Report: Mathew Knowles Readies Sale Of ‘Music World’

Since parting professional ways with his oldest daughter Beyonce in 2011, music manager Mathew Knowles has seen his public profile dip in the last few years, seeing the efforts he made to push the singer to superstardom forgotten by many and sullied by a number of unconfirmed rumours.

Now, in news that no doubt falls under the ‘unfortunate’ category, the businessman is allegedly readying the sale of his ‘Music World’ label, after struggling to keep it afloat after Beyonce’s departure.

Full story below…

Now responsible for releasing original Gospel material and compilation disks from its former acts, ‘World’ now finds itself in the middle of an industry storm after the website ‘AlwaysAList’ reported the following:

Several major record executives confirmed again to us that representatives from their companies allegedly met with the 61-year-old label owner about potentially buying Music World, though no deals were made.

Knowles’ desires to allegedly unload Music World could be why he’s filed suit against one of his top-selling artists Brian Courtney Wilson as a preventative measure to attempt to keep him on his roster.

A source familiar with the situation told that Wilson’s contract with Music World had ended and the singer had begun entertaining offers from other music labels. Apparently, Knowles was unaware that Wilson’s deal with his label had lapsed and apparently filed suit to complicate the singer’s ability to entertain offers from other recording companies.”

According to ‘AList’, Knowles intend to keep the lucrative Wilson tied to the label as to ‘up its stock’ in the eyes of potential buyers, allegedly hoping to use the interest the singer has garnered from other labels to sell him as part of the label’s package.
Unfortunate, as Knowles’ alleged attempts to sabotage Wilson’s attempts to jump ship may deter any interested parties from pursuing him, afraid of dirtying their hands with the mess that is lawsuit filed against him.
When quizzed on the matter, a representative from the once thriving company shared in a statement:
“Music World Gospel had it’s best year ever in 2012 ranked number 3 overall in market share. We hope to continue this trend.”
This news comes months after the BET network severed its arrangement with Knowles and Music World, whom they had collaborated with on their hit show ‘Sunday Best‘- sending many of its winning contestants / runner ups to Knowles’, enlisted to use his industry muscle and experience to oversee their careers.
Unfortunately, in a move that no doubt worsened ‘Music’s situation, the network cut ties with him and will now send any of the show’s future winners to  Kirk Franklin’s Fo Yo Soul Entertainment/RCA Inspiration.

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for more on this developing story.

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  1. The Original Truth Emeritus October 11, 2013


  2. RG2 October 11, 2013

    Well I’m not surprised honestly, I mean he lost his top cash cows which was Destiny’s Child and Beyonce. Fifth Harmony is talented but I’m not sure if they can reach the success of DC3, but hey anything could happen. Who knows?

  3. My Forehead Tho October 11, 2013

    I believe the world is round both literally and figuratively. He tried to sabotage/destroy the lives of the most irrelevant members of Destiny’s Child, now his life is damn near destroyed.

    • Dray October 11, 2013

      True no lies spotted and karma hasn’t stopped yet.

    • LA LA October 11, 2013

      Ughhh….. You’re back again?

      • Dray October 11, 2013

        Hey bish

    • Touché October 11, 2013


  4. BeyWhoUWanna October 11, 2013

    Karma for cheating on Celestine.
    Karma for stealing from DC.

  5. etone October 11, 2013

    He is a thief just like beyonce he ripped her off too must run in the family…

  6. Edge of Addiction October 11, 2013

    Well after years of being dirty he’s getting it back. You can f*** with Kelly or Michelle but the moment you f*** with bey regardless of who you are, you are done. He’s been dirty as a husband, dad, manager and business now we see what’s happening now.

  7. Edge of Addiction October 11, 2013

    Well after years of being dirty he’s getting it back. You can f*** with Kelly or Michelle but the moment you f*** with bey regardless of who you are, you are done. He’s been dirty as a husband, dad, manager and business now we see what’s happening now.

  8. KESHIA CHANTE STAN October 11, 2013

    Has anyone ever heard Maxine Ashley’s music before?

    She is seriously talented. Y’all need to check her out and promote her on the site.

  9. Draggin4MrsCarter October 11, 2013

    How sad. We should ALL take heed. When you are doing wrong just know that sooner or later the bad vibes you put out will find their way back home to YOU.

    Yes he did make the girls stars but he INTENTIONALLY sabotaged the careers of Kelly and Michelle by not giving them the same push he gave to Beyonce and then had the NERVE to cheat on her mom and THEN steal from her. Only God knows how Beyonce and her mom have been coping these last few years knowing that the man they once called protector hurt them the most.

    Now who can Beyonce turn to if she ever has problems with Jay Z. He was the only one powerful enough to look after her if she ever needed him and he ruined everything because of p**** and greed.

    • Dray October 11, 2013

      . . . . But Bey will feel the pain too; she’s not innocent by a long shot.

    • etonè October 11, 2013

      We feel the same way when beyonce steals work from could she..

      • Draggin4MrsCarter October 11, 2013

        Nobody cares about how you feel.

