Role Model? Rihanna Poses Nude For ‘Lui’ Magazine

Published: Tuesday 29th Apr 2014 by Sam

{Image Removed As Requested}

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay our respects to Rihanna‘s last shred of class.

Hanging by a thread by a thread for several years, today saw what many assumed a myth disappear…forever.

The frail trait was wiped out by the star’s thirst for attention a-front of ‘Lui’ magazine – a top-shelf French publication aimed at “excitable” men.

Despite the 26-year-old’s voice having the personality of a dial tone, we’d long held out hope that one-day/someday she’d try to earn respect by visiting one of the many vocal coaches we’ve recommended her. However, as it’s clear to see, it was not meant to be.

The role model, who is gearing up to star in children’s movie ‘Home’, quite literally bares all in the shoot – which we will NOT be posting here on That Grape Juice as we are FAMILY-friendly site.

Please offer your fondest memories of Rihanna’s class below…

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  1. KEN. April 29, 2014

    It’s cool, I just thought rihanna was always more of a tease than a giver.

    • KatyKadet April 29, 2014

      Every w**** has her price.
      Some choose money and some choose magazines.

      • FentySoSnatched April 29, 2014

        And some choose payola.

    • cxacephj43436 April 29, 2014

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  2. Stephy April 29, 2014

    Really sam youre gonna go there? When beyonce was talking about giving a blow job in a car and being a two cent h** In the partition video

    • BeyQueenCe’ April 29, 2014

      Your mom looks so pretty in your av girl.

    • Stephy April 29, 2014


    • Jemina Nelson April 30, 2014


  3. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. April 29, 2014

    LMAO@ The weak shade in this article!

    The Queen has Sam pressed as usual 🙂

    A Beyonce fan talking about class?

    • NahYouDidnt April 29, 2014

      oh oh, you’re comparing a female artist who speaks about enjoying s** with her husband to one who pauses naked on magazines? Lol.
      Oh well. Bey is here getting the highest-paid black artist EVER, while Rihanna is whoring around as usual. Dont get mad now, just keeping it real.

      • LOL April 29, 2014




  4. Biting Truth April 29, 2014


  5. BeyBeyKing April 29, 2014

    Shameless lady. Has she no decorum or class?

    • tres April 29, 2014

      Some of you f** for free or use men for money. So where is your decorum or class. At least Rihanna is self made, sustaining her career and paying her own bills. I find the people who are the most judgmental are usually the ones who don’t even have their own wish together. Its so good that negative comments have never been able to stop anyone’s progress. All it does is make the judger more angry and worked up while Rihanna keep rising to the top. Rihanna ain’t worried about petty people, she too busy making things happen.

      • FAF April 29, 2014

        Some not all and I’ve never heard of this mag Either is her stock declining? 🙁 I wonder if they made the check out to her , bey or jay ? 😆

      • BeyBeyKing April 29, 2014

        I’m confused. Who told you that I f*** men for money? Or that I take my clothes off for free? Not because that’s what you and your friends do means that is what I do girl, so I’ll let you know that for free.
        Find a s*** who is judging Rihanna and THEN ask that question but don’t ask that question to me because I have a little something called class. You should get you some.

      • LongLegged April 29, 2014

        Umm @BeyBeyKing. If u not doing it for “Free”, wouldn’t that make u a …..h**? Lol, just jokes, lol. Having a good day not having to go to my part-time, Lol.

  6. black April 29, 2014

    omg, even im with the navy on this…im in the beyhive and y’all are being way to critical on rihanna.. its HER ART, she can show it however she wants…

  7. Skyfall April 29, 2014

    Models pose nude all the time, Rihanna is a model so whats the difference?
    When has she ever stated she was a role model? and is NOT a family friendly site.

  8. Nadia Maraj April 29, 2014


  9. Proctor April 29, 2014

    Well when you have zero talent, you’ve got to sell SOMETHING.

  10. BaddieBey April 29, 2014

    What’s the difference between she and a prostitute? They both take their clothes off for money!

    • resda April 29, 2014

      So what’s the difference between you and a hoodrat? You take yours off for free. Rihanna is modeling, you fool. I guess all models are prostitutes then. I guess NIA long is a prostitute for her nude photo. Some of you are so foolish. Realize this you all are the ones talking about her not the other way around.

      • NahYouDidnt April 29, 2014

        Just because you say something in a sarcastic way it doesnt mean it is just sarcasm. Posing nude, or ‘modeling’ naked is indeed whoringm whats wrong with you? PLEASE. Even models cover their boobs and ass while shooting, well unless we’re talking about playboy then that’s a different story.

  11. MCThePlaceToBe April 29, 2014

    Dreamworks should fire her for this.

  12. Essa April 29, 2014

    Rihanna is a tone deaf sIut with a freakishly large forehead. Stripping nude is just a way to try and make people forget.

    • Nanauhoh May 3, 2014

      Made my day.

