Kelly Rowland: ‘Beyonce Has The Best Show On Earth’

Published: Thursday 12th Dec 2013 by David

As she user her star power to raise awareness for the  ‘Salvation Army’s work, Kelly Rowland continues to rock her role on the ‘X Factor USA‘, guiding the acts she mentors to higher ground each and every week.

However, her intense schedule didn’t stop the Grammy winning performer from attending the latest LA showing of Beyonce’s ‘Mrs.Carter Show‘…which she has now billed ‘the best show on Earth.’

Watch below…

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  1. KingB_lover December 12, 2013

    And she just added more dates for 2014 !!!!
    Yes the world can’t get enough of her Amazing Tour !!

  2. Brazilian Beyoncé!!! December 12, 2013

    Its the truth though. Every high class celebrity attends the MCSWT. Kelly was speaking the truth. It is the biggest show on earth.

  3. Kingb_lover December 12, 2013

    Yes baby !! And she added more shows for 2014 !!
    The world can’t get enough of this amazing tour!!

  4. Anon December 12, 2013

    If only Kelly spent more time promoting her own ventures.

    See “Talk A Good Game”.

  5. Stephy Tha Lambily/ Hive Member December 12, 2013

    I’ve been to 3 shows so far. Beyonce is the real deal. VOCALS for DAYSSSSSSSSSSSS… She kills it everytime. I never get bored even tho its the same show. I wish in my heart I could say the same about Mariah Carey but sadly like Nippy Mimi will never have a great show vocally like Beyonce again. I went to see Rihanna last year & she was alright but compared to Beyonce Rihanna was just the opening act. Beyonce is the best entertainer ALIVE! I bow down to you my sister Queen B. I still dont like your studio recordings tho..

  6. girl December 12, 2013

    B****** mad yet? KEEE

  7. lesotho finnest December 12, 2013

    i see no lies..every celebrity who had the chance to go are praising her and the show

  8. KingBeySon December 12, 2013

    -waits for all the “stop kissing ass posts lol

  9. Nicky December 12, 2013

    Bc she’s objective right? Lmaoooooo

    Bey is so obsessed to gross 200mill. She milked 4 and this tour. My fave is on to the next after grossing 140m with no Super Bowl or promo. Lmaooooooo.

    When she gon do stadiums??

    Dem stadiums in Brazil were half empty lmaoooooo

  10. KingBeySon December 12, 2013

    stop lying h**

  11. Molly December 12, 2013

    Forever licking the ass crack huh Kelly.

  12. body ache (Britney stan) December 12, 2013

    Beyonce must pay her to say things like this, if she dont then Kelly girl just crawl up Beyonce ass already and just make that you’re home for now on.

  13. MC!! December 12, 2013

    Mariah on her bad day still sounds better than beyonce and if you were a REAL LAMB you should already know that.

  14. slaylor swift December 12, 2013

    delusional ^^^ i seen that all i want for Christmas performance and all i got to say is it was a total s*** show mess.

  15. MC!! December 12, 2013

    coming from a Taylor swift fan…..#nocomment

  16. MONSTERR December 12, 2013

    I wanna…lick,lick,lick,lick,lick,lick,lick from your head to your toes BEE.

    give it to me now,give it 2 me now

    (otherwise people will forget about me)

  17. Mesa December 12, 2013

    Who in their right mind would pay to see Mariah in concert? She couldn’t even sell out a janitor closet with those struggle vocals.
    Beyonce > Lipriah

  18. Mesa December 12, 2013

    Kelly get a backbone boo.

  19. LOL December 12, 2013


  20. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* December 12, 2013

    And That’s Why She Is Like That. 😕

  21. Vee December 12, 2013

    @MC LIES. Have you seen that All I Want For Christmas You Performance?

  22. Vee December 12, 2013

    Kelly told no lies and they are pressed Bey bout to have one of the highest grossing Tours BECAUSE SHE CAN

  23. Vee December 12, 2013

    @MC No if YOU were a real lamb you would not have dared to say that because it is simply false darling.

  24. Micks December 12, 2013

    I can’t say she lied

  25. Queenb’will kill ya December 12, 2013

    I don’t why people are hating , it is true that beyonce has the best concerts , she performers better than mariah carey , mariah carey needs to go back to the 90’s and find her vocals ,
    There no female artise can performers well as beyonce , dance , and still be able to belt out great notes ,

  26. PlumPeach December 12, 2013

    Bey is the best on stage and that’s that..
    Who this era REALLY does it like Bey?

  27. Adam Levine baby mama December 12, 2013

    Beyonce, Fantasia and Brandy are the top three black female performers of this generation. In that exact order. All three combine VOCALS, soul, charisma, amazing stage presence and audience connection. Add fierce choreography to Beyonces list.

  28. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 12, 2013

    Beyonce’s ass must be spotless with all the ass licking Kelly does.

    All Kelly tastes is ass and has to floss out Beyonce’s ass hair with all this licking.

    If only she promoted herself as much as she does Beyonce.

  29. Super Cisus December 12, 2013

    Kellazy Flopland…….

  30. Brandy December 12, 2013

    NO ENTERTAINER ON THIS EARTH TODAY IS COMPARABLE TO KING B no matter how much you hate her she’s honestly the real deal

  31. Marcel December 12, 2013

    Yeah Beyonce tour is probably the best out right now…

    Check out new artist Marcel’s new single “Dare”

  32. WINTZ December 12, 2013

    Oh kelly… sighs smh

  33. DIGGER BEY December 12, 2013

    Um. @LoveSh*t…..Sweetie THE QUEEEN’S ass is spotless not only by Queen Kelly but by ur favs also lmaoooooooo. When she toured LA. Critics were calling it a Celebrity Convention. Its been a looooooooong time, probably since the days of MJ. That Celebrities and politicians were stannnning so hard for a performer. KING B has literaly become the greatest female performer of all time in contempary music. And that comes from people like Magic Johnson and othets who’ ve been around for decades to witness the other greats.

  34. Bey Fan December 12, 2013

    Kelly aint the artist or celeb thats praising Bey…

    I dunno why yall acting like yall fav aint part of the Hive….

  35. Sundayluv December 12, 2013

    Shut up Kelly.

  36. N December 12, 2013

    Kelly NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS to get a life. One of the dumpiest artist. She goes on and on about Beyone. TO KELLY: SORT OUT YOUR CAREER AND LEAVE PEOPLE’S- RUBBISH.

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