanna gets it right…she gets it right all the way.

This was proved on June 23rd and June 24th when the ‘Styled To Rock’ sensation arrived at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome to rock out with her ‘Diamonds World Tour‘.

The best part about the show? The fresh ad libs tacked onto 2011’s ‘Talk That Talk‘, and the subtle yet just as fresh arrangement afforded to it.

Forcing the oft ‘lax’ star into ‘booty popping’ action, the best part of this reworked rendition kicks off at the 0.49 second mark and is followed by raunchy servings of ‘Pour It Up‘, ‘Cockiness’ and ‘Unapologetic‘s ‘Numb’.

Riri at her best below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Teflon June 29, 2013

    Ri-Whine-A Voice doesn’t work 4 me but I’m sure the kids like her OFFKEY TONES

    • Draggin4MrsCarter June 29, 2013

      She sounded like a cat being declawed in the middle of a Saharan summer.

    • JER June 29, 2013

      Not you saying something doesn’t work for you when your entire life is a try and fail. Giving me gold star realness right now baby.

    • Ballsy June 29, 2013

      Every time she sings “Who cares how you haters feel” I imagine Samantha cringing with intense hurt!!! Rihanna gives no flying phuck how you feel hun so give up trying to get her attention!

      • FAF June 29, 2013

        ^But she obviously cares.. Thats why she spends her time on IG writing essays … Get it ?

    • Anne June 29, 2013

      I can’t believe TGJ made me think I was about to see something worth watching. I should have followed my first mind instead of giving it a fair chance. What is more unbelievable is that people pay for this. She doesn’t even care enough about her fans to attempt to sing or even sing along with half of the pre recorded lyrics. The guy recording this did more singing than her. Is it a concert or a stripper show?

    • Rihanna # 1 Fan T June 30, 2013

      am sure you like it to since you took the time to comment

  2. Nika June 29, 2013

    RihRih killed it and looked DAMN good while doing so.

  3. MuiMui June 29, 2013

    Rihanna know that she has to do what she can with what she has, no matter where she is.
    She know that any fool can try and compare her to other artist in the game that is a norm, she is also clear that they will condemn and try to Demonize her from time to time but that is the nature of the Beast.
    You just have to take the bitter with the sweet and do the best you can, and she know this very well.

    She need to keep her focus on the road ahead of her and let those who do not like it suffer at their own risk trying to shut her party down which is clearly a jumping jukebox and is at a fever pitch right now as she travel the world in Rihanna Fashion and Style.
    Rihanna is doing what her fans love and those of you who don’t like it can Quietly STFU.

    • YouDidn’tEvenKnowIt Until IToldIt June 30, 2013

      I’m trying to understand I’m really am on wth is goin on with her??? How can you not sing pour it up live???? I’m not a singer but I can SANG not sing but SANG THE HELL OUT OF PIU!!!!! That song takes no vocal skills at all and she can’t even hit the Ohh oh oh part part WTF MAN!!!! I’m sorry those that pay money to see this Milli Vanilli performance are some damn fools. Dude that was recording it gave better efforts then Rihanna. Sam DO NOT post anymore of this girl performances until she actually sings at one. Give it up for the guitar player b**** I need to be giving it up to you, I paid my money to see you perform not your guitar player!!!! LMAO I can’t no more!!!!

  4. JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 29, 2013

    I didn’t see, or hear, anything different on this segment from when I last saw her in NYC. She just appeared to be moving more and she’s re-arranged the musical stylings on ‘Talk that Talk’ before Samantha… She looks HOT, but…

    Another pointless ‘Diamonds Tour’ post?


  5. JER June 29, 2013

    DEATH at the queen singing along. Samantha, I knew you were a fan, but I didn’t know you rode that hard.