  13. NollywoodNina April 29, 2014

    Beyonce is more popular in Africa and now I know why. #WearSomePantiesRihanna

    • Thatmessjuice April 29, 2014

      Say what now?! Maybe in Nigeria, but in South Africa Rihanna is the queen. What Now is all over the charts, not just because it’s a good song, but simply because it was sung by royalty!

  14. RitasLipstick April 29, 2014

    Damn w****.

  15. Meena April 29, 2014

    I really love rihanna but these pictures are just bad.
    She’s to beautiful to be taking shoots like these 🙁

    • Meena April 29, 2014


  16. Skyfall April 29, 2014

    Chanel Iman,Grace Jones, Alek Wek, Ajak, Anja Rubik,Barbara Fialho,Fatima, Gertrude Handsen and many more highly publicized models has posed nude or topless. So when Rihanna decides to do a professional photoshoot topless its a problem. Yall wanna talk about class but it be the main b****** who be acting poised that be f****** every boy on the basketball team.

    NP – F Me Pumps by Amy Whinehouse

    • ASipofBrandy April 29, 2014

      Please don’t compare super models to Rihanna. Super models take modelling serious as their craft. Rihanna poses nude for attention.
      BIG difference.

      • mekaela April 29, 2014

        These haters mad they can’t look
        Like rih get over it deal I wish she
        Would show her p**** too then u all
        Get all up in your feelings I think
        The hives are mad bey fat ass can’t look
        This s*** F*** u Sam and haters just jealous
        Go talk to whorisha and camel about
        Been role models she screwing in a back
        Seat of a car you coming on here judging
        Rih u Americans have the worst society in the

    • resda April 29, 2014

      Are you stupid or foolish? How is she doing it for attention, when the same magazines who book those models are hiring her to do the job. Seems like you people only have a problem when Rihanna is doing it. hypocrites !

  17. QueenCeline April 29, 2014

    This is her legacy. Talentless provocateur.

  18. Lil Wayne/Drake Stan April 29, 2014

    This h** always have her clothes off, so that’s nothing new.

  19. Skyfall April 29, 2014

    and from Nadia Maraj down to RitasLipstick are the same trolling ass b****

    • JOSE April 29, 2014

      YUP. I thought I was the only one who noticed. Half of the comments on this article are the same people. You can tell by the random names you’ve never seen before. The kids are pressedt.

    • RitasLipstick April 29, 2014

      Shut the f*** up you funky b****! Who do you think you’re talking to? Me? Well think afuckinggain s***. I’ve never trolled in my life so fall back b****.

  20. OVODasher April 29, 2014

    My d*** is hard but my head is shaking.

  21. Sandra April 29, 2014

    The Queen looks beautiful and flawless as usual. She has a great body so what’s wrong with showing it. It’s her choice. Love you Riri

    • CiciFinnaBeABride April 29, 2014

      Is this beauty? Pfft.

    • Barb B**** April 29, 2014

      Lies detected.

    • JOSE April 29, 2014

      LOL. I hope you’re kidding, youre dragging your fave as well

      • KissesForKelly April 29, 2014

        DC must have been psychics to be honest. How else could have they known that a S*** like Rihanna would come on the scene and be so rude and so nasty.

    • Mark111 April 29, 2014

      Now post the song of her singing about c** on her dress.

      • BeySting April 29, 2014

        Eat my p****, ok?

      • Mark111 April 29, 2014

        Let’s get one thing clear, your stretched out, stanking, doo doo and h** infected b*** hole isn’t a p****.

  22. Krista April 29, 2014

    Isn’t she makinh a soundrack for a kids movie? What kind of hypocrisy.

  23. tresa April 29, 2014

    People go topless on beaches all over the globe at any given day. Parents walk around topless in front of their kids at sometime in their life. How does that make it classless? So I guess all those topless Africans running around in their natural habitat are classless too right? The body is a work of art. This photo is clean and tasteful. Its not like she’s busting it open in hustler magazine. In fact many of your favorites have posed nude in playboy, but you don’t call them classless . Rihanna looks darn good naked.

    • OVOBarbie April 29, 2014

      Are you f****** stupid?
      Walking around naked in your house is not the same as planning an ENTIRE photo shoot JUST to pose nude for millions of people to see you.

      Take your ignorance back to the store and get a full cash refund my dear.

    • tresa April 29, 2014

      She is not nude, just topless, and what makes you any better than her? We were all born naked even Adam and eve were naked and only covered up because of their sinful nature. Point is being naked isn’t the worst thing Rihanna could be doing. Y’all quick to judge others when you have so much skeletons in your closet. You are the ignorant one pointing out another persons nudity, while you yourself aren’t living a flawlessly perfect life.

      • LongLegged April 29, 2014

        Very well said. I agree. She look hot and I think there maybe some hating going on here.

