Chart Check: Ellie Goulding & Drake Rise On ‘Official Top 40’

Published: Tuesday 4th Mar 2014 by David

As Lorde‘s ‘Pure Heroine’ skips past US sales of 1 million units, fellow chart-dwellers Drake and Ellie Goulding have welcomed sales increases in the UK this week, rising on the UK’s ‘Official Charts’!

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23 weeks after touching down on the chart, Drizzy‘s ‘Nothing Was the Same’ claws its way back into the Top 100 and rests at #94, ten spots higher than the position it held last week.

Placed four spots above Lady GaGa‘s ‘ARTPOP‘ (down 30 places since last week), Drake‘s current placing puts him 91 position beneath Goulding‘s ‘Halcyon’, now perched at #3.

Since its October 5th 2012 launch, the LP has moved a sweet 748,053 units, earning it a 2x Platinum certification by the British Phonographic Industry, also responsible for handing a Platinum plaque to its single ‘Burn’ once it surpassed sales of 600,000 units!

Elsewhere, Beyonce‘s ‘Beyonce’ rises two spots on the ‘Official Albums Chart‘ to claim the #5 spot, while its steaming single ‘Partition’ woos, courts and beds the ‘Urban Top 40’ this week…grinding its way to #15 after spending last week in the arms of #48.

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  1. KatyKissedMe March 4, 2014

    So Beyonce can’t even make onto the main charts? Elle oh elle.

  2. NaviBoi March 4, 2014

    So Ellie’s album that came out two years ago is outselling Beyonce’s which came out two months ago this week? I can’t and I bloody won’t.

  3. SoGone4Monica March 4, 2014

    Slay a bit Ellie.

  4. FantasiaSlayrino March 4, 2014

    Miss Ellie coming for wigs on the down low though.

  5. WHITE GIRL MOB 2.0 March 4, 2014

    Ellie is another white b**** who see kreayshawn as her hero. Ellie makes music you whip your ass to. Remember that.

  6. DIGGER BEY March 4, 2014

    I see The Trolls had to comment first about THE QUEEN. She shall STAY UNBOTHERED while BEYONCE continues to sell well over 3 MILLION ALREADY! #QUEEN #DRAGGING UR FAV #BOW DOWN B*TCH

  7. Rosie March 4, 2014

    With the album easily skipping over the 1 million mark in the US in such a quick period of time, I would expect Payola Heroine to be well over at least the 2.5 million mark worldwide.
    But nope, it’s not even at 1.9 million. And around 80% of it’s sales come from 4/5 Anglophone countries. The absolute STRUGGLE to be global.

  8. The truth hurts March 4, 2014

    I don’t know how anyone can enjoy pure heroine when all it is, is ten songs of the same monotone moody voice with a couple of beats thrown in the background. You listen to one song and you’ve listened to the whole album. There is no variety whatsoever. Lorde better make a more interesting album next time or she’s done.

  9. Rosie March 4, 2014

    Payola Heroine is the definition of overrated try-hard trash. Fine, I will say her songwriting is good for a 16 year old but does she have anything else to sing about other than Tumblr teen grunge-angst? And the production sounds like indietronica b-sides from 2009, but of course the North American GP thinks it’s “fresh” and “unique” because most of them only know generic mess like Katy Perry and Jason Derulo. She would’ve disappeared right after Royals without her label’s constant payola, promo, and the media and trendy “hipster” celebrities being paid to hype her up like she’s the next coming of Christ.
    Thank god Europe isn’t falling for it and Team flopped in every major market except the US.

  10. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 4, 2014

    Lords keeps Rosie pressed lmao!

  11. Rosie March 4, 2014

    Just like you always stay on my c*** every time you log on.
    Speaking of Borde, Royals still gets more Urban airplay than Looking Ass Has-been. Has it charted anywhere yet?

  12. JOHNVIDAL March 4, 2014

    I find these posts useless because the info is so imcomplete it makes them a fail. You wrote the amount of copies Drake has sold in the Uk with his last album, fine. Why don´t you tell us how many copies Beyonce or the other artists mentioned in this post sold to date with their albums? I don´t know, just to not compare apples and oranges? It doesn´t make sense. Compare uraban positions with urban positions, main chart with main chart, and copies sold with copies sold. Be clear! I´m sure you guys are not journalists, but at leat try your best… 🙂

  13. miss shade galore March 4, 2014

    Lady Gaga is such a flop now. sad for her and her fans

  14. Juztoon March 4, 2014

    Rosie is so bitter, trying to drag a 17 yo girl from NZ for selling big in the world’s biggest music buying market. Not long ago it was “One Hit Wonder”, now it’s “Payola”. I can’t keep up with your conspiracy theories, you sound like a loon and bitter as hell.

    I love Lana as well so I’m not going to drag your fave, but Lana wasn’t exactly successful on her first try now was she. Now your bagging an artist who is from a country not exactly renowned for its music industry, yet managed to break out anyway and do so at an age younger then most people on this site and now claim it’s because her and her label paid everyone off. You do realise that she was unproven in the US market, so how do you think an unproven artist from little old NZ managed to get enough financial baking to not only being out an EP and Album in the US but also pay everyone off at the same time.

    Like I said, you sound bitter and crazy.

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