Beyonce Shares New Songs ‘7/11’ & ‘Ring Off’

Published: Friday 21st Nov 2014 by Sam

Anticipation is reaching fever-pitch for the Platinum Edition of Beyonce‘s self-titled visual album.

Due to land in stores on November 24th, the beefed-up version of the LP will include four remixes, ten live performances, and two new tracks – christened ‘7/11’ and ‘Ring Off’.

Whetting appetites ahead of the LP’s arrival, King B unleashed both songs online moments.

Check ’em out below…

No words for ‘7/11’.

‘Ring Off’, however, is lush! A close cousin of ‘Standing On The Sun’ sonically, the song’s compelling storytelling makes for a wholly enjoyable listen.

We’d love to hear Bey flirt with more island flavoured numbers on future releases.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Dvokals November 21, 2014

    Love ring off.. 7/11.. Not sure what that is??

    • Drinkmybussyjuice November 21, 2014

      Yes. I like ring off. It was nice. Not my fave, but ok.

      Now beyonce… Can we talk. You know i stan for you girrrl, but you also know I’m not a delusional stan. 7-11 is shits. Not that s*** just pure s***. It’s probably the worst song you have ever made.

    • You tried November 21, 2014



    • You tried November 21, 2014


      • You tried November 21, 2014

        The hate is REAL!

    • Tina November 21, 2014

      7/11 sounds to much like a flawless wanna be I dont know what that ring off is tho she needs help all shite

  2. Queenbritney November 21, 2014

    I’m actually here for “7/11” after giving it a few spins. It’s REAL ratchet like. “Ring off” is hot too

    • Dem Lessors November 21, 2014

      Yes b****, I’m living for the beat on 7/11. Why are people hating on it?! The lyrics are a bit meh but who’s gonna give two f*cks when they’re up in the club shaking their ass and completely off their face.

  3. tits mcgee November 21, 2014

    Ring off is cute. The other one is meh.

  4. Beysus November 21, 2014

    Wooooo!!!! BOW DOWN!!!

  5. King B November 21, 2014

    7/11 is definitly a grower “I’m spinnin’ while my hands up,I’m spinnin while my hands up…” lol I love RatchetYonce

  6. RICHIE_RICH November 21, 2014

    I love ring off…..711 maybe when……

    • TheElusiveLamb November 21, 2014

      You’re the best hive member on here (besides Metzo)! No shade to your brothering

      • RICHIE_RICH November 21, 2014

        Thanks love

  7. Sherry November 21, 2014

    Ring Off is a great track! I’m sure it’ll be the new divorced women’s anthem. The other track is a mess.

  8. Del Bey November 21, 2014

    Yassss I will always embrace new bey material, loving ‘Ring Off’ I need the queens next album to be mostly pop please, I know bey can slayyyy the pop route see: single ladies, halo, sweet dreams, of bey goes back to pop the girls better draw for the industrial glue, to much ratchetness this era, but still LONG LIVE THE QUEEN

  9. Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

    Ring off just makes me want to move my hips. I love it and it’s so sweet that she’s singing about her mother’s strength. Sam you didn’t have to shade 7/11. lmao I like it. It’s ratchet but I have my ratchet turn up twerk moments. 7/11 will most definitely serve it’s purpose in the clubs on Saturday night while turnt up! 😀

    • skyfall November 21, 2014

      Oh shut up b****

      • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 21, 2014


      • Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

        lmao skyfag is so pressed it’s ridic

  10. datreddone23 November 21, 2014

    Ring off is super goood! NO hate but it gives me RiRi island gal tees. But 7/11 is pure trash don’t know what she was thinking recording that mess sounds like shes trying to hard to be “TRENDY” either way the Hive is going to eat it up so congrats BEY 😀

  11. You Stupid November 21, 2014

    The people that did that survey regarding Beyonce fans vs other artist fans must’ve seen 7/11 comin bc it is absolute garbage… I’m happy she wrote it though…
    I’m digg Ring Off tho…

  12. RICHIE_RICH November 21, 2014

    711 is that get turnt up music ….I’m too old for that honey

  13. The Professor November 21, 2014

    She trynna impress with these rihanna leftovers? Bey, please, get better. 7/11 sounds like chinese torture, If you play it 3 times you start having seizures

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 21, 2014


      • The Professor November 21, 2014

        Suprise, b****, she can do better. Just check her latest performances of Diamonds and Stay @ the White House and shut ur delusional hating ass.