  24. Barb B**** April 29, 2014

    She looks ugly #Sorry

    • Jemina Nelson April 30, 2014


  25. Mark111 April 29, 2014

    Oh no! A nude woman! Ugly b******, bottom boy b****** and small d*** Republican will be mad. Lol

    • Sonja Malik April 29, 2014

      I’m a beautiful Latina woman and I hate it so what’s your point?

      • Mark111 April 29, 2014

        You’re not fooling anyone fat b****. I bet you’re one of those fatties that think they have big tits, but in all realness you just have a lot of fat on your chest.

      • SonjaMalik April 29, 2014

        Your dad didn’t seem to mind.

      • Mark111 April 29, 2014

        Oh so I was right! Ha!

        I don’t care what those unemployed n***** that drives your car and rock the jordens you paid for with your other baby daddy’s child support money. Those wide fat cellulite thighs, stomach sticking out farther that your fat but flat ass isn’t s***. So hating on hot chicks and put down the snack cakes.

  26. Mark111 April 29, 2014

    Now excuse me while i search for those tits.


    • Draggin4MrsCarter April 29, 2014

      You should search for your p**** walls first. #Missing

      • BeachHouseBritney April 29, 2014

        Drag a bit.

      • Mark111 April 29, 2014

        C** on dress and spitting out c**. A Bey stans has no ground in this battle.

  27. metzo April 29, 2014

    I actually think she looks got in the photo shoot. I love it. Maybe if she covered her nipple a lil bit with her forearms it would have been better. I don’t see any big deal though.

    • metzo April 29, 2014


  28. H2O April 29, 2014


    • PeacefulCici April 29, 2014

      …. of whores.

    • QueenJanine(Ms.Butcher If You’re Nasty) April 29, 2014

      of Tarts.

  29. SPEAK April 29, 2014

    Rihanna is trying her best to stir up controversy like Beyonce did last year with Bow Down and the inauguration but it’s not working. She also saw Miley had everyone talking last year both on the local and international scene doing the same thing. It sad nobody really cares that she in the nude and her n****** are exposed on a magazine cover. There’s no outcry and basically no conversation about it. At this point I think her dressing up as nun will be a more effective stunt and pr for her because getting it all out is not doing the trick.

  30. Beys us April 29, 2014

    “Driver roll up the partition please
    Driver roll up the partition please
    I don’t need you seeing ‘yonce on her knees
    Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up
    We ain’t even gonna make it to this club
    Now my mascara running, red lipstick smudged
    Oh he so horny, he want to f***
    He bucked all my buttons, he ripped my blouse
    He Monica Lewinski all on my gown

    Read more: Beyonce – Partition Lyrics ”

    Sam you are are Shameless hypocrite. I don’t see an post about Beys lewd lyrics. This girls are young, rich and beautiful, let’s them live. As for the role model nonsense, I have never Rihanna calm to be anyone role model.

    • African Kwayne April 29, 2014

      What’s wrong with having s** with your husband? Or do you want everyone to be like Rihanna and sleep with every man in sight. Hmm?

      • My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) April 29, 2014

        There’s nothing wrong w having s** w your husband… But broadcasting it for the world on detail when u have a daughter is the problem! Dumb b****! C** guzzling s***!

    • SPEAK April 29, 2014

      Those lyrics are much more provocative and controversial than those Rihanna nudes. Sad day for Rihanna really

    • tresa April 29, 2014

      @African kwayae, so I guess you were there when Rihanna was sleeping with every man In sight. Rihanna has only been with Chris, matt and drake in 8 years in the biz. That is not alot of men. How many people have you slept with in the amen time frame? Worry about that. I don’t See how someone showing their nude body is such an issue . Some people are not that prudish, and are not shy about nudity.

  31. metzo April 29, 2014

    My only problem is that, she’s readying a Kids movie and soundtrack, and I would expect her to be wiser about what she does during the timeframe around when the kids material come out. She should be trying hard to appeal on children not doing these type of shoots.
    Plus Rihanna is just a model and a part time “zinger” And this is what models do.. Just saying.

    • My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) April 29, 2014

      But Blu Ivy? And “oh he so horny yeah he want to f***..? And Monica Lewinsky… And BLU IVY
      Was that ever a problem for you b****!?!?

  32. metzo April 29, 2014

    Appeal to*

  33. LOL April 29, 2014





  34. Austin Dumas April 29, 2014

    expired p****

  35. RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014


  36. FreeNFair April 29, 2014

    lol @ ‘family friendly site’ when moderators don’t edit the comments with cussing in them. PUH-LEESE!!! Rihanna needs to cover up though

  37. LOL April 29, 2014




  38. RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

    I Don’t see what the big deal is really, I mean isn’t riri always Nude!!!!!! Like Metzo stated, why now when you have a kids movie coming soon?

