Hot Shot: Brandy Begins Work On New Album

Published: Wednesday 14th Aug 2013 by Sam

New project alert!

After earning critical acclaim with last year’s ‘Two Eleven’, it appears Brandy is wasting no time cooking up its follow-up.

Taking to Twitter today, The Vocal Bible shared a shot of herself in the studio with hitmaker Mike Will. As many know, the pair teamed up for fan-favourite ‘Do You Know’ – which was a contender for ‘Eleven’s mythical third single.

Clearly elated at the prospect of conjuring up something even better with Will, B-Rocka wrote:

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  1. stephy the lambily August 14, 2013

    Awww She looks very pretty. Almost like a pretty ALIEN. Anyways, a new album!!!! Oh lordy not another flop

    • stephy the lambily August 14, 2013


      • MUSICHEAD August 14, 2013

        Even if how you feel makes u look like a fool? Carry on!

      • wtf August 14, 2013

        Its his website dumba$$ express how you feel on your own sh!t!

      • GagitaMaraj August 14, 2013

        @StephyTheLambily There is something very wrong with you. You comment everyday being hateful and I can only assume that you are a pathetic lowly individual in real life.

        Don’t take my insult lightly, I think you’re pathetic. Sam actually runs a site where people come and have a light kii kiii and have a good time.

        The fact that the first thing that comes to your head when you came here is negativity tells me you need some serious psychological help.

    • ROSEGOLD August 14, 2013

      F-ck off and worry about pie face Mariah!

    • Draggin4MrsCarter August 14, 2013

      Stephy the Lambily is one of those people who say they hate TGJ but are always the first to comment. We feel SORRY for you and your poor eyesight, because Brandy is beautiful from head to toe.

  2. MUSICHEAD August 14, 2013

    Hopefully it’s a remix of Do You Know. Don’t give up on Two Eleven yet Bran!

    • ROSEGOLD August 14, 2013

      DYK deserved the single treatment! Why the hell would they release WD? Brandy never gets to chose her own singles and it’s sad. You’d think she would have a bit more freedom after 20 years in the game yaknow?

      • RoyalKev August 14, 2013

        W.D. was on shaky ground with me as soon as it became a single. DYK would have been all Bran needed! 🙁 I hope they create another masterpiece that’s just as good.

  3. lina August 14, 2013

    girl noooo!! last time didnt u put it down and not a damn person picked it up?? honey your last hit was with stalled traffic!! STOP PLEASE!! when tamar gets a bet nomination and u dont then u know u done fell the fuc off!!

    • ROSEGOLD August 14, 2013

      But Put It Down performed better than BOTH of Tamar’s singles. Next!

      • The One August 14, 2013

        Girl please!! Love and war peaked at 55 on the hot 100 & was number 1 on iTunes try again b****

      • ROSEGOLD August 14, 2013

        And Put It Down was a top 3 hit on the R&B charts. Who gives a sh-t about iTunes, especially when Gaga forced her stans to download L&W? LOL!

      • The one August 14, 2013

        B**** no cares about the r&b charts on the main charts that counts love & war peaked at 55 while Put it down at 68 now gtfoh f**

      • ROSEGOLD August 14, 2013

        *Cleans Glasses repeatedly* Trying to find “The One” on the charts now…how about we get into Mrs Golddigers debut album?

    • MUSICHEAD August 14, 2013

      Go play in traffic!

      • FAF August 14, 2013

        I wish y’all would shut the f*** up about Tamar. Brandy is a Pop culture Icon and had her own Tv sitcom for over 6 years and starred in blockbuster movies and was the QUEEN of teen R&B

  4. The One August 14, 2013

    Who cares it will flop harder than basic instinct!

    • Ciara is everything August 14, 2013

      B**** bye love&war wont even sell 20 k worldwide h**!

      • The one August 14, 2013

        Tamar will never sell 37k like you flop fav carry on lessor!

      • FAF August 14, 2013

        Tamar will never do 3mil nor 1.5mil

        even with vince fat ass buying her singles

        that fat h** needs several seats and to breastfeed her infant

        she’s irrelevant & never been s*** does she even WRITE?

