Beyonce Visual Album: That Grape Juice’s Top 5 Moments

Published: Wednesday 18th Dec 2013 by Sam

It’s not everyday the industry’s brightest star drops an album from the sky. Yet, Beyonce did just that last Friday (13th) when she shocked the world with her self-titled new album – which came packaged with an unprecedented 17 music videos.

Naturally, the sheer volume of material has ignited debate about favourite songs and visuals. Like millions the world over, That Grape Juice has approximately 105 best bits from the set, which we’ve managed to condense into 5.

Watch above as Patrick counts them down. Be sure to let us know YOUR favorite moments below!


What are your favorite moments from the ‘Beyonce’ album?

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  1. Amanda Bynes December 17, 2013

    I”m just keeping it real that this Beyonce album is nothing special at all. Beyonce is not completely unique, but just another pop singer. #NoShade

  2. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    Still waiting for the HlV+ to call me when t********* sells 1.2m in her opening week. Oh wait, the tracking week is over, and she only scanned a mere 828k….

    Taylor and GaGa remain unbothered, perched at 1.2m sales each.. The HlV+ must be seething

    Poor dat…

  3. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 17, 2013

    I loved seeing the girls of DC together. ALL OF THEM looked bad as f*ck. Beyonce went IN on “Flawless” and slayed the sh*t outta me on my plane ride. And OF COURSE Beyonce showing us what s*** really is in Partition. And and “Pretty Hurts,” awesome song with a message many need to hear. So many great moments!

  4. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 17, 2013

    Hey hive member @CakeLikeBeyonce! One of the first to post and support as usual. What were you fav moments?! ANd dead at you running around bragging about 1.2 million of a DISCOUNTED $0.99 album… $15.99>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>$0.99

  5. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    I loved everything about this album and the videos, it’s hard to choose because it’s perfection as a whole!

    My favorite songs are:


    Damn, i like the entire album!! kiii

  6. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013


    When will Gags sell 1.1 Million WITHOUT a 99cent discount???? lol

    Beyonce broke an itune record in just THREE DAYS!

    More than Art Poop in over a month 🙁

    Your t***** fave is done. Maybe would should hold a search party for her album sales kiiii (you like how i did that 😉 kiiii

  7. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    @enough_troll I stan for a talented artist in the form of GaGa, not a thief that steals everyones work and passes it as her own, see t*********, so try again..

  8. Amanda Bynes December 17, 2013

    This album is TRASH.

  9. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    @slut_HlV+ but she still sold 1.2m, and t********* will NEVER smell 1.2m opening sales, even with her best selling album she still couldn’t sell a mere 1m..

    Yeah, I would also be mad if I was a HlV+

  10. Huh!? December 17, 2013

    @cake like lady gaga, Negro how many artist in the past few years have scanned 828k in just a few days. Was it even a full week? Is the physical copy even out yet? Did she promote the album in advance? Did you know the album would be released? Were people able to pre-order the album? Did she break any records? How many countries is she number one in as we speak? You sound really stupid, I can’t even lie! *Logging off can’t deal with the trolls today*

  11. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    And NOT at the HlV+ coming here and acting extra when t********* copied Ciara THREE fvckin times this era alone..

    Ciara released her fifth album in 2013, t********* copied that.. Ciara self-titled her fifth album, t********* copied that too. And the icing on the cake, the thief done stole Ciara’s Body Party video.

    I cannot at the HlV+ stanning for this thief that steals in broad daylight!

  12. Joey December 17, 2013

    Her second leg of the mrs. Carter show here in amsterdam, both shows sold out in 1h.
    The slayage is real!!!!!

    See you next year Queen

  13. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    @HUH, GaGa sold 1.2m in her first week, and that was in 2011…

    _/ _/

  14. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    “@enough_troll I stan for a talented artist in the form of GaGa, not a thief that steals everyones work and passes it as her own, see t*********, so try again..”

    Talented?? kii is that why she stalked Madonna’s entire career, image, music?? Ya’ll give that transexual too much credit. She’s an OK singer, stiff dance. She is more famous for her halloween costumes! 🙂

    “@slut_HlV+ but she still sold 1.2m, and t********* will NEVER smell 1.2m opening sales, even with her best selling album she still couldn’t sell a mere 1m..
    Yeah, I would also be mad if I was a HlV+”

    I swear you are slow! She achieved that , thanks to the DISCOUNT! kiiii Beyonce didn’t need any tricks, gimmicks, or 25 million promo, to sell her album!

    It must suck being a GAG MONSTER in 2013. the year Gags was slayed by everyone! kiiiii

    1.1 million to 259k #DECLINE looool

  15. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax December 17, 2013

    Breaking news!!!!!!!!!!!! RIH AND SHAKIRA JUST LEAKED. POP EDM UPTEMPO banger, in the vein of please dont the music

    RIH IS TEH FACE OF BALMAIN clothing line

    Rih is the only artist to chart in 115 countries ww RIGHT NOW, EVEN WITH BEYONCE.


  16. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 17, 2013


  17. Amanda Bynes December 17, 2013

    T***** Caca and T********* fans needs to have several seethe. Both of your faves are THIEF.

  18. Vee December 17, 2013

    Why has Beyonce outsold Artpop already though?

    I see why Cake is mad.

  19. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 17, 2013

    @RihKeeps the song SUCKS! Generic trash

  20. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax December 17, 2013

    RIH AND SHAKI is somethin g about the the music gets u on fire. Those are some of the lyrics. SOUNDS WAY MORE COMMERCIAL THAT XO and they go head to head.

  21. Jewell December 17, 2013

    I love this album its amazing, all the moments are my favs. But I absolutely ADORE the simplicity and gorgeousness of the ROCKET video. Its so hot.

  22. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax December 17, 2013

    REVENGE IS SWEET. IT WILL BE THE BIGGEST SONG OF 2014. WE will all be saying, beyonce who?

  23. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 17, 2013

    @Amanda says the b*tch reppin a crackhead for a screen name…

  24. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    DEATH @ Retarted like Caca saying Beyonce is copying Cierror!

