Lil Kim’s Baby Father Steps Forward; Reveals Details About Pregnancy

Published: Friday 14th Feb 2014 by Sam

Pint sized femcee Lil Kim shocked the world this week when she revealed that she is expecting her first child.

The 39-year-old Rap icon has had fans on the edge of their seats for new music, however the recent delays to her promised mixtape were put into context when her impending motherhood was announced.

What has had the masses still puzzled, though, is details on the father of the child.

For, despite Kim’s uber public profile, her romantic life has remained relatively private in recent years – save for her stormy relationship with producer Scott Storch.

That is until now.

The dad of the ‘Whoa’ rapper’s bundle of joy emerged from the shadows today for phone interview with the Rickey Smiley Show. Beyond confirming his identity, the man of the moment also shared details on the baby’s sex and arrival window.

Check out the interview below…

Confirming the speculation, 25-year-old rapper Mr Papers revealed himself as the father of the child.


While Kim has said little of their union, it is believed the pair have been dating on and off since 2012 – with shots such the one above appearing from that time onwards.

During the candid chat, Papers quelled speculation that him and Kim aren’t dating anymore and referred to the ‘How Many Licks’ MC as “wifey”. Thereafter, he proceeded to share details about what he and Kim are expecting and when. What’s more, the rapper was sure to plug his upcoming new single – which “interestingly” drops in three days. Promo is promo, ay?

Anyway, take a listen…


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  1. BeyBeyKing February 14, 2014

    This is the same m*********** that stole money from her. Kim, you could have done better than this! You worked too hard to get to the top to settle for a cat you would have gotten with even if you weren’t a celebrity.

    You love the hood mentality too much and it’s cost you more than you know.

  2. Lana Del Slay February 14, 2014

    But Kimberly, didn’t he rob you?

  3. KissesForKelly February 14, 2014

    Is he going to marry her, since he’s calling her wifey and s***.

  4. Femi Rowland February 14, 2014

    Look Ciara, you’re not the only one! But maybe Kim’s boyfriend will actually marry her.

  5. BarbieWorld February 14, 2014

    He took her money but gave her a baby. #YouDeserveMoreSis #DontSettleForLessThanTheBest

  6. Jdek February 14, 2014

    He actually smashed her ? SMH well congrats on that pregnancy girl.

  7. Fury February 14, 2014

    And he’s proud of getting that swamp monster pregnant? I can’t…

  8. Molly February 14, 2014

    Congratulations Kim aslong as your happy that’s all that matters.

  9. chawklit February 14, 2014

    Didnt nicki minaj just make a song about dudes like this? lawd, and kim just got pregnant by one.. ugh

  10. Music Stan(ya’ll know who I Stan 4) February 14, 2014

    Ya’ll are so vivous on here… So what he got her pregnant… that what HIS type is… I’m pretty sure half ya’ll dated someone ugly or bang someone who is ugly…. I do agree she mess herself up but if he like I love it I guess… it isn’t me and I don’t care as long as they are happy and have a healthy baby than life is fine…. and to the one who try to come for ciara…. REALLY she doesn’t have anything to do with this post…. you are really reaching…. go stan for your fave and leave ciara alone she is minding her buisness along with kelly and in reality they are very good friends…. no beef between them so… like I said go stan for your fave… it is okay to not like ciara cause i’m pretty sure ppl don’t like Kelly but to throw shots at someone who bank account can and will shame your is really reaching… Good day and Happy Side chicks and Dude day to all of you side pieces on here

  11. Molly February 14, 2014

    @MusicStan these people on here are just pressed because no one wants them they wish they had a man who loved them.

  12. Arie February 14, 2014

    Why would try to steal her shine like that? Revealing all the details Kim should be revealing, ugh he is such an a$$ only to pluck a project no one cares about.

  13. Blue M***** February 14, 2014

    Finally Blue ivy will have some computation on being the ugliest “celebrity” baby..

  14. Music Stan(ya’ll know who I Stan 4) February 14, 2014

    @molly exactly… i’ve find it funny how ppl claim they don’t like a celeb but be the first to mention their name in article that has nothing to do with them….. the thrists is real

  15. FAF February 14, 2014

    this the man who had her rolling blunts when she was on tour…. I can’t…. he was going in on her fans, too

  16. Grandmas’s Tea February 14, 2014

    The Loch Ness Monster is pregnet?? Clawd have mercy on us all!

  17. whocares February 14, 2014

    wow @bluemonkey. That is seriously just low. why go after a baby? I can almost imagine you look like the wrinkled insides of a p*** stars v***** you ass wipe

  18. STOP IT LILKIM!!! February 14, 2014

    Lil’ Kim is running around here claiming to be a queen but acting like a hood rat peasant. Real queens don’t get pregnant by 25 year old guys who cheat and steal from them. Lil’ Kim is a hood f**’n rat for real yo. They’re not married, she’s 39 years old having a baby by a 25 year old drug dealing underground rapper. This isn’t queen sh-t Kim! This is pure hood rat sh-t!

  19. Blue M***** February 14, 2014

    @whocares just because i’m not an ass licker like you mean I’m an ass whipe? wow. these people ain’t doing s*** for me or you i can say what ever the f*** i want.

  20. ASBEENISH February 14, 2014


  21. Rosie February 14, 2014

    @Blue M***** It doesn’t matter, you still don’t go after a f****** 2 year old. There’s a special place in hell for you.

    Congrats to her but her face is a f****** mess. Even worse than it was a few months ago. And don’t anyone dare come for my fave after seeing that above pic.

  22. Music Stan(ya’ll know who I stan 4) February 14, 2014

    @blue you are an idoit…. why go after a child who clearly can’t defend themselve you are low life f***… SAD!!!!!! @Stop It Lil Kim, I do agree with you on her behavior but I really think she is having some issues…. something from her childhood and later on in her adult is making her do things that make you go WHAT!!! Big really Mess her self esteem up… She was deeply in love with him and what he did got another women pregnant around the same time she was and made her abort the baby…. She was really hurt from that and I CAN understand cause Faith have a piece of him to remind her of him whereas lil kim don’t…. things like that can make you do some crazy things….. If you notice closely she is trying to resemble Faith with the Infamous Mole on top of her lip…. I love and respect all of them but it is sad that she had to play ( and yeah she choose to) second fiddle to faith…. hopefully this baby can bring happiness to her

  23. Music Stan(ya’ll know who I stan 4) February 14, 2014

    @blue and don’t respond to me… cause i’m not about to go back and forth with you on the internet…

  24. kim Kardashian Stan February 14, 2014

    Oh kim

  25. Blue M***** February 14, 2014

    Now y’all know that is a ugly baby, you ain’t got to lie.

  26. Hivy February 14, 2014


  27. Tisha February 14, 2014

    Oh lawwwd…smh, I do hope that…works out.

    Sigh, watch this lookin ass n**** end up getting spousal support. Put the song on repeat and do better with your life Kim.

  28. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) February 14, 2014

    I’m sorry but Kim + pregnancy + plastic surgery = I can not…

  29. Mark111 February 14, 2014

    I bet somehow in the delusional world of Lil Kim, it’ll end of being Biggie’s baby.

  30. Navy Commander February 15, 2014

    smh the definition of a lookin ass n****

  31. Navy Commander February 15, 2014

    I think nicki wrote lookin ass n***** about kim and her situation tbh. it fits perfectly

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