New Video: Future – ‘Honest (Ft LeToya Luckett)’

Published: Wednesday 11th Sep 2013 by David

Future lives it up in his brand new video for the single ‘Honest‘, gently pulled from his November 26th album of the very same name.

Glamorous to say the least,the video also stars Destiny’s Child beauty LeToya Luckett, who joined the vocalist in taking direction from Colin Tilley, who crafts a video you’ll agree scores a straight 10.

Check it out!

Your thoughts?

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  1. King b luvah September 11, 2013

    Future why you couldn’t buy any of Ciara albums like vince bought Tamars

    • cvncnvrtcaaurtu568 September 11, 2013

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  2. Davis September 11, 2013

    Damn future cares more for Latoya than his flop GF

  3. The Boy Toy September 11, 2013

    LeToya looks good but the song sucks

    • King b luvah September 11, 2013

      But wheres Ciara sis?

      • The Boy Toy September 11, 2013

        Free falling down the charts as I type 😆

      • King b luvah September 11, 2013


      • FAF September 11, 2013

        I guess like Unapologetic..

        Rihanna still cant get that 3x plat certified album in the us after 7 tries, sis

        Still mad future dropped the plans for vids with the w**** for “Loveeee song” (which he wrote) bc Ciara denied it ? the w**** is TALENTLESS 😆

      • The Boy Toy September 11, 2013

        Lmao Ciara didn’t deny s***. Future WANTED Rihanna to make it a single. That could’ve been Futures meal ticket into the pop world. I’m not even gonna argue about sales with a Ciara stan. Ciara can have her 3x certification (although she only sold 2.6 whereas GGGB sold 2.8 and 9m ww). FAF you are the most delusional b**** on here. Aren’t you tired of stanning for lessor ass b******?

  4. Raneill September 11, 2013

    I like the video… not really the song… he should stick to doing features Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @Raneill

  5. TurnT September 11, 2013

    You’re all so mean, it’s sad. Ciara’s great, LeToya’s great and Future’s great. Please, for your own sake stop hate someone instead others and viceversa. I Love them all. And I love you all lovely haters <3 <3 <3

    • Ballsy September 11, 2013

      They’re all flops but Letoya is nice so I will elevate her a bit over the other 2

  6. cake like lady gaga September 11, 2013

    LOL at how Ciara stays on ya minds!!!

    HA IMPACT 😀 😀

    • Pour it Up September 11, 2013

      ‘Ha Impact’ LMAO.

    • Pour it Up September 11, 2013

      Kii at him not putting Heara on the track. Not a good enough singer.

      • cake like lady gaga September 11, 2013

        You sound super pressed 😀 😀

        That Ciara Impact won’t let up 😀 😀

        Stay impacted by Ciara 😀 😀

    • S*** September 11, 2013

      Impact? Please explain…because the way her album sales are set up…

  7. ya September 11, 2013

    i support nd letoya’s ma baby

  8. Slaylor swift September 11, 2013

    But b**** wheres Shitara?????????

    • cake like lady gaga September 11, 2013

      Where is Taylors virginity?

      • Slaylor swift September 11, 2013

        The same place were gagas d*** & balls are tucked at.

  9. Letruth September 11, 2013

    When did video girls become a feat… Anywho he should of used Ciara more people would check out the vid lol.

    • Slaylor swift September 11, 2013


      • Letruth September 11, 2013

        truth. and what boy band memeber is slutlor under this month!

  10. FAF September 11, 2013

    Love all the Ciara comments in this post meanwhile Rishitta being dragged for her horrible fashion week fashions and dressings her ONLY Talent!! Kiii


    • The Boy Toy September 11, 2013

      While Ciara is being dragged by Tamar who outsold her total sales in one week. Kiii that f**! 😆

  11. B4REAL02 September 11, 2013


  12. MuiMui September 11, 2013

    Cute video and Toya looks great,that Cici Fans need to shut all the way up.

  13. riri slay September 11, 2013

    Toya has more talent compare to beyhoe and queen all flops kisses down flop.

    • credits September 11, 2013

      It’s a pity Letoya never sang lead during her DC days.

  14. (Ruleyou) R**** should be stoned to death September 11, 2013

    Poor CiUglira. Future didn’t buy the t*****’s album. She is losing, with her ugly planet of the ape boyfriend. F*** you Grape, comment deleting motherf**ckers!!

  15. jake.ubb September 11, 2013

    The song is okay, video was nice, I just get amped whenever I see LeToya Luckett – that girl is majorly talented both in singing and acting. I’m gonna need a major label to wake up and pay attention to Miss Luckett for the new album. As for Future, I don’t really think anything about him, he’s just kind of…there.

    Twitter: jmurdoc2 follow me!

  16. Jonathan Gardner September 13, 2013

    YESS LETOYA looks SICKENNNINNGG – as usual!! She’s such a stunner!

    I’m STILL waiting on that third album though! Why Destiny’s Child members always gotta make you wait soo long LOL

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