Must See: Top Three Pop Stars According to US Parents

Published: Wednesday 3rd Jul 2013 by David

US parents have spoken!

Indeed, in a poll taken by Jonah Peretti‘s BuzzFeed, parents from across the country were asked to name their Top 3 artists, listing them from 1 to 3 in order of preference and how popular they believed these entertainers to be.

Voting in their thousands, yesterday saw the results of the survey published on Feed’s official site, and now available to check out right here on That Grape Juice.Net!

Who came out on top?

1: Justin Bieber

2: Taylor Swift

3: Beyoncé

Congratulations to the Top 3!

While we had expected Ariana Grande to score a Top 2 spot, we’re most pleased about Beyonce‘s spot on the tally- all too telling of her position as an act who truly caters to all.

A household hame since the late 90s, it’s no wonder US parents consider her to be one of the world’s most endearing acts, with many a family raising their kids on the sound of Destiny’s Child and watching them grow up on ‘Dangerously In Love’ and ‘B’Day‘.

It seems, that keeping it light bright and PG Friendly continues to pay off Mrs.Carter, even when the pressure’s been on to sex it up in the past.


Your thoughts?

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  1. KING RIH July 3, 2013

    I expect a stan war from this -sigh-

    But lemme throw a lil shade. if only those parents knew how much D*** Miss Swift get


    • cxbxcberyery547 July 3, 2013

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    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 3, 2013

      OKAAAAAYYYY!!!!!! SPILL THAT TAE B****!!!!!

    • Oh Yeah!!! July 3, 2013

      Bey on Top

  2. ok July 3, 2013

    beyonce aint become no household name until single ladies. white people werent even f****** with her like that before single ladies. so stop with the lies, talmbout household names since the 90s. no

    • Special Delivery July 3, 2013

      Um bye yes she was she was doing big things way before single ladies dolls doll remain pressed.

    • FentySoSnatched July 3, 2013

      You clearly don’t know as much as you think you do. Beyonce has always been a household name, but she’s always been a cheat too.

    • MRB July 3, 2013

      As a fan of Beyonce’s work I have to agree with Vote recorded. Thank you! Beyonce was only hot in the urban house holds! She was breaking into the pop game but her first 2 albums didnt get noticed by white house holds until Single Ladies which is her biggest hit to date! I Am Sasha Fierice put her on the map for the POP game. Thats what made her a household name! If Beyonce would of stuck to the types of songs she song on her first 2 album white households wouldnt be on her because she had to cross over to gain the sucess she is receiving now! The only people who paid her attention then were gays and black house holds! REAT TALK

    • JOHNVIDAL July 3, 2013

      Hmm NO! No Beyonce fan but what you are saying happened with Crazy in Love, 5 years before Single Ladies.

    • Jewell July 3, 2013

      The lies. The denial. Unless you were living in Madagascar under a rock you are just so pressed if you actually think that is true.

    • Tyler July 3, 2013

      You know Beyonce’s been a Household name sense she had the biggest hit and most successful album of her career. Which was in 2003. So stop lying.

  3. HOTSTUFF July 3, 2013

    ” It seems, that keeping it light bright and PG Friendly continues to pay off”

    what’s PG about Ego, check up on it, naughty girl, bootylicious…? #TheDelusions

    Keep on riding that d*** Sam for that interview! i just hope she will never give it to you!

    • CandyWarhol July 3, 2013

      Why are you so negative. They give us a nice shade free thread and you still have be a meany. Are you pressed that Beyonce keeps on beating Rihanna?
      Bigger tour. More money. More popular.

    • MuiMui July 3, 2013

      HOTSTUFF So on the right track, and these might be the top three but less do a Talley on who the Social Networking Queen /King is the Talley that Counts for Something.

      Let us see a Tally on who is the Billboard Queen for the last Twenty Years or last Two Decades, By their Chart success along.

      Let us see a talleyvote on all of those who has sold over Twenty Million units in the Uk along two years ago.

      Let us see a Talley on who has the most HITS Since Mariah Carey Cannon Hit Her 18 Number Ones

      You know the Talley’s/Poles that means something Because we all know that these three might be the Parents choices But show Us the Globe/World Choices of Whos,Who.
      And for news/blog sakes let Us see a list of who has given 1.75 Million or more, for a needy cause in their home country or state that is under Thirty 30 years of age, You know things that has Back Bone and Bite.
      What about a list showing who the top ten who has had as many Top Forties since Arethat Did it years ago.