        Despite her talent, i’m still waiting for Ctrl+cé to deliver some emotion on stage, even when and what she’ll talk to the audience is rehearsed and already pre-stablished

  14. SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 21, 2014


    • Yawn’c November 21, 2014

      you are retarded. period

  15. fatusankoh November 21, 2014

    I love the the two songs well done bey lets go my fellow behive our bey needs us don’t let the haters get to us thanks Sam for posting

  16. Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

    Beyonce did the “island gal” thing before anyone knew what a Riri was. *Plays Baby Boy*

    • tits mcgee November 21, 2014


      • Oh, so we doing this today!? November 21, 2014

        False!!! Aaliyah: rock the boat. Ashanti: roc wit u #Nowbye

      • tyler November 21, 2014

        Just because Rock With You and Rock the Boat were shot on the beach, does not mean that the songs had an island flair…because they didnt

      • Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

        Idiot I was talking about reggae influenced music. I was not talking about videos that were shot on a beach! kii Please comprehend.

      • BeyRihLiyah November 21, 2014

        rock the boat was a island influenced song tho idk about the other song yall mentioned

      • Anthony November 21, 2014

        Rock the boat is barely island influenced. You don’t listen to that record and think Jamaica, Barbados etc. Slay_Hive was responding to datreddone23’s comment when he/she said Beyonce’s ‘Ring Off’ gives them Riri island gal teas. He responded with saying Baby Boy, which is island influenced, came before Rihanna existed as an artist. He never said Beyonce did reggae before everyone. Only Rihanna. lol I don’t understand where Aaliyah and Ashanti came into the conversation. No one other than Aaliyah fans remember Rock the boat.

    • Sarah November 21, 2014

      Actually Blue Cantrell did it with Breathe first

  17. Brian310 November 21, 2014

    Love Ring Off

  18. Rio November 21, 2014

    And now I see why others decided to push their albums back or can’t decide a date. 7/11 is one if those hype club take overs. At the moment, no one would stand a chance

  19. La Perra November 21, 2014

    Single are gonna Flop!!!
    Who she thinks she is ratchet Rih?!

  20. kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

    Ring off slayed livessss! 7/11 has too grow on me! Watch the Navy run in here just to here them lol

  21. Molly November 21, 2014

    Both are pretty basic.

    • Beysus November 21, 2014

      Says a Ciara fan…

    • skyfall November 21, 2014

      mmmm, I don’t care for either, I feel like she these were just leftover tracks that she just decided to release.

      • AndNoneForGretchenWeiners…GurlBye November 21, 2014

        @skyfall h** why is you here

  22. Molly November 21, 2014

    The hives standards are so LOW!

    • Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

      but you’re a fan of iggys?…

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 21, 2014


    • tyler November 21, 2014

      @Molly the Lapdog
      Pleeeeeaaaassseee dont get me started

  23. Stephy Tha Lambily November 21, 2014

    Ring Off! That’s a decent track… 7/11…… NO MA”AM

  24. Kim Kardashian Stan November 21, 2014

    Ring off sounds LATE!

    and shes trying way to hard in 711 lol girl bye.

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 21, 2014


    • Maryland November 21, 2014

      When you say “try hard” do you mean like when Kim K tried so hard to break the internet & get attention with her fully nude photos for paper magazine , which she did for free??

    • tyler November 21, 2014

      Feel free to have several seats on Ray J’s, Reggie’s, Nick Cannon’s, The Game’s, Kris Humphries, or Kanye’s d***…either one will do

    • Kiyonce’ November 21, 2014

      She was definetly having fun which is why she was laughing at the end your fave is a try hard Bey has nothing to prove to these thots they can’t clock her

  25. TRUTH SERUM November 21, 2014

    Ring Off is definitely a banger.. 7/11 not so much

  26. Prismatic November 21, 2014

    Neither will chart anywhere

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 21, 2014


  27. Maryland November 21, 2014

    Beyonce, YESSS I love RING OFF & obviously it’s about her mom dealing with her cheating ass father…i feel like 7/11 will do like RUN THE WORLD, no one was interested in the song UNTIL the music video came out. So hopefully she does a dope ass video for it.

