Must See: Beyonce Shoots New Video On Coney Island

Published: Friday 30th Aug 2013 by David

{Images Removed As Requested}

It’s on the way!

It may have taken a sweet minute, but the campaign for Beyonce‘s fifth studio album switched to fourth gear yesterday when the star took to Brooklyn’s Coney Island to shoot a brand new music video!

Mobbed by fans as she shot scenes for the clip, the icon was joined by supermodels Jessica White and Jourdan Dunn who appear in the piece, joined by photographer Terry Richardson as she shot numerous scenes before the album’s yet to be announced release date.

More below!

{Images Removed As Requested}

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  1. Ms92 August 30, 2013

    She looks gorgeous. But shes always shooting something doesn’t mean its a music video. So I will not hold my breath…

  2. Kisses Down Low August 30, 2013

    Her hair is nice makes her look so youthful werk sista Bey 😀

    • Stephy Tha Lambily August 30, 2013


      • Gregg August 30, 2013

        Umm….she is 32 now??…

      • slying girls August 30, 2013

        she is ageing but not in a good way… more botox baby.

  3. _NoFucksGiven_1 August 30, 2013

    Queen Bey is f****** back B******. About to have the best Comeback. Damn beyonce is so f****** beautiful…

  4. Absolved August 30, 2013

    It’s Beyonce’s world; the rest of us just live in it.

    • Gregg August 30, 2013

      No this is Rihanna’s world, Beyonce just walks behind her holding the train of her dress.

      • XXX August 30, 2013

        Honey Beyonce will always be higher in that hierarchy.

      • SLAY_HIVE August 30, 2013

        bxtch PLEASEEEEE! Beyonce birthed Rihject…she will ALWAYS be in second place! The ONLY thing she has on Bey is more #1s on HOT GENERIC 100!

  5. Daniel Teflon August 30, 2013

    Like I’ve always said Beyonce will release new music when she finds the time!! Now I hope haters will FINALLY BOW DOWN & RESPECT HER KRAFT CUZ SHE’S ALWAYS BEEN THAT RNB SLAYER!!

  6. Luca August 30, 2013

    awe s*** what now she looks pretty tho

  7. 3xplicit August 30, 2013

    omg is keke palmer bleaching her skin in the first picture!!

  8. Rach August 30, 2013

    CUTE and FUN times!

  9. Navy420 August 30, 2013

    I miss her music so damn much,,,tired of listening to all the oda boring b******,Excitd to the max

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 30, 2013

      yes fellow navy, we miss this b****’s music, most of her stans might be annoying at times, but she, herself, is amazing.

  10. Marcellas August 30, 2013


  11. ciara fan August 30, 2013

    Wash out !!! she looks like a brazilian t*****.

  12. JOHNVIDAL August 30, 2013

    It´s true, she looks great here!
    Damn it if it´s for the new album and it comes this year… damn damn damn: Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Eminem, Justin´s second album, crazy last part of the year. Can´t believe Beyonce is going to release it now. Wasn´t Shania Twain going to release her new one this year too? And more albums obviously, but not from this big mainstream names.
    I´ve already listened to John Legend´s new album and it´s GREAT. Support real talent people.

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 30, 2013

      “made to love” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  13. Hadley August 30, 2013

    She looks cute only she can pull pretty screaming faces on a ride I saw the other pictures lol.

  14. Everyone’s A Critic August 30, 2013

    We want MUSIC bey.. Just hurry up!

  15. gio88 August 30, 2013


  16. Stephy Tha Lambily August 30, 2013


  17. MicroPop August 30, 2013

    Maybe it’s an ice cream or a fast food/hamburger advertistment.

  18. Omari August 30, 2013

    Looking hot Bey

  19. RoyalKev August 30, 2013

    Wow Bey looks amazing! I love her energy in these photos. Whatever & whenever Bey is ready to drop, I’ll be ready! I’ve never been impressed with how many albums an artist have, I’m more impressed by how many albums I love by them. So Bey take your time!

  20. mulaah August 30, 2013

    i dont care abt anything..i just want good beyonce baby so pls hurry up..

  21. Suicide Blonde August 30, 2013

    She looks gorgeous, simple but fresh, it looks like a fun video, she should take things less seriously this time around and make some Pop hits, that’s all she need “HITS”, she needs to make that “FUN” album that is successful but yet simple and radio-friendly, easy-listening, something ala “All For You”, “Music”, “In the Zone” or “LOUD”, i repeat, all she need is some hits, a dance-pop song, something fresh, she has everything to make a perfect Pop record so let the fun Beyonce comes out.

    • B**** I’M GROWN! August 30, 2013

      I agree. This music video looks like it’s for a pop song.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . August 30, 2013

      100% agree with you, what a flawless comment!

  22. . : : h 2 o : : . August 30, 2013

    This’s so refreshing !