  6. Richsus June 29, 2013

    :((((( She tries so hard but those vocals and that whack ass jig she does for EVERY performance is getting tired ! Her album sales are s***** right now, she selling tickets to those so called STADIUMS at a lower price to sell out ! She didn’t make the most powerful celebs list TOP 10, AND she will never be on King Beyonce’s level ! 😉


    • JER June 29, 2013

      If Rihanna’s album sales are s***** then what kind of landfill water treatment plant assrealness are BeYAWNce sales? ch……………….. yer giving me down syndrome T’s right now HAVE A SEAT GIRLFRIEND

      • Richsus June 29, 2013

        TUH …even Ciara performs better then this b**** ! THe Navy is just as whack as their tired fav ….now row your ass off of my post smut !

      • Lolz June 29, 2013

        Beyonce is actually an overall better album seller than Rihana actually. Only 5 mill behind ww.

      • Ballsy June 29, 2013

        Not with this subpeona recieving bish trying to come for Rihanna when Ciara cant even sell out a bathroon with that almost hit s*** song Body Flop!

      • . : : h 2 o : : . June 29, 2013

        Beyonce’s album sales are much better lol . . WTF you’re talking about?

        Maybe not this era, but she’s been pumping out multi-platinum albums since The Writing’s on the Wall.

        Have a seat please..

      • CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 29, 2013


      • FAF June 29, 2013

        She obviously is… Which is why she actually SINGS and PERFORMS 😉 LMAO why is her name in this post? I forgot u homos were front row at the bathroom tour which had more ppl than that “Stadium” she claimed she filled.. Where is the proof again ?

    • MuiMui June 29, 2013

      Who gives a dam about who are what sounds better than her, shes on tour and shes getting her pay checks right along.
      There will always be some one who is bigger and better but that do not have nothing to do with the price of tea in china ,now do it.
      And another thing she did over 6 Festivals in 2012 and many had something not nice to say and she still got paid, you know iHeart ,Paraolympics, look up Festivals she even did one in Japan so She must not be sounding to bad you know.
      You hateful bytches will learn to fill what’s empty, empty whats filled, stratch where it iches and keep Rihanna lifted up in love and caring so much for her and her success.

  7. BeyWhoUWanna June 29, 2013

    Ciara is better.

    • Ballsy June 29, 2013

      The only this Ciara is good at is Whimpering and Whispering with her flop Ass While being served a subpeona, so stop taking up s[pace on the comment section with that mess!

    • CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 29, 2013


      • YouDidn’tEvenKnowIt Until IToldIt June 30, 2013

        How about you Rihaction fans stop worrying about Beyonce and Ciara and try to figure out why your FAVE can’t sing at any of her shows!!!! Bey and Ci are fine when they are performing. Your girl can’t sing a line nevertheless a verse without stopping to pat her kitty Kat or point the Mic towards the crowd. She not even ashame though, like she just let those prerecorded tracks take over and have no Mic nowhere near her mouth lmao!!!! While telling the dumb asses in the crowd I still got y’all money and all I have to do is show up. And let my dancers, background singers, band and recorded tracks do all the work. They paying me to show up and TheyDon’tEvenKnowIt LMAO #JUSTRITARDED 🙂

  8. VisionOfMimi June 29, 2013

    All those empty seats.

  9. HerNameIsSasha June 29, 2013

    Where is Rosie. I need her to drag this talentless girl.

  10. f*** off and die, c u n t June 29, 2013

    I usually don’t comment on Rihanna cause I love her and her music. But what the f*** was that? Is she really that bad on your? SO LAZY. She literally sang 15% of that, the whole thing was her backtrack. And when she was singing, she wasn’t even trying, dear god…

    • MuiMui June 29, 2013

      Rihanna know that she will never be able toplease all the peopleall the time so she do her best and her best Count as far as her career goes because shes on track to have a pretty good year.
      Rihanna might not make it into that number one spot but that is okay just as long as her name can be seen among the WINNERS FOR THIS YEAR OF 2013

      All you know what Rihanna is capable of so, to go on and on about how bad , are how shes not doing it like
      larry curly and moe is stupid and your ass can keep right on helping her stock make and reach a all time high.

