Christina Aguilera Wins At Itunes As American Music Awards Enjoy Ratings High

Published: Monday 25th Nov 2013 by Rashad

Praises have come pouring in for ‘Genie In A Bottle’ beauty Christina Aguilera for her stirring performance of ‘Say Something’ with A Great Big World at last night’s American Music Awards.

The ballad had already enjoyed a ride atop Itunes charts following its debut, but it seems Aguilera’s emotional showing – amidst high octane performances from Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, and more – won over enough fans to give the tune a boost back to #1.

They weren’t the only act to benefit from the ratings winning show:

Via THR:

“Despite the increased competition [from American football], ABC’s airing of the American Music Awards surged from its 2012 outing. The three-hour kudos jumped 32 percent for a 4.5 rating among adults 18-49 and 36 percent to 12.9 million viewers. The show had a lead-in from America’s Funniest Home Videos (1.5 adults), up a tenth from last week, giving ABC an average 3.7 adults rating and 11.4 million viewers for its primetime block.”


The ratings come as AMA’s highest in four years.  And, with those boosted ratings came boosts on Itunes charts for the likes of Christina Aguilera & Co. (from #13-1) and Pitbull & Ke$ha’s new hit ‘Timber’ (to #3).

Other noted performers from the night like Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry did not see considerable gains.  However, as always, the Billboard charts will have the final say when they refresh this week!


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  1. nate November 25, 2013

    Stand out performance! Christina was so thrilling to watch, and the love she received from the crowd was heartfelt. Welcome back Christina! Keep it coming! Keep evolving. Give me that emotional soulful music I love from you.

  2. #Beyindependent November 25, 2013

    Good for Christina i was so proud of her for getting her body right she looked amazing last night a complete 180 from how she looked at last years show.

  3. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 25, 2013

    Christina did amazing, she slayed that performance. My fav performances last night,

    1. Rihanna
    2. J.Lo
    3. Katy Perry
    4. Xtina
    5. Fraudiana Grande

  4. all4u1 November 25, 2013

    Well deserved Christina! The performance was breathtaking!

  5. Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 25, 2013

    Good, she and Ariana were the only two great performances of the night. One Direction also did surprisingly well, and it shows on the iTunes Charts.
    Kii at Gaga’s try-hard performance doing absolutely nothing for her.

  6. Tisha November 25, 2013

    Congratulations to her!

    She looks gorgeous and I’m glad her music is on the up-swing again.

  7. ….. November 25, 2013

    Gaga..who ????? 😀

  8. ratedx(love is beautiful) November 25, 2013

    love, love, love xtina’s voice…..true vocalist…

    xtina was never fat, she was thick, because she is short, extra weight makes her seem heavy

    hell even if she was fat, I would still support her voice, s***, who gives a f*** how somebody look as long as they have real talent….

    I wish she would go back to the old xtina, her music use to be so versatile…..I’m glad she’s happy, I want that happiness on the next album

  9. ratedx(love is beautiful) November 26, 2013

    why are people so pressed on gaga, I mean really?

    her album sold less than her last album, she’s not high on the charts, who gives a f***?

    i swear the people who hates her the most gives the broad more shine than her own fans…

    i mean there’s alot of people that I cannot stand, you dont see me on their post every single day 24/7 praying for their failure….

    gaga will be alright, because underneath all the gimmicks, the bish actually has talent….so good luck on the hate

  10. Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 26, 2013

    Bye at RatedX calling people pressed when it stays seething over Beyoncé for no reason.

  11. Lady Gaga 2008-2013 November 26, 2013

    Gaga is flopping beyond repair.


  12. Truth Tea November 26, 2013



  13. BeyHive November 26, 2013

    I kinda wish Gaga would get out of that “need to shock mode”, and just write, perform and play quality music. She deserves credit for having actual musical talents; and for not needing to put out overproduced, auto-tune laden songs that were actually written by somebody else, ala Rihanna, Miley or Katy Perry.

  14. quetta November 26, 2013

    Exactly! !

  15. rih rox((U mad Bro?)) November 26, 2013

    I’m getting annoyed writing my details every time I visit this site.

  16. Skyfall November 26, 2013

    Congrats, I see a big comeback year for her next year.

  17. Skyfall November 26, 2013

    2014 will be a great year for music
    1. Christina Aguilera
    2. Beyonce
    3. Mariah Carey
    4. Rihanna
    5. Adele
    6. Toni Braxton
    7. Lady Gaga

  18. Adele November 26, 2013

    Yes, Billboard should promote songs like this in the weekly chart. I’m tired of hearing pop bubble gum with no substitute…

  19. #Beyindependent November 26, 2013

    Rihanna made me really proud last night aswell that Barbados b**** has really come along way. good for her.

  20. Molly November 26, 2013

    So lorde dissed Nicki Lmao kiiii i live

  21. WhatInThe?! November 26, 2013

    @ratedx(love is beautiful) you’re such a hypocrite. It’s not even funny!

  22. Mike November 26, 2013

    Yeah man

    Last year’s show she looked anxious and uncomfortable (and yes the body was different too)

  23. RoyalKev November 26, 2013

    Christina did an amazing job, I love it when she’s controlled (just as much as I do when she’s slaying with fiery vocals). JLO and Ariana were awesome too!

  24. Sha November 26, 2013

    HoneyChildPlease Twitter SAME AVATAR PIC!!!! That f****** h** she praises beyonce on twitter and shits on Rihanna.THEN comes here and acts like a Rihanna stan #ICANT https://twitter. com/mynameisnojuan

  25. greg November 26, 2013

    I’m sorry, did i miss something here??…i mean the performance was just ok…the song was slow and uneventful so what is all the hype about???

  26. XXX November 26, 2013

    The best performances were Ariana, Xtina and J Lo.

  27. idgi November 26, 2013

    How gracious of A Great Big World to let Xtina have 9 second solo… Xtina really was the only one people were focused in once she appeared on stage! Xtina did great, I love the song the boys are wonderful writers

  28. Marcel November 26, 2013

    well Christina is a good singer she deserves the success… it seems like when she does her collaborations they work…

    Check out “Dare’ by new artist Marcel

  29. JP November 26, 2013

    Christina looked and sounded great. I so can appreciate her dropping the weight and returning to perfect form.

    I also bought Gaga’s Do What You Want, but not to support her…more to support R. Kelly. That man is a musical genius and after all these years, his talent still stands.

  30. KINDA November 26, 2013

    Still I can’t believe the jlo’s performance, it was amazing! talyor, gaga, katy perra need to learn from the old stars (jlo-xtina) they are a true performers!

  31. Whut November 26, 2013

    XTina, Ariana Grande, and J. Lo (OMG!)WERE the American Music Awards. The usual no-talents-Katy, Miley, Rihanna, Gaga-all fell on their faces as expected.

  32. rich86 November 27, 2013

    she`s the true icon not rihanna with her talentless ass,when u can do what christina did and get a standing ovation then u know u truly got it and is the real deal,jlo was incredible and ariana is truly amazing as well

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