Must See: Wendy Williams Interviews TLC / Quizzes Pair On Biopic And Pebbles Feud

Published: Thursday 17th Oct 2013 by David

As they ready the unveiling of the VH1 fuelled ‘Crazy,Sexy,Cool‘ biopic, TLC made their way to ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ for a fun filled interview today, dishing on the project alongside its leading ladies. One of these, being Rapper Lil Mama.

However, while their conversation kept it light and bright for the most part, it didn’t go without questions centred around ‘Girlfriend‘ singer Pebbles, who had served as a mentor to the ladies during the initial run.

A mentor, who has come under intense fire after after claims emerged alleging she was more ‘bully’ than ‘sister’ to the impressionable girls, reportedly forcing the ladies to buy their name back for $1 million per letter.

Watch below…

Unfamiliar with Pebbles?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beyanca October 17, 2013

    Love them, I’ll be watching.

    • bmytityidsgh548 October 17, 2013

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  2. Mark111 October 17, 2013

    TLC: Those Legendary Chics!

    Let those children be mad.

  3. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) October 17, 2013

    Yes I’ll be watching too

  4. Im going numb October 17, 2013

    Can’t wait to watch the movie.

  5. SLAY_HIVE October 17, 2013

    I’ve been waiting on this movie for months!!!

    • Im going numb October 17, 2013

      Me to im shocked on how much lil mama resembles left eye in the movie.

      • My Forehead Tho October 17, 2013


      • No Church October 18, 2013

        they all resemble so well #shade

  6. Bitchyonce October 17, 2013

    So excited!!!

  7. NO(Halo My Name) October 17, 2013

    #NOWPLAYING TLC ~unpretty

  8. Navy Nick October 17, 2013

    THey look amazing, love the girls that played in the movie, and I gotta give lil mama props, LOVE HER POSITIVE ENERGY-what GOD has for you honey, NO ONE can take it away….

  9. Head C*** IN Charge October 17, 2013

    TLC is the best selling girl group of all time! (More Than Destiny’s Child)

    • RICHIE_RICH October 17, 2013

      1. Spice Girls United Kingdom 80 million[1][2][3] Pop 3 5 → 4 → 5 1994–2000, 2007–08, 2012 (10 years)
      2. TLC United States 65 million[4] R&B/Hip hop 4 3 → 2 1991–2003, 2008–present (18 years)
      3. Destiny’s Child United States 55 million[5] R&B 4 4 → 3 1995–2006, 2013 (16 years)
      4. Bananarama United Kingdom 40 million[6] Pop 10 3 → 2 1982–present (30 years)
      5. AKB48 Japan 27 million[7] J-Pop 4 Rotational 2005–present (8 years)

    • Drixx October 17, 2013

      TLC is NOT the best selling group of all time, according to Billboard. It’s close. 45M for TLC vs 50M for DC….Yes, TLC was successful and awesome, but Destiny’s Child had more commercial successful.

  10. Timago October 17, 2013

    WHERE IS SMELLY FLOPLAND?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  11. suga&spice October 17, 2013

    What does Kelly have to do with this?

  12. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 17, 2013

    LOVE THEM!! I’ll be watching and getting the soundtrack! Beautiful women

  13. ratedxxx(bad chick) October 17, 2013

    to be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of TLC, none of their music moved me…

    I would rather listen to old school r&b/soul music..than listen the garbage that’s suppose to be good music…

    I have a lot of throw backs on my ipod…mya, swv, 702, joe, aaliyah, madonna, celine dion, britney, janet, tamia, kelly price, mariah carey, tank, keith sweat,
    case, mario, jon b, anita baker, brandy, monica, sade, toni braxton, heather headly…

    all those people made great music, and still making great music till this day..but people would rather buy an album that’s generic, so yea

    • Lucia October 17, 2013

      People don’t buy music at all, sad to say…specifically my fellow black people. If Billboard started to count illegal downloads all of the artists you named would probably have diamond albums lol.

  14. Boss October 17, 2013

    Chilli blazyen as fuc. TlC the dopest group.

  15. Del October 17, 2013

    Can’t wait to see the movie on Monday night. TLC is the best!

  16. Nikko October 17, 2013

    F* u pebbles!!

  17. tera October 17, 2013

    tlc made inspirin music!!!!!!!! i want back left eye their music were great i listen to music with meanin and their music had meanin

  18. Teacher October 18, 2013

    F*** Mathews Child! TLC>>>>>>>>>>>>that B**** and those other two b******!

  19. Damo October 18, 2013

    Mentor? she was no mentor she was there Manager, and instead of the standard 20% of earning that you would take, she was taking 50% which after all of there net profits, comes in leaves them with NOTHING!!!!

    The girls will happily admit TLC was Pebbles idea she created the group, and put them together but she was evil and greedy and left them broke

  20. B Lamont October 18, 2013

    Anyone else notice T-Boz and Left Eye in Pebbles video for Backyard???

    Anyway, I’m excited about this. If for nothing more than the girls look exactly like them.

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