New Song: Jennifer Lopez – ‘I Luh Ya Papi (ft. French Montana)’

Published: Wednesday 5th Mar 2014 by Sam

It’s here!

Jennifer Lopez‘s latest jam ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ arrived moments ago on Power 106.

The French Montana assisted cut serves as the official lead single from the diva’s tenth studio album – due later this year.

Having warmed up the masses with a multitude of tracks prior to ‘Papi’, can the Detail produced number be the home run La Lopez has been on the hunt for? You be the judge after the jump…


Sonically, the cut continues the star’s re-embrace of Urban, while positing something new.

From the laidback production to the talk-sung verses, ‘Papi’ oozes swag aplenty.

The track isn’t isn’t without its flaws, however. For, in an era where songs require strong hooks to really stick in the minds of the masses, the song’s chorus sounds like an empty afterthought. Almost as if the track was written around a missing hook, only for the hole to be filled-in with repetitive fodder.

Still, the rest of the song acts as strong scaffolding and if paired with the right video (performance) could drive the track to success.

Your thoughts?

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  1. gurlbye March 5, 2014


  2. CICI March 5, 2014


  3. ESSENCE_OF_SEAN March 5, 2014


  4. #Beautiful March 5, 2014

    No… I’m sorry.

  5. LOL March 5, 2014

    Ashanti’ new album 1st week sales prediction… 18-25k


  6. Metzo March 5, 2014

    I don’t get it. #Sorry :/

  7. JJFan1814 March 5, 2014

    The Flow of the melody isn’t consistent…. :/ I guess tho chile. She won’t be getting my coins.

  8. moech March 5, 2014


  9. Bey’s wig remains intact March 5, 2014

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Corny az fux! Dis suppose to snatch Drunk n Love’s wig????

  10. moech March 5, 2014


  11. DGAF March 5, 2014

    Garbage, just like J-HO

  12. DGAF March 5, 2014

    Model with a mic alert. No talent trash

  13. moech March 5, 2014

    U will see this isnot EDM anymore . she is back u idiot

  14. CICI March 5, 2014


  15. Skyfall March 5, 2014

    Considering the state of music right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if this peaked in the top 40

  16. Unbiased March 5, 2014

    Jennifer are you serious? This is worst song I ever heard from you. This is something I expect Erica Mena to release 🙁

  17. CULLEN March 5, 2014


  18. Rosie March 5, 2014


  19. RoyalKev March 5, 2014

    Luv it! I see the video already!

  20. Todd March 5, 2014

    I tried to like it…

  21. Ehhh March 5, 2014

    It’s just eh.. but I can tell she’s been working on her singing! I can respect that…

  22. Titi March 5, 2014

    LOL This has to be a joke. Horrible song. Sounds like a demo.

  23. moech March 5, 2014

    WOW so catchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this si what the world needs right now

  24. Rosie March 5, 2014

    Screaming at how she’s singing off-key during the hook. Messy just like the song title. She needs to retire.

  25. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY March 5, 2014


  26. surething March 5, 2014

    where’s the kicker tho?!?

  27. Navy Nick March 5, 2014

    J.lo does it up tho, I LOVE HER, this song is just ok- that GIRLS SONG is hottest I have heard out of the new 3/BUT I love this woman (she is positive, loving, talented, and just enjoying life!)

  28. BONITO March 5, 2014

    After 3 listens Im totally addicted to this song
    OMG, It’s perfect for spring-summer!!!

    Production is really interesting it seems like there’s nothing similar on radios right no

  29. Rosie March 5, 2014

    Post about Fadga faking her sales in Spain:

    “The list of album sales in Spain in the week between 9 and 15 this December has been leaked online, revealing not only regrettable sector data, but also the less deceptive practices when delivering certifications for copies sold (gold and platnium discs) .
    Promusicae is the agency responsible for posting these sales each week and disseminate the lists , which include more albums purchased in physical or digital format ( recently also including streaming).
    For the first time in Spain, Lady Gaga reached gold record (over 20.000 copies) with “artpop” and also in his first week of life (published November 11). However, real numbers are: 7,959.”

    Source is ABC, third largest newspaper in Spain and one of it’s most credible. By the way, 20K is gold there. Poor Fadga. It never ends.

  30. The real Truth Tea March 5, 2014


  31. moech March 5, 2014

    #1 HIT it s so catchy this is what the industry needs right now

  32. iamdexxx March 5, 2014

    im feeling it. it’s different i vibe’n right now

  33. molly March 5, 2014

    This is wack as f**** J.lo sit down.

  34. SONYA March 5, 2014


  35. nope March 5, 2014

    lmfao @ this beyonce rap-sing attempt. she tried.

  36. molly March 5, 2014

    People are really liking this song? wow people really have low standard for music these days.

  37. FAF March 5, 2014

    She looks good *backs out*

  38. Metiche March 5, 2014


  39. Evil blogger March 5, 2014

    My thoughts exactly

  40. BeYAWNce March 5, 2014

    It does sound like Rihanna demo tape + B-sides, mediocre singer. I only interested in her toyboy collections tbh

  41. MARIAH MIMI CAREY March 5, 2014

    Jlo bye. If my song is Flopping up and down the charts. What do you think yours will do??? You will always remain trash under my 5k pumps! You shall remain in 2002, where i left you. The Greatest DIVA of ALL TIME will always be me! #Plays BOW DOWN B******

  42. MariahtheVOICE March 5, 2014

    This sounds like a commercial for tortillas or some whack ass Disney ho reject song…

  43. katycat March 5, 2014

    That song is good but good is not enough for her. With songs like Drunk in Love out there u need to come harder than that she need to come for blood i’m a huge Jlo stan and I never understood how Beyonce just came and took her wig 10 years ago and never gave it back. she had a shot at coming back when on the floor was slaying and run the world flopping yet she messed it up now beyonce is more powerful and unstoppable than ever it now or never for her

  44. life is but a slayage March 5, 2014

    5 weeks later Dil still chilling in the top 10 “that song will be forgotten by spring time”they said *sipping watermelon*

  45. GRUMP March 5, 2014

    Wait TGJ really thinks this is solid? Are you F’ing kidding me?