      Let us see a List of the Top Ten Biggest Selling Musician
      under 30 Years of age for this year,It just seem like these would be great Topics to Discuss and Debate.

  4. rih rox July 3, 2013


  5. rih rox July 3, 2013

    Why is Drake’s picture featured here? I thought he would be the pack leader.

  6. Special Delivery July 3, 2013

    Oh the irony. I dont have much to say besides Beyonce the ‘struggling has been’ claps back again.

  7. Fran July 3, 2013

    I love that Beys up in there with the teenie bops. 16 years in the game and still going strong. Simple polls like this just prove her longevity and relevance factor even if you disagree.

  8. Paula July 3, 2013

    Well I live in Ireland, the majority of people who live here are white,
    And beyoncé is without a doubt the biggest star here. She has broke the record of attendance at concerts here
    With over 200,000 tickets sold to here shows in Dublin alone.
    My ENTIRE family are obsessed with her.
    When she puts out a video or does anything here in Ireland it’s an EVENT!
    So to say white people aren’t here for her is a lie. She is a legend.

    • blue July 3, 2013

      you must mean one of the biggest cause if stanwars were physical and not cyber then ireland would be the navy’s home base…

    • Lydia July 3, 2013

      That’s sweet. Its the struggle to shade her now. Go to any of her concerts majority of the audience is ironically WHITE. I am from London and that’s definitely the case (London is just as multi cultural as NY).

    • rih rox July 3, 2013

      If you say so then Why no aviva stadium?

      • Sass July 3, 2013

        Well clearly she could since she broke a record.

      • rih rox July 3, 2013


        she could? So Why not if she could?
        If Rihanna Did it Why couldn’t she?

        We know Beyonce is the type that wants everything under her belt …but…?????

        There is something wrong with this picture because there is No way she would say no to a stadium.

      • Sass July 3, 2013

        Why would she do stadiums with no new music? And actually business wise you can gain more money out of doing multiple arena dates with higher prices as oppose to stadiums with cheap prices and we all know Beyoncé admires the big dollar sign. And I don’t know why it is of such great concern of you anyway. Are you getting paid to discredit her at every opportunity?

      • rih rox July 3, 2013

        LOL!!!! That’s the new excuse now,no new music???

        Just admit it there is indeed something wrong with that picture.

      • Sass July 3, 2013

        Nope its not an excuse it was a question.

    • toohotfortv July 3, 2013

      I have never in my life seen so many dislikes… wth?

    • MuiMui July 3, 2013

      PAULA Everybody know how big Beyonce is and they also know that she Sleeps with the Music Industry but the point remains these three might be the top but what do it mean as far as the hottest in the game, most popular, and the biggest sellers in the game.
      Why these three are good sellers of music and is Clearly very well known but Beyonce isn’t nearly as Popular in the NEW AGE AS Say Rihanna, Gaga, Eminem, Justin, Shakari,and Miley them Is dear and their Social Networking Skills are the “What’s Happening Now”Trend and Business.
      PAULA Have you ever heard the Names of Adele,Gaga,Rihanna, they are just as Popular as these three if not in name they are on top in sales, sales,sales.
      Household people do not always translate to record sales.
      Of course we all know that the STRUGGLE to keep Beyonce name in the mix is real that is why her Popularity is stupped by Newer and up and coming artist..

  9. Chica July 3, 2013

    Why the Hell would Ariana Grande be on the list? She’s only been out all of 5 mins so isn’t a household name. Most parents wouldn’t know about her yet.

  10. Georgia July 3, 2013

    The power of BEYONCE 😀

    • MuiMui July 3, 2013

      The power of them all, not just Beyonce.

  11. Meena July 3, 2013

    Justin bieber and taylor swift? Taylor has a new boyfriend every term and Justin is just annoying . Good for beyonce , 15 years and still going strong.

    • MuiMui July 3, 2013

      Kelly is still going strong after 15-16 years She might not be as Popular But she is still making Power Move.
      So is Pink,Christina,Britney,JLo, and the Newbies ARE HOLDING THEIR OWN RIGHT ALONG.

  12. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 3, 2013

    KingYonce still a household name! After 16 years! Where are her peers? That outsold her?
    Anyways this girl been getting Hate from day 1. So keep on hating

    • MuiMui July 3, 2013

      Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain, and most fools do, Keep up the good work.

