New Song: Shakira & Rihanna – ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’

Published: Monday 13th Jan 2014 by Rashad

It’s here!

Following weeks of hyper-hype, Shakira‘s Rihanna assisted new single ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ arrived moments ago.

Really, though, what are you waiting for? Take a listen after the jump…

Not nearly as “goat-y” as we expected. Cute & catchy, the tune will undoubtedly hit.  What we’re wondering, however, is if it will “stick”.  In other words, we know the hype will get it to the top of charts, but we can’t see its tenure there to be a long one.

For, without question, Shakira owns the song as it’s a clear throwback to tunes like ‘Objection’  with hints of rockier numbers like those found on ‘Oral Fixation’. And, while the number sees her in comfortable, familiar sonic territory, Rihanna, who we expected to (or at least hoped would) bring her island flair, added nothing but her name to the track.  She had no standout, differentiating, or memorable moments that Shakira could not have easily done by herself.

We like it, but wish Shakira could’ve tapped someone whose musical style fits the swing of the tune (i.e. Bruno Mars), but we know Ri’s inclusion was political – and truthfully – smart.

Hopefully, the video will add some character to Ri’s inanimate addition.  3.2/5

Hit or Miss?

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  1. JuanR January 13, 2014

    Love Shakira!

    I need few more spins tho

  2. Amanda Bynes January 13, 2014

    One word TRASH

  3. Junior in Jamaica January 13, 2014

    Hot, hot, hot. Video please!!

  4. FreeBreezy January 13, 2014

    International hit

  5. JoJo January 13, 2014

    YAAASSSSSS Rih slays this

  6. WaitUrTurn88 January 13, 2014

    Can we say #1 hit…..RIRI CAN SING ANY TYPE OF MUSIC!!!

  7. Lovebird January 13, 2014


  8. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    Shakira sounded good but Rihanna is such a professional, she sounded so natural on this and her harmonies sounded so good.

    My girl has grown up, she sounded fantastic.

    This slays.

  9. pat January 13, 2014

    HOT..forgot how I missed shakirah….Rih can literally fit any format!! a smash

  10. You January 13, 2014

    It will need to sink in but If timber can make it to number one so can this booby hotness!

  11. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    Going to have this on RIHpeat for the rest of the day.

    Rihanna always manages to add magic to songs, she’s studio magic, I love it.

    Is there any type of song this girl cannot do because she seems to do it all so effortlessly.

  12. Avenger January 13, 2014

    Not gonna bother to even listen to this inevitable train wreck. Both Shakira and Rihanna have voices like jackhammers outside your window at 7am. Together it’s gotta be enough to make ears bleed.

  13. DIGGER BEY January 13, 2014

    Well since i am a Shakira fan and i am only checking for her. I like it and its a grower.

  14. Matthew Charlery-Smith January 13, 2014

    Might be more enjoyable when the video comes out. So far 6/10

  15. Head C*** IN Charge January 13, 2014

    First Listen was like… Ehh its Cute.
    Second listen and im FEELING IT!
    I may be slayed by the 5th listen lol! It keeps getting better and better! i like it!

  16. Emma Kelly January 13, 2014

    Europe will eat it up. I predict it will do well there but I am not sure about America though.

  17. ONIKAISKWEEN January 13, 2014


  18. Emma Kelly January 13, 2014

    2nd listen and I think it will be a hit. Rhi Rhi is special. 4/5

  19. Fresh Navi January 13, 2014


    at Rihanna’s versatile vocals slaying this song so effortlessly.

    The girl can do anything stylistically… her voice transcend musical boundaries .

    Thats why i stay STANNINGFOR THIS TOP NOTCH C***!

    I’m getting my LIFE!


  20. Jay Scorpio Navy General January 13, 2014

    Yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shakira & Rihanna did that… Harmonies are giving me LYFE everlasting.

    Number 1 here we come!

  21. Emma Kelly January 13, 2014

    If this charts higher than “drunk”, there would probably be war on this site. Lol

  22. Fresh Navi January 13, 2014

    Its pretty spanish and cultural its V cute.

    Rihanna is the only artist that gets SAM writing paragraphs

    I remember how everyone on this site said OGITW and WFL were gonna FLOP the navy sure showed aka that grape juice and the goats that are easily lead.

    Watch this displace Katy perry from #1 iTunes …

    Slay Navi Slay!!!! the fourth listen and I’m in heaven.

    Sam need to focus on Drunk in Love’s longevity really… the decline.

  23. BITCHPLEASEEEEE January 13, 2014

    I THOUGHT RIRI SOUNDED GOOD THOUGH >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..H

  24. Lily January 13, 2014

    Somebody should please call the Doctor cus I’m feeling the Heat. Its HOT HOT HOT. I know some Rihanna Haters are already checking on it. Let’s get it to #1 #RihannaNavy and #Shakifans plus the Haters. #1 knocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    Fresh Navi

    I know right, I can’t at the dissertation Sam is writing on Rihanna effortlessly fitting naturally on a cultural Latin/Spanish sound.

    He has been slayed by The multi-genre, multi-format, multi-sound queen of radio and hits.

    This will be playing on Ryan Secrest.

  26. Let’s Be Real January 13, 2014

    Hmmm…well…let’s be real’s CUTE for pop radio.may be a top 10 hit based on who’s associated with the record but I’m still left disappointed. It doesn’t top the magic made in Beautiful Liar or frankly even come close ..its just another pop song with a chewed bubblegum lifespan. A video would be interesting as, lets face it, Rih is so entrancing on video, . Good effort but nothing spectacular here.

  27. Bey_yo_ce January 13, 2014

    This is nowhere near better than beautiful liar !!! Wtf did I just Listen to omg I feel bad for even wasting their time !!! Omg wtf!!!!

  28. Tasha January 13, 2014

    What are you listening to? This is so boring and predictable. But then again you are Rihanna fans so of course you will praise it.

  29. Tasha January 13, 2014

    Like seriously heard it all before, no desire to listen again

  30. Bey Fan January 13, 2014

    Ummmmm…… They need a HOT video. Based off just the song and no visual… I dont really like it. But Im sure they’ll deliver something sizzling for the video.

    But this is wayyyyyy better than Timber…. and better than Monster IMO.

  31. Fresh Navi January 13, 2014

    @Lets Be Real

    Beyonce is not competition for Rihanna thats very a la GGGB where a certain baddie got bodied.

    In other news this will go #1 and out performed Beautiful Liar on the chats and its impact. As i said its not a competition That was THEN This is now and robins vocals are slaying. At beyonce only can sing R&B one trick pony tease!

    @LoveBird I just LOVE you sighhh!!!

    The Navi just went and TURNT up on the basics in less than 3…

    is this an ODE to the relationship SAM has with Rihanna? i mean he hates her but he still writes essays and is on her d*** on the daily even when an article has nothing to do with Ms. Fenty sam squeezes her in.

  32. Bey Fan January 13, 2014

    Rihanna effortlessly fitting naturally on a cultural Latin/Spanish sound.

    this is a pop song… where’s the Latin/Spanish sound??

  33. Brazilian Yonce!!! January 13, 2014

    Lmao @ Rihanna outshining Shakira on her own song that’s just too sad mahn 🙁

    Its so generic tho but it will be a smash hit its too commercial

  34. royalkev January 13, 2014

    I hate the song, but Rihanna actually sounds more interesting than Shakira on this track! That surprised me. It’s a mess though! This makes Monster seem like a classic!

  35. Mya January 13, 2014

    Beautiful Liar>>>>>>>>> This basic mess.

    I can’t at the Navy saying this song was supposed to s*** all over it, I don’t care were it charts you KNOW beautiful liar is the better song. It still sounds hot today. The magic and its much more authentic. I doubt the video will top it either. This will date after next year.

    I was willing to give this song a chance but so underwhelmed.

  36. Mya January 13, 2014


  37. Head C*** IN Charge January 13, 2014

    Sam Can’t remember to Forget Rihanna LOLOLOLOL!!!!

  38. Super Cisus January 13, 2014

    Generic stale flop next

  39. Jesse Rivera January 13, 2014

    I’m here for Shakira but this to me is a bit of a grower but I think I can get into it. Idk if it’ll be a hit but w/ Rihannas name on it I’m sure it’ll gain traction here in the states.Shakira always does considerably well in international markets. I’m sure w/ The Voice & World Cup as promotion the song will be around for a bit. I wonder if it has a Spanish version…?

  40. Fresh Navi January 13, 2014

    @HIVE we are here because? ohh silly me. The Hive is always checking for my boo.

    AT the Roy person you hated the song from a 30 seconds low quality snippet. still won’t stop the inevitable SLAY.

    @Bey Fan

    why does the hive stay so ignorant the song clearly has spanish influence.. the way they sing the song the instruments used to create the song as well.

