R.Kelly Readies Mary J.Blige Duets Project And ‘White Panties’ LP

Published: Monday 3rd Mar 2014 by David

December 10th 2013 may have marked the release for R.Kelly‘s new LP ‘Black Panties’, but that hasn’t stopped the R&B tsar from announcing the release of two new albums this week!

Want details?

We’ve got you covered below…

In a recent interview with Stephen Gan’s ‘V’ magazine, Kelly said of one of his new LPs:

“It’s called White Panties. And you can expect a whole other level.”

Then, before he joins Mary J.Blige in kicking off the ‘King & Queen‘ tour, the 47 year old star teased:

“I’m in the studio right now working on a song for me and Mary. I’m even looking forward to proposing that we do a whole album together. But this is the first I’ve mentioned it. The King & Queen album.”

Be sure to read the interview in full when you pick up your copy of ‘V‘, out on newsstands now!

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  1. BelieveInBiebs March 3, 2014


  2. Mary Slay Blige March 3, 2014

    I will never forgive Mary if she makes an album with this predator.

  3. ThatAzzThough March 3, 2014

    My n****, you creepy as f*** though.

  4. JumpForJill March 3, 2014

    It’s official, this new Mary album will be the first that I won’t buy.

  5. OVOBarbie March 3, 2014

    Predator ass singer on deck.

  6. BanjeeRiri March 3, 2014

    F*** outta here perv!

  7. Queen Mary March 3, 2014

    Mary? For real? With this one? Nah girl, I’m ashamed of you right now.

  8. AlexisAlsina March 3, 2014

    I see. Guess that means MLTJC was the last MaryJ album I buy of hers then cos I ain’t finna support no m*******.

  9. Touché March 3, 2014

    Mary no! You’re better than this!!!

  10. Navy Nick March 3, 2014

    u people still on those molestation charges (from 1999?); wasn’t it all dropped?! R. KELLY IS NATURAL R&B TALENT- u all know their album would be great!! THATTONIANDBABYFACETHO (slaying!)

  11. DGAF March 3, 2014


  12. SHADE ANNON March 3, 2014

    #whocares looking ass story aside… did you really just misspell , “STAR” – can’t take these people serious these days!

  13. RICHIE_RICH March 3, 2014

    If GOD can forgive so can we. Hopefully this album slays. I want old school Kelly and Mary with a current twist.

  14. hatermuch March 3, 2014

    all the same person just look at the similarities. #nolife I cant wait 4 mary new record.

  15. IStanForYourFav March 3, 2014

    I will keep my feelings and thoughts to myself, however I’m looking forward to another MJB album.

    NP: It’s On (Share My World) #Classic

  16. Lovebird March 3, 2014

    Looking as$ perv as$ N****… Mary you better put those finishing touches on your career if you’re gonna do an album with this predator.

  17. Lovebird March 3, 2014

    Maybe I’ll finally know what’s in the chicken.

  18. LALopez March 3, 2014

    I don’t know if I could ever look at Mary the same way if she did this.

  19. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) March 3, 2014

    Time to shave that head bald. Anyway, no one will buy it anyway so who cares :/

  20. Navy Commander March 3, 2014

    I been done with Mary everysince that crispy chicken commercial .

    Lmao but for real guys when are u gonna let r Kelly live

  21. Navy Commander March 3, 2014

    & why is he making a new album so soon? Is black panties even platnium yet ?

  22. Stephy Tha Lambily March 3, 2014

    R Kelly Fuckked A 16 Year Old Fast Ass Girl That Lied About Her Age..

    R Kelly is not a creep! He does not go around having s** with children.

    Bring on the album King & Queen Of R&B

  23. Yonce March 3, 2014


  24. Bottom March 3, 2014

    @stephy lies he was f****** Aaliyah when she was 15 and said she was 18 on the marriage certificate. “AGE AINT NOTHING BUT A NUMBER”

  25. madbrax March 4, 2014

    ya you spoke to God? he told you he forgave this child m*******? I guess you can do anything; m***** children, kill people, torture animals. but as long as you think God forgives you it’s all ok then? f*ck off d*****

  26. IGetSoLonely96 March 4, 2014

    Just for the record, R.Kelly abused NUMEROUS 13 and 14 year olds in the 90s. The one he went to trial for went to trial because she was brave enough to come forward after he filmed himself pissing in her mouth. So leave God out of this, cos God don’t like ugly and his R.Kelly is a dark, twisted and ugly individual.

  27. King of R&B stan March 5, 2014

    When will Rihanna finally earn a multiplatinum album in the states?

    Black Panties is it’s way to GOLD. It was released in Dec. 2013 so hush.

  28. King of R&B stan March 5, 2014

    No, he didn’t, you disgusting creep!

    and he never came forward!

    R. Kelly was blackmailed by his ex-manager!! So leave him alone.

  29. King of R&B stan March 5, 2014

    Why are these haters in here?! R. Kelly has outsold all your flop faves and he’s still slaying the industry at 47!! Are y’all mad or nah? Keep your s***** comments to yourself!!

    The King will always reign supreme! BOW DOWN.

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