  28. Kiyonce’ November 21, 2014

    7/11 is a smash yall trippen . Can’t wait to turn up to that song ! & Rihanna never made anything like this she only has like one ratchet song FOH. I love ratchet Bey ! But I like Ring Off more I think her next album should be mostly pop I enhoye ratchet bey while it lasted !

    • Kiyonce’ November 21, 2014


  29. Kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

    All I have to say to the Navy is Fresh off the runway, exist cockiness too

    • Beysus November 21, 2014

      Pour It Up…

  30. Kiyonce’ November 21, 2014

    We all know Bey has been rap-singing since the 90s so don’t act brand new like this just started. “7/11” will blow up urban radio & the clubs can’t wait to go to the strip club lol this is for her young fans we need something ratchet to shake our ass to ! She’s from Houston home of the ratchets I love it she’s not trying to hide her inner ratchetness

  31. Kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

    7/11 will destroy urban radio

  32. Skyfall November 21, 2014

    the worst songs of the year, and i’m not event trying to be shady. She could of did much better.

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 21, 2014


      • Skyfall November 21, 2014

        Oh shut up b****, the s*** is garbage and you will deal.

      • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 21, 2014


  33. Skyfall November 21, 2014

    Pour it Up & Cockiness slays these two basic songs and don’t even act like they don’t Phresh out the runway is atrociously debatable.

    • Kiyonce’ November 21, 2014

      They are not better than 7/11 ! You tried it !

    • Kiyonce’ November 21, 2014

      Flawless & Partition slayed cockiness & pour it up then again so your point is invalid

  34. Nicki Is Queen November 21, 2014

    I like 7/11 better then ring off…

  35. Mark111 November 21, 2014

    Basic, basic everywhere. These are lower than filler tracks. These are most leaked unreleased demo tracks. It was a nice year run, but it’s over now.

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 21, 2014

      Speaking of “OVER”, Don’t u Find It Ironic dat FLOPLIYA’S life story was played on a channel called…”LIFETIME”…LOL

      • AndNoneForGretchenWeiners…GurlBye November 21, 2014

        gurl yo WRONG for dat! smh

  36. Kiyonce’ November 21, 2014

    I know there is going to be a killer video with crazy choreography!!! For 7/11 I need more dancing from bey !!!

  37. gilbert November 21, 2014

    Everyone here knows how much of a dedicated BEYHIVE i am, but i’m not gonna be one of those delusional fans who stick up and love everything Beyonce does. Honestly, 7/11 is pure trash. Forced myself to enjoy but i just couldn’t that’s just my opinion. It’ll work for some especially when u wanna get down and dirty and ratchet at the club. But i am here for Ring Off. Beautiful song and it tells a story which makes it even better. overall not too impressed with these 2 songs, but i’m looking forward to the remixes. I’m still buying this platinum edition 🙂

  38. Stephy Tha Lambily November 21, 2014

    Pour It Up, Cockiness & Phresh Off The Runway are EXCELLENT ratchet songs. Take notes Bey!

    • tyler November 21, 2014

      No, Drunk in Love would be an example of an EXCEPTIONAL ratchet song

      • Skyfall November 21, 2014

        @Stephy i agree

        @Tyler Drunk In Love isn’t ratchet

      • Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

        Ummm what was ratchet about Fresh off the Flopway? That is what you would call CORNY.

      • tyler November 21, 2014

        So Pour It Up is “ratchet” but Drunk In Love isn’t???? Elaborate… #SURFBOART

    • Kiyonce’ November 21, 2014

      But Drunk , flawless , Yonce , partition , & Bow Down slayed all of them stop being delusional

  39. Kiyonce’ November 21, 2014

    Dead at yall comparing 7/11 to RTW which was whack ! Yall must be old heads who don’t turn up get drunk and have a good time that’s 7/11 is all about do if you ain’t bout that life then oh well maybe the song isn’t for you

  40. Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

    I really hope Beyonce does a video for 7/11. The choreography would be everything. I need to learn it. lol She’s not like the other girl who has a million edm dance tracks but stiff as a hard d***.