  11. PhuckYoFave June 29, 2013

    How many comments today ladies? 100 or 500?

    • FentySoSnatched June 29, 2013

      Let’s go for 500 and get Beyonce off most juiciest.

      • Richsus June 29, 2013

        there’s still two more post you’d have to get rid of ! #QueenShit

    • JER June 29, 2013

      death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 230

  12. etone June 29, 2013

    Rihanna is touching her p**** just like how M.Jackson did when he danced.

    • QueenVentura June 29, 2013

      Did you really compare Rihanna to MJ?

      • etone June 29, 2013

        go back and very sloooooowly read what I said and that will answer your question

    • MuiMui June 29, 2013

      Rihanna is touching it and all the rappers do the same thing,talk about double standards.

  13. Jonathan Davis Stan June 29, 2013

    Good stuff Rih.

  14. Gilberto June 29, 2013

    Same old and boring s***.
    DEAD @ bringing her guitarist to the stage. She has been watching Freakum Dress too much.
    DEAD @ the backtrack hitting the high notes for her. DEAD @ her stripper’s dance. If you mute the audio (something that you should do), you wouldn’t notice any difference between her performances. The same old s***. YAWN!

    • earth June 29, 2013

      that thief in your pic does the same s*** she stole for years even the same old tired face expressions.

      • Lolz June 29, 2013

        But shes actually GOOD. Id rather pay for the same brilliant performance tha new s***** quality.

      • EARTH June 29, 2013

        LOLZ, you have money $$$$ to flush down the toilet then.

        same RIP OFF predictable performance : brilliant

        creating your own ideas; now that’s priceless

      • Lolz June 29, 2013

        Yes I have money for Beyonce like 100s of 1000s of other people that know talent.

      • EARTH June 29, 2013

        like she said, f*** you , pay me,

        you don’t have $hit, im not mad if you think she is talented, beyonce is really overrated, lip sync, thief I don’t see that being true artistic talent , she does have 100s of 1000s fooled

      • Lolz June 29, 2013

        Yes and she always gives her fans 100% so shes worth it. I’ve seen both Rihanna and Beyonce live so I have room to talk, clearly you have not seen Beyonce, you probably havnt even seen Rihanna. But Id rather the same brilliant performances than R**** who assults her fans, is not good and turns up late. Just to walk up and down, pat her p**** lipsyn WITHOUT challenging songs and choreo. Your girl is worse and everyone knows it besides the Navy. She aint gettin my coins again. Sorry maam!

    • MuiMui June 29, 2013

      While Rihanna is one of the biggest artist on the planet
      earth there are many who can out sing and out perform her still yet Rihanna is fun because shes Spontaneous and that is something that is different from any other one that is in the game.

      People would love to hear Beyonce say to some one F(&%*% with her to go to hell, but Beyonce is so like A church house mouse quiet, cool, calm and do not want to ever make waves unless its on stage popping her cooch.
      Life is so boring for those who are always trying to walk that straight line to no where.

      Beyonce can keep right on being seen as a lady, good for her but just know that all people will always act and be different from the way Beyonce acts on and off stage.

      • Absolved June 29, 2013

        F*** outta here with that b*******. Walking “that straight line” is what people who have their heads on straight, and a sense of direction, tend to do. It’s only considered “boring” to those who are too immature to know any better. Rihanna’s childish and wobbly approach to everything isn’t admirable, charming or something to want to want to imitate. It’s laughable, sad, pitiful and will only end up becoming tragic. It’s not cute to be a trainwreck.

  15. devo June 29, 2013

    oh… smh…smh..
    i love me some rihanna..GOD KNOWS I DO !!..
    atleast have some good dance move to cover up the fact you not singing geez !!….parden me before i get attack by the crazed stans- SHE IS PARTIALLY SINGING,
    i am at a lost for words on this,, and i usually go to bet for her..

    • earth June 29, 2013


      you are here to say something hateful about her
      jayz invest his money into her that is his artist (for now) if he wanted Rihanna to dance she would she is following his direction at this point.

      you f*** f***.