  10. DC34Eva October 11, 2013

    At a time like this a man should have family besides him. Too bad he betrayed his.

  11. Love2LoveYa October 11, 2013

    Mathew’s story is a lesson all should learn 2bh. I believe he had the best of intentions when he started DC but he let the power go to head and started being ruthless to the point where it went beyond being about business and REALLY about hurting anyone who got in his way.

    I FIRMLY believe that Mathew is the one who started the rumor about Ciara being a man when she first came out to sabotage. You can laugh all yall want to, but I am old enough to remember 2004 and I remember that Ciara was a serious threat to Beyonce and all of a sudden these weird stories started to come out of nowhere about her.

    • _NoFucksGiven_1 #BeyHive October 12, 2013

      Lol a threat to Beyonce? B**** are you dumb? Beyonce 1st album went 3 Million By 2004. Beyonce already pick up 5 Grammys? B**** are your serious. Beyonce still don’t know who ciara is…. Ciara is a flop then and a flop now…

  12. QueenBeyonce October 11, 2013

    Reading this just reminds me why it’s important to treat people nicely. Now Mathew needs people’s help but I bet you he didn’t think he would back when DC and Beyonce were snatching and slaying the charts.

    Do unto others as you would have others do to you so that when they when they do it to you you do not feel like you have done them wrong. That’s my motto.

  13. Dray October 11, 2013

    How many other awards did Matthew buy? The tea slowly spills. Hmmmmmmm

  14. Ciara(TheFemaleMj) October 11, 2013

    The reason Beyonce will never shade him in public because she doesn’t want him to tell people that he paid for her Grammys. #Truefact

    • Dray October 11, 2013

      No lies do I see. The fraud will cause mass break downs across the board for the Hive. Kiii

    • SLAY_HIVE October 11, 2013

      Still waiting on those receipts! If it’s #truefact, you should have no problem proving 😉

      • Dray October 11, 2013

        Receipts already being thrown out by BET’s own words. I’ll patiently perch as it all comes out. Kelly was r**** alright by her record management.

      • SLAY_HIVE October 11, 2013

        Girl can you provide a link please??? kii

    • UMo October 11, 2013

      Prove it.

  15. Touché October 11, 2013

    “Since parting professional ways with “her” oldest daughter Beyonce in 2011, music manager Mathew Knowles has seen his public profile dip in the last few years”?
    lol Sam I think you meant “his”. Anyway, Mathew deserves that for all his shadiness.

    • Touché October 11, 2013

      Never mind, Sam fixed it but Mathew still deserves what is happening to him.

  16. honestly October 11, 2013

    Matthew is readying a sale and Tina is readying a party. Betta Werk Batch.

  17. Career Ender October 11, 2013

    For the sins he did to LaToya , LaTavia, Kelly and Michelle

  18. Mark111 October 11, 2013

    After decades of taking money from DC members, he deserves to retire. Right?

    Or maybe if he had of pushed Kelly and Michelle careers as he did Beyoncé’s, he would have two other women killing the game on his label. What goes around, comes around.

  19. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 11, 2013

    And his daughter is destroying his legacy. Poor Matthew, can’t seem to get it right.

  20. Realest one October 11, 2013

    Yes, without his management, Bey showed the whole world how basic she is, but what else can one expect from a (competitive) 5th grader, some of her ‘ratchet’ shots are painful even to remember, I sure with 20/20 hindsight she feels so dumb putting out those photos and those stupid snippets—-none of which would have happened under Matthew.

    • Hadley October 11, 2013

      Lol Bey is managing HERSELF when will ur fav? Shes anything but weak

      • Hadley October 11, 2013


      • I am above u October 11, 2013

        BeYond Beysic!

      • LOL October 11, 2013


    • THE MRS SLAYER SHOW October 12, 2013

      well without his management she booked the superbowl and she is having the biggest tour of her career so…

  21. kyllaw October 11, 2013

    Had he treated the group the same, he would have more acts! But beyond was the focal point so he put his eggs in one basket!

  22. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 11, 2013


  23. Gilberto October 11, 2013

    On other hand, Beyoncé had two massive deals, a massive tour, a succesful album, a hit movie, booked an iconic performance on Superbowl, her own doc on HBO. She’s really an independent woman. Best singer, performer, musician-actress and business woman. Such icon.
    I can’t even imagine how much money is making on Mrs Slayer Tour. Pepsi is paying for everything and her own company is doing everything. BOSS!

    • LOL October 11, 2013


      • How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) October 12, 2013


  24. I am above u October 11, 2013

    Beyonce is next…Now Drop that album b****!

  25. Timago October 12, 2013


    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 12, 2013

      Do you have a life?

  26. Timago October 12, 2013

    SMELLY FLOPLAND!!!!!!!!!

  27. Timago October 12, 2013

    Smelly Flopland.

  28. POP ROYALTY October 12, 2013

    Karma is a B****, and She definitely has Everyone’s Address.


    He made Beyonce “BEYONCE” still.

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