New Song: Kat Dahlia – ‘Crazy’

Published: Wednesday 18th Dec 2013 by David

The Cuban-American lyricist that is Kat Dahlia may eye a 2014 release date for her new LP ‘My Garden‘, but today has welcomed the introduction of ‘Crazy’, her brand new single.

Following the release of her signature jam ‘Gangsta’, her ‘Crazy’ new release boasts production by Glass John and sees her join ‘Epic‘ sister Ciara in gracing 2013 with ‘must hear’ material, following the release of the latter’s Gold certified single ‘Body Party.’

Watch below…

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  1. Lana Del Bey December 18, 2013


  2. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me December 18, 2013

    It’s sad all these pressed stans come to this site for is to start stan wars/make comments like the above “Who?” to artists they don’t recognize. I support good music whether from new artists or established veterans, and this girl has some real, raw talent (listen to her first single “Gangsta” too). Bye with your broke-asses.

  3. idgi December 18, 2013

    That b**** followed me then unfollowed me on twitter! But I did check out her music because I didn’t know who she was and she’s actually alright 🙂

  4. Whatever! December 18, 2013


  5. Mark111 December 18, 2013

    Another that Rihanna ate alive. Remember, she was “better than Rihanna” too. This is Rita Ora right about… now.

  6. MusicStan( Bey Ciara Janet Kelly Rowland Rihanna etc) December 18, 2013

    @Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me I totally agree with you!!!!! These stans act like only one female is suppose to be in the game!!!!! Yes I stan for Bey along with Ciara Kelly and many others but you don’t see me bragging and dissing other artists!!!! Yes Beyonce has shook up the year with her #1 album!!!!! But there is room for other females in the industry!!! Damn!!!! I’m like you I support any artisit that is talent and put out quality work… and beside not every female artists is trying to be like Beyonce… Ppl they can have their own lane!!! This girl ( pic above) is just a regular girl who is trying to get her music to be heard and want ppl to enjoy her music like the rest!!!! The Stans make ppl not like their faves cause of childish antics like the person above with the WHO comment!!!! uggggh it is so annoying when I come on this site to read the blogs and articles and see Stans bash artists cause they don’t like them…. Like I said before and I will say it again if you aren’t checking for them pay them dust cause all it show that you are a secret fan of them!!!! Pressed Stans when will they learn

  7. Mark111 December 18, 2013

    lol, I thought this said kat deluna. I thought she looked very different. So s*** tho.

  8. Casual December 18, 2013

    I wasn’t expecting much, b/c I rarely like the songs by new artists presented here, but I was pleasantly surprised with this. I like it.

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