    • MuiMui June 29, 2013

      Earth cosign

      That is so true if Jayz had wanted her to move like a stripper up and down a pole that is exactly what she would be doing.
      Jayz did not need two Strippers because Beyonce was already locking and dropping it like it’s hot, so Rihanna was left with her beautiful Caribbean Flavor and that is what he
      has marketed Rihanna as and the rest is History.

      • Absolved June 29, 2013

        Strippers usually have rhythm, which is why Rihanna can’t move like one, hard as she tries. We all know she can’t dance…or sing…or act…and SHE knows she can’t do any of those things either, which is why she had to resort to strolling back and forth on stage liquored up and sounding like a cow that’s being branded. If she had talent, she’d use it. She doesn’t, so there you go.

      • sshopps June 30, 2013


        If her management is pleased with their artist Rihanna. why are you so mad? Jay Z is responsible for her shows, her look, everything if anything his management is in question not Rihanna herself and most black women can move thier body to music. so that is absurd so say she cant.

  16. rih rox June 29, 2013


  17. BITCHPLEASEEEEE June 29, 2013


    • FAF June 29, 2013

      Ppl claiming they tired of Rihanna posts are rihanna fans… but u here, though, uglees ? LOL face it – if Riwhore never got posted on, would u visit this blog ? LOL sam better get those coins 😆

  18. Shauwndapooh June 29, 2013

    Yes rihanna keep it up

  19. . : : h 2 o : : . June 29, 2013



    • YouDidn’tEvenKnowIt Until IToldIt June 30, 2013

      You being TOO DAMN NICE -3.5 out of 10 Hell now I’m being TOO DAMN GENEROUS!!! That s*** just horrible but hey she still GOT Y’ALL MONEY BLAHAAAAAAAAA 🙂

  20. Team Tasia June 29, 2013

    Not good, and I love Rihanna. How do you lip synch Pour It Up? It’s not like she had any major choreography or anything….Do better, Rih Rih!

  21. taylorswift1stan June 29, 2013

    Not good rihanna!!
    I really wanna like you but this 🙁

    • MuiMui June 29, 2013

      If you don’t know me by now.

  22. taylorswift1stan June 29, 2013

    Since sam doesn’t like taylor I’d appreciate if they post Pink’s “TruthAboutLoveWorldTour” instead of this trash!!
    That girl is slaying b****** bald

  23. CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 29, 2013


  24. Mark111 June 29, 2013

    I’m glad she’s putting back on her weight. She has the best legs in the game!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 29, 2013

      When she’s not with Chris doing coke everyday, her body always looks better i.e. RR and Loud era

      • Mark111 June 29, 2013

        Some may take your comment as hate, but look back to the GGGB era when him and her was together, she gotten real skinny then also. Plus Chris looks sick, and by sick I mean crack head sick.

  25. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 29, 2013

    Samantha these posts as of late….#LameSh*t

  26. Jessi June 29, 2013

    The b**** is so untalented. She has little to no vocal or dancing talent at all. She doesn’t deserve her success. You fans can stay mad all you want but the truth is the truth. At least we still have Ciara, one of the only true talents left, to entertainer us. She slays this b**** easily. And she’s coming for her extraterrestrial, chubaca looking ass this summer!

    • CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 29, 2013


      • FAF June 29, 2013

        Ciara looks >>> Rishitta

        Thats for fucken sure with that wide, bull nose 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  27. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 29, 2013

    She looks bored of her own music, I know I was watching it…She sang about five words, the rest was the backtrack, she walked back and forth and did her usual p*ssy pat….#Boring

    • YouDidn’tEvenKnowIt Until IToldIt June 30, 2013

      And she need to give Ciara her LSM routine back because she is murdering that s*** and not in a good way! 🙁 :/ 🙁

  28. Rosie June 29, 2013

    I’m not even going to say anything about this performance, it’s expected from her. Meanwhile on iTunes…

    104. Rihanna – Right Now (feat. David Guetta)

    Even with all that payola.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 29, 2013

      Because it’s dated as f***

    • Absolved June 29, 2013

      Who the hell features David Guetta in 2013?