  5. Rihking August 14, 2013


  6. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 14, 2013

    She Gives up on Her Album so Fast, WTF ?

    you are a R&B artists, just an Advice, When R&B recovers , you can comeback…. because you will flop again no matter what , R&B don’t sell anymore.

    IDK why artists give up on their Projects so fast, Rihanna created RR, Got much more critical acclaim for it, Still it was a commercial disaster, but she didn’t gave up knowing her single were underperforming till she got a #1 at the end of the day….
    Brandy gave up on how many albums now, 2 Back 2 back ?

    • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 14, 2013


    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 14, 2013

      Rihanna is an international popstar with massive radio play advantage though and much more promo and budget behind her so….

  7. ROSEGOLD August 14, 2013

    Brandy needs a brand new team. Give her Ciara’s budget or something. Two Eleven didn’t deserve to flop. Put It Down, Do You Know, Without You and Wish Your Love Away or NSTATL should’ve been her single sequence. HOPEFULLY her team won’t drop the ball with album #6!

  8. Lana the legend August 14, 2013

    Aint nobody buying yo s*** girl… Just stay on the game were you belong.

  9. Ciara is everything August 14, 2013

    No thanks!

    • ROSEGOLD August 14, 2013

      Two Eleven outsold Ciara and Basic Instinct though. You may want to watch your mouth maam….

    • flopCeee August 14, 2013

      do not ever comment on another post when your fav sold 30,000 on 1 of her albums. EVER!!!! EVER!!! You’re not able to associate with winners.

  10. missdiva August 14, 2013

    Brandy maybe talented but its CRYSTAL CLEAR NOBODY BUT
    HER DIEHARD FANS ARE CHECKING for her now….three albums in a row with 65,000-70,000 sales and eventually not even 200,000 total years later after release means she reached her prime and her ship has sailed on having good sales in all from here on it….Yes she can still make good music but alot dont care anymore..brandy can put out a hit and i still believe she wont sell cause consumers dont care to pickup her cd and dont get me started on Put It Down, which was only a mediocre cause of Chris Brown..YESSS i Said It!!!#TRUTHITIS….

    • ROSEGOLD August 14, 2013

      Afrodisiac sold over 500,000 copies and has a gold certification. Only Human & Two Eleven flopped.

      • Daniel Teflon August 14, 2013

        & I DON’T KNOW WHY HUMAN FLOPPED IT WAS A GREAT ALBUM “LONG DISTANCE” Is still my jam til this day!!

      • lina August 14, 2013

        but afrodisiac was released in 2004!! she couldnt even go platinum in a good economy with far less illegal downloading……..

      • FAF August 14, 2013

        Afrodisiac went Gold, though that was the beginning of the decline of R&B

    • lina August 14, 2013

      @ faf

      ciara chris brown alicia keys hell even letoya went platinum or multi platinum from 2004-2007. #NOEXCUSES

      • FAF August 14, 2013

        Yeah but every star has their peak. Beyonce is past hers, Brandy, etc. Their fans are now in their upper 20s and early 30s

        Brandy did her thing since ’94 so a few “flops” are irrelevant. same thing w/ toni . She had a career since ’91 so flopping post-2001 is not her peak

      • Savannah August 14, 2013

        You named artists who were NEW at the time. Brandy was already ten years into her career at that point. The singles didn’t really pop, the promo was almost non-existent and she just seemed very confused during that era (she was going through a lot). She basically sold off of her name alone. Brandy never really successfully transitioned from a teen star to an adult star. People still say crap like, “oh Brandys all grown up now!” She’s 34 years old, what the hell? Brandy BEEN grown!

  11. kisses for Kelly August 14, 2013

    She’ll sell more than Ciara tho

    • FAF August 14, 2013

      And her single will def s*** on Kelly FLOPLAND no solo success 😆

      Wheres Kisses Downlow f*** ?

  12. kisses for Kelly August 14, 2013

    Kelly> Brandy> Keyshia> Tamar> K.michelle > Ciara

    • KissesForKelly August 14, 2013

      Why did you steal my name?

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 14, 2013

      Brandy definitely comes before Kelly.