    You are really grasping at straws to shade Beyonce! SMMFH #pitiful

  25. Jewell December 17, 2013

    Keep clinging to BTW discount receipts

  26. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 17, 2013

    @RihKeeps where’s “What Now”???

  27. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 17, 2013

    Fav moments, when I was surprised to actually like a Beyonce album.

    Second fav moment, when Mrs Stripper maxed out that American Express black card.

  28. Jewell December 17, 2013

    Or should I say Discount this way.

  29. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    ^^^ YASSSSSSSSSS the HlV+ is mad that t********* didn’t sell 1.2m in her first week… 😀 😀

    I guess I will not be getting that call from the HlV+ then.. Merry christmas you loose bottom faggotts that will die of AlDS!!!

  30. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    DEATH@ Enough Onika

    how could i forget Grace Jones! Can’t forget Bjork either!

    TrannyLikeCaCa is a FOOL LOL

  31. Jewell December 17, 2013

    @Cake it hasn’t even been a week you fool lol.

  32. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 17, 2013

    Rihanna’s campaign with Balmain slays though.

  33. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    @Jewel but the tracking week is over you fool lol

  34. Queen Bey 2014 December 17, 2013

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE This record!! It’s FLAWLESS. I love this YONCE. She’s fiercer than ever, she has swag, she’s s***, outspoken and very FREE. She really upped her game on this one. She outdid herself and anybody else in the music industry. LEGEND right there.
    I have both the Clean and Explicit version from iTUNES but I loved the Explicit version better. And oh I’m 17 years old.

  35. Amanda Bynes December 17, 2013

    @Enough Well at least Amanda doesn’t need to still other peoples work/idea. Hahaha

  36. XXX December 17, 2013

    This Beyoncé album is fantastic. Hive, ignore Cake Like Flopga its clearly thirsty for attention.

  37. Applause December 17, 2013

    @EnoughOnika how can you say anythings trash when you like songs like bow down and partition. Desperate slutty music yet she’s supposed to me a role model.

  38. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    “^^ YASSSSSSSSSS the HlV+ is mad that t********* didn’t sell 1.2m in her first week… 😀 :D”



  39. Amanda Bynes December 17, 2013

    @Lovebird Can you teach me how to put a picture? Thanks! Mwah ♥

  40. Jewell December 17, 2013

    And how much did Gargoyle sell after 3 days? Why has Beyoncé outsold Fartpop?

  41. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    Death @ Me waking up this Morning, only to see the LOCAL news channel discussing Beyonce and her history-making album! kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    It’s undeniable, no matter how much you hate it

  42. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    MESS at t*********’s best selling mixtape only selling 828k… GaGa remains unbothered with her 1.2m sales from Born This Slay.. And that is why the HlV+ is mad.. 😉

  43. Emeral December 17, 2013

    My favorite moment was ‘Blue’ it touched my heat the video was beautiful.

  44. Emeral December 17, 2013


  45. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 17, 2013

    @Slay_Hive Lol that b*tch is a f*ckin’ nutcase just like her cracked out t***** fav. #1 troll on TGJ along with @Sybil retarded actin a*s. Both should be BANNED

  46. Naomi December 17, 2013

    Death at this monster disowning Artpop era already. FLOPPPPP.

  47. Applause December 17, 2013

    Took Beyonce 16 years to do big numbers took GaGa 3 years kii

  48. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    I would LOVE to stay and chit chat with the clearly frustrated HlV+, but I can’t 😉

    Call me when t*********’s NEXT mixtape sells 1.2m cause clearly this one failed dismally.. 😉

  49. Jewell December 17, 2013

    And Beyoncé showed the girls how its done. No Twitter meltdowns and beefs, no yearly hype talking about the ‘album of the millennium’, no $21 million budget going to waste. She just came and BAM. I bet Gaga feels stupid.

  50. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    The Hive is holding a search party for Gag’s fans! They have ALL disappeared!

  51. Applause December 17, 2013

    Gaga is a better worldwide star then Beyonce, GaGa has had bigger impact, only impact Beyonce has had is on you ghetto trash f*** like @Slay_Hive @lovebird @enoughFlopnika

  52. Jewell December 17, 2013

    @Applause and she’s already over after 5.

  53. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    BYE PanCakes!

    Enjoyed Dragging you and bringing you back to reality!


  54. Applause December 17, 2013

    Where holding a search party for Beyonce top 10 hit.

  55. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 17, 2013

    @Applause “Do what you want with my body (feat. A R*****)!!!!” SO don’t bring that “role model” sh*t to me like that “t***** with his balls tucked back” fav of yours is doing something for people to look up to. That b*tch STILL on crack. Beyonce’s a grown a*s woman and can do as she pleases

  56. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    The HlV+ should hold a search party for those 372k unsold albums..

  57. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax December 17, 2013

    BEYONCE LP CAME OUT ON FRIDAY, Surely this means that folks have grown tired of rihanna in the USA?

    Billboard chart update: latest updates

    The monster POP no. 1

    Rhythmic numer1

    Rap airplay number 1

    WEll, look at the longevity even with BEYONCE NEW MUSIC. Look like Rih will be number 1 for a while, then Shakira joint drops, abother number 1, THEN her own number 1. WILL SHE LET BEY CATCH A BREAK?

  58. Monica Fan December 17, 2013

    Is this Gaga fan serious right now?

  59. Applause December 17, 2013

    @Jewell how is that she scored two top 10 hits already with Artpop the album has sold 1.4 million worldwide already

  60. lesotho finnest December 17, 2013

    geeeeeez! why cake like gaga so mad..beyonce is doing great, she is winning, she is selling more than gaga,how about you call us when gaga sells 11mil albums from one record like beyonce did with DIL, only God knows where you get the energy to hate someone you dont even know personaly, i wonder what type of person you are in real life.. even lovebird does not love bey but he showed his respect to bey for doing something so extraordinary.

  61. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    Bye @slut_HlV+

    Call me when t*********’s next mixtape sells 1.2m and she gets a top 10 hit single 😉

  62. Monica Fan December 17, 2013

    Beyoncé just slayed everybody even I can’t deny that. To deny that is stupid.