  13. Lydia July 3, 2013

    Not surprised. And she has a vast fan base of all ages.

  14. Sass July 3, 2013

    Why are the Rihanna fans so pressed? This poll actually is NOT irrelevant its a big reflection of Beyonces star power. The fact she is of the generation of Britney’s and Christina’s and is still up there beating younger stars says a lot. You wouldn’t be saying that if Rihanna was on the list. Beyonce is a huge star everywhere whether you like it or not. Haters put her in a box and underestimate her but she keeps proving you wrong.

    • MuiMui July 3, 2013

      SASS That same Question can be asked on all of Rihanna post why don’t you try and ask the same Question if there is ever another Rihanna Post.

  15. xedos July 3, 2013

    Taylor Swift who sleep with enough man to for a soccer team.
    So how cone Justin Bieber smoked weed doing dumb s*** is on the list
    White privileged I guess

  16. xedos July 3, 2013

    Taylor Swift who sleep with enough man to for a soccer team.
    So how cone Justin Bieber smoked weed doing dumb s*** is on the list
    White privileged I guess

    • MuiMui July 3, 2013


  17. Aquarius July 3, 2013

    Wtf is a hame? But congrats Beyonce she even beat 1 Direction.

  18. xtinaalovee July 3, 2013

    Beyonce ? So people want their daughters looking up to a tacky b**** who’s always half naked? Girlbye!!!

    Taylor swift is a legit h**

    • MuiMui July 3, 2013

      XTINAALOVEE Yes and they want them to dance like a Stripper in music videos like “Dance For You” Especially the scene where Ms Angel Beyonce places one foot on that coffee table and work it like the Baddest Stripper in the game I am sure the Obamas and all the FirstBaptistChurch Saints see that as Getting Baptised with Holy water,since its Beyonce Stripper Knowles Carter.
      Beyonce is one CLASSY Chick and that Music Video Proves it to the world just how Classy she truyl is.

      • MuiMui July 3, 2013

        You can add “Freakum Dress” to the Holy Ghost
        Classy Beyonce.

    • Tyler July 3, 2013


  19. rih rox July 3, 2013

    Where is that single? It was suppose to be out by early April.

    In that GQ magazine it clearly said early April. And Yes she approved of that statement.

    So Why the push back?

    • Aquarius July 3, 2013

      And why are you worried? Shes still crafting the album its whats happens when you are a perfectionist like Beyonce and Mariah you don’t just want to put out anything.

      • RiRi Bad July 3, 2013

        That’s why B Day was made just in 2 weeks? Bown Down/I Been On is such a mindblowing classic too, yesssss. ^*^ She really makes amazing music, no trash in her discography.

      • Aquarius July 3, 2013

        Er where did I say that? And does that change the fact she is a perfectionist? NO. If shes not happy with it, she will take her time to craft it. And that’s what she’s doing.

      • rih rox July 3, 2013

        Thrown Garbage & flopping in the sun are pure trash.

        Anymore snippets from the perfectionist?

      • Sass July 3, 2013

        A Rihanna fan talking about trash.

      • RiRi Bad July 3, 2013

        A Beyonce fan talking about trash? Diva, Video Phone, Run The World, Bow Down/I Been On and entire B Day ghetto mess beside Irreplaceable? Hello?

      • Cassie Lover July 3, 2013

        Don’t forget Grown woman, Get me body & Kitty kat smh you can’t get more basic than that.

      • Sass July 3, 2013

        Im not talking about trash never said she was perfect. And those songs are not even as bad strip clubs and dollar bills, cake cake cake and suck my cockiness lick my persuation. Not saying Bey doesn’t have some Blah songs though. But don’t act like Rihanna isn’t known for being more trashy than Beyonce in just about everything.

      • MuiMui July 3, 2013

        Yes Beyonce the Perfectionist,She should OUT SELL ADELE
        With Her Perfectionist we shall see.

  20. Aquarius July 3, 2013

    And why the hell is Drake in the picture?

    • xtinaalovee July 3, 2013

      Ok you woulda thought he was number 1 or some s***.