  41. juju November 21, 2014

    7/11 is a good mess!

    • Kiyonce’ November 21, 2014

      Your a good mess

      • juju November 21, 2014

        Bye Felicia.

  42. Skyfall November 21, 2014

    How when i was referring to Ring Off and 7/11. Now stay pressed bitcchhh

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 21, 2014


  43. AndNoneForGretchenWeiners…GurlBye November 21, 2014

    *Buys new weave for my alopecia cos my wigs been snatched’

    – lowkey matthew knowles shade, low-key seperated-with-your-hubby-but-still-perform-together-to-get-coins shade

  44. tyler November 21, 2014

    @Kim Koncubine Stan

    Feel free to have several seats on Ray J’s, Reggie’s, Nick Cannon’s, The Game’s, Kris Humphries, or Kanye’s d***…either one will do

  45. kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

    This this b**** just say Fresh off the runway is an excellent ratchet song b**** bye

  46. Unbiased November 21, 2014

    Bey has been making urban anthems since Bootylicious. If the Navy don’t sit down somewhere. Check On It went number 1, the GP love ratchet Bey.

  47. tyler November 21, 2014

    Yeeeesssss, 7/11 goes hard! The frat parties are going to be so turnt when that song comes on lol. So f*** the level five haters.
    Ring Off is simply a good song. I like it.

    • BeyBeyKing November 21, 2014

      The frat parties you’re never invited to?

  48. gilbert November 21, 2014

    nearly all the users/accounts here gets hate lol. pretty sure im the least hated person in this site. am i right? aye? 😀

  49. kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

    How could you be so hood, but you’re so f*cking pop how could you be so fun and sound like you selling rocks
    Lmao bye Navyyy

    • metzo November 21, 2014

      Lyrics of the fuckkking century! Deathhh

  50. tyler November 21, 2014

    Worst songs of the year though? Really??? Stop being extra

  51. kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

    Watch Rihanna put a song just as ratchet as 7/11 on her album. BOOKMARK ME

    • Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

      You already know she gone be trying to rap with that goat voice lmao I will DRAG!

      • kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

        Lmao I can’t wait to drag the salvation army when she does

    • Really?! November 21, 2014

      Where do u thing bey got the idea from….Pour it up!

      • kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

        Bey been doin ratchet when Rihanna was still living in a hut so sit

      • Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

        What?? Beyonce has been sing/rappin since her DC days. Have you not heard songs like Independent Women, Kitty Kat, Upgrade U, Dive ETC All you can come up with is trend-hopping Pour it Up?! kii gurl BYEEEEEEE!

      • tyler November 21, 2014


  52. TheElusiveLamb November 21, 2014

    7/11 is actually very fun. I can guarantee with after a drink you’ll be turning up to it.

    Ring Off is a standout even from the the standard tracks on the album. It’s about Tina instead of herself. I love this song already.

  53. kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

    The Navy so pressed over Bey like why y’all don’t wait for Rihbola then we’ll talk

  54. YOOSONDALOOSE November 21, 2014

    Love them both! I don’t think the message could be more clear in Ring Off!!!!

  55. tyler November 21, 2014

    Beyonce’s become a rapper now ya’ll lol.

    If 7/11 has a catchy dance to go along with it, like the Sha money, that track will be FIRE.

  56. Suicide Blonde November 21, 2014

    ‘Ring Off’ is ok, i like the Rihanna esque sound, the other one is trash.

  57. #TeamTinashe Stan “Aquarius” Now In Stores November 21, 2014

    Not Beyawnqua stealing from Lil Mo now… smh

    • Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

      Girl shut up and help get flopquarius to 20k instead of worrying about Flopshe’s superiors

  58. #TeamTinashe Stan “Aquarius” Now In Stores November 21, 2014

    I see Sam is a real honest stan too

  59. tyler November 21, 2014

    The fact that Ring Off is about Mathew Knowle’s cheating caterpillar mustache having ass gives me life alone lol. I hope it has a cute vid to go along with it.

  60. The Great Lacefronce. November 21, 2014

    This h** is tired and desperate with these struggle songs , were ready for #r8 to save the day, Thiefonce has been trying to imitate the Bad Gyal this entire era : (

    • tyler November 21, 2014

      Well she did the “bad gyal” better than the bad gyal herself since she’s already outselling the b**** #Flop8

  61. tyler November 21, 2014

    Is she performing at the AMA’s this year?