  13. Daniel Teflon August 14, 2013

    Brandy does actually look pretty without all that make up she wear’s hopefully her album is great this time around…I had purchased 2/11 & I was disappointed cuz I only liked 3 songs of that album & it was with extra songs on the album…;(

  14. WomanToWoman August 14, 2013

    No Brandy.
    Unless you’re coming to tell me that you’ve got a Clear Channel deal or a branding expert on your team KEEP this album and wait until you do.
    How many times will you go to the studio, make a great album and then have it flop just because you don’t have enough money or connections to help you.

    Like really, I’m not here to get excited about a new album and then have to forget all about it after a weeks. Look at Kelly, she’s literally stopped promoting TAGG and would rather go whale watching than do her damn job.

  15. missdiva August 14, 2013

    Trust the music will probably be good but as of now
    brandy will still get the same results cause not enough fans out there to keep momentum going like 3 or more singles,sales and hits…its all about consumers on that and peeps have frankly move onto fresher waters like rhianna, bey,kelly…not to say they better just peek more interest to public…brandy peaked in the 90’s she talented yeah but the interest level is on low!!!

  16. FAF August 14, 2013

    Kelly 2 fans are pressed that b**** had to be a jaguar model bc she can’t book no REAL fashion ads.. SAD 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  17. FAF August 14, 2013

    Now that I’ve dragged all the trolls, I love bran she’s a TRUE R&B legend & a vocal beast 😀

  18. TurntUp4Cici August 14, 2013

    I don’t want to see any Kelly fans taking s*** today. I just don’t. Not with her lazy ass being as lazy as it is.

    • FAF August 14, 2013

      Lmao I dragged all 2 of them … its like they go out their way to talk about more relevant, popular people who can actually stand on their own two without two other b******

      I even tried to make peace & tell them Ciara likes Kelly, but they remain pressed & jealous 🙁

      #inferiority complex just like their fave to beyonce 😆

      • Beyonce Bionic August 14, 2013

        They don’t realize that Kelly doesn’t even care about her career. She only works just so she can afford to pay for nice things and make phone calls on miami beach.

    • chillin August 14, 2013

      Only the psychotic Ciara fans lurk on everyone elses posts other than their favs

  19. Savannah August 14, 2013

    I am a huge Brandy fan, but lets be realistic here. She is not gonna pull big numbers like she did in the 90s/early 2000’s. She knows this, and so do we. There is no need to reiterate it. Brandy has a cult like following. She will continue to do shows and release albums to keep her fans happy. Did someone mention Kelly? I like her, but Brandy has 3 platinum and 1 gold albums. Kelly has none…..

    • FAF August 14, 2013

      THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can’t she release albums if she wants to????? We don’t have to listen to gotdamn Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!! TGJ is delusional. SO R&B acts should not put s*** out because it doesn’t sell 300k first week? 😆

      Do u think multi-millionaire Brandy is worried?

      *crashes range into the haters*

      • Savannah August 14, 2013

        Forget the sales. Brandy has seen her glory days. She was the teen queen in the 90s. Outselling the likes of Monica and Aaliyah…those days are over but the talent & passion are still there! As long as she continues to slay the stage and make good music I will support.

  20. HipHopMaryJ August 14, 2013

    Brandy dear, I know you read this website so heed my advice.
    You are amazing but you know this album will not do well if you don’t get some serious money behind you. You can have the best songs in the world but if you don’t have the backing you’ll end up in a bad position.

    Take your time sister, we can wait for as long as it takes for you to get everything right so you can sell properly. I love you girl.

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 14, 2013

      Don’t understand the thumbs down. U r right.

  21. KIsForKeri August 14, 2013

    I am so sorry but where do Kelly stans get off giving anybody advice. She has the most potential out of all the girls but honestly seems to be quite lazy. Why was she at sea when her album had just come out.

    • Savannah August 14, 2013

      In their minds, Kelly is this huge megastar. Delusion at its finest.

    • chillin August 14, 2013

      Lol u people are so silly..its a blog..

    • Sarah August 14, 2013

      I only see Ciara fans talking s*** on here..they have no right to even be on this after basic flop and the last flop..Kelly fans are simply being positive ..