    Of course the song is a POP song but it has Spanish undertones. I don’t know why the Hive is so basic. But then their fav only sings R&B they can’t appreciate other genres can they?

  41. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    Well My a, what will you say when this hits #1?

  42. Mya January 13, 2014

    @Lets be real I agree. Beautiful liars wig remains in tact no matter how hard they try to shove chart positions in. This song is exactly that, safe, dry and unimaginative for the charts.

  43. realtard January 13, 2014

    neither bad nor outstanding…just averagely good

  44. Lovebird January 13, 2014


  45. Mya January 13, 2014

    @Lovebird Yes.

  46. Mya January 13, 2014

    I will say exactly what I am saying now.

  47. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    Mya, what will you say when this hits #1?

  48. Fresh Navi January 13, 2014

    The hive is here in full force. I just hope they are cognizant of the fact that hating and bashing this song on TGJ won’t stop it from topping the iTunes charts and the BBH100

    Beautiful Liar only becoming relevant again thanks to this song.

    I never understand the Hive’s constant need to pit Rihanna against Beyonce.

    Your Fave is Flawless she is slaying albums and singles and tour? lol right…?

    why you b****** so pressed bey?

    When has KANGS ever been compared to peasants( Rihanna) ?

  49. LA LA January 13, 2014

    Everyone is so negative.

    This song isn’t all that but it still sounds good.

    I’m glad that two women can collaborate but what I am sad about is that two black women cannot. Sad!

  50. Mya January 13, 2014

    I will say exactly what I am saying now if that happens, read and digest my comment and you will not have to repeat something i basically already answered.

  51. Bey_on_ce January 13, 2014

    Lol they say this will smash lol yeah smash right in into flop mode lol this s*** was a waste Maybe it should’ve just been rihanna cuz this song is pure trash

  52. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 13, 2014

    it gets a Solid 4/5 From me. 😀

    It gets better with Every Play and I listened to it Just once or Twice.

    Here for The Music Video. 😀

    It Will be a Semi-Hit, Hopefully a Full Hit But I Don’t Know.

    I’m Not Disappointed and I like it, So No Complains From me.

    @Sam: Please Shut Your D*** Sucker a Lil Bit, Rihanna added to this Track With the accent and all, This Track Simply takes you to The Caribbean and Kind of reminds me of “Man Down” a little bit, and Honestly I expected you, a beyonce stan, to Discredit Rihanna with Every Chance you get, so I don’t put It past you to do the absolute most Now.
    3.2/5 ? KneeGrooow Please. 😕

  53. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    Anyway I’m too much on a high from the slayage that is this song and Rihanna fitting like a glove on any song to let haters spoil the party.

    This slays and I’m getting all life, yasss ma.

  54. Barb B**** January 13, 2014

    Yawn this was boring. Beautiful liar is way better. Thats my opinion.
    They need to bring it in the video tbh.

  55. DIGGER BEY January 13, 2014

    Yesss @ Mya…..BEAUTIFUL LIAR >>>>>>>> Can’t Remember to Forget. Although i do like it . TGJ was right, Bruno wouldve slayed this!

  56. Head C*** IN Charge January 13, 2014

    honestly speaking I’m a REALIST. I don’t believe in opinions, i believe in numbers. Can’t remember to Forget you will chart higher so it is the better song. I love beautiful liar too but that was sooo 2006 and its 2014. Yall are holding on to a shriveled up wig from ’06. CRTFY is the new wig! Pick it up and put it on.

  57. Bey Fan January 13, 2014

    @Bey Fan

    why does the hive stay so ignorant the song clearly has spanish influence.. the way they sing the song the instruments used to create the song as well.

    Of course the song is a POP song but it has Spanish undertones.

    Saying that the song has Spanish/Latin undertones and saying that Rihanna effortlessly fitting naturally on a cultural Latin/Spanish sound are not the same…. Please stop it.

  58. Katy Perry aka Legend K January 13, 2014

    Trash.. Its so basic something lady caca will do. Beautiful Liar is better

    LMAO this is so basic 🙁

  59. Naomi January 13, 2014

    Just because something charts higher does NOT make it better. How ignorant. So by your logic PSY was better than I have nothing?

    And as for the song its simply OK.

  60. Rihboy January 13, 2014

    ^^^^ girl shut up…what magic did beautiful liar have…..leave that ghetto mess back in 07….. The only thing that made that song was the dance scene at the very end..where bey struggled to keep up with shakira lls….this hit will double beautiful liars accolades….

  61. Emma Kelly January 13, 2014

    Hives complain that Rhi rhi sings Pop to chart, “XO” by Beyonce was pop and very commercial yet it’s not doing too well. So the Pop argument is getting kinda old.

  62. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    Apparently Spanish/Latin pop doesn’t exist.

  63. Fresh Navi January 13, 2014

    Im in tears a katy perry stan is talking about basic?

    wouldn’t you know what basic is considering you lament in it on the Daily your fave’s entire catoogue is basic!!

    Part of Me ? #basicperryatbest

  64. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    Shakiras voice is so HARSH! Rih >>>>>

  65. Lady Godga January 13, 2014

    Its too basic for me… Shakira is stupid

  66. Bey Fan January 13, 2014

    i dont see the comparison to Beautiful Liar…

    But I guess I can say that Beyonce effortlessly fitted naturally on a cultural Latin/Spanish sound.

    LMAOOOOO…… yall are funny.

  67. Yeah I Said It January 13, 2014

    Lol. This was wackkk. Will probably go to #1 though like a lot of wack songs do these days.

  68. NT January 13, 2014

    not what i was expecting.

  69. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    Bring on the stadiums in South America next tour, yes at my girl diversifying her audience.

    Live Nation wants her to go to South America next tour, this is the beginning of the South American invasion.

    Yasss Mzz Robyn.

  70. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 13, 2014

    Navy And Shaki Fans, Leave those S***** Haters Rot In this Post Without replying to Them, We are celebrating THIS today, Let’s Gooo. 😀

  71. Fresh Navi January 13, 2014

    exactly XO is pop and was written by pop writers produced for POP appeal and its Beyonce’s TOP40 aka pop for the not so smart hive members.

    YET where is its slaying at? i can’t.

    if every pop song could smash what happened to Ke$ha’s singles? after die young?

    where is Ciara’s Overdose?

    where is Cher Lloyd’s i wish?
    why has Carly Rey been trying it 4 singles now and still flopping?

    whyis jessie j flopping this era… why is GaGa flopping..

    I’m sorry don’t they release POP SONGS?

    the non existent logics of the Hive is otherworldly

  72. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    Oh plus Brazilian Vogue cover; better get those stadium seats ready, Rih is coming to take over South RIHmerica.

  73. My Forehead Tho January 13, 2014

    Not gonna lie, i liked it until half way through the song.

    That “ooohhh uh oo” gets annoying very fast.

    Generic, yes.

    Hit? Maybe

    Solid 2.75/5

  74. royalkev January 13, 2014

    @Fresh Navi
    It sucked as a 30 sec clip and it sucks even more after listening to the full version! I give props to Rih if she deserves them (On this track, not so much)! I hate the song, no further explanation needed!

  75. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    Rih sounded great and she better give harmonies at the end!

  76. Yeah I Said It January 13, 2014

    Funny when people have their opinion on here its hating. But when you want to drag and insult other peoples music you’re not doing the same? The song aint all that to a lot of people. I read the comments and then listened and they told two different stories.

  77. Fresh Navi January 13, 2014

    @POP real talk sis.

    Talking to the hive is like talking to a slow kid anyway. We would have better luck talking to rocks… i mean Beyonce.

    We all know she is as dumb as a box of rocks.

    But Yeah Its RIHANNA AND SHAKS day

    I can’t remember to forget you!!! 🙂 JAMS THE F*** OUT *SHAKES BOOTY*

  78. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    XO is a good song though.

    But this is not about Beyonce, this is about the RIH invasion of South RIHmerica.

    She’s coming, y’all better perch in those stadiums she’ll be selling out next tour. Are you ready?

  79. h2o January 13, 2014

    idk 5.5/10?

  80. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    XO is a cute song, it’s just a little dated. It would’ve slayed in 08.

  81. Bey_on_ce January 13, 2014

    Lol the give is here in full affect only because we had to here what kinda s*** these girls had to offer when I say s*** I mean s***!!!!! What a waste ..lovebird gone make ppl like the song lol when it’s just trash !!! It’s generic and if it hits num 1 then congrats !!!!

