Chris Brown: ‘I Lost My Virginity…When I Was Eight’

Published: Saturday 5th Oct 2013 by David

 Some things are better left unsaid.

Perhaps that’s the lesson some Chris Brown fans hope he learns this week, following the unveiling of comments he made regarding his sexuality during an interview with ‘The Guardian‘.

Comments, that saw him reveal that he lost his virginity aged eight.

His disturbing confession below…

 An excerpt from the piece reads:

“He lost his virginity when he was eight years old, to a local girl who was 14 or 15. Seriously? “Yeah, really. Uh-huh.” He grins and chuckles. “It’s different in the country.” Brown grew up with a great gang of boy cousins, and they watched so much porn that he was raring to go. “By that point, we were already kind of like hot to trot, you know what I’m saying? Like, girls, we weren’t afraid to talk to them; I wasn’t afraid. So, at eight, being able to do it, it kind of preps you for the long run, so you can be a beast at it. You can be the best at it.” (Now 24, he doesn’t want to say how many women he’s slept with: “But you know how Prince had a lot of girls back in the day? Prince was, like, the guy. I’m just that, today. But most women won’t have any complaints if they’ve been with me. They can’t really complain. It’s all good.”)

While some may find the above funny or even cute, one does have to wonder how ‘funny’ or ‘cute’ we’d find it if a female artist revealed that she had been introduced to sex and pornography by an older relative at the same age.

It’s disturbing whichever way you look at it, and unfortunately very telling of how Brown is currently being handled.

For, where was management to stop when he began to relay this story, perhaps not realising how it would serve to tarnish the image he’s already struggling to restore.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Stephy Tha Lambily October 5, 2013

    Ughhh Please stop with him… I hate being gay at these times.. He so f****** fine!!! I would drop to me knees & … Oh never mind………… *RUNS AWAY*

    • calling all hearts October 5, 2013

      You need help.

      • Scherizang October 5, 2013

        Suicide Blone and Stephy Tha Lambily are going to be permabanned.

    • cvncvnery458 October 5, 2013

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    • milli vanilli October 5, 2013

      amen haaha dam i wish i knew him when i was 8 🙁 -cries- jelous of these b****** hahah

  2. IKNOWTHETRUTH October 5, 2013

    He will do and say anything to make sure ‘X’ isn’t a flop at this point.

  3. Tami Roman Beer Bottle Hidden Under Shaunnie Sofa October 5, 2013

    So he decided to leave out that these same boy cousins watched p*** got all hard and took turns on him now we all know the root of him mental problems hmm learn something new every day

  4. TheTruth October 5, 2013

    This is why the public doesn’t like you. FOOL!

  5. BanjeeRiri October 5, 2013

    Chris, that’s not normal. It’s not normal anywhere.

  6. cake like lady gaga October 5, 2013

    I cannot, for the life of me, understand why Sam thinks this news. SMDH, you thirsty f** s***

    • LoveLana October 5, 2013

      You don’t know why it’s news yet you ran here, read the entire article, scrolled down and commented?

      • cake like lady gaga October 5, 2013

        Read?? B**** I aint read no damn stupid article.. But you tried..

        Here’s your seat _/

    • Stop the drama Start the music October 5, 2013

      This site doesn’t always post about music it also post celebrities in a political, controversial light too. It’s been that way for years…

  7. QueenCeline October 5, 2013

    “While some may find the above funny or even cute, one does have to wonder how ‘funny’ or ‘cute’ we’d find it if a female artist revealed that she had been introduced to s** and pornography by an older relative at the same age.”

    Now THIS is why I read this website. What he said made me feel sick in my mouth.

    • Stop the drama Start the music October 5, 2013

      I bet if Rihanna had said that this post would get 400+ comments.

  8. FentySoSnatched October 5, 2013

    Christopher, you need to see a psychiatrist if you think that’s ok. What the hell were your older cousins doing showing you that? His mom better ask some questions today!

  9. Wrecking Your Favs Career October 5, 2013

    What kinda 15 year old would mess with an 8 year old ewwww can you say desperate for d***.

