Watch: Pharrell Rocks The Academy Awards With ‘Happy’


With one day separating fans from getting their hands on his new album ‘G I R L’, Grammy-winning rapper/producer Pharrell Williams took to the Academy Award stage tonight to lend a live rendition of his hit song ‘Happy’.

Bringing some much needed animation to the otherwise inanimate 86th Annual Academy Awards the hitmaker and his Arby’s-styled hat got down on stage with his Oscar-nominated hit from the ‘Despicable Me 2’ soundtrack and even took to the audience to get into the groove with the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Meryl Streep, Jamie Foxx, and more.

See it all below:


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  1. Johnny March 2, 2014

    Y’all done dropped the standard for singing so low that nowadays even producers and rappers think they can

  2. ARLENE THOMPSON March 2, 2014

    She won

  3. Bobbi March 2, 2014

    When will rihanna or Ciara?

  4. Navyshit March 2, 2014

    can we talk about SLAYVITY tho’ that movie is snatching every wings in that room It came for blood!!! 12 years of slave better hold on to its wigs cuz it will have a run for its money in that best picture category

  5. Navyshit March 2, 2014


  6. Dirty laundry March 2, 2014

    He’s an ok singer but has no range and i heard is album sucks. Btw i give performance a 5/10

  7. Dirty laundry March 2, 2014


  8. Dirty laundry March 2, 2014

    Congratulations to Lupita!! Such a gorgeous dark skin woman .

  9. queen gaga March 2, 2014

    @dirtylaundry b**** why do u have to add “Dark skin”? just say woman point blank you think her slayage will crossover to other dark skinned woman like ur fave Kelly Is a Flop and will remain a flop

  10. Navy Nick March 2, 2014

    It was a fun performance: really loved it

  11. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) March 2, 2014

    Blu Ivy ugly

  12. Dirty laundry March 2, 2014

    @QueenGaGarbage What was Gags there for? She didn’t perform or present she’s pretty pointless at this moment in time.

  13. anonymous March 2, 2014

    Nice performance.

  14. Kitty March 2, 2014

    Lol Ellen used that Smokey The Bear hat as a collection plate.

  15. Snatched In McQueen March 3, 2014

    Lupita stole the show! she was best dressed, she even showed up Angelina Jolie tbh.

  16. Dirty laundry March 3, 2014

    Yaaaas our black people SLAYED the Oscars tonight!

  17. KING B March 3, 2014

    hahahaha 12years of slave just Beyonced Gravity

  18. DILLA March 3, 2014

    you have issues!

  19. katycat March 3, 2014

    well 12 years of slave let gravity win all those non major technical awards then come like a thief at the end of the night to take the biggest awards of the night just like beyonce did with our fave whether we admit it or not so NO LIES DETECTED

  20. Stephy Tha Lambily March 3, 2014

    Congrats to all the winners at the Oscars tonight!

    Black people SLAYED tonight!



  21. Yonce March 3, 2014

    This performance made me smile from beginning to the end. For the wanna be “vocal experts” this is not the Grammys or bet awards. So have several seats and hush. Pharrell did a great job

  22. IStanForYourFav March 3, 2014

    @Stephy I love your avi. I forgot how beautiful Mariah can be. She is very pretty.

    @Bobby Smh. Rihanna and Ciara will whenever they want to.

    @DirtyLaundry No range? I didn’t hear Kelly’s whistle register on Talk a Good Game…

    Anyway I’m hoping that Happy single & this moderate press will bring him to an album with a certification. He is so s*** to me. I’m buying G.I.R.L. as soon as it come out. I even preordered it. I can’t wait. #MyHubby

  23. Bey Fan March 3, 2014

    Good night indeed …. loved the performance … Lupita is sooooo damn gorgeous

  24. JOHNVIDAL March 3, 2014

    He did good for his producer standards (album is not getting good reviews though). Nice performance.
    I can´t believe how beautiful those people can look, it´s not real cos it´s obviously thanks to a lot of money spent on beauty (apart from they being beautiful already). But really Lupita is gorgeous and so elegant, Cate Blanchet, Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, etc etc looked like angels. It´s all an ilusion I know, but it´s stunning. Even a man that I don´t feel is that hot like Bradley Cooper looked amazing. Even Lady gaga looked so good and elegant (and we know it´s often hard for musicians to fit in this world, ask Beyonce, Mariah and more, it´s just another world, more elegant).
    Congrats to the winners, it was fair, although they were all great nominees.

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