Watch: Beyonce’s ‘RISE’ Fragrance Commercial

Published: Thursday 16th Jan 2014 by Sam

Having swept through the industry with hurricane like ferocity last month, Beyonce is back on her brand hustle.

The megastar glimmers glamour and gold in the newly released commercial for her latest fragrance ‘RISE’.

Available worldwide next month, the scent follows the singer’s record-breaking first effort ‘Heat’ – which continues to melt the competition.

Peep pics below and the Jake Nava directed TV spot itself after the jump…


Via Beyonce Legion:


That said, are we the only ones who half expected a song from King B’s new album to be paired with the visual for maximum exposure? Perhaps it’s an early version? In any case, she looks divine!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nazeem January 16, 2014

    Two words, SLAY AGAIN!

  2. Yoncé January 16, 2014

    Yes!!!! That body tho!!!! S*** af

    I need her to be on the grammy’s!!!!!!

  3. whyteboiswag January 16, 2014

    SLAYING? The only thing beyonce is SLAYING is a bu let of POPEYES CHICKEN!
    2014 is the QUEEN CIARA IS GONNA SLAY!
    New albums,New movies,New modeling contracts..etc
    STAY MAD!!!!!!!!

  4. whyteboiswag January 16, 2014


  5. whyteboiswag January 16, 2014

    Old thunder thighs FATonce is no comp for QUEEN CIARA!

  6. TheTruth January 16, 2014


  7. RihNaj January 16, 2014

    LOL @ these C-error fans #delusional

  8. h2o January 16, 2014

    @ The Truth


  9. AutoFill Truthteller, D January 16, 2014

    Gorgeous shots!
    Wish the woman taking the shots was also gorgeous.
    Beyonce gotta do something about those fat tights.

  10. Tasha January 16, 2014

    She is so beautiful omg!

  11. Un_bey_slayyyyyable January 16, 2014

    Chile’…..@whyteboiswag,….yr FAV is such a NON-mutha f’n FACTOR, “WON’T EVEN
    MENTION HIS NAME( now back to our reg. schedule PROGRAMMING *sipps TEA*),

  12. Hadley January 16, 2014

    HOT HOT HOT! Ultimate women. Werk Bey Bey 🙂

  13. kiss my ass January 16, 2014

    i swear ya’ll kiss ass to damn much on this site LOL you are all lame af tho with this weave slinging witch f*** her

  14. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxih January 16, 2014


    I will give you this; the shakira song is not hot. Shakira ruins it. Rih is the best thing about the song.

    And so it begins…………Cara Delevigne has kicked Rita Whora and now rolls with more famous people ( Rih, Michelle Rodriguez, Miley etc ) Calvin Harris dumped Rita Whora, soon, ROC NATION, AS I HAVE CALLED, WILL DROP RITA WHORA. BOOM!

  15. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxih January 16, 2014

    Rita WHORA new single:

    It is coming summer 2013

    It is coming September 2013

    It is coming before Xmas

    It is coming by the end of december

    It is coming in Feb

    It is coming in March

    SHE IS NOT GONNA MAKE IT . NO one gets pushed back this much and makes it. Not to mention, her DEBUT GOT SCRAPPED IN THE USA AFTER ALL THAT HYPE, MONEY AND PROMO….David letterman and Jimmy Fallon?

    Shakira LP comes out in March.


  16. Un_bey_slayyyyyable January 16, 2014


  17. the truth honey January 16, 2014

    HOT!! and YEY FOR X!!! @the truth thx for the update. Also Beyonce and JayZ openin up the grammys! And Rhi h** is to b nude for playboy or something. Chiiiile I guess she tryn to outshine Goddess Bey

  18. The Cutest January 16, 2014

    Looking amazing Beyonce

  19. AutoFill Truthteller, January 16, 2014

    Go on a diet Beyonce

  20. Jessie January 16, 2014

    Ugh her body>>>> so curvy and womanly. How can you hate? Trademark Beyonce. I bet people hating are ugly. Post a pic of yourselves I am so ready judge cowards..