  22. tag August 14, 2013

    Get mad all you want,this album will either not see the light of day or will sale like her last two albums.Some artist do it for the sells,some just appreciate making good music.I Think brandy knows full well she is past her peak.
    DEATH@ that lone ciara fan running their mouth smh
    Every other album released this yr in the urban sphere has either been better or outsold ciara..U have to be a troll for real! Body Party still aint gold lol…even run the flops is gold and it just peaked at #29 in the us lol

    • FAF August 14, 2013

      u mad as f***, baby, write them paragraphs about the QUEEN

      slaying ur faves on & off the stage (no 360 😆 )

      Body party will be gold when it feels like its already 350 k

      wheres ur troll ass on the charts? LOL @ ur fake username, prolly rosie and the Kelly Flopland stan I just dragged ol’ d*** ass 😆

      • tag August 14, 2013

        First off you r*****…Im not you! I dont go using other user names to try to get my point across, you’re confusing me with you
        2ndly Talk A Good Game is a better album than Ciara and thats for damn sure. If I was a kelly stan my sn would have been….T.A.G.G(Second G)
        3rdly..Why would I be mad? You’re the one mad.. Your fave has to sell albums via Groupon(I’d be furious)
        If body flop was going gold it would have by this time…
        I respect you going hard for her but she is a flop and you are too.
        I mean you stay on TGJ so im thinking you have no life..Seethe you delusional c*** SEETHE! and after you’re done go find a chair and your meds and head to time out…Dismissed!

  23. Heartless August 14, 2013

    If she is THE VOCAL BIBLE, than I am Queen of England.

    • Savannah August 14, 2013

      Hi Queen Elizabeth 🙂

      • Heartless August 14, 2013

        Hi girl. Come to Buckingham Palace for some tea and biscuits 🙂

    • tag August 14, 2013

      You’re not the queen and she isn’t a vocal bible…Mainly a manuscript for what not to do after you achieve success and want to keep it.

      • Savannah August 14, 2013

        No, actually she IS. The title was GIVEN to her like “THE VOICE” was given to Nippy.

  24. Jay August 14, 2013

    I can’t even fought her for trying to get on the top of the R&B game because she truly deserves it, smh.

  25. RoyalKev August 14, 2013

    Yes Gawd! I am so here for more Brandy music! I did want another track from Two Eleven because that was one of the best albums I’ve heard in the last 3 years of this decade so far! Even though I don’t want those songs wasted, the thought of a new Brocka album always excites me!

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 14, 2013

      I think she finally understood the main public wasn’t here for the rest of the songs on the album except diehard fans so she’s moved on. But whatever she does, I just hope she keeps making music. Her vocals are angelic.

  26. Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 14, 2013

    Brandy is so talented. bET was wrong for not nominating homegirl. If she records another album I am so here for it. But hopefully it will be late next year cuz theres a lot of competition dropping this fall. Doesn’t matter if Two Eleven flopped. Least it wasn’t bad as Ciara.

  27. Slimmin021 August 14, 2013

    Ugh, she had so many choices off 2/11, DYKWYH, Without U, NSTATL, Wish Ya Love Away

  28. QueenCeline August 14, 2013

    I want to know why Kelly fans think they can be an authority on anything. Please don’t think I’m shading but I really want to know.
    EVERY other r&b lady has had at least one era where they did REALLY well. Please, can someone honestly name one Kelly era where she did well. She doesn’t have one.
    I am not a Brandy, Ciara or Tamar stan but I do follow r&b and have done so for years.

    Kelly fans need to accept that Kelly isn’t interested in being at the top and that she’s content with playing second fiddle. You can’t sit there and bash Brandy and Ciara when they both have multiplatinum albums to their name. I’m sorry, but do Kelly’s album sales even come to 1 million in the US.

    I want to have a serious discussion so don’t bother replying if you’re going throw simple shade, I just want a Kelly fan to answer my questions.

  29. credits August 14, 2013

    Two Eleven did not flop. Who really thought she would debut at number one with over 100,000 copies sold in it’s first week? Nobody. She did not have the big budget videos and mega promotion so the 66,000 she sold was on point. kelly and ciara had the budget, the mega promotion and ciara had future and nicki minaj to add to her buzz, considering that, kelly and ciara both flopped. Brandy did well for her budget and her music still gets critical acclaim. I think you guys need to re-define the definition of flop.

