Watch: Tina Knowles Talks ‘Star Search 1993’ & Beyonce’s ‘Skeleton’s In New Interview

Published: Monday 30th Dec 2013 by David


‘Grown Woman’ star Tina Knowles found herself faced with many a Beyonce-related question recently, when she caught out and about by the folks over at Time Warner‘s ‘TMZ.’

Indeed, despite their imposing nature, the ‘House of Dereon’ mastermind answered every question posed to her, sharing her thoughts on ‘Girls’ Tyme’s loss to the ‘Skeleton Crew’ on SBC TV‘s ‘Starsearch‘ back in 1993.

What she had to say on the matter?

Watch below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. iconic cici December 30, 2013

    She favors Wendy Williams… kiiiii

  2. Nt December 30, 2013

    She’s so pretty for her age

  3. Critic December 30, 2013

    She look great without make-up and is so polite.

  4. Critic December 30, 2013

    She looks great without make-up and is so polite.

  5. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 30, 2013

    She’s beautiful and so sweet

  6. bravo!!! December 30, 2013

    I wish Beyonce and Tina Knowles just get cosmetic surgery done to lips, instead of having the make-up artist draw over their lips to make them fuller. Beyonce have her make-up artist make her top lip fuller, and Tina does it to her lip. And if you don’t believe me look at pics of Beyonce with out make-up.

  7. I am above U December 30, 2013

    Beyonces future! But it’s nice to see she has another man in her life.

  8. TruthTeller2014 December 30, 2013

    Wendy Williams bald a**, wishes she had a head full of hair with edges like Ms Tina Knowles. Like Ciara, Wendy Williiams got them manly shoulders.

  9. Mrs. Stephy Tha Blondie December 30, 2013

    Everytime I see Miss Tina Knowles. I think about the wicked witch of the west…

    She was a STUNNING woman in her youth tho…

    She still looks great but its just those eyes of hers sreams WITCH!!

  10. Miss Moderator December 30, 2013

    From one miss to another. Miss Tina is pulled together like Nicki Minaj’s booty.

    I see you Beyonce’s sister

  11. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 30, 2013

    She’s beautiful

  12. Amanda Bynes December 30, 2013

    She looks like a t***** like her manly looking ape daughter Thiefyonce. #NoShade

  13. Lolz December 30, 2013

    Queen mother! Beyonce has the beautiful creole gene. Shame Miss Tina had too much surgery.

    Did You hear about Britney saying she looks up to Bey?

  14. Super Cisus December 30, 2013

    Kiii she looks like the joker.

  15. HOTSTUFF December 30, 2013

    She’s such a DUDE.LMAO.

  16. whocares December 30, 2013

    Who gives a s*** about Beyonces failed star search performance? Why tgj continue to do the absolute most when it comes to this bumb b****. Its sickening already. No one beyonce don’t try harder to make good music she keep listening to you stans who are 50 percent gay and 35 under the age of 18. I do give yall props for keeping her relevant because her old ass sho nuff should faded with that wack ass 4 album. I would say the I Am album but single ladies and hello was my ish lol

  17. cocobutta December 30, 2013


    Who cares about your comment?
    You was thirsty enough to click and listen to the Queens Mother speak!!

    LMAO thirsty bish


  18. mildred>beyhive December 30, 2013

    baby all night! am so drunk on drunk in love. that song is a hit. love it

  19. ROSEGOLD December 30, 2013

    Lets see how your mothers look!

  20. arona February 17, 2014

    wendy williams will NEVER be this pretty, Ms. Tina is a very pretty lady , she was pretty before she had any cosmetic wrk done and she will always be pretty. Beyonce definitely gets it from her momma…..

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