  10. ILoveUAA October 5, 2013

    And this is why I stan for August now, he doesn’t give me all the trouble Chris does.

  11. Kiii October 5, 2013

    Wtf? Byeeeee
    The only i thought about at the age of 8 was Pokémon.

  12. Stephy Tha Lambily October 5, 2013

    Moderator: Comment deleted.

    • Wrecking Your Favs Career October 5, 2013


    • Stop the drama Start the music October 5, 2013

      Girl bye. No one needed to hear that.

  13. Stop the drama Start the music October 5, 2013

    Wtffff. 8?? SMDH….some bad guardians around him.

  14. MCThePlaceToBe October 5, 2013

    There are so many things wrong with this.

    1. What kind of 14/15 year could look at an eight year old and find him attractive?
    2. WTF were his cousins showing him p*** for?
    2. AND WHY DOES HE THINK it’s funny?

    Is it any wonder the boy is bipolar? He needs to seek help and fast.

    • Stop the drama Start the music October 5, 2013

      And I notice Rihanna didn’t become “bad” until she met him….but that’s another story..

  15. Rosie October 5, 2013

    A mess. X will be a Graffiti size flop. He needs to recognize that.

  16. Britney stan October 5, 2013

    Hes truly trash

  17. Elijah’sBijoux October 5, 2013

    That’s molestation bruh.

  18. Alex October 5, 2013

    8 is very young but ohh well 🙂

  19. BeyWhoUWanna October 5, 2013

    Poor thing thinks it’s normal too.
    The fact that his body could do certain things at 8 actually exposes something more worrying 2bh, because I know I didn’t start to notice changes until I was 11/12 and even that is far too young to be sexually active.
    A Brown family meeting will be necessary today.

  20. Britney stan October 5, 2013

    Nothing about that is cute no 8 year old should be having s** smh….

  21. AubreyOSlay October 5, 2013

    His family are low down dirty pigs and i hope they read these comments. THIS IS NOT NORMAL FOOL.

  22. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 5, 2013

    Only two things I’m looking forward to from Chris;

    1. His album to FLOP
    2. His retirement.

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 5, 2013

      Damn, thats f***** up. Waiting on somebodys failures. How pathetic is your life loser…

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 5, 2013

        Don’t act like ur surprised tho…

  23. Stephy Tha Lambily October 5, 2013

    Sorry if I offended people with my last comment but its the truth.. Guess people cant handle the truth so I will continue to lie…


    • MarinasDiamonds October 5, 2013

      I sent an email to TGJ about you, so look forward to being banned soon. You’re sick and disgusting.

      • Stephy Tha Lambily October 5, 2013

        Thank You!

    • Britney stan October 5, 2013

      What you wrote was very disturbing.

      • Stephy Tha Lambily October 5, 2013

        I just wrote that I was messed with as a little child too & my comment was removed now they wanna block me… Who cares..

  24. KissesForKelly October 5, 2013

    His cousins should be questioned by the police 2bh, this is repulsive. 14/15 is too young but I could have dealed if he said he was that age when he first got down even though it’s too young. BUT EIGHT YEARS OLD? That’s child abuse.

    • mekaela October 5, 2013

      He saying anything to sell albums now soon he will blame rihanna for sexual abuse he needs to stop

  25. Rellz October 5, 2013


  26. Ju don’t even know October 5, 2013

    Attention seeking crack head. I don’t bileve him, however I do bileve he will say anything for attention or to make sure x doesn’t flop.

    • Ju don’t even know October 5, 2013


  27. Woman2Woman October 5, 2013

    His poor mom must feel guilty not knowing,

  28. Draggin4MrsCarter October 5, 2013

    He needs to seek help, because I believe there is more to this story.

  29. X November 19th October 5, 2013

    Lmao! That’s kinda cute and odd at the same time.
    I see why you’re so nasty

    • JanetXone October 5, 2013

      Everyone, let’s take a stand against underage abuse by thumbing down this comment.

      • DeruloDreamer October 5, 2013

        Good idea sis.