  39. Over It April 29, 2014

    First off I am not here to start a war with any members of the Beyhive of the Navy….I think both women and are talented and beautiful in their own rights, and both have made major contributions to the music industry over the last decade!! This site has so many biases that is is comical!! Everyone who follows this site knows that had Beyonce done that same cover for that same magazine it would be hailed as the greatest piece of art since the Mona Lisa!! Rihanna is not ashamed of sexuality or her body and does not mind showing it…the same way Beyonce is not ashamed about swallowing her husband’s s****, sucking his d***, or any of the many sexual acts that she sang about on her latest album. Same the time has come for you to stop being so quick to judge Rihanna when you are not willing to do the same for her counterpart!! #please and #thankyou! Now #carryon

  40. RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

    Jayz- and Beyonce are MARRIED!!!!!!

    • LOL April 29, 2014


    • Mark111 April 29, 2014

      Meaning she should’ve turned in her h** card years ago. What wife or mother sings about c** on her dress? Bey Bey, Mimi, no difference.

      • RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

        When has Beyonce ever been classifed a h** doe? Unlike the women you stan for she hasn’t. What wife or mother hasn’t had c** on her dress? Just worried about that dead H** you stan for ok…….

      • Mark111 April 29, 2014

        Oops, someone’s mad. Don’t hate cause in Aaliyah’s short 7 year career done everything before Beyonce could get her shoes on and was playing musical chairs with 5 other b******. Has Bey gotten her GED yet? hahaha

      • RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

        Not at all doll baby , just giving you facts. Sorry baby girl was mediocre at best
        Does Rihanna have her GED ?

      • The Bajan princess April 29, 2014

        Does Beyonce? Ok then.

      • RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

        I don’t know nor care!!!!!!
        Why would Beyonce need one
        At this point in her life?

        She’s the biggest star on the planet!!!!!!

      • Mark111 April 29, 2014

        Facts? Where? Here’s a fact, Aaliyah finished school with a 4.0 GPA and Beyonce dropped out. You roaches are fools if you think a b**** who can’t even finish school can write songs. Know why Beyonce sounds so dumb? Because she is.

      • RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

        And you still can’t answer the question. The facts are
        Baby girl has no walls nor does riri.

        You must be mediocre , cause that’s all you Stan for.
        Basic B****** do basic things. Stay on topic BASIC!!!!!!!

      • Mark111 April 29, 2014

        H** look up the words fact and opinion. You’re clearly a Beyonce stan, dumb as phuck.

      • RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

        And you still avoiding the question basic b****!!!!
        Stay on topic basic!!!!

        The only h** is you and the h*** you Stan for.
        Smell like a Rihanna fan to me h**!!!!!

  41. Over It April 29, 2014

    I understand that Jay-Z and Beyonce are married and I respect that…with that being said if it is OK and acceptable for her to sing about what she likes to do with her husband in the privacy of their home, then why should Rihanna receive so much backlash as a single and liberated black woman who is not afraid of her sexuality, and clearly very comfortable in her own skin?

    • My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) April 29, 2014

      It’s more “trashy” for a married woman to act like Beyoncé has been than it is for a single woman like Rih!

  42. XtinaTheDiva April 29, 2014

    And everybody is complaining about Mariah’s bikini pics…

  43. Micks April 29, 2014

    Rihannas naked all the time no one even cares anymore because it is expected. I do agree with people bringing up the kids movie thing.

  44. LOL April 29, 2014



  45. Stephy April 29, 2014

    Better than beyonce 2 cents Ass

    • Navy Commander April 29, 2014


  46. whut April 29, 2014

    In Rihanna’s defense, this is a French magazine. The French don’t consider nudity “dirty” or “without class”. It’s the U.S. that are prudish and insecure about nudity, as well as hypocritical.

  47. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 29, 2014

    DEATH at the pressed TGJ staff. Didn’t Beyonce shake her ass and open her legs to show her p**** to the world? Didn’t Beyonce sing with joy how much she wanted c** on her dress and to have an audience while she sucks d***? So Beyonce has class when she is a swinger? LOL

  48. Suicide Blonde April 29, 2014

    Oh please!…Are you shoking by this, Madonna did it 22 years ago, way worse, in fact it was vulgar, Rihanna looks hot as f***, S** Symbol, the things the straight men would do to her, of course, 90% of the people in this post stand for a woman who sings about drink her husband’s milk, a bunch of hypocrites, Rihanna is HOT, the world wants to see that p**** and she’s here for it, she’s not afraid, Black Madonna indeed.

  49. Navy Nick April 29, 2014

    Yeah, this really is NOT a big deal. I didn’t expect her 2 do it, BUT I mean, it is what it is…it’s just boobs!!! I love Rihanna, and Beyonce; y do u all have to always compare them? THEY ARE SO DIFFERENT!

  50. stop April 29, 2014


  51. Truth April 29, 2014

    If y’all are a family friendly site, why the negative write up? Why even cover the story at all?