  21. Rihyeezy January 16, 2014

    Oh ok?

  22. RoyalKev January 16, 2014

    Wow! The mystical Queen pretty much did that! Bey’s stunning!

  23. kaytcat January 16, 2014

    and here we go again another day another slayage

  24. h2o January 16, 2014

    @ Kiss My Ass

    Yes I like to kiss men’s ass so much. Not all men ofcourse, but most of them >>>

    What’s so wrong with that

  25. Ciara the goddess January 16, 2014


  26. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) January 16, 2014

    Beautiful as usual!

    And @RihKeepsWinning after all that sh*t you were talking about how that crap song was gonna slay? How you heard a clip and it was sssoo good and now its a flop??? HAHA!!!

  27. Ciara the goddess January 16, 2014

    I bet it smells like sour b***, vomit and fried chicken

  28. eNOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) January 16, 2014

    @CiaraTheGoddess didn’t Ciara just get on evil people like you?? Always hating and sh*t for no reason…

  29. Bey Fan January 16, 2014

    Damn I cant see it

  30. Ciara the goddess January 16, 2014

    You mad f**?

  31. h2o January 16, 2014

    @ Ciara the Commercial Disaster

    This thread is not about C-Error’s breath

  32. Laila January 16, 2014

    Beyonce is God. Glory. I love her so much. Praise your highness. We are not worthy.

  33. Bey Fan January 16, 2014


    What chart? XO aint charting no where that I’ve seen. LOL.

  34. fatusankoh January 16, 2014

    Beautiful shot you go bey I can’t wait to buy it bey perform are the best more success I’m all you do thanks S for posting

  35. kris January 16, 2014

    Apparently it’s number 50 on the hot 100 this week. I guess someone must have read it wrong as it has been charting for a total of 4 weeks now. Lol. Got me all hype. Smh.

  36. Temple of Beysus January 16, 2014

    Thanks Beysus for waking me up this morning

  37. Lovebird January 16, 2014

    So she’s continuing her s** merchant, p*** mistress streak; OK Bey.

  38. Lovebird January 16, 2014

    She needs to go on a diet though, she looks like a refrigerator.

  39. Pyt January 16, 2014

    Hercules realness

  40. Jay Scorpio Navy General January 16, 2014


  41. Yazmine January 16, 2014

    This a real body. Go ma. I hope the grammy rumors are true.

  42. Yazmine January 16, 2014

    If anyone looks a fridge its Rihanna with her lack of hips and curves. Nice try.

  43. Yazmine January 16, 2014

    Hour glasses>>>>>> Ironing Boards

  44. The truth honey January 16, 2014

    @thetruth u lyn B****!!! NO IT ISN’T!!!

  45. Navy Commander January 16, 2014

    cute commercial.

  46. Molly January 16, 2014

    Not the hood hive lieing about XOs chart position Lmao i cant…. anyways this commercial is tired…

  47. Tyler January 16, 2014

    Dead @Jailbird saying that Beyonce looks like a refrigerator when Rihannaman’s built like a damn deep freezer lolol.

    From the looks of things, ONE person lied about XO’s chart position. Not the whole Hive…we are individuals. Not a damn unit.

  48. Navy Commander January 16, 2014

    “Beyonce Stole Kanye’s Visual Album Concept?

    Sources claim Kanye West is furious at Beyonce for ripping off his idea for a visual album…

    From Radar Online
    Beyonce‘s surprise album has sold nearly 1.5 million copies so far, but not everyone is a fan: has exclusively learned that her over-the-top success has put pal Kanye West in a serious funk. According to an insider close to West, it’s hard for him to watch her album do well because he claims he had the idea to do a visual album first!
    “Kanye is feeling really defeated over Beyonce’s album doing so well,” the insider tells Radar.
    “He wanted to do a visual album for his ‘Dark Twisted Fantasies’ album, but everyone around him convinced him it wouldn’t work,” the insider explains. “That’s why he ended up doing one long movie to go with it [the 35-minute short film, ‘Runaway’].”
    Now that the mix of songs and music videos on Beyonce’s album has proved a successful formula, “He’s kind of annoyed, but he doesn’t want to talk about how he came up with the idea first because of how he got slammed for saying he invented leather jogging pants a few years ago. Plus, he needs to stay on good terms with Jay Z.””