  82. the truff honey January 13, 2014

    Chiiiiiiile….THAT’S IT???!!! KIIIIII

  83. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 13, 2014

    There goes the Navy calling out other stans cause Rihanna’s name is headlining a post!!! why can’t ya’ll just be excited without talking about other chicks who aren’t even in the same genre as Rih… let’s face facts, I like Rih’s music and all but she is in the POP genre cause let’s face if she was in R&B genre she wouldn’t even make it cause let’s face she doesn’t have a voice for R&B AND SOUL, Her voice is more Pop which a lot of POP acts have vocal struggles ( Madonna, Birtney, Katy, etc) there are a few who has vocals but majority of pop singer are just plain studio singers and robots… ( non-talent) now I’m give a hand for Rih cause she accomplished a lot but let’s be real ya’ll stans are really reaching for air cause to said her vocals are on point is really trying it…. kudos to them but let’s face fact ppl

  84. Fresh Navi January 13, 2014

    everyone is a critic….

    Remember the reports that Beyonce sent music to radio and they said it wouldn’t pop off… the Hive on TGJ said we were lying YET beyonce confirmed this on YONCE

    “Radio says Speed it up i just go slow..”

    Rihanna never test Radio… The B**** is Radio

    she is always in tuned with whats HOT! Because she IS WHATS HOT!

    at Rihanna prepping the Word for the Global Take over of R8.. can’t wait for her to prep the Euro Navi and go down under… the promo tip for R8 has to be flawless

  85. Stephy Tha Lambily January 13, 2014

    So, this is the song thats gonna beat Michael Jackson huh? LOL

    Like I said I can’t wait until Rihanna beats Mariah & The Beatles on the hot 100. So, we all can see how low the standerds for music taste has dropped.

    Cute song. 2/5. Nothing special about it.

    Its just another cute lil pop song. I was expecting something like “End OF Time” mixed with island sounds but watever…

    Beyonce should’ve got Rihanna to duet with her on End Of Time tbh…

    Beautiful Lair >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CRTFY

  86. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 13, 2014

    @Fresh Navi:

    God Forbid Me To Waste Anytime talking about This Woman and her Fans Today, She’s Not Interesting To me anymore and The Same Goes To her fans.

    Now We can Enjoy This and Anticipate The music Video. 😉

  87. Stephy Tha Lambily January 13, 2014

    @The Boy Toy…

    Not you calling XO outdatted, when this song sounds like a pop song from 2006.

    This song sounds like a reject for some Disney Channel Artist.

  88. Fresh Navi January 13, 2014

    @STEPHY i hope you’re aware Mariah IS NOT AND WILL NOT BE QUEEN

    Theres only one queen and t Madonna your tired Fav is still trying that first single a FOURTH TIME?

    I THOUGHT SHE WAS A MUSICAL GENIUS!!!! the World isn’t listening to MiMI anymore ?
    poor dat!

    im a 90’s kidand i can remember whitney celine and others i remember some Mariah but its always been Whitney and Celine for heart felt ballads and long time impact

    I will always love you shits on anything Mimi has done

    and lets talk pop culture Madonna is jet IT!

    we tease Beyonce about being a fossil but in reality the only Archaic pop star left is MiMi I’m beginning to think she was a myth. you know she embodies the term Legend and old tale a myth something made up.

    her impact tho!!! get it MiMi

  89. Stephy Tha Lambily January 13, 2014

    @Pop Royalty, I love you & sorry for offending you.

    All of it was mean to be a prank/joke that number was not a real number…

  90. My Forehead Tho January 13, 2014

    There’s nothing generic about ‘xo’ though

    If Beyonce wanted Rihanna’s #1 singles reign, then she would just release a bunch of ‘single ladies’ 2.0s, like Katy Perry, who will most likely snatch Rihanna’s singles title with her next album.

    Just enjoy this song, if you can, and stop comparing it to real music.

  91. Basura Caliente January 13, 2014

    It’s not that good. All hype and no substance. Don’t pay no mind to them folks praising it – they’re the same people who said “perfume” was a smash. It turned out to be the worst ear bleeder of 2013.

  92. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    @Stephy get your spelling together before you come for me darling. Thanks. 😉

  93. Bey_on_ce January 13, 2014

    The hive loves rihanna it’s just the navy that makes her look bad tbh riri gets hits but most aren’t hers and her fans be bragging about them like there albums which she still can’t sell to have all those hits lol but I really doubt if this goes num 1 it’s not even on iTunes yet lol !!! But hey we will see cuz mrs beyonce is slaying she may not have num 1 but all her songs are in the top 100 off this new album!!! Lmao when will riri ever?????

  94. JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2014

    I really don´t know about this one. The most enjoyable part is the chorus, and that´s all Shakira, the one who can have an own style between these two. I agree with TGJ that Bruno Mars would have been a way better match. As I expected these two ladies don´t sound good together, that´s why Rihanna is almost no where on the song. This was just a political move.
    I agree with most people, I would give it a 6 out of 10. Don´t see it topping the charts in America at least. Not even the title is appealing to basic itunes buyers

  95. Fresh Navi January 13, 2014

    @MyForehead everyone knows katy’s single reign is UP Dark Horse is the only other hit she has left on this album and its single #3…

    Katy will never outperform my Queen. poor bitter b****.

    How sad your entire existence is attribute to my fave. Thanx for the reminder in your pic that the Oprah interview was record breaking.

  96. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    @Beyonce how the f*** are most of Rihanna’s hits NOT hers? 😆 3/13 of her #1s are features, and billboard counts them just as they would anyone else’s.

  97. Stephy Tha Lambily January 13, 2014

    @Fresh Navi…

    Everything you said was YOUR experience from the 90s. But to everyone else that I know. Knew & bought almost all Mariah Carey records from the 90s. This is she sold MORE records than Celine Dion & Whitney Houston during the 90s.

    Also, dont give me that bullshitt about how you dont know MCs songs. When we all know you do WORD BY WORD.
    Mariah Carey is going threw a rough time right now in her career but she can bounce back like everyone else does.

    Im not gonna to talk s*** about Nippy because I love her. So im gonna simply ignore your ignorance BYE

  98. Yeah I Said It January 13, 2014

    Fresh Navi yes everyone IS a critic and you need to sit back and accept it and stop trying to drag everyone for having an opinion.

  99. Stephy Tha Lambily January 13, 2014

    @The Boy Toy…

    My Spellinggg Issss Justttt Finnne…

    This computer messes s*** up at times. Adds letters that I dont want.

    But I dont care IT A F****** BLOG NOT SCHOOL

  100. JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2014

    OMFG this itunes dominated music world is trash! Have you guys listened to the song which is currently at #2??? Apart from the fact that is rare to see a young black man so high in that list, that song is crap and once again destroyed a f****** great song by a real songwriter like Elton John. I don´t know, maybe this guy is talented and the rest of his album (if he has an album coming) is freash new and great material, but this right here is just using a song just to use it. If there´s some quality to it is thanks to the original.

  101. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 13, 2014

    @boytoy you know you just prove @beyonce point! Right??? she/he said MOST of Rih’s hits aren’t hers and you just stated that 3 out of 13 are hers… hmmmmm 13 is a larger number than 3 and if 3 are hers then what about the other ten??? not dissing just point it out

  102. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    @Stephy girrrrrllll BAI

  103. moe January 13, 2014


  104. opd2 January 13, 2014

    seems like something is missing, and i don’t ever feel that way about a Riri song, collab are her alone, i just kept looking to hear a Nicki minaj verse at some point of the song.

  105. shekarajane January 13, 2014

    I hate it when ppl give artist unnecessary praise. This is not a gud song. It’s just ok. It did not require collaboration. However, Rihanna’s team will promote the hell out of this song and it will do well but it will be one of those songs that will just be in the moment. No longevity. No one shud compare drunk in love or XO wit tis song because these songs are beta. I am not a fan of any artist but a fan of gud music. I am very disappointed in this song and all the hype surrounding it. RIhanna did not do better than Shakira, they both complement each other. Ppl are complimenting Rihanna’s vocal but this is a very basic song that doesnt require any voice gymnastics. So don’t see the big deal. If any other artist had sing this song they wud have been criticized for this mediocre but when it comes to Rihanna, they get a pass, once the song is catchy then everyone is fine with it. What about the quality. But again is in the hand of the GP.

  106. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    Technically Mariah is queen.

    She has sold close to the number of albums Madonna has in less time with less albums, she has a few Diamond albums to her name, Madonna only has 1 I believe.

    Mariah is the best selling artist of the Soundscan era and the most successful African American artist of all time.

    Madonna only beats Mariah when it comes to touring.

  107. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    @musicstan please re-read 😆 Three OUT OF thirteen of her #1s are features which means the remaining ten ARENT features.


    are her only featured #1’s.

  108. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    Anyway let’s make this #1, Rihanna sounds amazing on it.

  109. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 13, 2014

    I have re-read sir and like I say you just prove he/she point… 10 are hers and 3 aren’t wow but yet look at beyonce’s hits all are her by herself she rarely do features….