  63. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    DEATH@ FLOPpause

    Beyonce has only had impact on the ghettos??? After 16+years??

    After charting in 112 countries around the world? Even after touring and selling-out stadiums in BRAZIL?? Even with her 02 3 Dublin shows selling out in 20 minutes, forcing her to add another date!

    Gags only accomplished what she has do to her gimmicks. The GP has grown tired of that. When you strip gag’s of her costumes. All you have left, is a semi-talented conceited stiff white girl! The reason her sells and popularity have declined drastically!


  64. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 17, 2013

    @amanda Bynes

    Search “gravatar” in Google to change a pic.

  65. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 17, 2013

    @NAOMI YESS!!! Let’s talk ARTFLOP numbers t***** monsters, why go back to “Discount This Way” era?????? Didn’t she just drop a flop record?? Use those numbers to compare to Bey

  66. Jewell December 17, 2013

    1.4 million worldwide? Is that all? Beyoncé is close to scanning 1 million after just THREE days boo. Try again.

  67. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    bye call me when ARtPoop scans Gold in America

    King Beyonce already did that within three day! GoodBye kii

  68. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 17, 2013

    Didn’t Beyonce perform in 19 half empty venues?

  69. Applause December 17, 2013

    @EnoughFlopnika and what drugs is Beyonce on for thinking this trashy low budget album was something to rave about?

    Monica stans shouldn’t you be getting birth control for your fav?

  70. question December 17, 2013

    Once I figure out how. I will report some of the comments I see. Being a person who is H** positive, I am more than offended and think others will find it offensive to read such nasty things about the h**/a*** virus. I will spread the word to organizations and direct them to this site. Disgusting

  71. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 17, 2013

    Jay Z purchased 1 million of his albums and is stuck at 2 million WW.

  72. Krista December 17, 2013


  73. Applause December 17, 2013

    Call the girls when Beyonce stops stealing from Ciara.

  74. Jewell December 17, 2013

    Beyoncé has gone up to from 102 to being #1 in 111 countries now in the past day. I thought it was all downhill?

  75. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    “Didn’t Beyonce perform in 19 half empty venues?”

    Didn’t Beyonce outgross Rihject, even with “19 half empty ARENA venues” kiiiiiii

    Don’t pull it black bxtch

  76. Applause December 17, 2013

    @Slut_hive Gaga still has had more impact than this hoodrat… Beyonce 5 years into her career was a basic bop getting outshined by everyone.

  77. Jewell December 17, 2013

    @Question they’ve already been forced to censor the word thanks to Rihanna and Gaga stans.

  78. bey fan December 17, 2013

    Love Yonce/Partition … gets in the mood for the club

    Jealous and Mine are so on repeat.

    But the way Beyonce’s mug is beat in Blow… omg

  79. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013


    What drugs were the Monsters using, when they claimed Gags would outsell Beyonce?????????????????????? kiiii

    5 years and she is struggling to keep up with the Queen of the industry… #pitiful

  80. Bey-Minaj December 17, 2013

    I think the question Gaga fans need to ask themselves is how much did Gaga scan in 3 days. I bet its not 828,000 plus. Bey broke the internet and a record and you will deal. But don’t worry, we will get a full week total sales from her soon. I bet TGJ will be sure to let you guys know how much she sold in a full week.

  81. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 17, 2013

    You Gaga fans have to be some of dumbest f*ggots that ever walked this planet besides your fav of course. Just pure idiots. Say ANYTHING and run with it, then repeat it like it’s fact. I can’t with these f*gs..

  82. bey fan December 17, 2013

    I like Gaga… but the fan needs to stop.

    Please, have several seats. If Bey sold her cd for .99 cents on amazon, PLEASE believe she could have sold 1 million easily.

    And lets not talk about 25 million in promotion…I cant

  83. RoyalKev December 17, 2013

    As far as music, Drunk In Love, Pretty Hurts, Partition and Mine are tops!

    As far as the visuals are concerned, my top five would be:
    1. Blow
    2. Yonce
    3. Partition
    4. Jealous
    5. Pretty Hurts
    … Haunted just misses my top 5!

  84. Bey-Minaj December 17, 2013

    Math isn’t the Monsters favorite subject. 828,000 in just 3 days versus 1.2 mil in a week has a big difference.
    Monsters= Stupid

  85. Super Cisus December 17, 2013

    Partition = Body Partition!
    Beyoldce better salute the QUEEN! Cici’s IMPACT. I was gonna start being nice to her ass but once a thief always a Mother f****** thief! The Carter’s disgust me!!!!

  86. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    5 years into Beyonce’s Career, Beyonce was apart of one the BIGGEST selling girl groups in history, constantly being compared to the Supremes! She also went solo doing that time, DIL being her most successful solo album, earning her 5 grammys in one night, Crazy in Love was names the song of the DECADE. AND CRAZY IN LOVE WAS #1 FOR FOURTEEN WEEKS. Have several!

    Death @ you discrediting Beyonce’s longevity, something Gags obviously doesnt have!

  87. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013


    Cierror has NO impact bxtch. 57k <over 800k

    don't forget it b****. BOW DOWN

  88. Kendall December 17, 2013

    I love Haunted, the song and video. It’s so artistic. It reminded me of Madonna.

  89. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    Ok, I was walking out when I saw this HlV+ person and I had to reply to him/her

    Why is he inside his feelings? Hasn’t he ever heard of a condom? Why must we feel sorry for him when he had unprotected s** knowing very well that AlDS kills?

    HlV+ people get 0 sympathy from me. So you can report all you want b****

  90. overdose December 17, 2013

    I feel like she stole alot from Ciara, not gonna give her credit for stealing someone’s image and sound.

  91. overdose December 17, 2013

    why is this person telling us he has a***?

  92. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    what did she steal from cierror??

    WTF is Cierror known for????