  52. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 29, 2014

    Beyonce would never, not with those rolls and thunder thighs

    • Avi April 29, 2014

      If the magazine can excuse Riri’s SNL sketch-like conehead, then Bey’s thighs are a non issue.

  53. Ajanni April 29, 2014

    “Despite the 26-year-old’s voice having the personality of a dial tone,” Damn!Damn!Damn! To each its own, but those pics were too inappropriate for Instagram. RIP to what’s left of her image.

  54. Ajanni April 29, 2014

    Inappropriate yes! I am definitely referring to the one where she is naked from the waist down with her ass hiked up in the air like a dog in heat. Is she making music or p*** now? Just saying. Shameful.

  55. Mizuki April 29, 2014

    Sam you are messy hypocrite talking about this is a family friendly site. Has Sam seen the distasteful comments left on his site? Let’s not act like Beyonce didn’t lose her class in that stripper video Prostition, I mean Partition. Rihanna’s just pushing bounderies, she truly is the Black Madonna of our times.

  56. The Bajan princess April 29, 2014

    Lol @ the same pressed troll making up 65% of the comments on here. Who cares? It’s her body. If she chooses to express herself by showing her boobs, then so be it! I happen to love the pics. I love the human body. The pics aren’t even provocative. Now Lady Gaga’s pics made me puke…

  57. Tyler April 29, 2014

    Um b**** bye! Say what you want about Beyonce’s lyrics…because at the end of the day that’s all talk. Rappers spit crazy s*** all of the time but does that mean that they actually do it? NO. At the end of the day, Rihconcubine looks bad because she’s exposed. No pasties, no fabric, NOTHING. She’s displaying her breast for all to see. So miss me with all of that other B.S.

    • The Bajan princess April 29, 2014

      So?? They’re just b******. Y’all act like she’s stretching her snatch with her fingers or something. It’s a French magazine and they aren’t prudes like fat ass Americans.

      • Tyler April 29, 2014

        The last time I checked I didn’t say @the bajan princess jump into this conversation. So I really don’t give a f***. Don’t get mad at me just because western society, the biggest music in the world, has little to no respect for rihanna and her craft simply because she literally has to resort to get naked for attention.

      • Tyler April 29, 2014

        *biggest music market in the world

      • The Bajan princess April 29, 2014

        The last time I checked this was a blog f***** so I can say whatever I want to whomever I want whenever the f*** I want. Who gon check me boo?

      • Tyler April 29, 2014

        Idk…ur the one getting salty. So u tell me! Don’t open up the library if u don’t want to get read b**** #OOP

      • The Bajan princess April 29, 2014

        I must’ve missed the read….

      • RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

        No b**** you are the READ!!!!!

      • Tyler April 29, 2014

        B**** you didn’t miss the read,your just basic….well either that or hooked on phonix

  58. Jess April 29, 2014

    Well, somebody’s is either running low on cash or attention. Too bad we already expect s*** like this from her #EARTH TO RIHANNA #NOBODY CARES

  59. Yazmine April 29, 2014

    Eww. Tits or not her face looks gross. And Rihanna does this for attention, only everyone’s bored of it now nothing is left to the imagination with her.

    • The Bajan princess April 29, 2014

      Yet social networks and blogs are going HAM over it. Speak for yourself d***. 😉

  60. Sleazy April 29, 2014

    ANYONE trying to justify this are a bunch of h*** who probably blows the nearest beggers for a Dollar or are fat masturbating loving catfishes! Cus seriously the THIRST for attention and this LOW even for rih No CLASS what class does the woman have ? Where’s her pride rihanna can add P@RNSTAR to her list! Wow she is so thirsty ALWAYS trying to stir up things her career feeds on it

    • The Bajan princess April 29, 2014

      Pornstars f*** on camera. Your mom should know.

  61. Mark111 April 29, 2014

    The irony of Beyonce having a BEYgood charity, yet her baby brother is homeless.

    • beyugly April 29, 2014

      If that happened to Rihanna’s bro tgj would have posted 2 articles about Rihanna’s homeless brother..they think sluttyonce is some angel.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

      Why hasn’t riri payed for
      Gran gran dolly funeral yet?
      Opps ms 90 million

      • RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

        Are you salty or nah?
        That’s not her responsibly, just
        Like it’s not mines that you’re basic !!!!!!

    • Vee April 29, 2014

      Please! You need a reality check. Its not all happy familys. BEYgood is what the childs mother should have been thinkibg before she opened her legs to a married man. Same goes for mathew.
      And why is Beyonce responsible for her illigitimate brother? Shes loyal to her mother and obviously still hurting. Stop being so closed minded.
      The mother is obviously milking the situation why doesn’t she just get a job?

      • Mark111 April 29, 2014

        The real question is why won’t Beyonce’s no good father take care of the child he brought into the world. And why is Beyonce bragging about being the highest paid black artist, yet can’t feed her baby brother? Let me answer, cause the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

        Who treats a child like that? But y’all trying to tell me how great this selfish, self centered, song stealing, singing about c** on her dress w**** is a good person? Ha!