  30. ReadMyLips August 14, 2013

    The starz are coming for blood..! Some of y’all irrelevant haters are getting read DOWNE..! Yesss lol but Bran will be fine. She just needs to drop that lazy cousin of hers that manages her and get someone who hustles and grind 24/7 and send the singles to pop radio and urban at the same time. Her team either never send the singles to pop radio or wait till its too late. I mean Becky and Andrew will support and buy the album if Tamar and DayDay aint. S*** the problem ain’t the music it’s her team and promotion smh but I think she has it right this time. My b**** is hungry..! #TeamStarz #Brandy #VocalBible

  31. JP August 14, 2013

    BRANDY! <3 you, bish! Can't wait for the next album. I'm hoping for an edgier urban sound. It's 2k13 boo…bring that fire!

  32. CEE August 14, 2013

    Some of you people on this sound like complete idiots. Let me spell it out for you:

    1) Brandy IS an R&B legend…point blank
    2) She has already proven over and over she can sell records
    3) She DOES have loyal and new fans
    4) Just like any amazing talent, her fans want her to continue making music as long as possible because we LOVE her.
    5) EFF record sales!!! Isn’t it obvious they have nothing to do with real talent. Just look at the charts.

    LOVE YOU BRAN…now do the damn thing!

  33. Absolved August 14, 2013

    F*** all that “the public isn’t interested anymore…” nonsense. Under the right circumstances, the public can be manipulated into going along with anything. Let Brandy cozy up to 1D for a TV commercial or photoshoot, and suddenly the little girls who were being born when “The Boy Is Mine” was on the radio would suddenly become interested in her. Hell, if every Two Eleven single had been sent to pop radio with a silly ass dance/pop remix catered to white girls and fruity gay guys, it probably would have done better. If she recorded an album of dumb material that was embarrassingly beneath her talent, it would probably do well. The public is filled with idiots and can be played. It’s about marketing.

    With Brandy, it’s largely an internal issue. The problem is that her “team” is too lazy or too incompetent. Brandy needs a shark. Someone who can effectively bargain, barter, manipulate and/or threaten on her behalf. Her current management and reps are ineffective, relying too much on good will from the public; hoping that they”ll have a soft spot for her simply because of who she is.

    As far as abandoning Two Eleven too soon goes, meh…it’s not too soon. That album was done after “Put It Down.” What’s the point of pretending with more singles? RCA wouldn’t promote them, radio wouldn’t play them and they wouldn’t chart. Anyone interested in sporadic tracks on that album should just listen to them. Time to wipe off that chalkboard and start a new game plan. Mike Will is actually a good guy to work with, and I hope Monica checks him out too. They all need to leave Rico Love alone.

    What I would like to see this time is Brandy taking a more dominate role with the writing/producing and handling as she did on Never Say Never and Full Moon. Two Eleven saw her relinquish too much control to other people, because she was too shellshocked after flopping before. I say f*** all that. If she’s gonna flop again, then let it be with music that at least represents her instead of with an album that was svengali’d by a low level A&R guy who sweet talked her into believing that he knows what’s best for her.

    That’s all I got. Brandy can have another successful album. She just needs to fire everybody in her camp, hire more competent handlers, network a little better and stop being so nice.

    • CLOCKED YOU August 14, 2013

      I think Brandy needs to stop letting her family run her career and hire real business people. Sonja was a lot like Matthew and did the damn thing at the time, but her cousin ain’t cutting the mustard. Aside from that, I think a new album is a good idea actually and for the past few months have been hoping that she would get started on another soon. Treat 2/11 like it was the the appetizer, the next album should be the main course. Music is finally shifting away from electropop and EDM. Hopefully where it goes next will be a little more accommodating to the kind of artist Brandy is. Stick to your guns Bran. A few years ago nobody would have predicted Robin Thicke would score the biggest hit of the decade so far with a throwback urban funk song.

  34. HOWYOULIKEIT August 14, 2013

    Please all the haters. let Brandy craft her new album. she is the vocal bible. even if she doesnt sell big, it is always hot music

  35. ASIPOFBRANDY August 14, 2013

    Yaaassss Bee!!! I can’t wait !!! We are about to get another glass of BRANDY!!! VocalBible

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