  30. Dirty laundry October 5, 2013

    Chris head is so f***** up that he thinks its ok smh so sad.

  31. Rita ORA black mailing beyonce.! October 5, 2013

    African americans are in the problems they are, not because or the ‘ white man’ man because of poor choices and terrible moms, such as his mom. He had s** at 8?

    No wonder the black community is f***** up.

    • RitasLipstick October 5, 2013

      Because this doesn’t happen in white homes too?

      • Stephy Tha Lambily October 5, 2013

        Exactly, white be having s** & pro creating with thier own family!!! Nobody says anything about that!!!

    • zania October 5, 2013

      This happen a whole lot down south with white folks, so its not just a black problem and not just trailer trash white folks, some suburban folks too. Look at all these priest molesting little boys.

    • Tisha October 5, 2013

      You don’t deserve a logical argument. F*** off racist c***.

  32. TIsForTamar October 5, 2013

    Trust Rihanna to get involved with this confused boy. She attracts horrible things everywhere she goes.

    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 5, 2013

      Rihanna has moved on babe, you should too.

  33. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 5, 2013

    Reality TV awaits you Chris, because X is flopping.

  34. ItsCheryl2bh October 5, 2013

    Hello, social services?

  35. . : : h 2 o : : . October 5, 2013

    I turn 21 in April and I still haven’t had s** …

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 5, 2013

      Really???!?! You haven’t used that… Oh never mind before MY COMMENT GET REMOVED!!! BITCHESSS…

      H2O stay a virgin FOREVER!!

  36. Mike October 5, 2013

    “we had watched a lot of p*** at 8 years old, so we were ready” – wtf? LOLLLL


  37. zania October 5, 2013

    I think its called r*** when someone much older take advantage of a baby, yes a baby. Everyone seem surprise, I grow up in the hood in my early years and there were some fast little girls starting at 9 in my neighbor hood. i remember this one little girl she was around 11 years old and had six guys in her house, all I saw out my window is her mother who surprised them and they were jumping out the windows, unfortunate these things happen in the hood or down south were CB is from, but it is very sad.

  38. Ariana’sGrand October 5, 2013

    What kind of sickening s***! What kind of perverted cousins are these and what kind of low down dirty s*** b**** w**** sleeps with someone that young.

  39. HOTSTUFF October 5, 2013


    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 5, 2013

      Hot Stuff…. Help ME!!!!

      • HOTSTUFF October 5, 2013

        lol help u what honey ??????

    • Stephy THA lambily October 5, 2013

      I need you to suck my wet black c*** baby I wanna stick it in your asshole 😉 if you can mange.

      • HOTSTUFF October 5, 2013

        LMAOOO ‘Stephy’ isn’t that a girl name ????

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 5, 2013

      Excuse, Hot Stuff that was not me who sent you these messages. I would never say suck my black D & stuff like that. Please ignore the trolls… Ugh I hate this site people faking to be you

      • HOTSTUFF October 6, 2013

        ok i was asking myself what was going on with you ….lol

  40. SoGone4Monica October 5, 2013

    The motherfucking horror of at all. If the police don’t start asking questions I’ll be sad because that is child abuse. We black people need to stop thinking everything we do is ok or acceptable cos some of us do s*** just as disgusting as what other races do, but we just don’t want to admit it.

  41. QueenBeyReigns October 5, 2013

    I’m happy that TGJ deleted Stephy’s comment. He/she tried to act like sexual abuse was a joke when it is not.

  42. calling all hearts October 5, 2013

    Pray for Chris & Stephy Tha Lamb they think this is cute and a joke.. When its disgusting.

    • MarinasDiamonds October 5, 2013

      Yes sister, I agree with you and have been praying for them.

      • Stephy Tha Lambily October 5, 2013

        Well Keep Praying Because I Do Need It.. Ive Been Corrupted & you 2 are judging how Godly of you 2!!!!

        @Marinasdimonds.. You are fake!! Why not ask me about it..
        Instead of calling me disgusting.. & Gossiping about me. Fake B****!!!