    • cake like lady gaga August 30, 2013

      Lord knows you need a refresh button for your basic life

      • SLAY_HIVE August 30, 2013

        lord knows you need to be rallying up all the little monsters that are left, to buy FLOPause on itunes! you have a career to save…Dont worry about the Queen girl looool

      • . : : h 2 o : : . August 30, 2013

        Refresh button is what I need EVERY SECOND so I MIGHT catch up with the SHEER number of P*** PICS your fav is releasing 😉

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 30, 2013

      انت كويس ؟

      عياتك عاملة ايه و ايه أخبار البلد عندك ؟
      ربنا معاكوا.

      تحيا سوريا. 😀

      • . : : h 2 o : : . August 30, 2013

        أنا منيح … الحمدلله

        بالنسبة لهجمات أميركا, ما لهالدرجة سيء الوضع … يعني بصراحة الناس عم يبالغوا شوي …..

        شكرا كتير, و أنا صرت حب و شعبا أكتر من قبل……… 😀

      • . : : h 2 o : : . August 30, 2013

        حب مصر و شعبها *

      • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 30, 2013

        طب كويس أني أطمنت عليك

        هي الهجمات قيد التنفيذ, محدش عارف اوباما ناوي علي أيه, ربنا يستر.

        هو الأعلام شغلته كدة, اامبالغة و عدم الحياد أو حتي الموضوعية في نقل الأحداث.

        .أنا زعلت أوي من منظر الأطفال اللي ماتت من الأسلحة الكيماوية.
        أحنا بنحب سوريا برضه علي فكرة. 😉

        ربنا يعدي الأيام الجاية علي خير.

  23. B**** I’M GROWN! August 30, 2013

    Bey shooting a music video at a theme park? Sounds like this is a video for a pop song. I hope so! She needs another album like I Am Sasha Fierce.

  24. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 30, 2013

    oh @SAM , You Started to Be basic.

    the Song is “Allegedly” called “XO” and The music video is directed by Terry Richardson.

    Story is Still Developing And some Navy shared Pcs and IG videos of the set already… and In some Of them she’s photo’d with Terry Richardson. #LateBlogs #LateFanbase #TheNavyisAlwaysAheadByLightYears

    Here I fixed it for ya! 😉

    Love her smile, Love her look and The Vibe from this pics is Refreshing!

    Save us from Basic b****** please Beyonce. “Goes to both gaga and katy”

  25. cake like lady gaga August 30, 2013

    The H** is so thirsty… 😀

    Even if I had a jug of lemonade I wouldn’t give you hateful h*** a single drop. Remain thirsty while my fave prepares to release an album and slay charts in November…

    😀 😀

    • SLAY_HIVE August 30, 2013

      Girl nobody cares for Gaga anymore! Kiiii The reason she’s getting reafy to rudh release a second single already! DAMAGE CONTROL! KIII

      • cake like lady gaga August 30, 2013

        LOL your thirst making you delusional 😀

        Stay delusioned b**** 😀

      • SLAY_HIVE August 30, 2013

        NO bxtch ypure DELUSIONAL…CACA’s ha

      • SLAY_HIVE August 30, 2013

        NO bxtch you’re DELUSIONAL…CACA’s only been out five yeats and she’s already WASHED OUT! KIII Applause wont reach #1 and her gimmicks are PLAYED! Miley Cyrus outshined her at the VMA’s kiiiiii MILEY CYRUS BXTCH! DIE DELUSIONAL H**!

      • cake like lady gaga August 30, 2013

        *hands you a glass of water to quench the thirst*

        Maybe you will stop being such a delusional h** 😀

      • SLAY_HIVE August 30, 2013

        *hands your broke ass $1.29 to buy FLOPause on itunes* kiiiii

    • XXX August 30, 2013

      You are thirsty saying the same damn thing every time and staying up the Hives asses.

    • XXX August 30, 2013

      The fact you comment on Beyonce post before your supposed ‘fave’ is the real kiii.

      • cake like lady gaga August 30, 2013

        The ultimate Kiiii though is that you and the rest of the H** are so thirsty, you have become delusional

      • SLAY_HIVE August 30, 2013

        HOW are we so thirsty when yall just had to wait two years for music though? but the differnece is our fave has been slaying all year without new music…ATLEAST we had the superbowl, TMCSWT,etc! what u bxtches get?? a broke hip t*****? kiiii

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 30, 2013

      Slay Charts ?!

      When your Fav get “TOPPED” by a Country Singer in iTunes charts, you know you are stanning for a fading Delusional Coke’d H** who had to fake a hip injury to hide her Poor ticket sales.

      Stay Silent Thirsty Phaggot and Go suck more d**** like the rest of your fellow Little germs to take “Applause” to the top.

      • cake like lady gaga August 30, 2013

        Not at you attention hungry arab with two accounts coming for me though?

        And LOL at you defending Bey. The flip flopping is real

      • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 30, 2013

        2 Accounts ? 😆

        Show me the proof.

        But just like your fav, your lies has no limits.