  110. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 13, 2014

    and just cause she is feature on the song doesn’t make it hers…. cause it is not on her album it is not hers…. if the cover said another artist name first ( in big letters) and her name in small letter with the word FEATURE it isn’t her…. so don’t count them as hers songs…. unless they are personally on her album then you can call them her but until them she is a feature artist

  111. ROSEGOLD January 13, 2014

    I wouldn’t call it basic or generic…it’s just not that good which usually translates into a top 10 hit. Shakira has a very ugly voice.

  112. ROSEGOLD January 13, 2014

    @Musicstan Billboard counts features. Look at Christina Aguilera. Her last few hits have been features, but they count towards her top 10’s/#1’s.

  113. Bey_on_ce January 13, 2014

    Lol @ stephy for saying this s*** sounds like some that Disney reject lol and @ big boy toy I’m assuming your talking to me let’s be real all riri have is 7 songs that’s num one in that case bey is stinging her ass lets take away fta and she’s back in the single digits unfaithful ,umbrella,s&m,onlygirl,take a bow,what’s my name,disturbia, and rude boy! Lol now let’s do bey
    Baby boy, naughty girl, crazy in love, me myself and I , dangerously on love , irreplaceable, get me bodied, single ladies , halo, love on top !!! Who is winning dumb ass?????? Lol all her albums were num 1 even 4 the one ya call flop and mrs riri has 7 only 1 went num one????? Do better baby and get your coins up cuz the hive buys albums we can’t dwell on singles cuz that’s not what the record label wants u to do they want album sales not singles!!! And if u had the coins to buy an album u would kno!!!!

  114. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    @Musicstan: awww luckily you don’t write the rules. Billboard > you.

    @Beyonce: WRONG. Rihanna’s #1s are
    Take A Bow
    What’s My Name
    Rude Boy
    Only Girl
    We Found Love
    Live Your Life

  115. NOT AT ALL AMUSED January 13, 2014

    I was really waiting for this song, because I really like Shakira, and it was interesting that Rihanna was also featuring. So I waited. Then Googled. Then listened. Wow. I am so underwhelmed. The last part of the song sound long and unnecessary. The first part sang by Shakira, I don’t know, but I hear nothing of what she’s saying. Her accent, maybe? Then Rihanna was actually good…

    Overall, I will listen to it because despite all its fault I like it. But it was/is underwhelming. Not at all worth the hype.

  116. Bey Fan January 13, 2014

    I’ve listened to it two more times…

    Still needs a hot video. Shakira voice is kinda annoying. Its not bad… but very distinct (and annoying).

    And if this goes to Number 1 (which i highly doubt) , does it count towards Rihanna’s #1’s?

  117. Bey_on_ce January 13, 2014

    Music Stan thank u so much the navy is delusional he just proved my point most of the songs riri on are features not her so how does she have 13 num ones and a them ain’t hers lol last time I check. A feature don’t get the number one last time I check all beyonce num 1 are her and her alone besides the ones with jay z and shakira other than that their her songs not a feature with her being the feature … The navy made those numbers yo talking bout so damn 13 num 1 lol the struggle is real!!! Big boy toy u should change ur name to big dumbass lol

  118. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    Get Me Bodied
    Love On Top

    I don’t recall those topping the hot 100. But since you wanna bring in other charts… Pour It Up, Stay and Right Now were #1s too lol

  119. Im just saying January 13, 2014

    The song is mediocre, just like most songs that chart high these days.
    GGGB slayed Bday? Checked the numbers in the Us Bday 3.3Million>GGGB 2.4 Million(her highest selling album lol, india.Arie has seen those numbers)…so um lets not act like Ri is this great album seller she isnt.

    Lets not play the victim either, everyone has the right to their opinion and alot of people think the song is trash. If the navy ran and brought her albums as fast as they did these cheap little singles then Rihanna would really be queen, having albums take almost the entire year to ship or scan 1 Million in the Us with hits is sad.

    Vocals and Rihanna dont belong together unless “non existed” is paired with the other two words.
    2/5…thats being generous

  120. WINTZ January 13, 2014

    Ugh! Stephy is SO Dumb… looooooooool

    This song’s a grower… i like it, i’m at work so i just got one listen but i’m sure by later i’m gonna totally love it. Good job girls!

  121. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    Lmao! You are so DUMB. 13 #1s. Most would be 5 or over! 3 is HARDLY most you imbecile. 😆

  122. Bey_on_ce January 13, 2014

    Big boy toy your crazy all if beyonce songs are hers and are u sure those songs didn’t top hot 100 baby boy u need to come off that bs u on and wake up baby it’s a beyonce world !!! Her name along bring threats !!! Lol who’s is threatend by riri nobody but the floor that she be hitting cuz of her drunk and drug problem at her concerts!!! Beyonce falls off stage , hair gets stuck in fan and falls again and still out performed riri without a lead single!!!! Lmao baby your struggle is real can we get u to say that rir albums are num 1 or her tours????lol I didn’t think so lol the struggle is really keep making up lies to yourself!!!

  123. TinaMinaj January 13, 2014

    Did someone call this BASIC song CULTURAL?? LMAO! Let’s not. This song even PALES in comparison to Rihanna’s other songs and the navy know this!
    Was expecting some Beautiful Liar epic type song with an Island feel but guess it’s just a desperate attempt at a quick hit that is extremely forgettable. This will need an EXTREMELY EPIC video to have any kind of lasting impact on pop culture.

  124. Stephy Tha Lambily January 13, 2014

    Im not dumb Miss Cutie Pie…


    Thxs for talking nice about Mimi. But they are right Madonna is queen.

    She has sold more albums overall than Mariah. But ofcourse she has like 35 albums/box sets & a whole decade (1980s) over Mariah Carey.

    Mariah Carey is the best selling female in America tho…

    Madonna still the queen in Albums, Singles & Touring…

    Madonna: Sold 300,000,000+ Albums, Singles, Box Sets & Others – Total

    Mariah Carey: Sold 250,000,000+ Albums, Singles, Box Sets & Others – Total

  125. Stephy Tha Lambily January 13, 2014

    @The Boy Toy… Shut up…

  126. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    @beyonce: English please? I can’t even understand half of the s*** you said lol. Yes I’m positive those songs didn’t top the hot 100. Neither did Me Myself and I. I believe Beyonces last #1 hit was Single Ladies.

  127. TinaMinaj January 13, 2014

    @The Boy Toy
    So what if those songs didn’t hit #1. Halo stays shitting bricks on most of Rihanna’s #1s so you can have several seats!

  128. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    @Minaj: if your dumb ass would’ve READ the convo you would’ve seen why I said that. But you’re a f****** Nicki stan, I wouldn’t expect you to comprehend. #StupidHoe 😆

  129. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    @Stephy must you reiterate how many albums Mariah, Madonna, MJ and Whitney sold in every post? They’re legends, but we don’t care about their damn sales. 😉

  130. Molly January 13, 2014

    Its ok i feel like Rih is the highlight never been a fan of Shakira music tbh. i give it a 3 outta 5 stars

  131. Skyfall January 13, 2014

    I actually love this, it’s different and very pleasant to the ears. if it doesn’t get #1 it will def hit the top-10 spot. There voices go perfectly together. Rihannas voice is also amazing, i mean when she really tries to sing she sounds really good, her voice is also unique. I mean no shade but i can name a few singers who sound like Adele or Beyonce but how many sound like Rihanna. She can sing all types of music and own it.

  132. Shanice January 13, 2014

    Sounds like something radio Disney would play.
    Debbie Ryan ft China Anne McClain
    Song is childish, vocals suck
    It’ll go #1 for a week
    Ugh I miss real music with meaning
    Teenagers (yt and suburbian) will eat this up
    Going to listen to Millie Jackson or King Pleasure or Beyonce

  133. Molly January 13, 2014

    i can always give credit when its due Rihanna sounded great

  134. MC!!! January 13, 2014

    but it still sold the same amount as b-day it still did better than bday international wise whereas beyonce did her most sales in the US

  135. ABC January 13, 2014

    It’s a cool song. It’s not electronic, dub step or EDM. I love the pop/rock elements. It’ll stand out amongst the Katy’s, Miley’s and Pitbulls of the world. Will it hit #1? Idk but it’s not a horrible song at all. Welcome back to America, Shakira 🙂

  136. ABC January 13, 2014

    Do I spy a Garbaj stan calling something basic? *plays Starships*

  137. MC!!! January 13, 2014

    its a catchy and cute pop record a i like that it has a little spanish guitar rhythm makes it appeal to more audiences!! and rihanna sounded great

  138. Bey_on_ce January 13, 2014

    Big boy toy It’s a couple of typos it happens lol it’s the internet tho !!! Sounds like u mad beyonce on top lol and all her songs get praised !!! I remember on America best dance crew they had a beyonce theme only lol I don’t recall them having a riri theme oh I fogot she irrelevant when it comes to bey!!!! Lol the struggle is real I see u dogging the ??? About those albums sales, tour sales and singles sales ???? Can u explain why she is killing riri??? #google that s*** lol

  139. TinaMinaj January 13, 2014

    Hate on Nicki all you want but she shits on all Female rappers and is only competing with the males. She is the queen in her field and will go down in history as one of the greatest rappers ever!