  21. xtinaalovee July 3, 2013

    & Why would Ariana be on the list? She has one single tgj calm down

  22. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 3, 2013

    Yall are really pressed hey…

      • Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 3, 2013

        I love it too <3<3

      • MuiMui July 3, 2013

        I love this clip also and another Thing Beyonce has a team of people combing the woods looking for Tallies and Post and check list to keep The Voting for her name going hard so she can always come out on top .
        I supposed if you got the paper you can eaisely do this You woulodhave thought Beyonce would have been on top and made the most money for this entire year.
        I try not to say to much about Her new music because i do not care one way or the other,but i wait for Beyonce tosign another Huge Endorsement Deallike she did with Pepsia and like her Hubby did with Samsung and then she will be more than able to sell that Million or two albums in the first week and Perhaps this next album will go Diamond for Mrs Holier Than Thou, Beyonce” for real this time.

  23. cici slaaaaays July 3, 2013

    I swear Beyonce pays for this BS idk whens the last time ive even heard her on the radio smh

    • Kyle July 3, 2013

      Stay pressed.

      • cici slaaaaays July 3, 2013

        Far from pressed but like ive said before Beyonce & her fans needs peoples approval

      • Kyle July 3, 2013

        Why? They don’t need it, they just get it boo. That’s the difference. I am sure if your fave had it you would be doing the same.

      • MuiMui July 3, 2013

        @CICISLAAAAAAAYS Preach the Struggle for Beyonce to stay on top at any cost is real.
        What is strange is how hard Beyonce works just as if shes just getting started on Her career ,its like shes running a race to try and stay ahead of everybody,She and Jayz is Greedy not Needy at all.
        And Jayz never speaks up for Rihanna and neither does Beyonce its as if they have a love Hate Relationship with Rihanna.
        I am hoping that Ciara, Rihanna, Nicki, Kelly, bieber, chris Britney,Gaga,Taylor them Fans Unite and stop Clowning each other and help Ciara,Rihanna and other hang in there because they do deserve a chance to be great and do well also.

    • Savannah July 3, 2013

      She doesn’t need the radio for her presence to be known. Look how much shes done this year without a single or an album. She’s a household name. And Ciara?

      • MuiMui July 3, 2013


  24. Kyle July 3, 2013

    Congrats. Beys still that b**** after 16 years.

    • MuiMui July 3, 2013

      Beyonce is only One of the Bytches after all these years.

  25. rih rox July 3, 2013

    This types of articles are meant to keep the overly dehydrated stans hyped. They just about could use anything at this moment even something as irrelevant as this to drink.

    We know her people read this blog and we can pretty much say the same for her. This could be the reason Why there are no posts about Rihanna’s achievements. It’s always shady stuff. for example…they never showed Rihanna winning the BET award.

    How come this site does not publish Anything controversial about Beyonce? Like the Cuba stuff and the lip sync?

    I wonder how much she pays this blogger?

    • MuiMui July 3, 2013


    • Savannah July 3, 2013

      BET didn’t even air the Best R&B/Pop female award. So in the blogs defense, I will say that they honestly didn’t know she had won. I didn’t know until Monday.

  26. CCFAN007 July 3, 2013

    The hive gets hype over anything like who really cares? Get hype when your fav stops trolling you fools & actually decides to release decent music.

    • Miss M July 3, 2013

      You care since you are sitting at your screen making effort to comment.

  27. Miss M July 3, 2013

    Haha love it! I love her. And please, if Beyonce was that concerned about blogs she would paying all the ones that RUTHLESSLY hate on her (like S.R) not to. TGJ is hardly going to make a difference get real hes a Beyonce and Nicki and stan always has been and its not going to change.

  28. Teen Dream July 3, 2013

    Ariana Grande? Tf she has one little cute song out that doesn’t make her a popular household name like Beyonce or Justin Bieber.

  29. the real xoxo July 3, 2013

    Just proof of how far a good PR team can get you.
    P.S why the drake pic?

  30. Iz (Queen Adele) July 3, 2013

    Congrats. Not really surprised. She is Beyonce.

  31. Bey Fan July 3, 2013

    Why are people even hating …. if you asked ANY person who is one of the biggest stars (musically) in the world right now, Beyonce’s name is gonna get mentioned.

    The woman has branded herself. She’s a huge star. I mean she did the superbowl half-time (like all the legends), her documentary broke records, she’s selling out a tour with no new music. She’s a star.

    Yall just need to deal…and accept it.

