Tamar Braxton Releases ‘Winter Loverland’ Artwork And Track List

Published: Thursday 10th Oct 2013 by David

It’s finally here!

One month before its long awaited arrival, Tamar Braxton has released the track list for her forthcoming Christmas album ‘Winter Loverland‘, unwrapping the artwork above as she does so!

Packing R&B seasoned renditions of many a Christmas classic, the album also features two original numbers named ‘She Can Have You‘ and ‘No Gift’.

Full list below…

‘Winter Loverland’:

1. “Sleigh Ride”
2. “Santa Baby”
3. “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”
4. “No Gift”
5. “Away in a Manger”/”Little Drummer Boy”
6. “Merry Christmas Darling”
7. “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)”
8. “She Can Have You”
9. “Silent Night”
10. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Iconic cici October 10, 2013

    Ewww lame b****.

    • CIARASTAN October 10, 2013

      Nobody is here for this, just like they weren’t here for her first album Kii

    • Jason Ross October 10, 2013

      That lame b**** out sold your favourites entire album sales in one week. Bye

      • CIARASTAN October 10, 2013

        B**** sit the f*** down ciara has sold around 6 million records Tamar is on album 2 and still hasn’t sold 200k altogether she to busy tryna steal LIL KIM IMAGE

    • Slaysurfave October 10, 2013

      Iconic Tay Slays u hating ass b**** all fraudulent & s*** IM BUYING!!!!!!

    • AvrilBish October 10, 2013

      Right, Pic is so basic…Just like her and her music..

      • CIARASTAN October 10, 2013

        Talkin bout hot sugar…more like powdered sugar with her old ass.. her and Vince take turns breast feeding Logan.

  2. Dirty laundry October 10, 2013


    • TRUTHTELLER October 10, 2013

      The one who put Kelly HOEland to SHA-ME.
      And yes hunni that’s SHADE.

    • Beyanca October 10, 2013


    • CIARASTAN October 10, 2013

      Michael Jackson, girl nobody important.

    • Johnvidal October 10, 2013


      • cocobutta October 11, 2013

        Caught in a lie. Fake heffa..

        Who? NOT YOU!!

  3. Jason October 10, 2013

    Beautiful cover!

    • Dirty laundry October 10, 2013


      • jazz October 10, 2013

        @ dirty laundry Ummmmm…..lies YOU tell

    • Its tiesha October 10, 2013

      Is it me or her hands are freakishly large on this cover.

  4. Stephy Tha Lambily October 10, 2013

    Umm… Mary J Blige Or Tamar Which one should I purchase????

    • Dirty laundry October 10, 2013

      Talk a good game

      • One in a million October 10, 2013


    • 5 October 10, 2013


      • Troian October 10, 2013

        nop, Tamar! ♥

    • CIARASTAN October 10, 2013

      Whoever can sing the album live the best which is neither so I’d just stick to throwback mariah 90’s era not the new one..she could have kept that garbage.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 10, 2013


    • GRUMP October 10, 2013

      Why don’t you just buy MC ND MCIIU and save yourself all the stress lol

  5. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) October 10, 2013


  6. ratedxxx(bad chick) October 10, 2013

    I hate holidays with a passion, all the damn xmas songs playing all damn day, makes me want to choke somebody…

    in other words, no thank you…

    • r u serious October 10, 2013

      okay Grich! take yo ass somewhere else then!

    • Slaysurfave October 10, 2013

      Okayyyyy depressed ass sick b****

    • Jessie October 10, 2013

      LOL! Bitter b**** alert.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 10, 2013

      B*tch, you need help..better yet Jesus. #BlackHeart

  7. LOL October 10, 2013


    • cake like lady gaga October 10, 2013

      At least she is releasing something, unlike T*********

  8. cake like lady gaga October 10, 2013

    This Kelly stan is doing the MOST today, the struggle doe -__________-

  9. ratedxxx(bad chick) October 10, 2013

    there is nothing wrong with releasing an xmas album, it’s october already the malls, my job(I feel bad for those h*** with no offices, listening to that crap), playing xmas songs, so obviously there’s a market for it…

    hell my job alone, every time i step out, mariah’s xmas album blazing, in october….

    like i said there’s nothing wrong with releasing an xmas album…there’s a market for it

    but for people like me who hates holidays, I aint buying,

  10. cake like lady gaga October 10, 2013

    Where is T*********’s album doe?? I will organize a search party to look for it. But I think I will find a cure for @slay_HIV+, @slutbird, @hoesie and @Richie Rich’s A*** before I find that album.

