Weigh In: Kanye West Slams Jimmy Kimmel For Interview Spoof / Was He Right?

Published: Thursday 26th Sep 2013 by Rashad

As if the week hasn’t seen enough action via Rihanna vs. Teyana Taylor and Michelle Williams, now it seems Twitter has been reignited with an ongoing Twitter rant by ‘Heartless’ hitmaker Kanye West.

No stranger to his fair share of rants over his illustrious career, the rapper/producer produced a number of fiery tweets aimed at late night host Jimmy Kimmel after the funnyman spoofed West’s recent hour-long BBC interview.

See the angry tweets and spoof that prompted it all:

 Your thoughts?

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  1. Mark111 September 26, 2013

    Someone’s mad. Ye ye, that is how you look and sound when you get in a pissy mood.

    • vbmvbmtyi568 September 26, 2013

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  2. NT September 26, 2013

    Kanye , Kanye , Kanye . Just Kanye being Kanye.

  3. Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 26, 2013

    Geniuses don’t like lessors mocking their work. I back Kanye 100%.

    • BEYGAGA CAREY-JACKSON September 26, 2013

      …and you stan for the most overrated pop singer out right now. #gurlbye

  4. Dk 2k13 September 26, 2013

    Guess hes a bully like Rihanna.

  5. BEYGAGA FENTY September 26, 2013

    This gurl…I cannot take her.

  6. Molly September 26, 2013

    Look at teyana senior going off.

  7. MISHKA September 26, 2013

    Dear Kanye,

    First off, if you don’t want paps to take picture of Nori, don’t let grow up in LA.

    Second point, don’t get this little girl’s face covered during all her childhood. Or else at one point, she’ll crave the attention and next thing you know she’s another Montana Fishburne.

    Third point, Jimmy is doing his job. those kids in the spoof are people’s children as well. Nori is your everything but those are innocent kids. You’re doing too much Kanye and it’s exhausting.

  8. Stephy Tha Lambily September 26, 2013

    I Kanye West was a WHITE MAN!!! He would have atleast 2 diamond selling albums by now!!!

    • Stephy Tha Lambily September 26, 2013


      • rih rox(U mad Bro?) i had to change account due to disgusting hijackers so pay no attention to them September 26, 2013

        No sweety he is too arrogant. and it shows.

    • XXX September 27, 2013

      nope…cause he would still be an asshole…

  9. Cali September 26, 2013

    Team Kanye…

    • Jason Ross September 27, 2013

      Which is Team Pathetic

  10. a beautiful day September 26, 2013

    it’s comedy. kanye can’t laugh? *shrugs*

    • XXX September 27, 2013

      is it anything new?

      he’s a gay fish…that’s it

  11. rih rox(U mad Bro?) i had to change account due to disgusting hijackers so pay no attention to them September 26, 2013

    I wasn’t here or around for those threads… I’m so busy having to move, I’m moving from Sydney to Brisbane…I had change uni and everything can’t wait to finely relax.

    Anyways I went by that post/thread praising beyFATce and disregarding Rihanna… umm just because one place or person praises beyBUYstuffCe was praised don’t mean sh%t. I walk by shops and all I ever hear is rihanna music..never hear beyFATce music…

    Isn’t kinda odd how she likes to be known wherever she is? Is getting a little too predictable.

    • Relllz September 27, 2013

      LOL and yet more people still want to buy Beyoncé tickets in Australia.

    • Yeah I Said It September 27, 2013

      It wasn’t one article though. It was 3. And I guess that’s why ‘Beyfatce’ is doing 14 sold out shows there, R****** is only doing 7 (idk if they’re sold out)

  12. rih rox(U mad Bro?) i had to change account due to disgusting hijackers so pay no attention to them September 26, 2013

    Don’t reply to me please because I won’t be here for it.

    Thank you.


      You sound mentally insane my friend!

  13. rih rox(U mad Bro?) i had to change account due to disgusting hijackers so pay no attention to them September 26, 2013

    F%ck KanGAY I never liked him to begin with… self-centered arrogant piece of jerk.


      you’re negative person. is your life that bad?

    • D September 27, 2013

      I hope your move to Brisbane f*cking sucks. #Alltheworst #b****.

  14. BeyonceLipsyncs September 26, 2013

    Kanye Kardashian

  15. TJ September 27, 2013

    It’s interesting that Jimmy does a parody of Kanye talking about pants & Kanye is outraged… Yet, when Ray J sat there and disrespected the woman he claims to “love” who was at the time, super pregnant with his daughter…he was completely unbothered. It says a lot tbh.

    • D September 27, 2013


      Kimmel <<<<<< having her head going north and her ass going south.

  16. the truth September 27, 2013

    F****** hell… Look how Miley Cyrus has been made fun of, over the past weeks… you don’t see her moaning like a little b****.

  17. Dev September 27, 2013

    Kanye, take a breath, step back and realise that you and your life are a joke right now! Ain’t nobody taking you seriously especially after appearing on the Kris Jenner show. The only thing you’ve got going for you is your daughter and you need to enjoy her before you either end up in a room next door to Amanda Byres or the Kardashian’s turn her against you.

    Mr West. To think where you were and where you are.

  18. Jmoore September 27, 2013

    kanye thinks he is the best thing ever. He has real mental problems. So many dudes in the game take shots at him and no response…u cant be mad when ur girl has slept with every black man she thinks will further her so called career..he cant possible be the biggest rockstar in the world when the yeezus album is not selling like a king. His arrogant attitude and off the wall comments make him the perfect punch line…he is a joke..

  19. Yeah I Said It September 27, 2013

    Oh Kanyeisha girl!

  20. BEYONCE CROTCH SPLIT. September 27, 2013

    poor kanyeshia kardashian..behaving like a b****

  21. K September 27, 2013

    he is right in my opinion on this one f-ck Jimmy.

  22. Tisha September 27, 2013

    “Jimmy Kimmmel put yourself in my shoes…oh no that means you would have gotten too much good p**** in your life”

    Bwahahaha!!!! Kanye Kanye Kanye! Sweetie! Baby! You f***** Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian -those p****** were as good as the rotten fruit no one buys that turns brown in the supermarket!!!

    Good p****, LMAO. That confirmed it for me, dude is gay, LMAO. Excuse me while I picture him raging in his leather skirt.

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