      • calling all hearts October 5, 2013

        Im judging you because you mad a joke out of it… Seek help please.

      • calling all hearts October 5, 2013


  43. IKNOWTHETRUTH October 5, 2013

    Christopher Lohan Bynes……..chile.

  44. X November 19th October 5, 2013

    2 things I’m looking forward for you, Boo:
    1: Eat a D***
    2: Go To Hell
    Stop with the negativity, if you don’t like Chris then why the f***
    You rude ass Mofos always commenting a bunch of b*******!
    It’s so funny how you dumb f**** are so quick to call somebody a flop!
    When they’re multi-Millionaires, traveling the country!
    You are sitting at home with y’all’s irrelevant broke asses talking about somebody !
    Lmao! COME ONE SON! Get the f*** outta here, b****!
    Ciara’s a millionaire, Chris is a millionaire, who more than everybody who are commenting hateful s***
    and y’all are calling somebody a flop??? What sense does that make?? Smh I’ll Wait *Waits*

    • Rosie October 5, 2013

      Dead @ your comment having absolutely nothing to do with this entirely f***** up situation. Absolutely indefensible. I still don’t understand why he has stans.

    • Stop the drama Start the music October 5, 2013

      I feel u. The Fuckery on this site with these comments are real…

    • Pia Ash October 5, 2013

      Must Read

      Ne-Yo he had s** for the 1st time at 9 years old to a 15 year old girl. he said it in an interview he did with big boy’s neighborhood radio show. It may have been consensual between them but legally its considered statutory r*** . As an adult, he can look back, and he doesnt feel like he was taken advantage of.

      Now when Ne-Yo told when he lost his virginity no one said a word about it. So now Chris tell it that’s a different story. Why is it go for Ne-yo to tell when he lost his virginity and not Chris GTFOH

  45. K.Rebelle October 5, 2013

    Dr.Phil, come get this chile.

  46. calling all hearts October 5, 2013

    He needs help.

  47. Ju don’t even know October 5, 2013

    And x will FLOP.

  48. BobbyJay October 5, 2013

    I lost my virginit at 10 and im 23.its normal ppl. It may not be right but its been done by so many. Especiall in atlanta and florida.

    • BeachHouseBritney October 5, 2013

      Just because it happens doesn’t make it right. There is something WRONG with anybody who could take advantage of a CHILD like that even if the child THINKS it’s normal.

  49. Scheissethroned(GrapejuiceKing) October 5, 2013

    Uhmm honey you didn’t have s**!

    It’s called r***! You got… R****!

  50. Rosie October 5, 2013

    And the nerve of his stans to defend him. I can already see them on Twitter, just like how they got #PrayForChrisBrown trending after he had a f****** seizure.

    • Chris king October 5, 2013

      Shutup b**** there’s boing wrong with two people having s**. S** is normal there’s nothing wrong with it. You b****** are just trying to make chris look bad.

      • Rosie October 5, 2013

        No, YOU’RE the one being delusional. There is something EXTREMELY wrong with having s** at the age of 8. That is the f****** THIRD GRADE.
        And you wonder why no one takes Fist or his stans seriously.

    • Chris king October 5, 2013

      SO.??? Nothing’s wrong with it if it wasn’t r***…he said he had s** not i was r****.your just a pressed f**.8 year old are near the age of adult hood anyway. I would side with you if he were 6

      • Rosie October 5, 2013

        Dead @ 8 being near adulthood. Maybe in your South Georgia trailer park honey but not anywhere else. F** you’re delusional. There’s only a two year difference between six and eight, but I don’t expect anything worthwhile to come from a Fist Brown stan.
        By the way, I have a v*****, and it’s clean unlike the one you came out of.

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 5, 2013

        8 year olds don’t need to be having s**. Ur just giving p********* even more of a reason to prey on kids. That’s sad u could say something ignorant like that. Most children r**** at that age are traumatized. Kids need to stay far away from sexual thoughts til at least 13.

  51. Tisha October 5, 2013

    What the f*** does that have to do with your music Chris?!

    Ugh, and then your b****-ass will whine again about how you’re such a victim and everyone just hates you.