    Of course Starships was basic, it served its purpose which was to expand her fanbase. Don’t hear Nicki fans hyping it up and trying to make it sound like such a classic song. But even then it SHITS on this..

  140. Skyfall January 13, 2014

    … but is it wrong for saying i would rather hear Rihanna sing the song in full by herself

  141. Stephy Tha Lambily January 13, 2014

    @The Boy Toy…

    Shut the f**** up. If you dont like my comment DONT READ THEM!!!

  142. ABC January 13, 2014

    Sky fall I agree. I’m not a fan of Shakiras voice, but she’s an international superstar so it works for her. I love Rihanna’s voice on this.

  143. SLAY_HIVE January 13, 2014

    WTF! This mess is so wack! I can’t with the Salvation Army and their LOW standards! kii SMH

    Saying this will be a “hit” is not much considering the generic mess sitting at the top of the charts now “Timber” and that monster s***! BYE!

  144. ABC January 13, 2014

    Yes Stephy is Annoying (with a capital A). He’s such a bratty bottom.

    Nicki has fizzled out along with Gaga.

  145. That Dude January 13, 2014

    If Rihanna was gay she would b a verse/top

    as much as she likes to take charge as the leading lady she can be submissive for the right person and make a magical collaboration.


  146. Tyler January 13, 2014

    Wow, I like shakira…I really do but this song is pop and generic, just like I expected. Overall, do I like it? Not really. Will it top the charts? I don’t think that it deserves to but who knows.

  147. HOTSTUFF January 13, 2014

    actually Rihanna sounds better than Shakira (and this is not because i stand for her)….and the song is meh…. what ever tho..

  148. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 13, 2014

    Damn, this is the first time that I agree with crazy’AMANDA BYNES’ here.

    NO HATE, This song is pure trash, sorry if I hurt some fans feelings here with my comment, but im just being honest. Already listen to it full song on YouTube, Shakira ft Rihanna is PURE TRASH.

  149. Jay Scorpio Navy General January 13, 2014

    @TINAMINAJ you sound dumb as FUKK!!!!! HALO??? REALLY?? how many artists have covered that song verses Rihanna’s Unfaithful, Diamonds or Stay

    You better get a damn clue who has the real music… Yes Rihanna may drop her club hits but her ballads stays on everyone lips and you will just DEAL!

    On another note though Shakira was a bit annoying on this track… Rihanna stepped up and slayed the dragon!

  150. Mark111 January 13, 2014

    And this is why Rihanna is the s***, her voice can match ANY format or genre of music. She can do it all and that’s why she has hit after hit, year after year, cause no matter how music changes, she can fit her voice into it.

    The reason why Gaga is fading is because EDM is fading. Music is become more urban and multicultural. If you’re stuck in one genre, you’re boring and dead (Ciara). Pop, hip hop and R&B lines are so blurred now it looks like R&B artist are doing pop and pop are doing R&B. JT started the bur with FS/LS and Rihanna’s GGGB finished it.

  151. FutureCIARA January 13, 2014

    It might be cute for me next time, when I hear it with a cocktail…

    I have nothing bad to say though.

  152. Stop the drama Start the music January 13, 2014

    No. Sorry. They can keep this!

  153. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    Shakira, John Hill, Tom Hull, Daniel Alexander, Erik Hassle, Robyn Fenty

    Yes at my baby writing her own songs as well ad songs for other people. I’m so proud of my baby for contributing to the creative process.

    That as well ad sounding amazing on anything she touches.

  154. SLAY_HIVE January 13, 2014

    Jay Scorpio

    STFU dumb ass b****!! Halo is one of Beyonce’s most covered songs on American Idol, Xfactor, The voice, all around the world!

    The nerve of you to put real music in the same sentence with that generic goat! Good f***** BYE! kiiii

    SN: Unfaithful, stay, and diamonds are the only three you can come up with! and that daimonds s*** was basic and repetitive. LOW STANDARDS!!!!!

  155. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 13, 2014

    The song is so stupid, so childish. It doesn’t deserve a place in the Billboard top 10,40,100 etc. What a shame. Trash song. This is Rihanna worst collaboration (ft) ever.

  156. cocobutta January 13, 2014

    The only way this will do well is the fact Rihanna’s name is on it because the song is NOT HOT!!

    Not totally wack but not a hit for me.

    That single cover is fire though.

  157. SLAY_HIVE January 13, 2014

    DEATH @ Hoebird

    You and your double standards are too much for me! If Beyonce’s name was listed she would have “paid” to have her name listed with the writers, or “stole” credits!

    You are a mess for real girl 😉

  158. Stop the drama Start the music January 13, 2014

    Mark11, once Gaga is in ur mouth, she’ll always be in ur mouth after. Like I find it funny how Beyonce can sell 1 million first week yet no one complains about her making the same r&b music. I know u are personally biased against Gaga but it’s time to stop thinking about her, worry about ur own life and this s***** song 😀

  159. me January 13, 2014

    Beyonce could never #IJS

  160. Lovebird January 13, 2014

    If you don’t know the difference between sales and sells, don’t talk to me.

  161. SLAY_HIVE January 13, 2014


    How is Beyonce making the same R&B music. What is it about this new album that sounds anything like 4??

    Gags is making the same stale pop s***! Her songs are not that inspiring. The song titles are wack, and she repeats the song titles over and over and all of her songs! I’m sorry Gags has had NO growth. She’s more famous for her gimmicks! The GP is over that! 🙁

  162. Vee January 13, 2014

    Garbage. Sounds like something Selena Gomez or any next Disney star could record. And am I missing something, whats so special about Rihanna on this?

  163. SLAY_HIVE January 13, 2014

    LOOL Obviously you have nothing NEW to say! #LUNATICBITCH SMH

  164. tyler January 13, 2014

    Wtf does Beyonce have to do with this? @Lovebird can you please ask Fresh Navi, Stop The Drama, and Jay what Beyonce has to do with this?

  165. Chic Soul January 13, 2014

    Rihanna and Beyonce are both dope artists repping for the black girls! The stan wars are silly because they’re both winning!! Now onto this song. It’s not my style but it’s catchy. I don’t think it will top the charts but it won’t flop…

  166. SLAY_HIVE January 13, 2014

    Yes Fresh Navi AKA WHUT does the most! Writing 50 paragraphs in every post! kii smh

  167. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 13, 2014

    Will NOT download it (not even for free), Not waisting my money on it, PURE trash. Noooooo trash in my devices, my ears means everything to me.I expected more from those 2, this is one of the worst collaboration ever and Rihanna first. If you love music, good music¿ than you know that this song Rihanna ft Shakira is GARBAGE. TRASH .

  168. Slayty (Queen sitting on her throne at #1) January 13, 2014

    “This will displace Katy from #1” unlikely. How is Katy’s single reign coming to an end when 2/3 singles have slayed? I know you’re delusional but lets not deny facts. Roar was one of the top 10 best selling singles of 2013 (#6) despite only seeing 4 months that year. Unconditionally underperformed because the single was released the same day as the album. Dark Horse is sitting at #1 and will be Katy’s 9th #1.
    9 #1s, three albums in 5 years. Katy’s reign is just fine.

  169. Terry January 13, 2014

    slay_ hive but GaGa music is more impactful and more diverse then Beyonce stale R&b hood songs.

  170. Stephy Tha Lambily January 13, 2014

    Wait, when did Katy Perry get 9 number 1 hits?

  171. Slayty (Queen sitting on her throne at #1) January 13, 2014

    “Gaga’s music is more impactful and more diverse” did I read this correctly?

  172. Vee January 13, 2014

    Death @ Gagas music being more diverse than Beyoncé. Its not more impactful either. Not many people cover Gaga like they do Beyoncé. Delusion is one hell of a drug.

  173. SLAY_HIVE January 13, 2014


    Bad Romance, Just dance, poker face, and all the other retarted STALE poptart s*** is NOT more impactful than Crazy In Love or Single Ladies. CIL started the uh-oh dance craze, Single ladies was WW impactful and iconic for the dance. Hell even Irreplaceable had everyone saying “to the left, to the left”!!

