‘Salute’: Little Mix Make New Top 40 Appearance / Lana Del Rey Rockets To #1

Published: Sunday 22nd Jun 2014 by David


24 hours after storming 2014’s ‘Capital FM Summertime Ball’Boy‘ belles Little Mix have reaped the fruit of their promo labor today!

Want to know how?

News on them and ‘Body Electric’ performer Lana Del Rey below!

32 weeks after first impacting the ‘Official Albums Chart‘, Mix’s sophomore set ‘Salute’ sailed back into the tally’s Top 30 this week, rising three spots to claim #29.

Enjoying a sales spike provoked by their scorching ‘Summertime’ set, the ladies rise on the tally sees them placed 28 spots beneath this week’s UK #1, Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Ultraviolence.

Marking her second consecutive #1 album in the market, ‘Ultra‘s soared to the top before it’s set to do so in the US, and as Adele‘s ’21’ leaps back in the Top 100 to be housed by #84, 178 weeks after it peaked at #1 in the country.

On a streaming tip, Rey’s official video for the single ‘Shades of Cool’ slides past the 3.68 million milestone, while Elijah Blake‘s ‘Vicky’s Secret’ sees plays spun on user-updated audio files across the net bring its total streaming figure to 3.1 million since December 2012.

Elsewhere, Beyonce’s ‘Partition’ visual welcomes its 62 millionth play on ‘VEVO‘ this week shortly after Keri Hilson‘s video for 2010’s ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ bid farewell to the 47 million point to reach a total spins figure of 48.6 million.

Your thoughts?

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  1. NICKI IS QUEEN June 22, 2014

    Ultraflop is trash and no one uses Lama outside of elevators and why does she sound like a whale on shades of flop?

    • The truth hurts June 22, 2014

      Are you just looking for a reaction?

      • NICKI IS QUEEN June 22, 2014

        The truth does hurt huh?

    • Shades of Cool June 22, 2014

      Born to Die outsold Nicki’s entire career. Find a seat and start spreading Flops N Potions links.

      • LanaDelFan¹⁴: I Can Hear The Sirens June 22, 2014

        Dont argue with it. Nicki will always be a lessor after that crap “starships”. She’ll never regain her credibility and “P*** and Lotion” proves she’s wack and can only rap about the same things. Could’ve sworn Freedom was the same thing as p*** and lotion. (I used to be a Nicki fan but like I said after starships she lost me even tho high school was cute)

    • LanaDelFan¹⁴: I Can Hear The Sirens June 22, 2014

      You’re just mad cuz Nicki the Pinto Bean Nose F***** her way up to the top. “P*** and Lotion” proves she’s a sad girl and is destined for life to be the other woman like her movie role. Sucks to be a Nicki Fan at this point. Lol it’s also ironic seeing that she things she’s a dealer after listening to “Florida Kilos” f*** you chunt!

    • Rosie June 22, 2014

      Is that’s why it’s on track to be the biggest female debut week of the year so far in the US? All with no promo and very little airplay. You better pray for Icki to do ScHoolboy Q numbers first week.

  2. Minaj21 June 22, 2014

    Congrats to Lana I think this year she will make it big at the USA.

    • Shades of Cool June 22, 2014

      I agree! She’s already had 2 hits in the US and BTD went platinum there but I think Ultraviolence will launch her to the next level in the US.

  3. Skyfall June 22, 2014

    I love Little Mix they’re literally the best girl group out right now, who can actually sing and perform live and sound amazing

    • whoiam June 22, 2014

      The thumbs down are from those people who love listening to comeback groups lip synching to most of their song. In other words dance troupes pretending to be a trio

  4. Skyfall June 22, 2014

    I’m happy for Lana, I still prefer BTD to ultraviolence but I like both.
    Brooklyn Baby
    Old Money
    Money Power Glory
    Shades of Cool
    Fckd my way to the top are my faves

    • JOHNVIDAL (Supernatural) June 22, 2014

      I prefer Born to Die too. There´s something repetitive to me in this one.

      • Shades of Cool June 22, 2014

        Born To Die was a masterpiece but I prefer Ultraviolence. I respect Lana for not going a more commercial sound but going the opposite direction. BTD had a more indie pop sound to it but Ultraviolence has alternative undertones to it. She’s grown as an artist. It shows a brighter side to her.

    • LanaDelFan¹⁴: I Can Hear The Sirens June 22, 2014

      Do you like Florida Kilos? I fuqin love it. Gives me a scarface throwback vibe.

  5. The truth hurts June 22, 2014

    Expected but great nonetheless.