  52. A. October 5, 2013

    not to mention the Example this could be for young boys, if read this.

    not a good message

  53. barb 4 lyfe October 5, 2013


  54. Yeah I Said It October 5, 2013

    This boys biggest problem is himself. And will always be. That situation is not healthy, but WTF does it have to do with his music?

    • Stop the drama Start the music October 5, 2013

      He’s a music artist. That’s what it has to do with music. Y’all always wanna hear the latest gossip about celebs on this site anyway.

      • Yeah I Said It October 5, 2013

        Im not talking about the site, Im talking about HIM. He needs to start talking about relevant s*** not stirring up controversy or crying every minute.

  55. Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) October 5, 2013

    Hey Samantha, are you going to report about how Beyonce re-used and recycled her Vogue cover for Marie Claire?


    She has officially RUN OUT OF IDEAS.

    • barb 4 lyfe October 5, 2013

      This isn’t about Beyonce

      • Ju don’t even know October 5, 2013

        H** shush no one says s*** when rihanna or ciara are dragged into post that have nothing to do with them. You’ll live b****.

    • Ju don’t even know October 5, 2013

      Yeeees expose that t***** since Samantha would never!

    • Yeah I Said It October 5, 2013

      How is that news? Many do that. The interview they used was old aswell. Its because shes coming to Austrailia Marie Claire Austrailia are doing that.

      • Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) October 5, 2013

        LMAO Excuses.

      • Yeah I Said It October 5, 2013

        How? Magazines use old covers and interviews all the time. Where have you been? *Rihanna voice

  56. BITCHPLEASEEEEE October 5, 2013

    LMFAO 🙂 🙂 🙂

  57. Krista October 5, 2013

    Wow Chris. He is a never ending downward spiral both personally and in his career

  58. Career Ender October 5, 2013

    “8-Year-Olds” knows how to put it “BETWEEN” the thighs and not in the real V-J-J

    Fistopher stop lying to the nation!

    This stick will do all the tricks to stay relevant… “X” is not going to make any impact


  59. denise black October 5, 2013

    he should of kept that to him self for he kept it this long why tell it know you should of told when you were eight and where were your parents and the other boys parents (LAWD)!!!! and he used the excuse the country was different sorry not buying that one!!!parenting wasent different

  60. Yeah I Said It October 5, 2013

    Hey Sam, post on legendary THE BEATLES ex band member PAUL McCartney saying hes inspired by Beyonce! That’ll make em seethe.

  61. Jessie October 5, 2013

    That’s not normal, Chris. Smh…..I think you’re trying to say you’re molested sweetheart not ‘volunteering’ to have s**.

  62. My Forehead Tho October 5, 2013

    Haven’t been this disgusted since Rihanna decieded to split open her bangs in the ‘pon de replay’ video tbh….

    If Chris wants to be respected and treated as a mature adult, he need start acting like it. There’s nothing cute about being molested at 8 years olds. Other than p*********, idk anybody else who would enjoy this story…

    • Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) October 5, 2013

      So you were disgusted by that buy you were perfectly ok with a married woman who is a mother, stripper dancing for some random white man? You Beyonce fans amaze me.

      • Rellz October 5, 2013

        LOL. A song about Dancing for your man, and that’s what shes doing. Its not slutty, its s*** and seductive. Now lets compare it to this article:

        Outrage over ‘vile’ Rihanna video for Pour It Up that even her own fans hate

        By Laura C**

        PUBLISHED: 00:17, 5 October 2013 | UPDATED: 00:25, 5 October 2013




        Rihanna faced an extra- ordinary backlash last night after even her fans branded her latest video ‘obscene’, ‘vile’ and ‘pornographic’.

        Hundreds took to social networking sites to tell the singer that she should be ashamed of herself over the X-rated images in Pour It Up.

        They questioned whether she was fit to be a role model to her millions of young and impressionable fans.

        Scroll down for video

        Nothing to the imagination: Rihanna sits upon a gold throne in the video pulling various racy positions
        Nothing to the imagination: Rihanna sits upon a gold throne in the video pulling various racy positions

        Campaigners also called for YouTube to ban the video, which has already been viewed more than nine million times since its release on Wednesday.