    The only thing Gags has impacted is the Halloween costume industry! BYE

  174. Kingbeybitch January 13, 2014

    I listened to it twice and its still MEHHH I like Shakira but I kept listen to hear some spark or something but I got nothing DISAPPOINTED

  175. Stephy Tha Lambily January 13, 2014


    Deja Vu
    If I Were A Boy
    Sweet Dreams
    All I Could Do Was Cry
    Smash Into You
    I Was Here
    Start Over
    I Care
    Single Ladies

    Beyonce’s music is way more DIVERSE than Lady S********

  176. ahh ye… why not January 13, 2014

    where the dance at? that’s a snore ska 1-2 beat. weird tempo. casual rock epichord chorus. alotta annoying ohhs in it. that’s 2 weeks on the hit radios and you phreak out when you hear it once again. 😆

  177. Jemina Nelson January 13, 2014



    I REALLY did like this I was expecting something groundbreaking but this is good and has potential to be #1 for 2-3 weeks maybe

  179. Lupita stan January 13, 2014

    You people are LOSERS. The same people arguing over the same thing everyday. Does it got tiresome or nah?

  180. Points Finger and Laughs January 13, 2014

    You are delusional loll

  181. SLAY_HIVE January 13, 2014


    bxth STFU. Obviously you’re a “loser” if you sit here and read the same “tiresome” s*** everyday! kiii Dumb ass b****

  182. Lupita stan January 13, 2014

    Did I strike a nerve f**? Guilty conscience? I think so Kiii. LOSER!! @Slay_Hive

  183. Navy Nick January 13, 2014

    It is ok, I like the lyrics, the beat, is just ok….

  184. SLAY_HIVE January 13, 2014

    No b**** I’m just pointing out how STUPID you sound! To know that the same people are arguing must mean that you sit here and READ THE SAME S*** EVERYDAY! So what does that sat about you b****?? kiii

    You’re obvioulsy a troll that got dragged hiding behing a different username! B**** bBye!! SMH

    SN: No one says “loser” anymore. LAME B**** LOL

  185. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 13, 2014

    ya’ll are comical to me ya’ll forever running to bilboard… ummm like I said in order to be an artist #1 hits the artist who albums it is on had to most of the work…. just cause artist is feature on the song doesn’t mean it is their hit…. it is call a callbo, feature, guest apperance for a reason…… Now they Grammy’s and bilboards aknowledge the features cause if the song is in the cateogry then they have to give credit where it is due but if you read the articles in music world and stop running to wikipedia, and bilboard you will know that they would said they other artist’s smash hit featuring….. not ther feature artist’s smash hit…. that is like giving the writer all the credit cause techinally they do all the work along with the producer, etc…. but they don’t get credit… So all those features that RIH was on aren’t her techinally cause they not on her albums.. and the most of the money goes to the original artists.. so NAVY answer this question let’s said this song or any other feature was a FLOP and didn’t charted on the charts would you still call it a Rih song???????

  186. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 13, 2014

    @boytoy I thought you said she had 3 features hits and 10 #1 hit I’ve counted nine that you list that aren’t features

  187. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 13, 2014

    I Like gaga’s Songs more Than beyonce, Beyonce’s music is bland to me and the Girls empowerment or whatever she’s doing to brand herself is not my cup of tea, She’s Crazy to me and I’m not here for her music, i can enjoy seeing her perform and i did, but only her music without VISUALS? NO Just No. 😕

    “Ego”, “Diva”, “Freakum dress”, “ring the alarm”, “World wide woman”, “kitty kat”, “Run the world”, “Yonce”,”Bow down”, etc… TO THE TRASH where they belong IMO, Pure gutter trash. ➡

    and her “ballads” have no Soul or anything, I don’t feel pain, i don’t feel any emotions when she sings, i feel nothing, you can tell if the songs mean something to her or not, and i don’t like that about her music, She can’t pick Decent Songs, I liked “4” and DIL, those 2 stick with me the most Because i slightly felt this woman have some type of a soul in them, those are her best “Overall” albums IMO because i felt her in them, She made B’day in 2 Weeks and copied ameriie and some many others like a xerox, so I don’t like it and it feels ghetto,noisy and just not for me and not up to my taste, and “IASF”, well it either have good songs or really bad bad songs, use it 50%.

    I give her discography 2.5/5 and that is my honest opinion about beyonce’s Music. 😕

  188. Valerie January 13, 2014

    Beyonce’s music is much better than Gaga’s. She has songs for every mood. When I am feeling like a Diva she makes every girl have that diva confidence through her songs like no other artist (only girls would understand), when I want a ‘sing into my hairbrush’ type of song that’s what she gives, when I am feeling angry she has great aggressive songs, when I am felling mellow she has great mellow songs, when I want a S*** R&B slow jam 😉 she gives me that. Gaga doesn’t offer that much.

  189. Jamie January 13, 2014

    Yea i feel like GaGa has a better discography then Beyonce, Gaga has iconic dance hits like just dance, pokerface,bad romance and alejandro etc Beyonce just has more talent. anyways the song is average.

  190. SLAY_HIVE January 13, 2014

    LOL b**** f*** your opinion when you stan for an “artist” that pushes fast food meaningless music annually!

    Halo, if i were a boy, listen, me myself and I, Love on Top, BTINH, I was Here, 1+1, I care, Start Over, Flaws and All, Resentment, wishing on a star (The Entire DIL album)>>>> Everything rihanna has recored!

    Her voice has no emotion, and thank her studio engineers for that voice. We all know how she sounds live kii

    Beyonce 17 grammys>>>>>>>

    90% of Rihanna’s discograpy is PURE GENERIC TRASH! kiii

    She is the luckiest pop star to ever grace the planet, thank god for the current genric trend ruining the industry kiiii

  191. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 13, 2014

    It is funny how a RIH fan says Beyonce ballad has no soul when Rih’s don’t neither… Diamonds was one but the rest I didn’t feel her personal pain in the song… and if they were she would express it in her live shows.. i have watch a couple of them and she doesn’t show any emotion or connection to the song nor lyrics….

  192. Valerie January 13, 2014

    And I am hugely disappointed with this Shakira/Rihanna song.

  193. The Boy Toy January 13, 2014

    @Musicstan well count again dear. TEN of her 13 #1’s are Rihanna’s (as a MAIN artist). You typed all of that for nothing! Billboard said Rihanna has 13?#1 hits. I haven’t gotten any of my stuff from Wikipedia lmaoooo. Drake was featured on WMN and that still counts as one of his #1 hits. Just give up.

  194. tee January 13, 2014


  195. SLAY_HIVE January 13, 2014

    Beyonce evokes more emotion in LIVE performances!

    Something rihject knows nothing of 😉

  196. Valerie January 13, 2014

    And Rihanna fans make out her music is on whole other level its quite sickening. Rihanna’s music is just catchy more than anything. She has great catchy songs to bop too. Whenever they list Beyonce’s music, they list the most INTENTIONALY ghetto songs like Bow Down and Diva, and skip over the songs Rihanna could never touch vocally like Disappear, Love On Top, Speechless etc. And then when the Hive want to talk about Beyoncé having ghetto/ratchet vibe wayyy before Rihanna, they dismiss it to their advantage.

  197. SLAY_HIVE January 13, 2014

    POOP is such a flip flopper. He hates that Beyonce is slaying Rihanna effortlessly, so now he’s bandwagoning GAGS. kiii Remember when you said this about ArtPop POOP?? enjoy 😉

    “Probably the most decent song out of her Set until Now, but it is basic/Tired/Abused and not enough to get you XD…….
    4/5 to be fair to this song.”

  198. Tyler January 13, 2014

    Since when did Gaga’s generic, autotuned, pop b******* obtain emotion? How is her music so much more meaningful? I’ll wait.

  199. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 13, 2014

    “Stay” has Soul and that is one song out of many, you have “cold case love”, “fire bomb”, “Russian roulette”, etc.. I won’t prove it because soul is already in her songs.

    And I don’t expect a beyonce Stan to know what that is Since they Stan for “Diva”, a Ghetto trashy Lil Wanyne Cover song that Flopped and deserved to. 😕

    she screams a Lot in songs that is supposed to be Slow and just calm, she’s crazy and Out of it, Don’t use her music, trash and not my cup of tea.
    WTF is a “countdown” ? 😕 😕 😕

  200. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 13, 2014

    @boytoy count again at how many you type personally I can give two s*** about her or anything i like her music but i just pointing out facts…. it is sooo funny how ya’ll navy fans try to come for ppl but just last week ya’ll was giving out olive branches to the bee hive… comdey at it finest… The only artist I really stan for like that is a Legend his self everything that your fave is doing he done did that

  201. iconic cici January 13, 2014

    This song is very lackluster and is as basic beautiful liar tbh.Rihanna wasn’t needed Btw Gaga music is slightly better then beys atleast Gaga can write her material unlike Beyonce.