  49. SLAY_HIVE January 16, 2014

    S***!!! Can’t wait to buy! Death @ this pressed navy ^^^^ SMH

  50. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 16, 2014

    Is Major, She Can Turn Me On, her Lower Body game >>>>>>>


    The 2nd Pic is Hot.

  51. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 16, 2014

    @navy Commander:

    By The end of this Comment Let’s act as if i never defended her, Cool?

    Beyonce had This idea of having a Video for every song in her “B’day” days, I have the B’day video anthology Album so i know this, She had it going before kanye, not a Visual album but she technically made it for “B’day”, also kanye said he wanted it for MBDTF, that was in 2011, if he had the idea why he Simply didn’t do it in his next albums “Watch the throne With Jay Z” and “yeezus” ? and you tell me KANYE-Larger than Life- WEST listen to what Anybody Says? like you tell me he care about someone else to the point of listening to him?
    Not KW.

    I’m sorry But he will only Blame himself for it if it is right, but I don’t believe this Story.

    I call B******* on it Buddy. 😉

  52. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 16, 2014

    @The Truth:

    Chart Update:

    I don’t wanna See Yonce on her Knees

    Beyonce’s relevance in BB hot 100 is only With “drunk In Love” being at #16 ,is Red and going Down. 😕

    12 Likes for lies ? The Thirst and Delusion Maaan. 🙄

  53. Navy Commander January 16, 2014

    Thanks for explaining pop 🙂

    and Slayhive i am hardly pressed just reposting an article i read.

  54. Krista January 16, 2014

    Death @ you taking a Radar Online article seriously. Kanye West aint got no beef with Beyonce just the other day he was bragging about her to the Breakfast Club.

  55. quetta January 16, 2014

    “I am hardly pressed just reposting an article I read” to try and show that bey “stole” something from someone else but ended up being clocked by your own navy member? Lmao..hang it up!

  56. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* January 16, 2014


    Fist: Hi. 😀

    Stop Stirring Things Up, I clarified Things For Him Because he’s a Fellow Navy and I don’t want Him to be deluded, He posted it in other posts so I had to Intervene. 😉

  57. FRUADYONCE January 16, 2014

    TBT This woman UGLY and way too fat. that look like a shampoo ad.

  58. quetta January 16, 2014

    He obviously wanted a reaction from the hive which is why he kept posting the article but ended up being clocked by his fellow navy.

  59. FRUADYONCE January 16, 2014

    Good for kanye kardashian, am not surprise she has always been a thief.

  60. FutureCIARA January 16, 2014



  61. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) January 16, 2014

    She’s looking hot, kill em Queen Bey.

  62. frazeenxzv January 16, 2014

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  63. rih rox((U Mad Bro?)) January 16, 2014

    Disgusting. When will she stop showcasing that obese body?

    Thunder thighs, thunder thighs, thunder thighs.

    She has no business in showing those things.

  64. rih rox((U Mad Bro?)) January 16, 2014

    Ugh her body>>>> so curvy and womanly. How can you hate? Trademark Beyonce. I bet people hating are ugly. Post a pic of yourselves I am so ready judge cowards..

    “Curvy & womanly” is polite for FAT. she’s not curvy. Where is her waistline? Matter of fact where is her torso? There is no balance to that body.. its just short and fat. Remember she is suppose to be a dancer..where are those dancer legs? Nobody envies that obese woman…only the morbidly obese do.

    FYI rih got much much better body than this whale. Rih has perfect torso, long toned legs and feminine stomach. BeyFATce’s ripply lumpy belly is not the business

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