        Last night, Dr Helen Wright, a former president of the Girls’ School Association, urged parents to stop their children watching the video.

        Rihanna pole dancer’s gravity-defying routine gets 1million views on YouTube – and WILL make you want to take it up
        Globetrotter Rihanna’s $12million California home is once more targeted by intruders while she’s on tour
        ‘My b****es twerk on water!’ Rihanna tries to outdo Miley Cyrus in behind-the-scenes clip of raunchy Pour It Up video

        ‘No matter how much people may talk about its artistic merit, it nonetheless objectifies and therefore demeans women by casting them in the mould of w****,’ she said.

        ‘Teenagers are impressionable; this video feeds them the same old ugly story of female enslavement, not emancipation or equality.

        ‘Parents should object and do their best to prevent their children from seeing it; even better would be for Rihanna herself to recognise the responsibility she has as a public figure to promote positive and healthy images of women, and to stop selling out, under cover of ‘art’, to commercial interests which demean women.’

        Skills: Rihanna seems keen to show off just how flexible she can be while sitting in one chair

        The video was originally posted by Rihanna on Vevo, a video sharing site, but was banned due to its explicit content. The site has since reinstated it.

        It features pole dancers, strippers and lewd dance moves including ‘twerking’, a particularly provocative hip-thrusting dance.

        Rihanna spends most of the video dressed in nothing but a jewel-encrusted bikini and platformed stiletto heels. She sings about strip clubs, alcohol and money and is seen gyrating and sliding provocatively down a chair.

        Miranda Suit, of Safermedia, a charity that campaigns against violence, s** and bad language in the media, said: ‘[Rihanna’s] crude, tasteless and explicit dancing, combined with the money-focused lyrics, are telling all her fans – many of them still children – that it is good for women and girls to sell their body, and right for men and boys to see women purely as a sexual commodity.

        ‘Rihanna has sold out completely to the commercialisation and objectification of women’s bodies and their sexuality. And now she’s promoting it to girls and boys.’

        She urged websites such as YouTube to stop such videos being seen, adding: ‘Parents want to know that their children are going to be safe online.

        It is particularly hard for parents to counteract as Rihanna is so much part of mainstream youth culture and fashion.’

        It is not the first time that Rihanna, who has a line of clothing at teenage high street retailer River Island, has caused outrage with her music and behaviour.

        The lyrics to S&M, which appear to glamorise sadomasochism, provoked horror when the song was released in 2011, with the video being banned in 11 countries. A performance she gave during the final of the X Factor in 2010 led to ITV being flooded with complaints from shocked viewers. For the most part fans have tended to remain loyal. However Pour it Up would appear to have pushed some too far.

        Other tweets from fans included one writing: ‘Rihanna’s video Pour It Up is absolutely obscene! Out of the limit!’

        Another posted: ‘Just watched Rihanna’s new video … feel grubby … Eurgh! Vile.’

        Another ‘disgusted’ viewer directed her comments directly at the singer: ‘You are a role model and you have no idea the effect you and others have on our children and teenagers.’

        Last month, Professor Dionne Taylor, a researcher at Birmingham City University, said her study found that stars such as Rihanna damaged the self-esteem of young girls and lead them to believe that sexualisation was ‘part and parcel of life’.

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 5, 2013

        Lol pressed! That’s just a video telling a story of intimacy like it says in her song. And she wasn’t stripping u delusional b****! And why was robin thicke with all those h*** in blurred lines if he’s married?? Someone is beyond pressed!!

      • Rellz October 5, 2013

        @Stop the Drama. I know! The b**** is too delusional for my liking!

  63. Mark111 October 5, 2013

    Let’s see, you had s** at eight, became a star at 16, beat the crap out of Rihanna at 19, been a clown in his twenties. No wonder he’s so f***** up. He pretty much got whatever he wanted at a super young age. When he doesn’t get his way, he acts like an eight year old.

