TLC & Lil’ Mama Rock ‘DWTS’ With ‘No Scrubs’ / Robin Thicke Hits ‘The Voice’ With ‘Feel Good’

Published: Tuesday 26th Nov 2013 by Rashad

R&B was in full effect on Monday night TV.

Indeed, after giving ABC’s Sunday night yet another ratings boost with the 41st annual American Music Awards (with the likes of Rihanna, TLC, Justin Timberlake and more helping the program bring in its biggest ratings in four years), the best and brightest of today’s R&B continued their onslaught of television appearances – this time in the form of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and ‘The Voice’.

TLC and Lil Mama rocked the AMAs with a ‘Waterfalls’ performance in tribute to fallen member Left Eye and then followed it up on DWTS with a slamming version of their 1999 hit ‘No Scrubs’.  TGJ fave Robin Thicke laid his oft-celebrated falsetto on pretty thick for the viewers of ‘The Voice’.

Sharing a live rendition of his new single ‘Feel Good’, tuck in below to see both acts on their respective programs doing what they do best:


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  1. Molly November 26, 2013

    Lil mama will not let that left eye role go i see Lmao.

    • cocobutta November 26, 2013

      Read like a true pro!!
      Nothing else needs to be added

    • truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH. y you mad November 26, 2013

      stfu hoez!! #teamTLCdamnit

      • cocobutta November 26, 2013

        LIES YOU TELL!! Hi Pebbles

  2. jake.ubb November 26, 2013

    Not really here for Lil’ Mama still filling in with TLC… I know she’s gotta get her coins but TLC needs to do these promos with a different mindset: re-establishing themselves as a duo and pay respect to Lisa with dance breaks while the track plays her rap verses, rather than put Lil Mama up there… unless they are planning on accepting her into the group (Please, just no)…

  3. jake.ubb November 26, 2013

    All that being said, I am here for Robin Thicke – He has a great voice and I don’t think people realize it! Good for him getting that promo on the Voice. I dig the song – glad to see they didn’t ditch the album after Blurred Lines ran its course, because there are some pretty good songs on the album!

  4. @4everShelton November 26, 2013

    omfg shut up!!! if they want the b**** in the group she inn!! i cant stand you f*** who live in the past they need her to continue to bring what TLC is suppose to offer the world two singers and a rapper!!! soo get off my b**** (lil mama)!!!! she also bring the youth factor they need to stay relevant…. LIl mama get that coint sis and please join the group and make more timeless music with the ladies plzzzzzzzzz ! #90smusicSTANDUP

  5. Mother November 26, 2013

    Yo Amber Riley was going in chile!!! Yessssssss!

  6. JWILL November 26, 2013

    I love seeing 3 girls whenever I hear TLC’s name. But the instant nostalgia and excitement dies down once I come back to reality and see it’s just T&C feat Lil Mama. I know she’s doing tour spots with them until the end of Dec. That being said, you guys need to let up on Lil Mama. You loved her after the movie, but she didn’t Ace the AMAs, now you’re ready to strangle her. Most of society treated Lisa this way, then wanted to be sad and caring/loving once she passed. SMH

  7. jake.ubb November 26, 2013

    I just am clarifying what I said – I don’t understand Lil’ Mama’s presence in terms of the long run for TLC – if they are booking these high profile promo spots and have Lil Mama sitting in until December, then going to try to move forward without her, what is the point of having her now? They should work these promo spots around having the two girls… my comment wasn’t really critical of Lil Mama’s abilities, I just am confused with what TLC is wanting to do with their careers at this point if they are putting out new material as a duo for their comeback?

  8. JWILL November 26, 2013

    My comment was not in reply to your comment. But it’s quite obvious that yours is in reply to mine, so I will break down TLC’s current direction for you. Basically 2013 is just an anniversary year for TLC. They’ll only be performing old hits for the remainder of the year, Lil Mama was invited to be a guest at some of their spots as a fill-in for Lisa’s vocals, which they do not own. Lil Mama wisely obliged (what artist wouldn’t?) As for the future, new music will be released and performed early next year. As well as an image revolving around their new journey as a duo only. But again that’s in 2014s schedule.

  9. Barb 4 lyfe November 26, 2013

    Lmao. @Molly lil mama gets more shine impersonating left eye than she does being herself that’s sad.

  10. Iconic Cici November 26, 2013

    Look lil mama was good in the TLC movie but im not here for her being apart of the group she isn’t good enough to be apart of a legendary group like this TLC looks real desperate with having this b**** on their coat tails….

    • truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH. y you mad November 26, 2013


  11. MISHKA November 26, 2013

    Despite what the naysayers will *always* have to say, I think T-Boz and Chilli should go ahead and officially welcome Lil’Mama in TLC.

    The movie has brought TLC back in the news and people really want to see and to ear new music from them.

    The three ladies really needed this comeback and I do believe it’s no coincidence that Lil’Mama will not have to get another nickname to become the L in TLC. This is destiny.

    So make it happen, ladies, it’s all good.