    GTFOH with that. I understand you’re pressed but don’t lie chile

  93. Revolution December 17, 2013

    Its hard to chose but visually her best videos IMO are

    In no order

  94. Super Cisus December 17, 2013

    @Suck_Hoe B**** BUMyonce doesnt have a original bone in her nasty body. she jacked cici entire swag and looked stank and funky while doing so. This cd will die in a month just like 20/20 and you crack babies will f****** seethe kii

  95. overdose December 17, 2013

    @SlayHive even your fellow hive admitted she stole alot from ciara.

  96. Amanda Bynes December 17, 2013

    Thanks @lovebird

  97. overdose December 17, 2013

    @Cisus drag that b**** Lmao

  98. Super Cisus December 17, 2013

    I don’t give a f*** how many records she sold she gets 0 respect from me nasty w**** popping her twat then running on the beach with her baby. Slutty ass s**** ho

  99. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013

    This HlV+ person is probably that canadian t***** using one of 784814215 aliases.

    *throws a pack of condoms at the t******

  100. overdose December 17, 2013

    Her flawless video was such a swagger jack of Ciara, then tryna dance for camel z like Ciara danced for future.

  101. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    Chile No Hive claimed Beyonce stole anyting from Cierror. Im going to need you to be exact, show me an example and provide an accurate receipt proving your point. until then f*** off!


    Chile, cling to the “Beyonce isn’t original” shade all night. Still won’t change that cierror is IRRELEVANT!

    DEATH@ you claiming the cd will die after a month. When Cierror’s cd died before it was released.

    If it does die, it still sold more than Cierror’s last three albums in THREE days. kiii What a f***** flop. BYE LOSER kiii

  102. XXX December 17, 2013

    @Super Cisus Beyonce does not care if you respect her. Get out your feelings.

  103. cake like lady gaga December 17, 2013


    She copied Ciara by also releasing her 5th in 2013, she also copied Ciara by self-titling her fifth album, and she also copied Ciara’s body party video.

    What more do you HlV+ faggotss need to prove that your fave is a fvckin thief with no ounce of creativity in her body???

  104. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    “Her flawless video was such a swagger jack of Ciara, then tryna dance for camel z like Ciara danced for future.”

    BYE!!! Beyonce has being dancing ON and WITH jay-z since CIL! Cierror didn’t invent dancing hun smh

  105. Super Cisus December 17, 2013

    The hive is dumb and dusty just like their thief of a fav. She’s a s*** and Camel Z pimps her out to the highest bidder kii

  106. Naomi December 17, 2013

    Lool the other fan bases are bitter as hell. Funny to watch. (Grabs popcorn)

  107. Bey-Minaj December 17, 2013

    If Bey stole Partition inspiration from Cici, then that means that Ci stole Body Party inspiration from Bey’s Dance For You right?

  108. Super Cisus December 17, 2013

    She stole ci’s hair too stupid b****

  109. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013


    “I don’t give a f*** how many records she sold she gets 0 respect from me nasty w**** popping her twat then running on the beach with her baby. Slutty ass s**** ho”

    Bxtch don’t nobody give a f*** if you respect her. She has MILLIONS of fans around the world that buys her albums and respects her! F*** you and that 6’5 Manly hard lef, adams apple having, IRRELEVANT ass flop you stan for! bxtch i know why you mad.. GET IN LINE H**!! kiii

  110. Jamie December 17, 2013

    The hive is truly delusional if they don’t think Bey copied Ciara its f****** obvious you bums dont wanna admit it tho.

    i feel Bey stole from Ciara cause she knows Ciara is a sweet girl and won’t say anything about it smh Ciara should SUE seriously.

  111. Amanda Bynes December 17, 2013


  112. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    “She stole ci’s hair too stupid b****”


    Just like Cierror stole Beyonce’s dress to wear to the VMA’s??

    what a washed up flop bxtch she is kiiii

  113. Amanda Bynes December 17, 2013

    Y’all need to Bow Down to my avatar, b******. Thanks to @Lovebird 😉

  114. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013


    What did she steal from that man??
    Imma need you to be specific.. Post a receipt and i might take you seriously! Until then the struggle-squad will be considered PRESSED. which is nothing new kiii

  115. Super Cisus December 17, 2013

    @suck_Hoe b**** you are mad because you know ci is the real talent and original chick! Blandyonce needs to sit down and stop trying to be a slutty h** like Rihaids two d*** sucking illuminati soul selling b******

  116. question December 17, 2013

    To the creators of this blog. I am truly offended at the language that I am reading and also now being personally attacked. Your report button does not work. Being a frequent reader of this blog I feel that certain attacks should be filtered. For your information to joke on me for being positive is sad. I was born this way (coming from someone who praises lady gaga you would think having a heart was your cup of tea) I will screne save all the bullying attacks and report them. So, Sam, if I were you I would hold that person from comments.

  117. Dark horse December 17, 2013

    She steals Ciara image and Rihannas vulgar slutty music Lmao Beyonce really is a thief and has no shame smh.

    But i like Xo

  118. Super Cisus December 17, 2013

    Michelle Williams >Beyoldce she is a real woman with class and originality. Beyoldce is a f****** thieving s*** and Kelly is a basic flop horse t*****

  119. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    Bxtch i have NO reason to be mad!

    You didnt catch the tea? Beyonce has sold over 800,00 in THREE days! Her albums slays! The World knows it. the haters know it. You are seething!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    R.I.P. to CIERROR… She’s been dead since 2006 kiii BYE

    Cierror wants to be in illuminati herself. the reason she has her manly hands covering her eyes on the cover of Basic Extinct

    F*** off UGLY bitter jealoue h** kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    *Plays SLAYonce*

  120. Dark horse December 17, 2013

    Katy>Ciara > Rihanna> Ke$ha> Thiefyonce

  121. Yaz December 17, 2013

    Beyoncé is everything right now.

  122. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013



  123. Dark horse December 17, 2013

    Lmao supercisus better drag this ugly h** hoodhive

  124. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 17, 2013

    800K in three days, thanks to American Express. That drop is coming, thanks in part to Target.

  125. Yaz December 17, 2013

    Beyoncé somewhere laughing. Yall getting hot and bothered.