  32. Hazel July 3, 2013

    No way beyonce is as popular as JB or swift in white teenage America lmao. NO WAY! It had to be majority white because JB and swift are pretty much non factors in black teenage America. I’m not a Rihanna stan either so don’t come at me with that bull s***

    • Sass July 3, 2013

      And yet she was still voted in the majority by their parents soo…. Proof is in the pudding honey.

      • RiRi Bad July 3, 2013

        You mean a poll made of 14 replies LOL. Go check by yourself. No one is mad, calm your titties.

      • Sass July 3, 2013

        Honey no, people voted in their thousands. You must be looking at the wrong thing.

    • MuiMui July 3, 2013

      Beyonce is not as Popular that is her Pr team on their jobs of keeping everything with her name attached to it voted on around the clock to try and keep her up top,Gaga,Rihanna, shakira,Eminem are far more Popular.

      • MuiMui July 3, 2013

        Yes we know the parents are breaking their necks to run out and hurry up and try to get their Copy of “Bow Down” Bytches.

    • Savannah July 3, 2013

      I don’t think it really had anything to do with the kids. It was the parents perception….I can’t wait for Bieber to disappear.

  33. Yolo July 3, 2013

    She can sell and remain relevant off her name alone. You know you are at the top when you can do that. Some people just cannot give credit where it is due even if it was to smack them in the face. When haters stop caring about Beyonce and what she is doing, that is really when you’ll know she is flopping real talk.

  34. unbiased responses only July 3, 2013

    Bunch of navy haters, scratch that same navy members using different names smh.

    You’re delusional if you think Beyonce is irrelevant.
    Riri and def jam can buy all the airplay they want, no one likes her but her delusional ass navy..
    Plus to the cocky f-squad, Ciara finally gets a top 40 and you all get courage? Out of like 5 Singles? A Christina Stan? Aguilera was never a household name and that’s even at her peak. Just sit, I swear some of yall up here are so bitter by others success that it cripples your judgment.
    Plus I’m staring to think the navy are a bunch of kids…Destiny’s Child crossed over in 1998 with no no no, Rihanna has yet to have an album sale like TWOTW,Survivor,DF,DIL,BDay. DC3 hosted the TRL tour in 01 and had hit after hit. DIL still shits on every album riri has ever released and the sales prove that. If you really think that Beyonce only had an urban market you are an idiot! Go look at her concerts. I can’t speak for the uk(as if they even matter) In America Beyonce has always just about her whole career been popular. So sit with that delusional s*** and give props damn

    • MuiMui July 3, 2013

      No Beyonce is very much on top of thing but so is Rihanna,Gaga, Britney,Kelly, Nicki, Miguel,Chris, LilWayne,and so many more that’s all.
      I am sure there are others on the list and after all they can’tall be in the top ten right?

    • Woman To Woman July 3, 2013

      Comparing group album sells to an solo artist sales? you look pathetic… you Beyonce stans act like Beyonce is some amazing album seller shes just as average of an album seller today as Rihanna & my fav so just stop

      • Yolo July 3, 2013

        WHAT you did not just compare Beyonces album sales to Keyshia Cole. Shes an average album seller like Rihanna but Keyshia Cole doesn’t even come into the picture.

      • Savannah July 3, 2013

        Lmao! Beyonce and Rihanna are worldwide, seeing as though they have albums that sold 8 and 9 million world wide. Keyshia would be lucky to sell 1.5-2 million worldwide. She’s a local artist, no comparison.

    • rih rox July 3, 2013

      Still counting those destiny’s child’s records?

      Whatever helps you sleep at night.

      • Yolo July 3, 2013

        And you’re still here acting pressed af. Whatever helps you feel better.

  35. . : : h 2 o : : . July 3, 2013

    Congrats Beyonce ?

  36. Woman To Woman July 3, 2013

    Sorry i wouldn’t want my child looking up to Beyonce she dresses like a hooker & dances like a stripper plus she’s a hypocrite…

  37. ^AKA^ July 3, 2013

    Congratulations to Bey. But Justin Bieber? LOL really? Isn’t he like the most hated musician in the world? Such a surprise to see him on this list.

    • Yolo July 3, 2013

      Amongst the teenagers in America, no. His fan base go hard.

    • Savannah July 3, 2013

      The Beliebers in America are f****** insane. So are One Direction stans (don’t know what they’re called). JB is pretty much the teen/tween king over here.

  38. Cassie Lover July 3, 2013

    People are congratulating her for what? did she win an award?