  12. MISHKA November 26, 2013

    Why is my comment held in moderation …

  13. Nastysluttyboy November 26, 2013

    They are old, fat and pathetic now. They USED to slay but Some things are better left in the past!

    • truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH. y you mad November 26, 2013

      like your comment…B****!!!

  14. XXX November 26, 2013

    It would look better on Lil Mamas part if she just left it at the film. She really redeemed herself playing that role and now I can feel people starting to drag her again. She didn’t even perform Lisas rap well at the AMAs.

    • truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH. y you mad November 26, 2013

      SHUT UP

  15. Cici slaaaaays November 26, 2013

    T-Boz is so fat and lazy

    • truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH. y you mad November 26, 2013

      57 K

  16. XXX November 26, 2013

    @Cici slayyys T Boz suffers with sickle cell and has had a brain tumor which resulted in her losing her coordination. She had to learn to walk properly again. I would love to see what you look like after that.

    • truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH. y you mad November 26, 2013

      and she STILL was the best dancer of the 3. @F** @CIC AND HER MAMMY FOR NOT ABORTING THE B****!!

  17. Casual November 26, 2013

    TLC had a reality show several years ago about finding a new member. They should have taken the girl who came in second (forget her name) on that show and taken her on tour.

    Many popular groups (Supremes, Tempts, O’Jays, New Edition) have had to adapt to line-up changes, there’s no reason TLC can’t. Lil Mama isn’t a bad choice, but joining a group at its most popular in the 90s dates her, plus she’s out of sync age-wise with the other members.

  18. cocobutta November 26, 2013

    Not bad for a DROPPED group!!
    That Pebbles lead LIE sure has faded into the background.

    Now Lil’ Mama rolling with other females her own REAL age!!
    I know she the polyfilla but she’s filling the hole well.

    • truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH. y you mad November 26, 2013


      • cocobutta November 26, 2013

        I see the smile as bright as mine & some alternative READING glasses.. high 5 heffa lol

  19. truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH. y you mad November 26, 2013

    I’M HERE FOR TLC!!!!

  20. MusicStan November 26, 2013

    For those who clearly don’t understand… They are inviting Lil Mama because they can’t perform or use any of Lisa’s lyrics in any of the their hit ( due to her estates) they will get sue if they do( check the audition part in the biopic where the rap to “What Bout your Friends ” was off from the actual recording) Lil Mama is not offically a memember of the group and can rap the verses without being sued which why they are inviting her to perform with them…

  21. MusicStan November 26, 2013

    and think about whose else beside Lisa can really fit th format that is TLC… Lil Kim???? No, Foxy??? No, Eve???? No, Missy????? Maybe, but she is working on her album… Lil Mama is a perfect fit… Tlc was about Girl Empowerment and Lil Mama was the Voice of her Generation ( Don’t quote me on that) but it all work out… Most of TLC’s songs were playful and inspiration

  22. Krista November 26, 2013

    You can’t ‘replace’ Left Eye. I find that so disrespectful when people use that word. She was the biggest character in the group and one of the main reasons TLC were successful was because they all stood out in very different ways. Its not like the Supremes or En Vogue or even DC, TLC were about each character and what they bought to the group which is why they worked so well but it also meant that they wouldn’t work well as solo artists. The T, the L and the C together was too strong. You can’t have one without the other. Lil Mama would have to constantly be in the role of Left Eye which is wrong to me.

  23. Leah November 26, 2013

    Some people are really ridiculous. I’m sorry Left Eye died, but life goes on and if Tboz and Chilli want someone to fill in that rapper void left by Left Eye to make them a more interesting group, let them. They are really boring as a duo. It doesn’t mean anybody has forgotten about Left Eye.

  24. Navy Nick November 26, 2013

    Robin is amazing live; love him!!!!! TLC, i love u ladies, but isk i see no purpose in lil mama there if she is not gonna even fake lip sync, nor rap……. I agree, u all should do a hot dance routine while left eye raps are played, lil mama did her thing n the movie, but no reason for her on stage, if she aint doin nothing but back up dancing!!!

  25. Jessy November 26, 2013

    I so agree with this. because I am pretty sure if God forbid happen and one of them dies Left-Eye would move on either with the group or solo. So i wish they get off of T-boz & Left-Eye back!

  26. Quinn November 26, 2013

    but what wrap verses? she doesn’t have ANY rap verses that fit the way they are going. YES they could do a few new tracks with her old raps on there… but that gets old… look at the mess of Aaliyah’s death and people trying to resurrect her….

  27. jake.ubb November 27, 2013

    I feel you. I haven’t been paying that close of attention to their exact plans, so I was just stating what it looked like from the outside I guess. But I understand everything you said, and that all makes sense – glad to see there are other people on this site with a calm and collected approach of explaining things. When it’s all said and done I am just ready for some new music!

  28. jake.ubb November 27, 2013

    that comment was @JWILL don’t know why this site can’t get it together with the replies.

  29. LE✪N December 16, 2013

    TLC forever!

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