Watch: Sevyn Streeter Rocks ‘Arsenio’ With ‘It Won’t Stop’

Published: Tuesday 11th Mar 2014 by Sam

Despite releasing her current single ‘It Won’t Stop’ last year,  singer-songwriter Seven Streeter shows no signs of slowing the promo campaign for the cut.

The rising star, who is signed to Chris Brown‘s CBE label (by way of Atlantic Records), stopped by ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ last night to perform the Urban hit – which is lifted from debut EP ‘Call Me Crazy…But’.

Watch Streeter strut her stuff after the jump…

Between the shaky mic and shakier vocals, it’s fair to say Ms. Sevyn has had many a better showing.

Still, she remains – for us – one of female R&B’s brightest prospects. Here’s to better performances in the future.

Your thoughts?

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  1. senshi_nynavy March 11, 2014

    I think the reason it was so bad was because it just didn’t sound like the studio version, which was more relaxed, way too much power for this song and CB should’ve performed with her, she did his part no Justice

    IG: senshi_so crazy

  2. Bed peace March 11, 2014

    ^^^but he was not on the song originally. I agree she sang way too hard I’ve seen way better from her

  3. nobitchassness March 11, 2014

    Not her best performance BUT that EP is pretty amazing.

  4. IStanForYourFav March 11, 2014

    May not be her best, but I think she’s talented. That EP is on point. Also, that hair >>>>>> yes ma’am.

  5. Daisy March 11, 2014

    She looks amazing and im glad she stopped wearing that light ass foundation!!! #sevyn2014

  6. March 11, 2014

    she is doing way too much. Boo you aint no Beyonce, and if Kelly Rowland flopped as a solo act, you better believe you will too. Beyonce has influenced way too much, that these rnb girls need to study from somewhere else….hell, Rihanna understands that atleast

  7. King Ellie March 11, 2014

    Wtf are you talking about? Sevyns main influences are Aaliyah, Brandy and Toni Braxton! That’s why so many people hate the hive because y’all are always doing the most. Beyonce is a mega talent, but there are other talented black females out there and all of them aren’t Beyonce wannabes contrary to popular belief! Have several seats in Madison Square Garden queen!

  8. Sarah March 11, 2014

    @ASHGINO@GMAIL.COM first off..I dont understand how you/or anyone else would consider Kelly Rowland’s solo career a flop post her Destiny’s Child days..I understand she never rose to Beyonce’s Level; however take a look at Coko’s, TBoz, Left Eye (RIP) solo attempts – i guess they would be considered failures.. Kelly has had tons of success a solo artist.. and EXACTLY @King Ellie!!!!! Sevyn always talks about Aaliyah as her inspiration.

  9. ROSEGOLD March 11, 2014

    Her approach was a little aggressive, but everyone slips up from time to time no biggie. I love her EP. It’s good from start to finish. If her album is as good then count me in.

  10. Xoxo March 11, 2014

    She butchered her own song
    One of my fav, but I changed channels quick
    Don’t have to try so hard, or else keep writing

  11. Vee March 11, 2014

    Did yall see Madonna with a ‘I woke up like this’ sweater on tho

  12. ABC March 11, 2014

    I fail to see the correlation between this performance and Beyonce. Just stop it and let the new girls do their thing…

  13. drunk in love March 11, 2014

    @XOXO yes she butcher her own song to pieces. I also like her ep but live performance was a no no. I don’t think she was trying to emulate Beyoncé at all well maybe 5% trying to sing/dance but it didn’t work.

  14. slay_hive March 11, 2014

    I LOVE her and the EP!!


    Shattered >>>>


    She can really sing, so I’ll giver her a pass with this one. My favorite new R&B girl. Can’t wait for the album! 😀

  15. TheOuyonB March 11, 2014

    Yeah, the EP is great. She doesn’t sing well live anymore. I’m not sure what happened. When she was with RichGirl, she would kill it live, but as a solo artist, I have not enjoyed her live performances. One thing is for sure.. she writes and records very well. Maybe she just isn’t comfortable up there by herself yet.. Who knows… Still love what she brings to the table.

  16. Realest March 11, 2014

    Another studio “singer”…. She has cool songs but she is not a singer, every time I see her live it’s the same s***- shaky as phuck and just- no. She needs to really, really work on her vocals, she ain’t singing NOTHING HARD or vocally demanding so idk why it’s a struggle for her to deliver a quality performance. Tired of these new acts, they’re such a let down and a true testament to the current state of music: sad.

  17. Mark111 March 11, 2014

    I liked it, it was a bit too Tamar, but good. I think she wanted to show that she can switch it up like the soul singers and also have soft smooth vocals like Aaliyah and Ashanti. This girl it IT, i keep hearing people wanting R&B to come back, yet they’re not supporting it.

  18. JER March 11, 2014

    Keep on pushin Sevyn

  19. tahj March 11, 2014

    This Performance was a mess just like K.Michelle’s on arsenio , the problem she doesn’t sing from her diaphragm and strains to sing therefore no control over her voice.

  20. Comptons Finest March 11, 2014

    The problem is the studio version is very smooth while this live version she was singing hard when she didn’t need to. Everyone has to learn how to get comfortable on stage so I’m sure we won’t see too many below average performances from her.

  21. mypenizfresh March 11, 2014

    I still really enjoy this song and the EP. Sevyn has vocals.. I remember that from Rich Girl. Everybody has an off day. Her pen is crazy tho and she has a good package. She has a lot of promise

  22. B Lamont March 11, 2014

    I think the issue is her voice may be a bit tired or strained. Normally she sounds really good. Her runs can be a bit all over the place but the quality of her voice seemed different than usual.

  23. anonymous March 11, 2014

    Nice performance. Its good to see these R&B artists pushing their albums and not giving up on promotion. I just saw Toni and Babyface on Ellen promoting theirs too.

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