  39. MuiMui July 3, 2013

    Bottom line is this Beyonce has accomplished many things and out of her own mouth she says shes “Set’yet she reaching and grasping after every straw,Yet her fans want to try and tear all the Musician down to try and keep her on top,don’t you empty heads know that the people in the Entertainment Industry are also Blessed and rewarded by the Almighty , Not by Your Fickle thoughts process and He is the one who gives the Blessings and He can also take the Blessings away when ever He get Good and Ready.
    Saying that to say this Beyonce made the top three she should have been #1 I am sure that was what Her Team was pulling for all night.

    WHEN EVER THERE IS A TALLEY OR A VOTE FROM NOW ON I LOOK FOR MS BEYONCE TO always be in that top spot nothing less,Bey Hive.

  40. Savannah July 3, 2013

    Congrats to her I guess? Lol. I don’t care, I’m just ready for her to bring that ass to New Orleans Sunday. 😀

  41. #Hive July 3, 2013

    Ok go head bey show these lessor your still on top with releasing new material you are that b****

    The navy can’t handle the fact that no one really respects Rihanna like shes you all know it

    The c squares need to just stfu ciara is forever a flop no ones checking for her LACKLUSTER material

    • #Hive July 3, 2013


    • rih rox July 3, 2013

      You guys keep bragging bout without no new material crap.
      I can clearly see how she duped YOU stans.

      You have waited long enough for new material. As the months went by new excuses were made and are forced to settle for recycled …so to quench your thirst, you then are forced to turn the negative into a positive.

      As I recall wigs were going to be snatched?

      • Jewell July 3, 2013

        But the stans are no longer worried so don’t be worried for us. Thanks for the concern but you can go back to focusing on your fave now.

  42. JOHNVIDAL July 3, 2013

    The fake likes/dislikes though…

  43. Valerie July 3, 2013

    Why are Beyonce fans bringing up Destiny child stats ? It shows your insecure even you know her solo album numbers really ain’t all that….

    • Yolo July 3, 2013

      And whoever you are posting under a different name you are not fooling nobody. Destinys Child or not look at what this post is about MINUS Destinys Child.

      • Valerie July 3, 2013

        How am i posting under different names?

  44. Loyalty July 3, 2013

    Can people just be pleased or not say anything at all because you just looks pressed. You can discredit Beyonce all you like but evidence just comes firing back every time.

    Just like you said Beyonce and high fashion don’t mix: Then Anna Wintour chose her to be honorary chair and she had a bestselling Vogue issue.

    Just like you said her tour was a flop and she cant do stadiums: When she already has done stadiums by herself and is now announcing more legs with stadiums.

    Just like you said she was local: Welp, there is much proof in front of your eyes that just make you sound stupid

    Shes fat: But still beating your faves in most public beauty and body polls amongst men and women

    And now shes a ‘has-been’: Yet the public still recognize her above your faves in polls like this.

    But keep it coming…

    • Jewell July 3, 2013

      So TRUE!

    • rih rox July 3, 2013

      She is no fashionista. Anybody can see that she paid to be seated there. Two years before that she was in the worst dressed and she made worst dressed with that Ugly flaming mess of a dress again. She’s always wearing those ugly dated mermaid dresses.

      She ain’t doing no iconic stadiums…

      & Yes she is FAT …remember her in that ugly flaming dress at the Met Gala, when everyone thought she was pregnant LOL! B**** is fat with oversized thunder thighs.

      • XXX July 3, 2013

        Ha! And all you just said is the main point she/he is making. Beyonces so fat yet she still gets voted more beautiful and most desired body more than your fave who cant even top the most basic poll Ask Men. Have you eveb commented on the Rihanna post yet youre so busy up Beyonces v*****?

      • Lou July 3, 2013

        She paid to be seated there bla bla bla B**** this Anna Wintour she doesn’t put anybody there from bribes GROW UP! That’s all you have. Beyoncé is not a fashionista thing @Loyalty never said she was but clearly she has some place since she gets endless gifts from people like Tom Ford and people buy her VoguE covers so SIT.