  202. RIRifan January 13, 2014

    Ewww wtf is this ????? OMG this song sucks so bad I can’t believe Rihanna is even part of this ,,,this thing is horrible I don’t wanna listened to it ever again ….NEXT

  203. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 13, 2014


    I Still Like gaga? 😉

    and “Artpop” is so much better than “beyonce” to me, at least it has no Fillers, versatile and Way more interesting, also it has no rihanna-inspired tracks so it is something different for me. 😛

    Beyonce slays nothing,not using her Hype, her album has no hits And Got old after a month to me, Forgettable just like her Impact on BB hot 100 since 6 years.

  204. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 13, 2014

    Stay had Soul… Man you won’t know SOUL If that b**** slap you in the face your fave is A Pop artist not R&B?SOUL artist… Soul come from within…. most singer with Soul WRITE THEIR OWN personal song cause who can write they personal experience better them since they go through theirselves…. Russian Roulette could had more soul cause it came out the time when she was going through her situation with chris brown but in the video she was bland and live she was bland that was a perfect time for her to express her emotions…

  205. JENNIFER LOPEZ FT PITBULL January 13, 2014

    BeYAWNce would never

  206. ROSEGOLD January 13, 2014

    “Sou” and “emotion” are subjective because everyones feelings are different. Fantasia is a soul singer, but not everyone “feels” her emotion. Personally, I have only felt emotion from Rihanna’s “Stay” and Beyonce’s new album is filled with emotion but that doesn’t go for everyone. Let’s not sit here and act like Rihanna’s music is groundbreaking though. LOL!

  207. ShitGotReal January 13, 2014

    Why the fuuck are u guys talking about other singers. This is a Shakira and Rihanna post. U guys have no life.
    And how the fuuck is this song generic? Do you hear songs like this on the radio? I mean u guys are so biased

  208. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 13, 2014


    check the acoustic version of gaga’s Songs, AMAZING.

    not here for her S***** antics though, but she do the job for me and her music is way better than beyonce to me.

    not here for no “freakum dress”,”Get me bodies” or the likes of them.
    trash. 😕

  209. Tyler January 13, 2014

    Screaming? Beyonce doesn’t scream, she belts. That’s a vocal technique that you wouldn’t know too much about since your fave sings like a cat being thrown off of a balcony. And ghetto? But wait….I thought that Rihanna was the ghetto queen. Ya know, the originator of ghetto hooks. Or at least that’s what you Salvation Army stans were saying the other day. Now Beyonce’s the ghetto one? Now you wanna give Beyonce credit for doing ratchet anthems first??? Which one is it?

  210. Truth Tea January 13, 2014

    Smash hit, the both sound awesome and the tune is catchy as hell its going straight to NO.1

  211. Tyler January 13, 2014

    I have heard gaga live and I have heard acoustic versions of her songs. Tbh they are still lack luster and souless. You go right ahead and not “be here” for get me bodied or freakum dress. Because I’m not here for Bad Romance, Alejandro, Poker Face, Do What You Want, or Applause… I’d take Halo, I Care, Love On Top, Me Myself and I, Listen, and Crazy In Love over those songs ANYDAY.

  212. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 13, 2014


    Not That i was even talking to you, but I Won’t be rude and ignore you.

    Rihanna did it all for me as an artist when it comes to music, she gave me R&B, Pop, Dance, reggae, Rock, etc… and i feel her soul, I don’t care what you say since you sound like another biased beyonce stan, which is bored to me at this point, so what you gonna say next, rihanna has no talent?
    and just cuz you don’t understand “RR” MV doesn’t mean it is bland, you seem the type of person who talk their ass out and never do their research, rihanna has soul and a personality, something beyonce lacks, and that’s why rihanna is more likable, she’s showing you who you are and her music is relatable, beyonce sings about what? this materialistic soulless Woman, don’t like her music and hate it each passing day, not that she’s relevant in the radios here or her music get played constantly like rihanna, but Everytime i hear her scream/growl as if she has soul or emotions make me want to bunch somebody and then vomit, totally YUCK. 😕

    Bye. ➡

  213. SLAYAGE January 13, 2014

    IDC what anyone says, Rihanna can sing. #Deal …We all know no one in this music industry right now can beat KING B, shes in her own lane so #Deal…I had high hopes for this, but for real…no lie….when I played the song, I completely forgot it was even playing…#boring BASIC..smdh

  214. Hivy January 13, 2014

    This song was ok..Rih sounds way better than Shakira. It’s definitely a grower but I prefer Beautiful Liar. Shakira kinda hurt my ears. Rih saved this song like always.

  215. Tyler January 13, 2014

    Not too long ago you were dragging “artpop” and praising “beyonce”. Now all of a sudden you have a change of heart??? Oh the irony! Lol. But aye, that’s your opinion….you’re entitled to that. Either way, @Rosegold has a valid point. Whether or not you think that Rihanna, Gaga, or Beyonce does/does not evoke emotion in their songs is irrelevant. Because at the end of the day soul is SUBJECTIVE. Technique and skill however, are factual. And Beyonce effortlessly slays Rihanna and Gaga when in regards to acoustic and live performances. Which is all that really matters tbh. So end of story.

    MOVING ON—->

  216. PlumPeach January 13, 2014

    “Can’t Remember To Forget You”

    Well I’ll be telling this song that you ARE FORGOTTEN ABOUT!

    Voices are fine but track lacks umph

  217. Bey Fan January 13, 2014

    I just scanned through some of the comments and it looked like someone said “Stay” had soul??? Ummmm WHAT?

    And I’ve never gotten why some ppl think Rihanna is a versatile singer. She couldn’t sing the National Anthem, she could sing a gospel song, she couldn’t sing an r&b ballad,or any song that requires her to sing more than 2 octaves.

    I think her voice is unique. And I think she’s been getting better vocally. But yall give Rihanna way too much. ESPECIALLY when it comes to singing. The fact that yall went up for these alleged harmonies in this song…well that says a lot.

  218. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 13, 2014

    @pop ummm that is fine but ya’ll Navy fan/stan love reaching… she gave you R&B (side eyes and roll them) where the last time I check when she was trying to do R&B at the beginning of her career it didn’t work for her ( Music of the Sun) all the rest of her album are label as POP the only reason why she is in the R&B category in awards show is because of her color of her skin….. Before Ratchet was in Urban radio wasn’t even playing RIH Like that, which is why she switch her style and everything… Let me school you on where Soul comes from!!!! Soul Music came from Gospel music it later form into Blues, then to Rhythm and blues and now Hip Hop and Neo-soul… Soul music has its roots in traditional African-American gospel music and rhythm and blues, and the hybridization of their respective religious and secular styles, in both lyrical content and instrumentation, Soul Music is like a healer to the urban commuinties… it has expressions and emotion… Soul Music also play in politics in the 1950’s to now!!!! Song like “What’s going on” ” A Change gonna Come”, ” Self Destruction” just to name a few painting a picture for White america to see what was going on in the minds of the urban youth of america….. Now Pop music is Popular Music… Which are more party anthems and gengeric lyric and beats…. Now we can agree to disagree I wasn’t knocking you for like Rih… But to say she is Soul and her music has soul is reaching… to you she may have to popular demand she doesn’t…. So bye

  219. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 13, 2014

    receipts i was dragging “artpop” ? i had nothing but praise for the album.

    and subjective or not, it was MY OPINION, sue me?

  220. jeff January 13, 2014

    First off this is NOT a Rihanna
    song. Second Rihanna sound horrible on that track. Rihanna sings much better than this.

  221. Super Cisus January 13, 2014

    Forgot this whack s*** already kii

  222. Tyler January 13, 2014

    Back on topic lol.

    Shakira should have collabed with Bruno instead. I’m not feeling this song or any of Rihanna’s recent effort. But aye, that’s just me! Instead of taking an actual break, Rihanna is trying to keep her name out there by dueting with everyone and their other so we won’t forget about her. Which is probably a good strategy. Since she doesn’t have the raw talent to fall back on.

  223. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 13, 2014


    MOTS was reggae… you listened to this album in the first place?


    you know how that sounds like? school yourself on it as you did with the soul.

    as i told you, you are another biased beyonce stan, please make me+you a favor and do not waste so much time.

    i will read what you wrote about soul history since i don’t mind that and thank you for it, but i stay correct and you stay biased when it comes to rihanna. 😀

  224. Tyler January 13, 2014

    You were praising “Beyonce” though lmao. You know it! And receipts??? Nah…ain’t nobody got time for that. Not today that is haha. If you didn’t drag “artpop” I’ll take your word for it. Maybe I’m just getting you confused with another Rihanna stan *rolls eyes*. But you are absolutely right, that is your opinion. You have every right to hate “Beyonce” just like I have every right to hate all of Rihanna’s generic and recent efforts. It’s as simple as that.