  126. Super Cisus December 17, 2013

    @dark horse these b****** be trying it Katy and ci are original and sweethearts. DEVILyonce and Satan Z are evil blasphemous illuminati elders f*** them they are garbage

  127. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 17, 2013

    Beyonce fans boycotted 4, how did they figure out their way around an iTunes account if they don’t even know how to use it enough to help those flopping singles?

    If Jay Z can purchase 1 million of his own album, what makes you think Mrs Stripper cannot.

    Imma perch and wait for those second/third week drops.

  128. Yaz December 17, 2013

    @Dark Horse

    Katy Perry ‏@katyperry 13 Dec
    B done broke the internet.

  129. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 17, 2013

    @Amanda Bynes

    You’re welcome babe

  130. Yaz December 17, 2013

    Katy Perry ‏@katyperry 13 Dec
    Don’t talk to me today unless it’s about @Beyonce THANX

  131. Dark horse December 17, 2013

    @SuperCisus exactly i cannot stand this f****** thief the b**** is so unoriginal its crazy.

  132. Dark horse December 17, 2013

    Katy can pretend like she likes the thief but i dont i can’t respect someone like her

  133. Yaz December 17, 2013

    Too bad your fav bows down.

  134. Yaz December 17, 2013

    Or should I say ‘supposed’ fave.

  135. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    “800K in three days, thanks to American Express. That drop is coming, thanks in part to Target.”

    Not when Target only accounts for asmall percentage of music shares


    itunes>>>>>>> kiiiiiii BYE

  136. My Forehead Tho December 17, 2013

    Im sorry but i watched all 17 videos and never once did i see Forever 21 discount rack costumes or Iphone special effects so tf did Beyonce allegedly copy from Ciara’s videos?

    And Dead @ at the navy’s death grip on Eminem’s YouTube views. I guess when you have nothing else to hold on to…

  137. Dark horse December 17, 2013

    So because Katy likes someone im supposed to? b**** bye im no follower like you simple h***.

  138. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! December 17, 2013

    My favourite part is that she needs to give away 17 free videos to get these figures.. Other artists do it with just a CD.

    There’s the difference.

  139. XXX December 17, 2013

    LMAO @ My Forehead Tho. Your comments always crack me up girl.

  140. RICHIE_RICH December 17, 2013

    They are mad, coming up with a 1000000000000000 excuess.

    Yessss BEYONCE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> you’re fav for the gawds.

    It took Gaga 7 days(.99) and it took Taylor 7(PAPA JOHN) days to sell 1.2. It took Beyonce’ 3 days to sell 800,000+. FOH with the B.s. Y’all mad, pressed and JEALOUS.


  141. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    DEATH@ CIERROR being original when she tries her best to copy Janet, but FAILS each time. kiiii

    her Body Floparts single cover is a perfect example. FOH with that!

    You’re pressed because cierror will be known outside of your small struggling crackhead infested neighborhood looooool

  142. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 17, 2013

    ITunes > other retailers THANKS TO SINGLES.

    Physical copies > digital copies when it comes to album sales.

    And target is one of the major retailers when it comes to physical copies.

    Do your research.

  143. Dark horse December 17, 2013

    Lmao that Taylor swift stan shaded tf outta Beyonce hahahahahahahahaha

  144. CandyBling December 17, 2013

    To the BEYHIVE. CONGRATULATIONS! !!! THE visuals and album are GREAT.
    Welcome to the legends club!!!!! From the fellow legendary camp of Mariah Carey. You guys should be very proud. This is beyonce best work to date and I can not stop listening. XO, BLUE, BLOW, HAUNTED…HELL THE ENTIRE ALBUM IS ON REPEAT.

  145. Dark horse December 17, 2013

    two late b****** having things in common not surprised

  146. XXX December 17, 2013

    ‘Beyoncé’ has yet to be released on physical copies and its still being sold at Walmart and Best Buy on top of Christmas. I’m not worried.

  147. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    where are your receipts of Beyonce purchasing her albums? what are you basing your claims off of???

    If her 3 o2 Dublin shows can sell out in 10 minutes, why is it hard for you to accept that Beyonce has slayed your faves without payola #1 singles???

  148. XXX December 17, 2013

    @CandyBling thank you DURLINGGGGGG! I love watching them seethe tbh.

  149. Molly December 17, 2013

    “TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! December 17, 2013 at 1:45 pm My favourite part is that she needs to give away 17 free videos to get these figures.. Other artists do it with just a CD.”

    ^^^ Death lol

  150. Tyler December 17, 2013

    Who tf is Ciara? I thought the b**** was extinct.

  151. XXX December 17, 2013

    And not you shading digital sales when your fav is reliant on digital receipts.

  152. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 17, 2013

    Girl bye, they already spilled the tea on those “sold out” shows.

    Out of 52 dates, 19 half empty. And if you want to know how venues “sell out” within minutes, read on the tea the clocked Justin Beiber on concerning “selling out” shows within minutes.

  153. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    Death @ this Taylor f** stan

    Taylor has to f*** every man in the industry just to have something to sing about!

    Turning all of her 12 year old fans into whores…BYE

  154. XXX December 17, 2013

    And other artists have millions of dollars of promo put into it beforehand and a lead single. Columbia saved so much money.

  155. Molly December 17, 2013

    After recording 17 videos don’t think Columbia had enough money for promo. @XXX

  156. Super Cisus December 17, 2013

    @tyler who tf are you dying bottom? Those cheeks are sunk in like a zombie and that hole is gaping I see why you mad broke bum b****

  157. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    But she has still outgrossed rihject, with a “flop” album. No number 1 singles. Only her name!

    Explain that??? kiiii

    Legendonce won’t be stopped! looool

  158. XXX December 17, 2013

    @Molly Oh really? This is COLUMBIA we are talking about honey. Educate yourself boo before you throw wack shade.