  45. just sayin’ July 3, 2013

    I understand you love Beyonce. I am not what you call a Hive member but I f’cks w/ her. Honestly the way you put other artist down and glorify Beyonce is getting old.
    1 word comes to mind when I come to this site… transparent.
    Beyonce is great but the way you all REACH is so funny. I do not understand why most people take the bite when you REACH.
    If I were to read, I would say….she still placed #3…it is NOT #1….king?
    but i am not a beyonce hater so I would never say that, but TGJ you leave room for that fact to be said….everytime. Give the other artist as well as beyonce their credit. Stop this stupid stan war for hits. its not S***

    • ^AKA^ July 3, 2013

      Marry me <3333333333

    • Jewell July 3, 2013

      But for once he didn’t put anyone down in this post.

      • just sayin’ July 3, 2013

        @jewell let me school you w/ love. See, the fact that Beyonce placed #3 and her name is larger than the #1 spot….is what we call a jab. It means” where oh where is whom ever thats not there….on the list”. Now, look at the war that takes place…..

      • just sayin’ July 3, 2013

        @jewell let me school you w/ love. See, the fact that Beyonce placed #3 and her name is larger than the #1 spot….is what we call a jab. It means” where oh where is whom ever thats not there….on the list”. Now, look at the war that takes place…..

      • Jewell July 3, 2013

        But they didn’t put anyone down only stated facts because they stan for her.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 3, 2013

      Not that I don´t agree with your view on how Sam behaves but does anyone believe all those likes are real? Like most comments have from -3 to +3 and then 4 or 5 comments have more than -100/+100. It´s impossible. And it´s almost always comments being nice to Beyonce or MC the ones being thumbed down and the ones being nice to Rihanna or hard on Bey and MC the ones with a lot of fake dislikes. Just an observation.

      • Tyler July 3, 2013

        No, I noticed that too. I’ve seen the dislike icon go from -2 to -34 in a matter of a few minutes lmfao. And it just doesn’t make sense. MC is a legend and Beyonce is amazing in her own right. Or at least a much better performer than Rihanna. So why that’s happening is mind boggling to me. Its the same formula each time. MC and Beyonce get hundreds of dislikes and Rihanna hardly gets any. Its obviously rigged. Besides the general majority of the comments prove that the dislikes aren’t real. They just don’t match.

      • JOHNVIDAL July 3, 2013


  46. Jewell July 3, 2013

    16 years later…
    I like polls like this very insightful.

  47. Jewell July 3, 2013

    But I am confused as to why Drake is in the picture?

  48. HOWYOULIKEIT July 3, 2013

    One tacky and toxic girl didn’t make the official top 3. And her stans are mad and pressed more than ever.
    Rihanna is disrespected in the whole industry. She doesnt inspire anybody.
    Long live Queen B
    “Now B****** i run this”

  49. rih rox July 3, 2013

    Congratulations Justin B for beating a so-called KING.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 3, 2013

      Hmm weren´t you saying this is irrelevant??? lol

      • XXX July 3, 2013

        Ikr she is so

  50. XXX July 3, 2013

    Beyonce is still beating the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry amongst the YOUNG vote yet shes irrelevant compared to them. Lets not forget the girl has had fans from the nineties and still clearly has fans a decade, even more younger. The other fans can remain pressed.

    • Navy Sailor July 3, 2013

      Where’s the young vote? I could’ve swore the post said PARENTS. Unless they’re referring to teen parents….

      • XXX July 3, 2013

        The parents know their children do they not?

      • Navy Sailor July 3, 2013

        If you actually read the source page you would’ve seen that it had nothing to do with the children lol. The kids texted their parents and asked them who THEY thought the biggest popstars were.

      • XXX July 3, 2013

        Yeah but its based on who they think the biggest popstars to the younger generation not them. Otherwise we would see people like the Rolling Stones and Prince listed. And obviously Beyonce is clearly big in the households amongst youngsters otherwise she would not have received a collectivley big vote.

      • Tyler July 3, 2013

        If it helps I think that the parents vote is an accurate reflection. I’m part of the young generation (18 years old) and I love Beyonce. Rihanna is cool too but Beyonce has been around forever lol. I’ve been listening to her since I was like 8. She’s a legend in the making in my eyes. The poll does make a lot of sense but thats just me.

  51. Suicide Blonde July 3, 2013

    LMFAO, my country is full of stupid people, Bieber, LOL, well, at least is not Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian.

  52. Megan July 3, 2013

    Me and my friends love her I am 16 don’t but I am into people like Beyonce and Drake not stupid Justin Bieber I hate it when they think all white teens are into Justin Bieber.

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