Stream: Tinashe – ‘Aquarius’ Album

Published: Tuesday 30th Sep 2014 by Sam

‘2 On’ touter Tinashe will next week release her premiere album ‘Aquarius’.

Given the air of must-see created around the rising star, many have been eager to hear what her first full length project would be serving up. Would it be more club geared ala ‘2 On’ or mellower in the vain of current single ‘Pretend’?

Well, wonder more because the songstress has teamed up with our friends over at Dazed Digital to give folk a chance to try before they buy with a full stream of the LP.

Check it out below…

Click here to preview ‘Aquarius’

Check out our interview with Tinashe below too…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beysus September 30, 2014


  2. Iconic Cici September 30, 2014

    18k first week basic b****

    • GUUURRRL BYE! September 30, 2014

      but you are a ciara fan…what kinda self shade

    • NOLIES September 30, 2014

      Ciflop won’t even that during his next era. You stan for Ciara, you couldn’t stan for anymore of a lessor if you tried.

  3. Proud-Arianantor September 30, 2014

    Loving this album! I will be buying it next week

    • Kim Kardashian Stan September 30, 2014

      Girl did you even purchase a copy of my everything? the s*** still struggling for gold

      • Proud-Arianator September 30, 2014

        Worry about KUWTK and it’s flop ratings

      • Kim Kardashian Stan September 30, 2014

        Like you should worry about your fav being completely irrelevant in the next 2 years.

    • NOLIES September 30, 2014

      They are giving your fav’s album away for free… You stan for a lessor. Kim is a thot, but a paid thot. Your fav is just a thot… FLOP

      • Kisses September 30, 2014


  4. Oh Baby I…. September 30, 2014

    i actually love what im hearing. wow

  5. Mark111 September 30, 2014

    It’s not playing for me.

    • NOLIES September 30, 2014

      Upgrade your computer… You probably have the same cpu from when Aaliyah alive… #BrokeBums

  6. #ooops September 30, 2014

    ewwww flop goodbye nobodies checking for this cricket looking b******

    • Kim Kardashian Stan September 30, 2014

      Like how no ones checking for Lana?

      • #ooops September 30, 2014

        who’s Lana?

      • Rosie September 30, 2014

        Or how K** got outshined by f****** Ciara at the Givenchy show?

  7. Booboo bye September 30, 2014

    Yaaaaasssssssss hunty i’ll make sure to give up my coins and my edges.

  8. RICHIE_RICH September 30, 2014


  9. Timago September 30, 2014


    No collaboration with Smelly Flopland?!?!


  10. Timago September 30, 2014

    HO!!! TINASH#IT FLOP !!!!!!!!!

  11. Timago September 30, 2014

    FLOPASHE – “AquariFLOP”


  12. Keshas Crazy Kid September 30, 2014


  13. Mingxxx September 30, 2014

    she shouldnt give a free listen to her album esp. as a rather new artist. her marketing team sld know better she isnt at a level to offer anything free not when $5 bootleg or free download is gonna be majority of her sales anyway

  14. Mark111 September 30, 2014

    Foreal people, how can I stream this album?

  15. Thlly September 30, 2014

    I love it! She def getting my coins honey.

    • Sascha September 30, 2014

      You broke bit€h!! The only
      Coins you have are pennies!!

      • NOLIES September 30, 2014

        Judging by your name and how quick you logged off and ran out of library time, I’d say she isn’t the only one scraping pennies.

  16. Del Bey September 30, 2014

    I’m liking the roll out for this album, solid visuals, punctual release dates, solid snippets, I’ll wait to hear the full album before passing judgment, but so far so good tinstiffshe

  17. You Stupid September 30, 2014

    OK TIN-MAN-SIT! I’m here for your music! I was prepared to slay and read like a dr. Seuss book… But I must say… You are pushing through… Idk if you will push through the charts… But the music is worth an ear or two… I don’t know why I just don’t see her having longevity. Maybe it will change?

    • NOLIES September 30, 2014

      STFU no one gives a f*** about your opinion. Will this comment have longevity? Will you ever find your Daddy? Will you ever be someone who doesn’t have to use a bag to s***? I think we all know the answer to that, NO!

      • You Stupid September 30, 2014

        Yet and still… YOU commented… You maggot t w a t infested hermaphrodite? This comment will have more longevity than yo mammy’s memory of who yo daddy is you illegitimate troll… Why would I use a bag to s*** when I have yo mouth on deck? Btw… Tell your mom the head game… It needs a little work
        :sips tea:

      • NOLIES September 30, 2014

        Yawn that read as boring as your fav’s nonexistent vocals on a ballad. You don’t have anything on deck. The only thing you should worry about why is your fav’s chart position is as nonexistent as that thigh gap. Why she can use the media, but can’t use her High School Diploma. Sip all the tea you want, we know why you need it. It’s because your throat is as dry as your fav’s dry prerecorded track.

      • NOLIES September 30, 2014

        P.s. I’ll tell my mom to work on her head, and you tell your fav to work on her cues….

      • You Stupid October 1, 2014

        Gurl I got halfway through that dry boring ass read and dismissed it because it wasn’t even worth continuing my review of it… The fact that I haven’t mentioned Beyonce as my fav would show how desperate you are for internet arguments… Pathetic… You should be happy I said I’ll by Tinman’s album considering I will be one of the only ones to do so… Brokeback bishes like you consistently count on streams so I’m sure she she shouldn’t expect the lint you’ve saved in your pocket over your the yrs to push her through… Now darling… Your reads are about as sour as the crevice your mom pushed your out of and the stale nutt dust that your old ass daddy drip dropped into it… Continue your exploration on worthy reads and I may revisit you… #nolies? #read #nolives

  18. NOLIES September 30, 2014

    This is NOT smart. Someone can easily record the audio on their laptop and put it on YouTube; She then loses those who were actually interested. I’ll help her out and buy it, but I know those first week numbers are going to be low.

    • You Stupid September 30, 2014

      I kno right… All 12 people that were gonna buy it before… Smh… She should have you on her team to avoid such travesties :sips:

      • NOLIES September 30, 2014

        Having me on her team will help her avoid travesties? Maybe I should have been on your Mamma’s team, so she would have her biggest travesty to date… YOU *sips tea*

    • You Stupid October 1, 2014

      Awwww… Then who would you have to play with? I’ll pour you some of my tea. We all know you ain’t sippin s*** but yo momma’s dirty bath water that y’all take turns using… Broke bish…

      • NOLIES October 1, 2014

        Wow. I think you really read me for me filth… LOL B****, as I said, your drags are as dry as your fav’s dry prerecorded tracks and stiff as her wigs. Try again.

  19. cocobutta October 1, 2014

    Her studio voice is really good and like her mixture of moods on here.
    I wasn’t paying her no mind as I’m old skool but I won’t lie sue impressed me so will support.

    • cocobutta October 1, 2014

      This heifer needs to remove Future of the How Many Times though. He sounds soooo sh!t on it.


  20. DJY October 1, 2014

    I think this is a very good start and I will buy the album next week. I don’t blame those who don’t share the same taste because we are all different so can we stop reacting like kids, you don’t have to insult the others to express your opinion.

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