Bruno Mars Faces Westoboro Baptist Church Threat Ahead Of Sold Out Show

Published: Friday 26th Jul 2013 by David

The Kansas based hate group that is the Westboro Baptist Church have set their sights on a new target this month….Pop sensation Bruno Mars.

Find out why they plan to picket his forthcoming gig at the Sprint Centre this August below…

Renown for picketing the funerals of dead US soldiers- who they purport defend the rights of homosexuals-  the organisation have announced their plans to picket Mars’ forthcoming Kansas show for his alleged endorsement of fornication.

In a statement published on their official Twitter page, they announced:

Repulsive to say the least, the allegedly Christian group’s attack on the star comes three months after they posted a Tweet, ‘thanking’ God for April 15th’s Boston Marathon Bombings– announcing they were to picket the funerals of the attack’s deceased.

Their plans to picket Mars’ sold out show also comes years after one of its prominent members, Shirley Phelps, appeared on Bankable’s ‘The Tyra Banks Show‘ in an episode billed ‘The Most Hated Family in America’.

Joined by two of her eleven children, the episode saw Phelps express much of the ideology her organisation are now using to defend their attack on Bruno, his ‘Moonshine Jungle Tour‘ and his recently deceased mother.

Watch below…


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  1. Cici Slaaaays July 26, 2013

    Give us a Ciara post sam.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 26, 2013

      He did a C-Error thread, but it disappeared … Just like her career!

      • Cici Slaaaays July 26, 2013

        Gtfoh you dirty arab.

    • The Boy Toy July 26, 2013

      Wtf is there to talk about? Her nosediving down the charts?

    • xedos3 July 26, 2013

      “I’m out” fell 31 spots on the hot 100. Ciara album only sold 1500 in Canada. and less than 80,000 worldwide and nost of that was the 57,000 in the USA. The album fell to number 20 from number 2 . Finally she will be cooking thanksgiving dinner for Future bunch of niglets children

  2. JJFan1814 July 26, 2013

    Really don’t know why you’re posting this regarding the WBC. It really kind of upsets me that you’re giving them this kind of attention, Samuel. But since you are British, I wouldn’t expect you to understand the disgust that an American has for this group.

    But let’s have a post on the Revolutionary War and how the Great States slaughtered and overcame the redcoats.

  3. WHAT’S A LADY GAGA THO? July 26, 2013

    Well… To an extent I agree with them:

    These disgusting, booty dippin f*ggots are always tryna get heterosexuals to praise dem,,, not everyone is gay. It’s come to the point where if you don’t agree wit homosexuality, you’re career can b ruined within a split second. It makes ne sick and I don’t give a s*** if ya’ll agree or disagree wit me (watch the militant tgj fa**ots try n c** for me)

    I know God loves everybody but he don’t like the homosexual act n all dat faggotry. Men n women gettin married – sodom n Gomorrah CHIIIIIIIILE…

    Anyway… Yes Bruno,,, SLAAAAIIII CHIIIILE”’,,,,

    • Common Sense July 26, 2013

      Not “agreeing” with homosexuality is like not thinking blacks deserve the same rights as whites. Of course according to your god slavery is okay, but like most Christians, you pick and choose what you like.
      No such thing as Sodom and Gomorrah by the way. Not a shred of proof that those cities ever existed. And homosexual marriage predates Christianity in both Greek and Roman culture, so educate yourself you ignorant chimp.

  4. Beyawnce July 26, 2013

    This church is wack , All they do is preach hate .

    • Common Sense July 26, 2013

      Try telling that to the sheep who’d rather swallow the Jesus juice than to spend an hour educating themselves on science despite it being freely available to them.

  5. RICHIE_RICH July 26, 2013

    Why is it that poor white trailer park trash always got something to say?

  6. beyawnce July 26, 2013

    Why do lgbt people attack celebrities that dont agree with how they live their lifes? , Not everyone will accept them.

    • Common Sense July 26, 2013

      Would you be okay with a celebrity saying “I think we should put blacks back in shackles, slavery should be brought back; it’s what Jesus would want?” No you wouldn’t, would you? Now it affects you so suddenly you would care.
      LGBT people don’t care about others’ opinions until those opinions strip them of their civil rights. Religion does not own marriage when there are legal rights involved.

      • beyawnce July 26, 2013

        I am talking about when they ask a celebrity if they agree with same s** marriages or if they accept gay people and when they say “No , Marriage is between a man or a womam” Then the lgbt community attack these people sometimes by sending death threats. Like I said not everyone will be alright with it.

  7. FAF July 26, 2013

    So wait… are they saying Bruno is gay? He’s not really racy, tbh……..

  8. Common Sense July 26, 2013

    So many ignorant black people smh. You would think a group of people that was striped of their rights for hundreds of years would be less bigoted against another minority who’s been persecuted for over a thousand years now. But no, instead they use the same weapon that was used against them during the Civil War, the Bible.

    • DenimJunkieKidd July 26, 2013

      you make good points, so I don’t want to sound like I am attacking you but why do you complain about black people bring up race and being sensitive about it but then turn around and do the same thing when it is about gays

      ps I am black and gay so I just want to understand your view points

  9. Tisha July 26, 2013

    Westboro Baptist is a damned church, plain and simple as that.

  10. ATM JAM July 26, 2013

    This is disgusting I hope they don’t even get a chance to picket his concert be jade this is just ugh I can’t even…. Another Reason not to come to America.

  11. Navy Nick July 26, 2013


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