      • beyugly April 29, 2014

        At the end of the day t********* is a millionaire and that’s her little brother.

      • Vee April 29, 2014

        I agree with the part about Mathew paying for his child but not Beyonce. I’m sorry but like i said its not that black and white and you have obviously never experienced a broken family before. Beyonce is loyal to her mother she has ever right to not want anything to do with that situation. It is very emotional. And you naive self actual believes that just because she has received the GRANDS shes demanding from Mathew (which is more than the average woman gets for child support and they still manage) she needs to go in a homeless shelter! F*** no! Wake up and smell the roses the mother is exploiting the situation. Get up and get a job. Yes Mathew should support his child but clearly her ego comes before the child because she would be working by now not crying to the damn cameras.

      • RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

        Are you salty or nah?
        That’s not her responsibly, just
        Like it’s not mines that you’re basic !!!!!!

        So is Rihanna , but she can’t pay for gran gran dolly
        Funeral .

      • Vee April 29, 2014

        Has not received*

      • Vee April 29, 2014

        So in conclusion, the child does not need to be in no damn homeless shelter. The mother is doing it for attention because she is bitter Mathew has not stepped up to the role (surprise surprise).

    • beyugly April 29, 2014

      B**** please with that long ass novel..regardless of what the parents are going through she shouldn’t take it out on her little brother.who happens to be child..what will she say to Bluwhen she finds out her uncle was homeless when. Its not even his fault …

      • Vee April 29, 2014

        Bye Felicia no one was even talking to you. Shut your ignorant, shallow minded ass up. The ‘novel’ addresses everything you basically just repeated.

    • beyugly April 29, 2014

      @Richie Rihanna paid for her Gran Dolly’s hospital expenses, gave her the best care, visited her at the hospital before her death..Did t********* visit her little brother at the homeless shelter yet?

      • Special Delivery April 29, 2014

        Rihanna got sued by the funeral director. How low is that.

    • beyugly April 29, 2014

      B**** you stan for a shallow b**** who can’t feed her brother…And I could care less who you were talking to.This a blog and people will be reading dumb ass.Save your long ass scrolls.

      • Vee April 29, 2014

        Why are you responding to me then? I didn’t ask you to read so sit down. But you shaded yourself if thats too much for you to read.

  62. beyugly April 29, 2014

    Death!! The hives got some nerve when beyslut sells her s** to the world not just her husband..A classy woman keeps her business in the bedroom. T********* is just as bad as Rihanna.. the ignorance…o let me guess she can sing about someone cummin on her dress since she’s married??? She can be topless like Rihanna since she’s married??? She can shake her fat cellulite on stage since she’s married?? The excuses, Hypocrites,

  63. Rosie April 29, 2014

    Since when was this site family-friendly? Bye Sam.
    I’m more surprised with how people are reacting to this. It’s a French magazine, they’re not prudes and definitely not as sexist as Americans. Plus Rihanna isn’t that classy in the first place.

  64. RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

    People kill me trying to justify the W**** OF BABYLON ACTIONS

  65. Rosie April 29, 2014

    Anyways Future’s first week sales are out. 48K. Dead at him doing Phoenix numbers.

  66. Avi April 29, 2014

    #INDUSTRYPUSSY strikes again.

    This is the kind of thing you do when you have no talent.

    • Mark111 April 29, 2014

      I heard Mariah and Beyonce ar gods in your country. You guys do worship cows right?

      • Jess April 29, 2014

        No, we don’t worship Splice either

    • LOL April 29, 2014


      • Tyler April 29, 2014

        The only one selling their p**** is RihBobblehead. So shut it down!

  67. Vee April 29, 2014

    The photoshoot looks tacky.

  68. Vee April 29, 2014

    And lmao why do the navy come to this site if their bias tortues you so much. The site aint gonna change theh stan for Beyonce deal with it or go to a Rihanna fan site where you will get all the praise and sugar coating you think your fav deserves.

  69. RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

    Why she look like ASAP rocky with that hat on?

  70. metzo April 29, 2014

    OMG!! I take back everything I just said! Afteer seeing the other photos. Omgg. Rihanna is a disgrace to the Music industry! How dare she spread her naked Ass cheeks open, up in the air like shes waiting on drake to stick that Dickk in it. That’s just too much now. It’s one thing to sing about s**, but it’s another to actually expose it for millions of people to see. At least Beyonce is just singing and not doing it in Public.
    When Rihanna spreads her v***** open (doggy style) in a photo shoot, it’s considered Hot and flattering but when Bey shakes her Ass in a two piece outfit, you call her a s****? Ok…

    • LOL April 29, 2014



  71. Navy Commander April 29, 2014


    • Navy Commander April 29, 2014

      Lol nvm they got differemt pics

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 29, 2014

        Girl, don’t do me like that! Lool

  72. Doyen April 29, 2014

    It’s easier to take your top off than it is to schedule time with a vocal coach or rehearse.

