Behind the Scenes: Chris Brown ft. Nicki Minaj – ‘Love More’

Published: Wednesday 11th Sep 2013 by Rashad

As fans know, ‘Right By My Side’ co-stars Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj reunited for the bumping bass driven number ‘Love More’.

Acting as the latest single lifted from Brown’s forthcoming ‘X’ album, the accompanying visual had tongues wagging at the ‘Strip’ singer’s usual arsenal of high octane choreography as rapper Minaj made her presence known via her assets and accessories.

Not long after the clip made its debut on the net did Brown bring to light a “behind the scenes” video highlighting its creation.  Tuck in to see the action on the other side of the lens as Chris played both star and director…


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  1. rachel marron September 11, 2013

    baby no!! azealia banks got this b**** scared as hell. she tryna jump on every collabo possible!! i see u gurl. get dat money before u get knocked off. heeeeey

    • K September 11, 2013

      w-tf are you rambling about just shout da f-ck up.

    • Rosie September 11, 2013

      Girl I hate Icki too but you know damn well Assealia ain’t coming for s*** when ATM Jam is only charting in 1 country on iTunes.

      • rachel marron September 11, 2013

        @ rosie

        promo hasnt begun for atm yet hun…..try again

      • Rosie September 11, 2013

        My fave had no promo in the US either for her single yet it’s top 10 on the Hot 100 and in many other countries.
        No excuses for why ATM Jam shouldn’t be charting in more than 1 country.

    • rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 11, 2013

      I don’t care much for Ms banks music but I have to say she’s far better looking than icki Garbaj.

      I think it’s her chocolate skin, small figure and plum lips….I don’t know but she’s beautiful to me, she has. a soft face…..icki is all fake but still ugly, she should shave down her long witchy looking chin bone and funny uneven nose. She’s fugly from a side view. Needs to stop pulling that wig down all the way down to the!!!

    • RIHANNA NAVY! September 12, 2013

      lmaooooooo!!!! She said azealia banks though! I can’t!!!! Girl, aint nobody checking for azealia bankrupt! Even with all that promotion the b**** couldn’t get 212 to chart despite having hella views on youtube, PATHETIC! Lets not talk about her horrible EP numbers either! They b**** will flop just like Kreyshawn.! But IGGY will make it.!

    • cvncnvrtcaaurtu568 September 12, 2013

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  2. rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 11, 2013

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! Before Rih boarded her flight to asia. She just tweeted ” Just laid a monster hook for one of my fave artist. That is all I can say.
    She also wrote the treatment for what now vide, which will be filmed overseas and she said pour it up is coming next week. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS FINALLY SENDING BEYONCE INTO RETIREMENT.

    Lady Gaga or Em

  3. rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 11, 2013

    Who ever rih recorded this monster hook for; be it Lady gaga or em will finish beyonceonefor

  4. rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 11, 2013

    Can u handle the rihanna slayage on its way? She will shut down careers once and for all.

  5. SLAY_HIVE September 11, 2013

    Girl stfu and get Beyonce off your brain! Beyonce is a superior artist, there’s nothing Rih can do to get rid of her..she was here 8 yrs before we knew what a Rihject was and she’s STILL here, with LESS solo albums than your fave!! Let Rihject overwork herself to be relevant and stay delusional bxtch!

    • SLAY_HIVE September 11, 2013

      ^^^^@Delusional Beyonce obsessed Rihject fan

    • rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 11, 2013

      beyFATce is the one who looked like she wanted to get rid off Rih Rih by supporting Rita when they hired her and making her a rihanna clone/under study…but sadly that failed and Beyonce is nowhere to be seen with Rita…. she deserted her when she no longer fufill…..HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

      • RIHANNA NAVY! September 12, 2013

        Yes Girl PREACH! beyonce COULD NEVER! Also, didn’t Unapologetic already outsell 4. In less than a year, and 4 and been out like 3 years :'((((( LMAOOOOO!

  6. Stephy Tha Lambily September 12, 2013

    Yasss Chris Brown is so s***. Mmmmmmmmmmm I’m very thirsty

    • Nika September 12, 2013

      LOL – well at least you can admit it, lol.

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