  46. ozzyone March 5, 2014

    J.lo, honey you’re way past your prime. No one is here for your old ass boo

  47. HUMBERT March 5, 2014

    So many many haters, stay pressed b-tches jenny lo is back 😉

  48. FAF March 5, 2014

    Wait.. @KatyKat are you serious? J Lo had no group to gain momentum she came out, debuted at #1 with her first single, basically put latin pop on the map and has 4 platinum & multiplatinum albums, 5 if you count her record-breaking remix album… how did Beyonce snatch her wig? J Lo is over 40 she just recently started underperforming album-wise, but her single sales still slay

  49. katycat March 5, 2014

    @FAf don’t get me wrong i’m a huge JLo fan but let be realistic she was one of the top female in the beginning of the 2000’s now she can barely compete with basic popstar we need to give Beyonce credit where is due It don’t matter if u comin from a successful group if the GP is not here for you then there is nothing you can do you not gonna sit here and tell me that the momentum of destiny child is what carried here during 10 years the momentum just create HYPE nothing more you gotta live up to the Hype and that’t why beyonce did it took her Only 5 albums to be one of if not the most RESPECTED woman in the Entertainment industry she got praised by every single legend alive she is friend with the president she has recod breaking world tours and the Hits and Smash album to back it up. At the end of the day over the years Beyonce has been in competiotn with TLC,Aaliyah,Mya,Ashanti,Jlo,Ashanti,Ciara,Rihanna,Keri Hilson,Gaga,Katy,Miley yet she still somehow managed to come on top Jlo is a great bussines woman and actress I just wish she was a little more driven music wise cuz Beyonce definitly slayed her

  50. AshantiStan March 5, 2014

    THIS IS TRASH !! She hasn’t had a hit since Ashanti wrote her last “Ain’t It funny”!!

    Anywho!! Ashanti’s Braveheart in stores everywhere! #1 on ITunes R&B charts!! Go get it!!

  51. Navy Commander(R8) March 5, 2014

    Girl…. No.

  52. Navy Commander March 5, 2014

    From how long j.Lo has been singing , her career should be doing a lot better than it is.

  53. Stephy Tha Lambily March 6, 2014



  54. cocobutta March 6, 2014

    Let just say if certain top of the chart artists made this, they would be SLAUGHTERED.

    That’s all!

  55. JOHNVIDAL March 6, 2014

    LMAO What the hell is this?
    Did I read a comment saying it´s obvious she´s been working on her vocals? lol can anyone show me where can I hear that?
    It´s worse than the worst and corniest Katy Perry song, I mean terrible. Can you imagine if Beyonce, Mariah, Madonna or any other artist with a long career really had just released this? The backlash? Can´t understand why low standards are accepted for certain artists. That´s why we are in an all time low in mainstream music. We have accepted all the generic crap dominating the charts (sadly for JLo she won´t even do that with this trash, she better wait for the World Cup help).

  56. KINGB March 6, 2014

    Im a fan (small voice and all) however Im not delusional. Her buzz single “Girls” is 1,000 times better then this garbage! She needs to either remix this so called song beyond recognition or get rid of it all together and stick to acting. Weve given her many chances to snatch wigs almost ten years! Remember hold you down, hold it dont drop it, take care, louboutins, fresh out the oven, papi, do it well, goin in, live it up, same girl and now THIS! All mediocre crappy songs that did and will continue to do nothing…… The studio time, the videos, the pictures, all of it was just a WASTE OF MONEY! Are her and the people around her that out of touch? Extremely disappointed.

  57. DOSSOME March 6, 2014

    LOL…Frankly though,what did we expect???

  58. Suicide Blonde March 6, 2014

    I Luh Ya Mami!

  59. mikee1025 March 6, 2014

    This song is hot!! The beat and hook is very catchy. If you don’t like it oh well, just an opinion everyone has one…Jlo is still s*** …..Hotter than most women out there!!

  60. The Boy Toy March 6, 2014

    Lmaooooo this is a mess, but it will prob be a hit!

  61. Touché March 6, 2014

    ROFL!!!!! J-lo is done for because this was a hot steaming pile of dog s***. It’s even worse than “same girl”. She needs to retire already or just stick to acting.

  62. moech March 6, 2014


  63. Comptons Finest March 6, 2014

    @KATYCAT Beyonce has been killing the game for a very long time but you can’t put the failure of some of those artist on her like she knocked them out the game especially Aaliyah since she passed before Beyonce was a solo artist.

  64. celine March 6, 2014

    beyonce whoo????? i hate copyonce . JLO is original . i loved the song . #RNBJLO

  65. Me March 11, 2014

    Thanks ! This s*** sucks!!! You’re Mine is better !
    At least Mariah has the vocals to back her s*** up!
    You’re Mine is actually getting and rising on airplay, who knows if it reenters on hot 100
    This crap out the big ass might not even get increasing airplay. It’s worse than Live it up!
    Live it up flopped hard, what can you expect from this one??Surely this is not Love don’t cost a thing?

  66. Hater hissing April 13, 2014

    POS song! Go back on the 6 after your day job

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