    • metzo April 29, 2014


    • Absolved April 29, 2014

      And that’s basically what it boils down to, isn’t it. In the words of Madea: “When you have talent, you don’t need a ‘gimmick.’ Your talent is your gimmick.” Rihanna has no talent, which is why she has to fight with people on social networks, act rude, get naked in magazines, date abusive men, etc. Strip away all that distraction and what is there to her? Nothing. She’s without any natural skill or ability. She’s 100% marketing.

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 29, 2014

      I guess Beyoncé has no time to do it either since her last performances has been prerecorded vocals and struggle belts. Maybe if she stopped snacking on those burgers, paying off people for her theft, being a fake mother and taking care of her pet camel then she could focus back on her music

  73. metzo April 29, 2014

    Beyonce has never posed naked or had her n****** hanging. EVER!!So calling her a s*** just because she sang about s** with her hubby only makes you look stupid, when your faves Ass cheeks, p**** and nipple are everywhere.

  74. Navy Commander April 29, 2014

    & whenever people call rihanna a role model and stuff like that she tells them not to and says shes not one. So she never claimed to be one. Plus this is a french spread & they arent so pruddish over there. And death at this being a family site when the comments are riddled with curse words and the writers resort to name calling very often

    • Vee April 29, 2014

      So why is she doing a childrens movie and soundtrack?

      • Navy Commander April 29, 2014

        Idk sis maybe they approached Her first.

  75. coolness April 29, 2014

    Well, I wasn’t expecting this at all. I mean, Rihanna’s photo shoots have only gotten racier through the years. From GQ to Esquuire to her recent Vogue Brasil cover, the girl seems to be very comfortable in her skin and sexuality. For that I won’t fault her. However, I just thought with her kids movie coming out this year, she’d take it easy but let her LIVE! She’s young, s*** and absolutely gorgeous. NO ONE takes a picture like Rihanna (although I’m not feeling these photos)! She probably won’t have this body forever so I guess she just lives in the moment which is a quality I admire about her. Also, this is a French Magazine and Europeans don’t view nudity as tasteless and classless the way Americans do. I’m disappointed in this article Sam. Hypocritical much? Rihanna has stated that she’s out here to be a role model so why burden her with such a responsibility. I’m so sick of the public trying to hold Pop stars accountable for things that aren’t their business. Oh and this is a family-friendly site? Haha, the jokes repeat themselves. Where’s the moderation when trolls wish death upon Ciara’s unborn child or the racist remarks about Rihanna coming from Barbados? Or how about the sexist and homophobic remarks idiots spew on here daily? Please, spare us the BS. I just knew this would turn into another Bey vs Rih spat. Both women are beautiful and share similarities in the way they express themselves but there are also some differences.

  76. Navy Commander April 29, 2014

    The only pic I dont like is whem she bent over with her ass h cheeks spread no gawd

  77. Special Delivery April 29, 2014

    Lmao aint nobody gonna wife that in the future when the world already seen it!

  78. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 29, 2014

    The real shade is that y’all call Rihanna a w**** but it took Beyonce to find her inner Joselyn in order for hive to buy her records. I’m through with this…

    • Yeah I Said It April 29, 2014

      If thats the case why wasn’t Partition a #1

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 29, 2014

        Partition is a hit, remember? Y’all are clinging to the urban charts. So what are you really trying to say?

      • Yeah I Said It April 29, 2014

        No sis what are YOU trying to say? Your the one calling it floptition, go buy partition and now the reason Beyonce is selling is because she is sexual? Logic please?

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 29, 2014

        So now urban charts are for flops? Loool.. Y’all stay making excuses

      • Yeah I Said It April 30, 2014

        Where did I say anything about urban charts? This is isn’t about me. What are you trying to say?

  79. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 29, 2014

    One thing I do agree with, is that Rihanna needs to tone it down with the racy photos when she has a kids movie out. The North Americans are way too prudish and posh to show the nude body as art. (To me, I don’t think showing b****** is such a big deal)

  80. Yeah I Said It April 29, 2014

    Im DYING at how they airbrushed her ass to make it look perked in the rest of the spread! The original pap shots are a kiii.

  81. Tyler April 29, 2014

    It took Beyonce to find her inner Joseline for the hive to buy her records…isn’t that backwards???? The hive has always supported Beyonce’s albums. It was ur fave however who went through a major transformation and morphed into badgalJoselineHernandez just to get noticed. And even then the b**** can sell 300k in the first week. So bye!

    • Tyler April 29, 2014


    • Yeah I Said It April 29, 2014

      Exactly. ‘Good girl gone bad’ anyone?