  6. Suicide Blonde June 22, 2014

    Lana’s albums should be selling 20+ million ww, i guess, her art is too beautiful and unrelatable for the masses. Born to Die+Paradise and Ultraviolence are among the best albums, made by a female singer, she should have an Adele’s sized type of success.

    • JOHNVIDAL (Supernatural) June 22, 2014

      Shup up! 🙂 Which albums have to bought this year so far? You know, physical copies, like only a few like us keep on doing.
      I´ve only purchased 3 so far. Arcade Fire´s (although it was released in 2013), Queen´s Greatest Hits 2 (cause I didn´t know where the hell my Queen music at was anymore and it was very cheap) and of course Mariah Carey´s new album. Any suggestion?

      • Suicide Blonde June 22, 2014

        I can’t suggest any albums since i don’t think you would enjoy my suggestions, my fav. album at the moment is Ultraviolence followed by Perfect P****’s ‘Say Yes to Love’, don’t listen to the last one, it would make your ears bleed.

      • JOHNVIDAL (Supernatural) June 22, 2014

        Kylie Minogue´s last album was a let down btw. Way worse than her previous two albums, Aphrodite and X. Shakira´s wasn´t good either.

      • Rosie June 23, 2014

        Late but OMG @ someone else on this site knowing who Perfect P*ssy is.

    • Suicide Blonde June 22, 2014

      It was, Aphrodite was a great album tho., Shakira’s last two records are terrible, the best female albums this year so fast are from Mimi and Lana.

  7. CherylSoldierr June 22, 2014

    I think fifth harmony has better vocals. What were Lana’s sales?

    • whoiam June 22, 2014

      5H & Little Mix were supporting on the Neon Lights tour. Little Mix is the better girl group, 5H still have not got their live harmonies sorted yet. Little Mix are much better than them with live harmonies.Harmonies seperates girl groups

  8. RihIcon June 22, 2014

    Little mix more like little mess wtf are they wearing?
    & YASS lana slay a bit

    • whoiam June 22, 2014

      Stop being silly, it depends on the picture that TGJ decides to put up. Why did TGJ not pick the picture of them winning the Glamour award for best group. That would of been a better picture but obviously TGJ decided to choose this one.I would say on purpose

  9. JOHNVIDAL (Supernatural) June 22, 2014

    Good for Lana, for not being a real performer and her music not being typical mainstream she´s having a great short run. I don´t know how long it will last, but she´s doing great.
    Guys, Sia´s new album is almost here and it looks amazing too.

    • Suicide Blonde June 22, 2014

      Sia REALLY!, i’m waiting for Judas Priest 😀

  10. CherylSoldierr June 22, 2014

    A 61 meta critic score isn’t a masterpiece, no shade.

    • Suicide Blonde June 22, 2014

      Who cares what the critics says, many masterpieces had have lower scores.

    • The truth hurts June 22, 2014

      The reviews on metacritic are a joke tho. Half of them dedicate about 2 sentences two the music and spend the rest of the time in hysterics about the snl fiasco and her being “inauthentic.” Some reviewers of ultraviolence have already admitted they were too harsh on BTD (due to the snl hysteria). You’ll notice that almost all the bad review come from the US whereas most of the good ones come from the UK.

      • The truth hurts June 22, 2014


    • Rosie June 22, 2014

      In the meanwhile, Ultraviolence is at least 10 points ahead. A massive improvement. And a self-drag, considering Chav has never gotten in the 70s.

      • CherylSoldierr June 23, 2014

        That’s such a self drag. Being an alternative artist she’s expected to be more critically acclaimed. It’s also easier for her to sell.

  11. CICI LOVER June 22, 2014


    • Rosie June 22, 2014

      Already outsold Cedric’s last album worldwide. Sit down.

  12. Shadea of Cool June 22, 2014

    Congrats to Lana! Ultraviolence is another great album and its expected to have her strongest first week sales ever! Plus West Coast is gaining on alternative radio! Ultraviolence will do even better then Born to Die! The amazing part to her success is how little to no real promo she has done.

  13. Rosie June 22, 2014

    Wow , look at the haters in here, even with all their attempts and tries Lana ends up winning. Remember her career was supposed to be over after SNL? Poor Lana haters, they always lose! Congrats queen of alternative.

  14. who cares June 22, 2014


    Everytime this David guy starts posting stories this blog turns in a white pop blog.

    I bet he wouldnt know the difference between Keyshia Cole or Kelly Rowland.

    Sam, can u please hire someone that knows something about what is happening in R&B music

    • KissMeKelly June 23, 2014

      Then you must not follow his ass on Twitter because he be the main one showing love to Keyshia and Kelly.

  15. whut June 22, 2014

    What was the point in mentioning beyonce and keri hilson? Neither one of them have anything to do with this post.

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