    Either way, I’m not feeling this song at all nor do I think that it deserves to top the charts.

  225. jeff January 13, 2014

    First off this is NOT a Rihanna
    song. Second Rihanna sound horrible on that track. Rihanna sings much better than this. Don’t know what her fans r hearing. SMH

  226. CupidsEgo January 13, 2014

    Definitely an international hit!! I’m not sure if it’ll hit #1 in the US but this will be HUGH elsewhere! I see #1 in several other countries

  227. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 13, 2014

    Music of the sun was not Reggae stop with the reaching just cause Pon de Replay was the only reggae song on there doesn’t make a reggae album.. Reggae album constants Reggae influence not just one song….. Love if you want and the other song where more R&B than reggae…. Trust I listen to Reggae from Bob Marley to Sean Paul and Music of the Sun doesn’t sound like any of them….. at all… Patra, Ivy Queen are REGGAE… Reggae developed from Ska and rocksteady in the 1960s. The shift from rocksteady to reggae!!!! Music of the Sun was and R&B with one maybe two reggae songs…. and I love beyonce but i don’t stan for her.. I just point out things that are incorrect…. and when it comes to Rih you don’t know anything neither if you claiming music of the sun was reggae….. She put Dancehall influence in her song but not reggae there is a differences… Dancehall is like elephant man, Mr.Vegas and somewhat Rih when she want to touch her roots but Reggae was a movement with politics backing watch the Bob MARLEY doc….

  228. Tyler January 13, 2014

    Wtf? Lol. Not only do you stan for Rihanna, you constantly insult Beyonce. Like today for example. So @Musicstan could easily call you biased too @Pop Royalty…just saying ha!

  229. Mark111 January 13, 2014


    Beyonce is nothing like 4, nor B-Day or DIL. If anything, it’s a more grown IASF, but I Am Beyonce. Bey sold so well because 1) She’s the best entertainer of our generation. 2) Huge tour. 3) Her fans and the GP was waiting so long for it. 4) It surprised and shock the nation. I’m sure years from now, people will ask “Where were you when Beyonce dropped?” It was that much of an impact.

    And you should be glad that I’m mentioning Gaga, some on is cause the public is over her. I KNEW 100% this album was gonna flop. I stated after BTW that next time she have to do something different or she’ll lose alot of fans and I was right. I’m sorry (not sorry) that she relied on her shock Vs “talent”, and now she is know as a has been, a flook, a sec in music time. Like @Slay_Hive said, GP has moved on, but I’m gonna remind the cutters about their has been fave every time I get.

    Because “She’s an album seller”.

  230. Lily January 13, 2014

    I can’t with the #BeyHive especially @Slay_Hive. Aren’t you ppl the one that says you’re not gonna listen to it or comments about it. What’s happening now why are you ppl mad about a post of Shakira and Rihanna.

  231. Tyler January 13, 2014

    Maybe the visual for this song will be intriguing!

  232. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 13, 2014

    SHAKIRA ft RIHANNA = 100% TRASH. Nothing, nothing good about this lyrical weak a** song. PURE TRASH.

  233. Mya January 13, 2014

    ‘Stay has soul’


    *Exits post*

  234. Dev January 13, 2014

    Shakira would’ve been better off duetting with Gwen Stefani as this song screams No Doubt lite

  235. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 13, 2014

    @Tyler thank you!!!! children of the late 90’s and 00’s don’t get it lol

  236. Lily January 13, 2014

    I can’t with the #BeyHive especially @Slay_Hive. Aren’t you ppl the one saying you’re not gonna listen to it or comments to it. So what’s happening. This B***** are crazy,pathetic retarded delusional stans. God save you ppl. Go Shakira and Rihanna. God continue to Bless you All. Who cares what you Haters speaks/Says.

  237. Tyler January 13, 2014

    No problem @MusicStan

  238. Rihiconna January 13, 2014

    Its alright.I’m not blown away. Rihanna makes the song better. I wanted to hear more from Rihanna because she sounds good.

  239. JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2014

    Sorry but I agree with everybody saying Lady Gaga is more diverse and a better musican than Beyonce. Hell she is a true songwriter and can create new lyrics in a live perofrmance like its nothing. And yes, she moves me more than Beyonce when she sits on her piano and just sings the acoustic versions of her songs. The Edge Of Glory performances for Born This Way album promo are one big example.
    But most of all you said that Gaga has not evolved and always release the same thing: let me tell you Lady Gaga has evolved musically and vocally in 5 years way more than Beyonce in her whole career. Gaga has seen a big evolution (for the better) and that´s why a part of the public doesn´t like her anymore, they prefered to continue with Just Dance fresh basicness.

    Don´t get me wrong Beyonce is like a Michael Jackson compared to most popular artists out today. But if you want people to respect Beyonce´s obvious talent you should start respecting an obviously very talented girl like Lady Gaga first, even if she´s not your cup of tea, same way Beyonce is not my fave but I know she´s better than most atm.

  240. JOHNVIDAL January 13, 2014

    So good to see @stop the drama start the music in TGJ. He/She disappeared a while ago.

  241. TheOuyonB January 13, 2014

    I should know by now to just listen to the songs first before reading the post itself when it comes to That Grape Juice (i.e. Sam). Always so ready to shade Rhianna. The song is probably going to be a pop hit, and Rhianna sounded just fine to me. I was expecting it to be wack after reading the post above.. Delusional, and it’s pretty damn sad.

  242. Marley January 13, 2014

    Gaga music more diverse than Beyoncé? How exactly LOOOL.

  243. JoJo January 13, 2014

    Lmao @ this dyslexic Read it again

  244. JER January 13, 2014

    As always, Rihanna outshines whoever she collaborates with. Not only is she the sole reason there’s any hype around this song, she upstaged Shakira on her own damn single. LOL. The song is ok. I can’t understand half of what shakira is saying and the Rihanna parts are TRULY no shade, the best part. Shakira should have made this the SECOND single right before the album drops, I wouldn’t want to share my leas single shine with anyone. As well, any success the song has is gonna appear to be due to Rihanna’s credit, which it mostly is. I hope radio gives it a chance and the video is FIRE!!!

  245. FutureCIARA January 13, 2014

    Kii at this struggling to make it into iTunes top 10

  246. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) January 13, 2014

    Really??? This was it?? This was the song that’s suppose to “slay” according to the navy?? Huh omg, the state of desperation that you navy members are in is so sad. You’d take Rihanna singing the ABC’s song and go ape sh*t over it. The song is not hot. At all…

  247. Kate January 14, 2014

    B******, we are taking about Rihanna. She and Katy Perry always score #1 songs.
    Buckle up, it’s gonna be amazing year for Rihanna and Shakira.

  248. RobinNavyFenty January 14, 2014

    not a fan of it I doubt chart success

  249. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 14, 2014

    Rihanna ft Shakira = TRASH MUSIC

  250. Sandra January 14, 2014

    Michael Jackson is the most successful african-american artist of all time (and 3rd most successful overall of all time), not Mariah Carey. just saying

  251. Sandra January 14, 2014

    Regarding the Shakira ft Rihanna song, I have only heard the song once, and I’m not very impressed. Maybe I’ll like it more after a few more listens. I don’t like the chorus that much, but the verses are catchy

  252. monica35 January 14, 2014

    Yes she made the song!

    >> I think she she should have done the chorus.

    but its Shakira album so I understand

  253. monica35 January 14, 2014

    the song is good.

    2 types of people will hate it.
    A. People who dont like Shakira nor Rihanna’s voice ( naturally)

    B. People who have limited experience listen to world music like Ska Reggae, Enka, brazilian jazz… you name

    if EVERY ARTIST on your mp3 Player is Americans you will not like this song. Which is fair

  254. Whateveeeeeeeeer! January 15, 2014

    Pop Trashtic.

  255. FormerlyFromTokyo January 15, 2014

    I didn’t like it; it’s ridiculously generic (read: lazy). Neither woman has American pop voices, and I don’t care for Rihanna’s music any more because her voice is better suited for reggae/dancehall music (and she churns out similarly lazy music like it’s going out of style); it sounds like bleating on pop songs. ‘Man Down’ was a great song b/c it played to her vocal strengths. Shakira in Spanish >>>>>> Shakira in English. If they’d done something that was a true fusion of Latin/Caribbean sounds it might have been something. It’ll be a hit since it’ll rely on s** in the video, which is true to form and the true seller for either woman, and I say that as someone who really enjoys Shakira.

  256. Bossb*tchbeyonce January 19, 2014

    & the saving grace is as much as this song sucks it will hit #1..! But let me say this I don’t care if it tops the chart for a hundred or a million years beautiful liar is1000xs better …& not just coz I’m beyhive…wen ri has good music I’m mature enuff 2 admitted it…!

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