Must See: Jessie J Performs ‘Square One’ Live At ‘The Eden Project’

Published: Monday 15th Jul 2013 by David

As far as vocalists go, very few own a range as vast as Jessie J‘s – soaring to the top of the charts with 3 octaves and jams cut and crafted for the Pop heavens.

Last night, those jams were played to a crowd of 6,5000 at the Eden Project, rocked out by the Brit Pop firework before the release of her long awaited sophomore album.


Below, you’ll find her performing her new single ‘Square One‘ to the event’s audience, giving a taster of what US fans can expect when she arrives in their territory to push the aforementioned release.

Check her out!

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  1. Rosie July 15, 2013

    Her music is basic and she looks like a tranny.

    • Katy Kat July 15, 2013

      I agree on the tranny part

    • NELLY FURTADO STAN July 15, 2013

      Lame del Drunk looks worse, her face is full of botox and plastic. Jesse J can sing and she is talented, unlike that basic h** in your avi.

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        But you stan for that flop Nelly Furtado. Has The Career Destructible sold 50k worldwide yet?

      • Beyawnce July 15, 2013


      • NELLY FURTADO STAN July 15, 2013

        Both of you are pressed b******. Loose >>> all albums that your flop/fake favs released.

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        “In October 2012, it was reported that The Spirit Indestructible had sold 4,500 copies in Canada and 9,000 copies in the United States.”
        Meanwhile where’s the other “flop” stan? Summertime Sadness is currently #36 on US iTunes.

      • NELLY FURTADO STAN July 15, 2013

        Shrouded in controversy since the moment “Video Games” overtook the blogosphere, Lana Del Rey has developed almost entirely in spite of pop culture norms. With a questionable background, obvious cosmetic surgery, and bizarre lyrical hip-hop, Del Rey is a manufacturer of attention. After a short stint in college, Lizzy Grant dropped out to pursue a career in music. She performed around New York City and was, eventually, signed to a label. Then, in 2010, she released her debut album, Lana Del Rey A.K.A Lizzy Grant. *The record was a complete flop causing Del Rey to sweep both Lizzy herself and the album under the rug.* What emerged from the aftermath was a plump-lipped, Betty Boop wannabe, but with a twist. Del Rey instantly proved that she had songwriting chops and a voice to back them up. “Video Games” got millions of hits and launched her into the indie spotlight. Now, almost a year later, her (newest) debut album, Born to Die, has been released. Although critics have obsessed over Del Rey’s past and appearance, it is her music that is the true root of controversy. Born to Die has made enemies across the board because it is refreshing and not genre specific.

        B**** 9 000 copies is still more than Lame’s debut album sales. Bye.

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        Yet she wasn’t on a major label, unlike Nelly with her flop 70s charting album.
        You stay clinging to Loose. BTW Paradise with the US alone outsold The Career Destructible worldwide by at least 6x.

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        “The tour was announced on November 13, 2012 via Furtado’s official website. The tour suffered from low ticket sales and several shows were cancelled (shows in Hamilton, Winnipeg, and Ottawa were cancelled shortly after they were announced) and several shows had to be moved to smaller venues (the show in Vancouver was moved from the Orpheum Theatre to the smaller Commodore Ballroom). In place of the cancelled shows, smaller shows were announced for Burlington and Belleville.”
        She couldn’t even sell out ballrooms with the capacity of a Red Lobster. Lana sold out arenas all over Europe.

    • XCVSETGEW45 July 15, 2013

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  2. just sayin’ July 15, 2013

    This girl rocks vocally. Just need her to bring the riffs and runs to a minimum &she will be perfection, vocally. That hair cut I FREAKING LOVE. Great artist.

  3. Katy Kat July 15, 2013

    So wilds a flop

    • NELLY FURTADO STAN July 15, 2013

      h** hush!!!!!!!!!

      The only flop is Katy Husdon that can’t scan more than 100 copies. Bye.

      • Beyawnce July 15, 2013

        Didnt Nelly’s last album flop badly????

      • Katy Kat July 15, 2013

        Whos Nelly Furtado tho?

      • NELLY FURTADO STAN July 15, 2013

        B**** T********* ain’t s***. That h** is the most fake thing in thise world.

        Shitty Kat stfu! Loose has outsold Titty Perry’s entire discography so f off h**. Titty is nothing but a flop.

    • NunyaBinness July 15, 2013

      How is it a flop? She went top 20 in quite a few countries and hasn’t performed the song once on TV or done any promo. She has only sung the song at her own comcerts and one festival in Morocco. She hasn’t didnt even perform it n The Voice and it went top 5 in the UK on the day it was released with zero radio play. It wasnt sent to the US for radio play until this week. How can it be a flop when the only promo she has done is release the song on twitter?

      • Katy Kat July 15, 2013

        I see it no where on the US charts tho so its a flop!

      • NunyaBinness July 15, 2013

        The world is a lot bigger than the US, dumbass. The US isn’t the end all be all of success. Look at Robbie Williams. Sold millions of albums all over the world and never even had a top 20 US single.

  4. DOSSOME July 15, 2013

    She did good..How come Sam will not post about Mariah’s amazing LIVE performances of Looking In,My All,#Beautiful & Hero????I mean he posted the #hermosa video literally 5 minutes after mariah released it..

    • Katy Kat July 15, 2013

      No one wants to see those shittty performances

      • NELLY FURTADO STAN July 15, 2013

        Who watches Titty Gimmick Perry’s performances? That h** is a joke, can’t sing, can’t dance and can’t keep a man.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 15, 2013

      It was amazing especially cos of one thing: it was emotive! Her arm, she cried, she sang Lookin In (track from 1995 Daydream album) for the f****** first time ever, etc. I was so surprised she sang that. That song almost makes me cry everytime I listen to it, and she sang it beautifully in 2013.

      • DOSSOME July 15, 2013

        The lyrics to that song can make anyone cry…I swear Mariah needs more credit for her brilliant songwriting & how she brought that song to life OMG,I could feel her pain

  5. The Boy Toy July 15, 2013

    Wow I like this song! What’s going on with Wild?

    • NunyaBinness July 15, 2013

      It went platinum in Australia, top five in multiple countries, top 20 in even more, has done zero promo for it outside of radio interviews in the UK. No TV, just one festival in Morocco, no interviews, and she still isn’t doing bad. Remember, Blurred Lines wasn’t even in the top 100 until they went on Ellen. The US is big on TV promo and radio spins. The song wasnt even sent to US radio until last week and the video hasn’t gotten any play.

      • The Boy Toy July 15, 2013

        Okay cool. I was just wondering because I love the song. I haven’t even heard it in the club!

      • NunyaBinness July 15, 2013

        She was all about getting it straight to the fans this time around. She didnt want some big press release and all that hoohah. It probably isn’t good for sales, but she wanted it to be just about the music and the people who like it.

  6. ASIPOFBRANDY July 15, 2013

    I just wanna hear her collabo with B Rocka, that is all.

  7. DanYiel Teflon July 15, 2013

    you know what annoys me bout her vocals she does entirely to many rifts & it makes her sound A MESS..;(

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