  29. CIARA’S NEW ALBUM June 29, 2013


    • FAF June 29, 2013

      Who sold 3x platinum with her first album and no one to buy all the copies up like Jay does for R**** 😆

    • YouDidn’tEvenKnowIt Until IToldIt June 30, 2013

      Now now even so she still shits on Rihanna ass put EM on stage together and watch Rihanna get booed off like the good old days! 🙂 BLAHAAAAAAAAA 🙂 HA 🙂 HA HA HA 🙂

  30. Hadley June 29, 2013

    What was different?

    • YouDidn’tEvenKnowIt Until IToldIt June 30, 2013

      Come on Hadley she patted her c****** four times on this one and three times on the last one. Remember??? 🙂

  31. . : : h 2 o : : . June 29, 2013

    Rihanna please stop playing games with my heart and release “Jump” to mainstream radios right now…

  32. PRINCE MACHIAVEL June 29, 2013

    Oh Rih I Just Wanna Say Good Job For Blocking This Racist, Hateful, Crazy, Nolife H** @LOVEBIRD! Well Done, LMFAO!!!!!

    • Rosie June 29, 2013

      What happened to Bigbird?

      • RICHANDBLACK11 June 29, 2013

        @Rosie Hun that dirty bird from east london was blocked by Rihanna on twitter.

  33. RICHANDBLACK11 June 29, 2013

    29 June 2013

    Rihanna has reportedly infuriated Jay-Z with her behaviour recently.

    Barbados-born singer has been embroiled in controversy lately. Her Diamonds World Tour hasn’t slowed down her love of partying and she’s been seen on a number of wild nights out, including with model Cara Delevingne. She’s also been late on stage and even hit a fan with her microphone during a show in the UK.

    The star’s mentor is Jay-Z, who runs the Roc Nation label she is signed to. He is apparently growing tired of her antics.

    “Everyone can see Rihanna’s not behaving herself. Fans have paid hundreds of pounds for tickets and she’s regularly showing up hours late,” an insider told British magazine Look. “Then she often gives lacklustre performances where she even forgets her words at times. They issued a written warning which was emailed to Rihanna.”

    A number of fans have lashed out at Rihanna on Twitter. She has been slammed for arriving over two hours late to shows and for giving lacklustre vocals on stage.

    Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z is apparently worried his protégé could be ruining her career.

    “There’s no excuse because, because Jay knows exactly how talented Rihanna can be on stage,” the insider explained. “He takes work very seriously and this is not what he expects from his talent. She’d better start giving her fans what they paid for.”


    • MuiMui June 29, 2013

      Rich tell Mr Jayz to Fire her ass if he can and let some one else deal with Rihanna and her antics if hes tired of her
      end of story, that way you can rest yourself from all the unnessary hard work you do to remind people of Rihanna and Jayz Toxic Relationship because of Her Wilding Out, end of true life.

    • MuiMui June 29, 2013

      Rihanna and her fans know that you and many are bitter because she is not walking on water like Beyonce does and she is not quiet and perserved like Beyonce is.
      We realize that Beyonce feels good spreading her legs wide open for the men and women in her family on stage yet she want to act like a church house saint on any day of the week , and to many that’s a perfect example of fake ass artist.

  34. Super Cisus June 29, 2013


  35. Lovebird June 29, 2013

    What a f****** MESS

  36. FLOKI June 29, 2013

    Rihanna was just havin a good time!
    and so did I!!

    plus she still got more money!!

    I dont like no Hateorade.

  37. Musik_Lover June 30, 2013

    I don’t see how people leave that concert and not be pissed! That was 6 mins of why I’ll never go see her in concert unless I had free tickets. Rihanna is best for performing in the studio & on my iTunes. Love her music but not these lackluster performances.

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