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 29, 2014

      Her raunchiest album was TTT, where in GGGB did Rihanna act like a s***… In fact where the hell in her career did she act like a h**? B**** move on with yo dumb ass

      • Tyler April 29, 2014

        I know ur rihmedial ass isn’t trying to call anyone dumb lol. U can’t even comprehend the fact that the b**** u stan for did a 180. She went from being Little Miss Sunshine to Bad Gal Riri just to prevent herself from flopping for the 4000th time. And yes, she acts like a ratchet ass, controversial, dramatic ass skanky h** just to keep u Sunken Ship stans distracted from her lack of talent.

      • Tyler April 29, 2014

        Not only does her scientific looking ass does hoeish s*** like this for attention, she displays h** like tendencies in EVERYDAY LIFE. So pipe tf down

      • Tyler April 29, 2014


      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 29, 2014

        How did she flop if she had number one singles and 1 gold debut album and a platinum album? B**** where is your common sense? Didn’t Beyoncé’s 4 get outsold by Rihanna’s second album? Lmfao. I just can’t… Not Beyoncé being outsold by 5 rihanna albums.. She’s playing catch up

  82. Avenger April 29, 2014

    Rihanna is a f***** garden tool. I’m sorry but this sleazy, nefarious guttersnipe literally puts the ‘O’ in h**. This is not “hot,” “provocative” or s***. It’s just all around tacky, desperate, attention-pleading and pathetic. No parent should allow their kid to follow this rat.

  83. LOL April 29, 2014




    • Rosie April 29, 2014

      Is F.A.G. top 400 on iTunes yet?

  84. Auraboyz April 29, 2014

    Damn..Rihrih wtf?! #Speechless

  85. TRUTH April 29, 2014

    TGJ is a family friendly site ?!?!? LMAO The lies ! Yall promote Beyonce’s filthy songs and say this is bad ??!! Hypocrites !

  86. Terny April 29, 2014

    Hmmmnnn…makes one wonder what the music industry’s becoming..

  87. Tyler April 29, 2014

    B*******! The last time I checked dating the same man for 10, marrying him, then having a child afterwards wasn’t h** like behavior. Rihconcubine on the other hand, is a known industry tramp. Just ask Chris Brown, Drake, Meek Millz, and the rest of the homies. Now if any other female in the game did some s*** like this I’d be surprised. But this isn’t new for RihSplice. So u Titanic Stans can’t tell me s***.

  88. CzarM April 29, 2014

    Pathetic. Rihanna may not practice her vocals, but I bet she’s already rehearsing the makeshift “I feel so violated” reaction for when her camp inevitably becomes desperate enough to release that s** tape.

  89. blue April 29, 2014

    B****** be mad at riri right now but tomorrow all will be as it was. nothing touches this girl. cause she just doesnt give two f’s

  90. Rihboy April 29, 2014

    You guys are pressed! Rih slays in or out of clothes first of all. The hive need to get real! This has been sone before by so many celebs including your faves! Have posted completely naked before! Her body is perfect and natural unlike beys or onikas! Those b****** cant pose nude because you will be able to tell fraudance uses but pads!!! And i will hate to see nicki naked

  91. olka2345 April 29, 2014

    Beyonce is Green With ENVY !!!

  92. dummy April 29, 2014

    nice pics

  93. Jess April 29, 2014

    Ha the only green Beyonce has is the one in her wallet. She’s a f****** BILLIONAIRE and arguably the best entertainer of her generation. Wtf is a Rihann #Queen Bey Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin

  94. Tina Clayton Lord April 29, 2014


  95. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 29, 2014

    Look at the hive struggling to drag Rihanna. When will your fave look hot enough to grace a magazine topless and not have to wear spanks just so her fat won’t move. Death at that faggatron Tyler coming for Rihanna when her ave looks like Snorlax in a dress.

  96. Hush April 29, 2014

    ROFLMAO!!!!!! Just no. Ewwwww!
    Rihforehead needs to keep her clothes on because the tired hooker looks like she has crabs. 😆
    Chris beat her head in one too many times I see.

  97. FutureCIARA April 29, 2014

    Ive never heard of this publication!!

    Bye desperate whoore!!!

  98. fatusankoh April 29, 2014

    look at this hate mongers taking trash you all wish rihoo have bey beautiful body your rehoo even thou the photo shoot her her shagging body she look like old lady that is what your rehoo get by going with all d*** and haired take sit hatters you all wish Rihoo will get bey beautiful body

  99. Fran April 30, 2014

    This is not even hot she looks like a man.

  100. Tyler April 30, 2014

    OMG She looks just like her father in that pic….E.T. would be proud.

    Oh, and @Blue Ivy f*** u and ur flopass male splice of a fave!

  101. Shay April 30, 2014

    Hmm. Gaga paraded around topless ahead of the release of her latest music as well. How well did that work out for her?

  102. Artcrap May 1, 2014

    This girl has no shame she always has to rely on gimmicks just to sell albums hmm but what I don’t get it’s ok for riri to pose nude but not okay for mariah to pose semi nude

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