    I don’t believe that the girl was 14, either the girl was young as well or it was a 14 year old boy. This is one of those times when the story doesn’t add up. Either way, it’s damage, and he has some problems from a lot of things. As time goes by, I see Boddy Brown more and more.

    LAST, if Rihanna or any other female would’ve bragged about being with X amount of people, you all would’ve called them all kinds of names.

  64. Suicide Blonde October 5, 2013

    Moderator: Comment deleted.

    • HOTSTUFF October 5, 2013

      i saw ur comment….but how do u even think that forcing others to suck u is normal ???? what do u mean by ‘forced’ ?

      • Suicide Blonde October 5, 2013

        I was a bad kid.

      • HOTSTUFF October 5, 2013

        how old were u ???

  65. Raheem October 5, 2013

    When Chris Brown was eight he lost his virginity. When I was eight I lost my PS2 memory card and cried for days.

  66. Sass October 5, 2013

    Noooooooooo! Omg Chris that’s not Ok.

  67. Teacher October 5, 2013

    I don’t understand y some of you all are attacking Chris.!.! He was an innocent 8 yr old child…he’s not to blame…those who took advantage of him are the ones in the wrong!

    • JanetXone October 5, 2013

      We’re attacking him because he think it’s funny.

      • Teacher October 5, 2013

        He was probably ‘chuckling’ at the reaction of the interviewer! Chris knows how crazy it sounds to lose your virginity at 8. I can only imagine the interviewer’s reaction.

  68. NaviRoyale October 5, 2013

    I just reported Lambily and Suicide Blone and got a reply back saying you’re going to be banned. You thought it was cute to say that child abuse is fun and enjoyable when really it’s just as PERVERSE and horrifying as you. i’ll be glad to see the back of you.

    • VisionOfMimi October 5, 2013

      Good on you, they have to know what they said was wrong and disgusting.

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 5, 2013


  69. stay classy October 5, 2013

    mmh. i dunno where this story is from.

    looks ridiculous. does it help?!?


  70. BarbzRUs October 5, 2013

    SB and Stephy better say their goodbyes now.

  71. LA LA October 5, 2013

    Good job for him for losing his virginity at eight!

    That’s fantastic.

  72. Marcellas October 5, 2013

    WOW! Too much information!

  73. MISHKA October 5, 2013

    Sean Connery lost his virginiy at 8 too but he was over 50 when he spoke on it.

    Chris, there was someting cute about the fact that the “yo! excuse me miss” singer was a total virgin. Way to ruin everything people ever thought you ever were *kanye shrug*

  74. Tallb October 5, 2013

    that’s f***** up……i would never tell this story in public if i were him but well, he can’t complain about the attention he gets afterwards then. the sad thing is, that he is actually talented but waisting everything.

  75. Pia Ash October 5, 2013

    Ne-Yo he had s** for the 1st time at 9 years old to a 15 year old girl. he said it in an interview he did with big boy’s neighborhood radio show. It may have been consensual between them but legally its considered statutory r*** . As an adult, he can look back, and he doesnt feel like he was taken advantage of.

    Now when Ne-Yo told when he lost his virginity no one said a word about it. So now Chris tell it that’s a different story. Why is it go for Ne-yo to tell when he lost his virginity and not Chris GTFOH

  76. SHAWTY October 5, 2013

    When I saw the title I was like “Aw poor Chris, he was r**** at a young age by a woman” ….Then I read the post and here this c*** bragging about sexing chicks at 8…wtf man…his d*** was probably 4 or 5 inchs.. and thats me being optimistic….WTFF CHRISTOPHER…He stay losing

  77. BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 6, 2013

    Eww WTF?!! As much as I hate Rihanna, I can’t believe that she was breaking her neck for this guy. She really set her standards low. I’m glad she has moved on from this freak. And you wonder why people think that you are a mad black guy, SMGDH

  78. boo boo jones October 6, 2013

    Chris you were r**** (-___-) nothing to be bragging about my boy

  79. POP ROYALTY October 7, 2013

    That s*** is a Huge Amount of Crap.

    That is Sick.

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