  159. MusicStan(Beyonce Ciara Janet Kelly Rowland Rihanna etc) December 17, 2013

    I’m a stan of BOTH Beyonce and Ciara BUT I will admit ( cause I call a spade a spade) and I don’t care how many of you disagree but my Four eyes( yes I wear glasses ) saw something that made me go hmmmmmmm….. Yes in Beyonce have did some similair things in her videos that did Remind me of Ciara!!! (No Shade it is truth) for example in Grown Woman towards the end when beyonce was doing the famous walking on her knees while making her b*** move ( that did come from Ciara “GET UP” VIDEO) Flawless did remind me of Ciara’s ” You Got Me” video and Partition some of the elements where from Love S** and Magic and Body Party!!!! I don’t think Beyonce stole from Ciara I think she feeds off her, and vice versa if you ever notice when beyonce and ciara are on the same awards show to perform they both put in work, but when beyonce and rihanna are on the same she( beyonce) sing ballads…. I live for both Beyonce and Ciara and I wish the Hive and The Squad would just squash it cause Both Beyonce and Ciara said they have nothing but love for each other ( check out ciara interviews on beyonce and beyonce interview on 106&park perimering Upgrade you video cicra 2006) now back to the post my fave moments are the whole thing (except no angel it has to grow on me ) My faves are Rockets which gives me D’angelo “Untitled( How does it feel)” vibe, SuperPower reminds me of Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
    Partiton put me in the mind of Body Party, Love S** Magic, and Dance for You, Drunk In Love would be a Huge urban hit ( can hear it in the clubs in Atlanta), Blow is giving me Prince, Vanity 6 vibes, love the song Blue and Heaven ( the lyrics are too deep) Haunted remind me of an early 90’s hardcore rock video, The visual art on mine is sooooo beautiful, Flawless reminds me of an early 90’s hip hop video, Pretty Hurts the visual is so deep cause girl actually do that to themselves to live of the white man’s image of beauty, jealous reminds me of a love story movie, grown woman I like the begining cause if was like a visual timeline where she started but towards the end I didn’t get it…

  160. Tyler December 17, 2013

    And @Fake Like Gaga where the f*** have u and ur multiple accounts been…in hiding???? As a matter of fact, where were ur anteana’s when Lovebird was dragging ur bootleg 2nd rate Madonna of a fave, Manly…I mean Lady Gaga, all up and through this blog? No! Wait before u answer that please let us all know how much money Gaga’s label spent on promoting ArtFailure…only to receive a flop in return. That’s the operative question.

  161. Amanda Bynes December 17, 2013

    Beyonce sold her soul to the devil for fame and money. She’s a loser and this b**** will burn in hell.

  162. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    “After recording 17 videos don’t think Columbia had enough money for promo. @XXX”

    Beyonce is a multi-millionaire. she also has Pepsi backing her! She sold over 800,000 in three days!

    We’ll leave the promo for the girls who need it *points @ your fave* 😉

  163. MusicStan(Beyonce Ciara Janet Kelly Rowland Rihanna etc) December 17, 2013


  164. Naomi December 17, 2013

    Have guys ever thought that Beyoncé may use the same choreographer or director as Ciara at some point?

    It happens.

    You need to stop grasping. Most of what Ciara has done has been done before anyway.

  165. Molly December 17, 2013

    @MusicStan i see no lies in your statement.

  166. Molly December 17, 2013

    @Slay_ Hive keep it cute sis….

  167. Naomi December 17, 2013

    Choreographers and directors tend to use their tricks on more than one artist see:

    Solange: ‘I decided’ and Rihanna: ‘Rude Boy’ videos. (Solange came out first btw)

    Both directed by the same person.

  168. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 17, 2013


    She was desperate this era. She took her clothes off Miley Cyrus style.

  169. JER December 17, 2013

    The best songs are :

    Drunk in Love
    Pretty Hurts
    No Angel

    I can’t at how good these are. I feel bad for anyone preparing to release an R&B album. Why? When Beyonce already released everything anyone needs for the next few years BYEEEeeeeeeeee

  170. Molly December 17, 2013

    @Lovebird Lmao right

  171. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013


    Right! It’s plenty of things that cierror does that Beyonce has done! nothing is new under the sun!

    I’ve popped my ass before, am i copying Cierror?? kiii Death

  172. MusicStan(Beyonce Ciara Janet Kelly Rowland Rihanna etc) December 17, 2013

    @Naomi they actually do and the same dancer Ashley (the red head dancer) had dance for both of them and also the Blonde short hair girl also..
    and @molly thank you I just tell the truth

  173. tyler December 17, 2013

    What was that?

  174. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    Beyonce desperate?? How so??

    when she has always flaunted her sexality. There’s a diffence in being sexual versus flaunting around in g string and see-through braws (points at rihject) , sitting completely naked on a stool(gags) OR swinging from a ball naked(viley), just for youtube views.

    have a seat. Beyonce slayed your faves and none of you can deal, after she proved you all wrong AGAIN!

    I’m loving this kiii

  175. Molly December 17, 2013

    Anyways love

    Pretty Hurts
    & Mine

  176. Naomi December 17, 2013

    @MusicStan that’s my point. Half the time its the creative forces behind them, not the artist. But ignorant will people just assume its the artist sitting there being shady. Ashley has been Beyonce’s female LEAD dancer for years but has worked with Ciara. Its clear that they use similar creative people.

  177. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    Molly wtf are you going to do or say if i choose not to keep it “cute” kiiiiii

  178. Amanda Bynes December 17, 2013

    She then reaps the rewards for selling of her soul with fame and fortune. Ciara is prettier and classier and doesn’t need to sell her soul like Beyonce. #NoShade

  179. Lolz December 17, 2013

    Ciara is such a flop don’t compare that man to the beautiful queen Bey.

  180. Tamartian bby December 17, 2013

    No Angel

    Are my faves but I could do without the extra ass and boobs in my face. She was giving skanky Rihanna teas in a lot of the visuals

  181. Tamartian bby December 17, 2013

    Ciara has only sold 125k in 5 months. Obviously ppl don’t know she exists therefore it’s impossible to copy her.