    • Jessie October 10, 2013

      Your comments are lame.

      • cake like lady gaga October 10, 2013

        Scroll past them sis

  11. One in a million October 10, 2013

    That’s the best I have ever seen Tamar look. I’ll listen to the original offerings. I’m not really a fan of Christmas albums. Mariah, The a Temptations, DC3 and the Jackson 5 are all I need. 🙂

    • Navy October 10, 2013

      I love J5’s Christmas album. I played the hell out of DC3’s also but I do like Tamar so maybe I’ll check it out.

  12. Jmoore October 10, 2013

    Cant wait to hear my girl Tamar!

  13. QUEEN MINAJ October 10, 2013

    WHO is this muppet?

  14. Lightingbulbs October 10, 2013

    Mariah & Christina has the best Christmas albums, I’m looking forward to Tamar’s Christmas album, I love her vocals

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 10, 2013

      Christina’s isn’t half as successful as Mariah’s though. #sit
      ButcherTina is a lesser

      • Touché October 10, 2013


      • Navy October 10, 2013

        Who cares? Ya’ll are so obsessed with sales tho…..

  15. Realest October 10, 2013

    I mean Tamar has THEE PERFECT voice for Christmas music.. Soulful, churchy yet able to sound commercial.! Only a handful of ppl can pull off a whole Christmas album and Tamar the vocal beast is one. Did you see the BET gospel honors? My god she can sing! Say what you want but she is the s***

    • Troian October 10, 2013

      I AGREE! she’s the best vocalist of all time!!! SLAYMAR IS COMING FOR YOUR WEAVES BITCHESSSSS GET READY YALL!!!!! 😀

  16. jozi October 10, 2013

    ok where is her third single though?? did her label finally pull the plug after the first two flopped?? lololol

    • Really? October 10, 2013

      Flopped? First single went platinum, and the second went gold….LOL.

  17. GoldenBoy J October 10, 2013

    On that cover she looks like she’s saying: “Omg, after this botox injection I can’t feel my face anymore…wait, is my nose still there?”

  18. JOHNVIDAL October 10, 2013

    Xmas albums like Mariah´s ones or Celine´s “These are special times” will keep slaying all these weak releases effortlessly.

    • Johnvidal October 10, 2013

      So the f*** what f**. So no one else should release Christmas albums? Die ugly

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 10, 2013

      Mariah’s Christmas album surpassed Celine’s in sales last December. These are special times doesn’t hold a candle to merry Christmas. Mariah Carey is the Christmas Queen. There is no denying that AIWFCIY is Iconic along with the album. Just watch how the album is gonna keep slaying every Christmas until it becomes her third diamond certified album.

  19. rih rox(U mad Bro?) i had to change account due to disgusting hijackers so pay no attention to them October 10, 2013


  20. I am above u October 10, 2013

    I thought that wAS BEYONCE

  21. Jessie October 10, 2013

    Her face looks wonky

  22. Jessie October 10, 2013

    Lol @ Iconic CiCi trolling.

  23. MJStan October 10, 2013

    Tamar has a beautiful voice, perfect for Christmas. I’m definitely going to buy it!

  24. Queen of F*** October 10, 2013

    she looks GAY

  25. thetruth October 10, 2013

    What exactly did Tamar do to put Kelly to shame??? U cant say… It aint nuthin Tamar can do to put Kelly in shsme! If u wanna speak album sales the lets keep it all the way real… Half of Tamars album dales were purchased ny her n het jusbamdt aint jappen… If u had any sense u would know tht Dirty Laundry is a Ciara stan posing as a Kelly stan…

  26. thetruth October 10, 2013

    That is NOT a Kelly stan. That is a Ciara stan posing as a Kelly fan. She also goes as Iconic Cici. Dont b fooled! Us Kelly stans r not psyco or haters!

  27. mc the place to be! October 11, 2013

    Mariah is the Christmas titan #nuffsaid without her Christmas music seems dull and kind of incomplete

  28. Chanel November 16, 2013

    I’ll check it out

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