  26. SLAY_HIVE August 30, 2013

    Can’t wait!!! The crew and extras on set, say the song is called “XO”….it msy feature The Weekend, but we will soon find out! This reminds me of IASF era, when single ladies just premiered out of NOWHERE, after waiting the entire summer of ’08…cant wait!!! 😉

  27. HOWYOULIKEIT August 30, 2013

    MRS CARTER looking extra fierce. This is a hit for sure

  28. XXX August 30, 2013

    She looks hella cute! Whatever its for it looks fun.

  29. BEYGOOD August 30, 2013

    I have a feeling this era is gonna be like da IASF era. I rememba If I Were A Boy & Single Ladies came out in October and da album in November. Bey also debuted da era at the AMAs.

    The single probably out in October, the album in November and Bey gonna perform at da AMAs. She’s on a break from her tour in November after the Australia/NZ leg. And why would she do another US leg of da tour in December? To promote the new album of course!

    ERA 5 IS ALIVE! ;D

  30. tasha32 August 30, 2013

    She looks so pretty and happy. Twitter was on fire when this got out she’d be arriving there. I was following a thread on artl and there were so many fan shot videos with her interacting and dancing around and talking with fans. Exciting times for sure. She gonna start this era exacrly when SHE planned and not let pressure from others affect her. Can’t wait

  31. BEYHIVE_MINAJ August 30, 2013

    She looks gorgeous. Can’t wait for the new era. I have a good feeling about it.

  32. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) August 30, 2013

    Why does this video look stolen? Like I’m having a spat of de ja vu, I’m certain I’ve seen this before. I’ll wait for the full video (which is never coming out) before I unleash the evidence.

    So that album is finally coming out??? Lmao gurl bye, we know that s*** is never coming out.

    • SLAY_HIVE August 30, 2013

      stolen?? how did you come to that conclusion, based on a cew pics? kiiii you were going to claim that regardless …Beyonce’s existance causes you depression and hatred! you are a pathetic burned black, loose puss power bottom!

      THE QUEEN>>>>>>>>>your BASIC faves

  33. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) August 30, 2013

    She looks an extra dosage of man though, especially the second pic from bottom, when she’s on the roller coaster.

    She needs to fire her stylist, she looks old, wrinkly and manly. All I’m seeing in the first pic are broad shoulders and fat thunder thighs, she’s still trying to push the plus size model look, yuck.

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 30, 2013

      Stop being so damn f*****’ Negative, she looks Old ? I’m a Straight Guy and she looks S*** As F***.

      I’m sure you are so insecure in your own skin and body image, this kind of Talking is what insecure persons sport, I have met a couple of people like that.

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) August 30, 2013

        Honey, you’re a pharmacist, not a psychologist. I have an opinion, I’ll state it, you don’t like it, don’t read my commentaries, simple.

      • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 30, 2013

        dear, we are in a blog, that’s why we comment and reply to each other, if you say something, you should expect others to react to it, whether it was in a positive way, or as it is the case most of the times, in a negative ways.

        and me being a pharmacist has nothing to do with anything, I read books in psychology and if you didn’t know, you have to study Psychology at some point in your Life as a Pharmacist , I studied it and guess what, i got A+ in It , and a Simple thing for you, the way People talk is always reflective of how they See themselves, that’s the ABC of it. 😀

        do you know what PhD means ? 🙂

      • cake like lady gaga August 30, 2013

        @Shitbird READ HA!!!!!

        This flip flop b**** is so annoying

      • Sass August 30, 2013


    • . : : h 2 o : : . August 30, 2013

      She may have more male hormones than Justink Bieber, but she looks like anything but manly.

      The lies ……….

    • Sass August 30, 2013

      And what the f*** do you look like? I mean seriously, there is nothing wrong with the way she looks. You mustve been bullied at school or just plain insecure and ugly as f*** to find fault in the way she looks.

  34. Sass August 30, 2013

    She looks s***. Loving the hair. Serving body and face! @Lovebird put your picture up honey. Lets see how you look compared to Bey. Cos you must be picture perfect to hate on that yet you’re hiding behind a Justin Bieber avi.

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 30, 2013

      you know she won’t , As simple as that.

  35. Grump August 30, 2013

    So EVERYTIME beyonce lifts an arm y’all make an article? Anyways this is like the umpteenth video she’s shooting, doesn’t mean it’s new music. Y’all should just let her be tbh.

  36. I Will Adorn You August 30, 2013

    Shes looks like shes carefree and having fun I like seeing this side of Bey. Damn I wish I looked that good coming down a rollercoaster.

  37. F U August 30, 2013


  38. PRINCE MACHIAVEL August 30, 2013

    Queen Bee Looking Amazing And Having Fun, I Love It!!!
    @CAKE LIKE LADY GAGA, B**** Please Shut Your Trolling Ass All The Way Down! C*** We Never See You Stanning For Lady G On Her Post But Your Wack Ass Keep Talking S*** On Beyonce’s Posts! C*** Take Your Fake StanAss Off TGJ, You’re So Annoying, I Can’t!!!!

  39. Ddeejj August 30, 2013

    Relax it’s an H&M commercial

  40. PUTA October 12, 2013

    lol wtf

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