  182. MusicStan(Beyonce Ciara Janet Kelly Rowland Rihanna etc) December 17, 2013

    @Naomi right but it seen like we are the only two who see that!!!! these stan wars are sooo pointless and stupid to me cause these stan don’t know what it takes to be upfront all the time!!! I respect both Beyonce and Ciara cause they keep real music and talent alive ( yes ciara is not a vocal powerhouse like bey but she does have talent as a songwriter and entertainer) and I love the fact that they use their actual husband and Fiancé in their videos instead of actor… so that they are truly in love

  183. Molly December 17, 2013

    @Slay_Hive im gonna sit this ass on you!!!!

  184. Molly December 17, 2013

    And Tamar has not 1 platinum or gold album must suck to be a Beyonce reject.

  185. Amanda Bynes December 17, 2013

    Beyonce looks like a wild m***** when she shake her fat booty with cellulites. All the members of Illuminati are buying her album.

  186. SLAY_HIVE December 17, 2013

    ewwwww i don’t like ass hun!

  187. Navy Nick December 17, 2013

    My favorite moments are, when I press play & it goes from START to FINISH: EVERY SONG-EVERY VIDEO (FLAWLESS) LOVE IT ALL; HER BEST YET!

  188. Naomi December 17, 2013

    @MusicStan Exactly. Its a shame that Beyoncé and Ciara stans (on this site) don’t unite more. Because both their girls are talented and Ciara often shows love for Bey. The only Ciara stan on this site who I observe can see that is @Future Ciara. And now you obviously. There are no issues there.

  189. Tamartian bby December 17, 2013

    Tamar has a platinum single, sold 300k has one of the top reality shows on tv and has 3 Grammy nominations. Ciara is irrelevant @Molly

  190. Bruno Mars baby mama December 17, 2013

    the hive always come for Ciara first on every blog, twitter Instagram and everything else! They flooded her mentions when she didn’t get a Grammy nomination and again when Beyonces album dropped. They ain’t innocent they pick on everybody but Ciara gets it the most.

  191. MuiMui December 17, 2013

    Thumbing to the end of the thread make it hard to remember
    what you was going to say.
    Waiting to see which song can be the next song to get her Six Grammy’s in one night, since the Grammy Board Love giving Beyonce them so much ,that they even given her one for Etta James song. Where is the list of artist who have gotten Grammys for Performances,because if that be the case they sure have missed a lot of Musicians., And since they are comparing YouTube Views ,that’s rare to see here.Anyway The thrill is in seeing this Mother of One ,Married with her WIDE ass Perched in the air like that,amazing, and the reason, is because she has paraded around ,off and on half dressed, nekkid and showing as much if not more skin then anybody else,for that S*** Image she has loved carrying for years,and on stage shes Sasha Fierce so no one can say its Beyonce who’s showing her wide screen ass,and I say that with real Love for Beyonce as shes a great Artist, but want to be Classy Yet show her tail to the World. How can it be Art for one and hell to pay for Others> Tina showed her behind, Madonna, Britney, Gags,Rihanna, Kelly,Ciara,Nicki, and countess others But the difference is they Never tried to be a Saint, or Mother Teresa, they owned it like Rihanna has always done , and could give a f** about role model,this is a good time for Beyonce to sign on to be that role model Society has tried to Force Rihanna to wear and Rihanna has always been kicking and streaming she don’t want the mofo around her neck or no where close to her,,,,and that my Friends is a Perfect Example of a BONIFIED Bad Bytch That Rihanna is, Okay.,Since she is taking over the p*** Industry and dare Rihanna them to do the same Unless, they be met with the Harshish Critizism ever known to earth..Rihanna you have got your pass ,now Keep doing your thing, I know the Hive has called you a s*** so long that You are NOW ANSWERING TO THAT WORD LIKE IT’S YOUR GIVEN NAME YOU CAN LET THAT GO, THE WORLD IS WATCHING AND NOW THEY ALL KNOW WHAT TO DO When people calls you a ho Ri,. YOU have been backstabbed real bad by having that H** tag HUNG around your neck.,
    Rihanna your tight ass in Piu
    is the straw that broke the Camel back and Helped Beyonce to GET UMWRAPPED ,and Come Out Of The Closet, Right on Time for Christmas. I can imaging Beyonce pleaded and Begged Jayz for mercy to show her booty in the air like you do so Effortless.
    And now they are saying Beyonce wants woman Empowerment, But She always wanted that, Beyonce want that enpowerment for herself and none of the other women in the game. That half dressed P*** Twerking is for Beyonce, Miley,Rihanna and all the others because she feels the world only want to look at her box booty..Do her hubby love seeing his P*** wife still holding them p*** moves down after all these years.Rihanna I feel like I dreamed this and is going to wake soon from my dream and tell everybody.

  192. MusicStan(Beyonce Ciara Janet Kelly Rowland Rihanna etc) December 17, 2013

    @Naomi right I love Bey from day one with destiny child!!! now I will say this i will call a spade a spade on something about both of them!! Yes Beyonce is the best entertainer as a whole but when it comes to dance she is third after ciara ( first is Janet) but I love that they are both eloving and coming more out their shells this go around

  193. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 17, 2013

    Why y’all so mad?

  194. MusicStan(Beyonce Ciara Janet Kelly Rowland Rihanna etc) December 17, 2013

    @Tamartian bby yeah Tamar had a great year but one thing you fail to mention that it took her a min and reality show to get where she is… do I need to remind you of the 90’s????? i like tamar also but let’s call out fact since you want to go there!!!! Ciara made a name for herself without having a famous sibling or husband and a reality show… Tamar? hmmmmm not!!! Yes tamar can sing her b*** off but as a dancer? NOPE!!!! Yes ciara albums arent doing number like it use to cause at this point Ciara along with Beyonce realize to have longevity careers and happiness in life that numbers don’t matter to them as long as the FANS can relate to their music is all that matters to them ( for example that what really kill my fave ( Michael Jackson my utlimate idol) he wanted to do thriller numbers on all his album and die of unhappiness) As you can see Ciara and Beyonce are both inspired by Michael Jackson and saw what this Music Business and Fame has done to him!!! Now back to you!!! This is Tamar second album but first Hit album where as Ciara has Three and this album debut at #2 after Jay-z which is good due to the fact that no one in R&B even chart that high after a hip hop artist! So before you come for Ciara let Tamar third and Fourth album speak for it self!!!! and beside ppl are over her numberous vocal excuse!!! You said that you are the s*** but your performances and vocals are saying different… I’m done with you!!! You can got outside and play and make sure you back before the streetlights hit!

