Azealia Banks Pushes Debut Album Back…Again

Published: Friday 3rd Jan 2014 by Sam

As mythical albums go, Azealia Banks‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ is right up there with Ashanti’s ‘Braveheart’.

Two years of teasing, titillation, and Twitter, yet no product to show for it.

However, it appears the diabolical delays haven’t deterred the fiery femcee from pressing on. The latest calendar had the ‘212’ led set pencilled in for release this month. Yet, with no buzz, no single, and no visuals, many rightfully deemed its arrival within this window as “ambitious at best”.

Banks’ label clearly co-sign on such sentiments, for the rapper revealed (during a Twitter Q&A) that Interscope have pushed the project back to (at least) March.

Details on the release and its preceding single below…



Banks then added…



Jury’s out on whether the wait will have been worth it. Are you still buzzing for Ms. Banks?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. WE FOUND RIHANNA. January 3, 2014


  2. dark horse January 3, 2014

    If it wasn’t for this site i wouldn’t know s*** about her.

  3. dark horse January 3, 2014

    She should release now before Nicki does and completely slaughters her.

  4. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014


  5. Xtina Warrior January 3, 2014

    Irrelevant just like Lana.

  6. Mone January 3, 2014

    loser with the big mouth.

  7. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT January 3, 2014

    who is waiting tho?

  8. baby blanco January 3, 2014

    i like her better then Nicki. she can actually rap and sing Nicki struggles at both #justSayin

  9. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 3, 2014

    @BabyBlanco delusion is a disease

  10. baby blanco January 3, 2014

    Yes your delusion is a disease if you think Nicki has talent. @FlopnikaFan

  11. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 3, 2014

    Your delusional if you think she doesn’t. Listen to her first Pink Friday CD and her old mix tapes before you type sh!t

  12. CARMEN January 3, 2014

    @XTINA WARRIOR and what does this has to do with Lana? you pressed dykes are only good for starting stan wars. pathetic

  13. CARMEN January 3, 2014

    @BABY BLANCO both ladies have talent. Nicki is an incredible rapper and she proved it once more on her Boss Ass B**** Remix Freestyle

  14. baby blanco January 3, 2014

    Nicki is trash you guys stan for basicness not surprised tho @camren

  15. lesotho finnest January 3, 2014

    um so over this chick,where is nicki when you need her the most??.

  16. FAF January 3, 2014

    Whatever it is will be better than Kim’s flop attempts …at least it’s an album and not a mixtape 20 years in the game

  17. the truth honey January 3, 2014

    Honey there will b peace in the middle east b4 thisss trouble making WHACK B**** puts out an album and y do u keep putn up stories about this h** Samantha?

  18. Crimson cream January 3, 2014

    Did Lil Kim’s mixtape ever drop? 😆

  19. lanaztbxcb January 3, 2014

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  20. Tisha January 3, 2014

    She better keep her eyes open, that ‘good’ relationship with her label is their way of quietly disposing of the problem.

    The hype died, Nicki is still the only strong name in the game, the few big names that worked with her got dissed by her so I don’t see anyone popular – Gaga, Beyonce, etc. signing up with this chick.

  21. VANNY January 3, 2014

    hey b****!!! where u been??? happy new year girl!!! 🙂

  22. No 1 Cares ANYMORE BOO January 3, 2014

    “When will it finally get released”- says no one anymore…

  23. No 1 Cares ANYMORE BOO January 3, 2014

    Lol Iran & the US will become the closesg of allies before Azealia’s s*** finally drops

  24. JER January 3, 2014

    SCREAMINGGGGG!!! I’m taking bets! Who’s album will come out first: Azelea Banks, Ashanti or Jojo. GO!

  25. Iconic Iggy January 3, 2014

    I thought the first single was Young Rapunzel? Now the first single comes out this year? Her album will be shelved at this point. None of her songs are charting anywhere.

  26. Navy Commander January 3, 2014

    Smh. She had so much potential.

  27. Bey-Minaj January 3, 2014

    Ha no one wants to hear this b****. That’s what she gets for coming for the Queen. Her label is waiting for the Beyonce reign to let up, but that’s gonna take us into 2015 so…

  28. Greg M January 3, 2014

    I don’t like Lana, but I can’t lie, she’s anything but irrelevant. And obviously neither is Azealia, since you’re posting on the comments…you were feelin’ some type of way about Miss 212.

    The only irrelevant person is you lol

  29. FutureCIARA January 4, 2014

    This album will never come out chile!!!!

    She just needs to keep dropping free mixtapes for a few more years when the anticipation for Nicki new album dies down

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  31. spaccio woolrich December 16, 2014

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