  195. Hivy December 17, 2013

    Not my good sis @slay_hive and @Richie spilling all kinds of hot truth tea. LMAOOO

  196. Hivy December 17, 2013

    I CANNOT!! Come on Hive the lessors are clearly threatened. Lets leave them.

  197. Cedric December 17, 2013

    sorry i hit the wrong button..
    the so not cool to the person trash talking H** and aides. so home trainig at all

  198. PlumPeach December 17, 2013

    Highlights in no order:
    1. Bum flicking in Blow
    2. Blue Ivy ending on Blue
    3. Flawless part on Flawless
    4. Having more video’s than audio’s
    5. Partition!!

    Oh please CI-ERRORS (with an S) has been making cheques of Aaliyah’s swag & she made it for a hot min & then that lazy sleepy heffa let RiRi take over her spot & choke Ci-errors into the regular pack.

  199. fatusankoh December 17, 2013

    I love all thesong in this amazing album queen bey out did her self on this album only hate mongers will say otherwise long live queen bey we your fans are proud of your thank you good job Sam keep given it to us

  200. MuzikLuv December 17, 2013

    5: Sexual language

    4: Colourful, fun & s*** video for Blow

    3: Having Pop, R&B & Hip-Hop sounds to have mass appeal

    2: Beyonce, Miguel & Justin Timberlake all writing on the same song (ROCKET)

    1: The message that is in Pretty Hurts has.

  201. Navy Commander December 17, 2013

    I really wish the z squad would just stop trying to drag! LIKE CIARA IS A FLOP AND CAN BE DRAGGED FROM ALL FRONTS

  202. JER December 17, 2013

    I spy with my shady eye some Rihanna haters. Why? Mother just gave you everything and yal still trying to knock Rihanna? And I don’t want to see any Gaga stans trying to knock this album BYE!

    With this album, I do get some Rihanna T’s here and there but yal forget Rihanna was inspired by Beyonce first. The little sister has in turn inspired Beyonce. It’s a beautiful thing. Albums like Talk that Talk and Unapologetic definitely made Bey kick her game up and I feel that Rihanna showed Bey that she can go all the way *there* and not have to worry about what her fans will say. Bey always pulled it back when it came to s** because she was always that gospel girl. I was ready to see Yonce on her knees myself.

    Anyway, I also get classic Dangerously in Love, Velvet Rope, and Miseducation of Lauryn Hill with this album. That’s why the album is so amazing. UH-mazing. I am celebrating this album. I waited 10 years for this album. I was praying Un4tunate was going to be that album, but it wasn’t. BEYONCE is that album. It gives me everything above and beyond a galaxy far, far away. And those albums in between took us here so I have a new found respect for those too. Honestly, every moment on the album is a Top moment and *shade alert* that’s more than most of the gorls out today can say.

  203. h2o December 17, 2013

    Flawless @ Jer

  204. SHAWTY December 17, 2013

    This ALBUM is everything…Beyonce never gave me life in her previous albums..I never felt the hype but I’ve always respected her as an awesome talent…BUT NOW!!?? THIS NEW BEYONCE IS GIVING ME LIFE….I love her so much now and even bought the album on iTunes…She created a masterpiece that I had to support…Best decision ever to buy her album…..every song is Just awesome…

    MY FAVS (Which is really the entire album)

    – Pretty Hurts
    -Drunk In Love
    -No Angel


  205. cocobutta December 18, 2013

    Moments I love are:

    *Ashley getting shine in heaven video.
    *Diverse sound Haunted has.
    *Vocal in No Angel
    *Her great facial expression
    *Blue Ivy cute bit in the blue song

    Also loved the old skool clips of Bey

  206. abi December 18, 2013

    sorry 15.99 is not free. Youtube views are free!

  207. beyonza December 18, 2013

    daymn patrick is such a queen lol

  208. Emmie December 18, 2013

    hahaha @cake like lady gaga …have you been living under a rock or what or such an idiot..see i love gaga i wouldnt go round like you and spread hate cause of people like you other people start to dislike gaga…so you are not helping gaga at all you are helping to destroy her…..and why so insecure if gaga is that amazing…gaga has had so many what others would call a fake moment…have you seen the voice and heard what she said ? shed only wanna perform if xtina would do it with her…have you missed the whole madonna case…she has also stuff stolen from japanese videos…now what were you saying ? also if u a real fan you know about the 99cent deal so to count them is useless a 1 year old could go and get that or gaga could have baught the 400.000 k her self so please check your self…and at amanda bynes which i think is also one of cake like lady gaga her accounts..pls stfu are you so insecure…so hatefull to jealous…so obsessed that you have to come here more then ones to spread your disgusting hate…see i am not religius but id pray 4 u to go to hell and stay there cause your soul seems lost

  209. Nicki December 19, 2013

    Beyonce album isn’t in stores yet. I have samsung this is only for iphones… so her sales is pretty damn good. imagine if its was all phones she will be at 2 million right now.. her album is amazing. you guys says she copied ciara this was done a couple of years ago you guys didn’t see it until now…

  210. Anne December 19, 2013

    1. Superpower (the supernatural theme or feel to it)
    2. Blue (the notes she hits in this song and the beat!)
    3. DIL (the chorus!)
    4. XO (feel good song/video)
    5. Pretty Hurts (like the lyrics and the message)
    Really love the whole album so naturally my favorites shift, I’m not sure why but Superpower has been my favorite lately.

  211. alex December 24, 2013

    hey sam! you want to have a job at beyoncé’s team, am I wrong?

  212. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 1, 2014

    Lol what a basic B*****. Double-platinum yet?

  213. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 1, 2014

    Lol what a Beysic B*****. Double-platinum yet?

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