  62. Anne November 21, 2014

    Love Ring Off. Mixed feelings on 7/11, think it will be one of those songs that gets stuck in my head. I’m looking forward to buying the platinum edition.

  63. cocobutta November 21, 2014

    What kind of wacka flacka mess was 7/11.

    Bey you need to up your swag game gurl and not do that. Did Joselyn Hernandez get a writing check.

    #Nowplays Rocket and Angel

    • tyler November 21, 2014

      Not Joseline Hernandez! Girl why???lol

  64. Dannipooh November 21, 2014

    All I will say is Ciara’s impact….:)

    • Jasmin November 21, 2014

      Yes girl sounds like a cici reject

      • TEYANA TAYLOR STAN November 21, 2014


    • I clock these thots November 21, 2014

      and u three are the same delusional person lmao

    • bey > ci November 21, 2014

      lmmfao sit down c-squad troll

  65. [♪]_Music.Judge_[♪] November 21, 2014

    Yas 7/11 Ratchet Beyonce turn up! and Ring Off slays!

  66. Yawn’c November 21, 2014

    Pour It Up 2 bichez

  67. Lola November 21, 2014

    Is it just me or do this sound like a Ciara B-side?

  68. CiciWasFinnaBeABride November 21, 2014

    7/11 reminds me Tinashe’s dance moves.

    • BarbBey November 21, 2014

      And her only stan here has the NERVE to diss Sexlijah.

      • CiciWasFinnaBeABride November 21, 2014

        She wishes she could sing like him.

      • DanitySlain November 21, 2014

        Girl let it go, she hasn’t come for him in a while.

  69. AlexisAlsina November 21, 2014

    Just one site of Elijah’s name and my p**** got wet.

    • 2ForTinashe November 21, 2014

      One site? Learn to spell b****.

      • AlexisAlsina November 21, 2014

        17k? Learn to sell b****.

      • AlexisAlsina November 21, 2014

        Just look at this wolf p**** b**** throwing shade at me for talking about my second King. Mad that Aquarius will never go gold?

  70. Anne November 21, 2014

    She needs to send Ring Off to Top 40 radio ASAP!

  71. JoselineSlaynandez November 21, 2014

    Why is everyone so hot on Elijah? He’s cute but not s***.

  72. CherylSoldierr November 21, 2014

    Skyfall you’re looking pressed babe.

  73. CherylSoldierr November 21, 2014

    7/11 gave me a headache

    • bey > ci November 21, 2014

      like cheryls vocals….

    • QueenNadine November 21, 2014

      And Cheryl’s v******* gave Ashley an orgasm.

      • CherylSoldierr November 21, 2014

        Yes, they were married Hun. Nadines album still at 2k?

  74. ElijahBlakeIsKing November 21, 2014

    I wrote a poem about my King.

    Elijah is King
    Elijah is the best
    I want Elijah’s penis in my flesh vest
    His d*** has me feenin
    His voice has me screaming
    Elijah, you’re the motherfucking king.

    • NadiaMaraj November 21, 2014


    • AlexisAlsina November 21, 2014

      So you saw his d*** print too? *RubsVagina.

      • ElijahBlakeIsKing November 21, 2014

        I haven’t been the same since he put that topless pic of him on IG.

  75. BeyIsKing November 21, 2014

    Ring Off is cute, 7/11 is a grower after a couple of spins it gets good, it’s still ratchet af though

  76. AlexisAlsina November 21, 2014

    That poem has my p**** breathing so hard today, I’m finna write my own. Here the f*** it goes.

    Elijah Elijah
    Where foreart are Elijah
    I love you boo

  77. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! November 21, 2014

    Taylor Swift makes history on the Billboard Hot 100, where her single “Blank Space” blasts from No. 13 to No. 1. As the song dethrones her prior smash, “Shake It Off,” after four weeks atop the chart, Swift becomes the first woman in the Hot 100’s 56-year history to succeed herself at the top spot.

    • ElijahBlakeIsKing November 21, 2014

      Congrats sis.

  78. AlexisAlsina November 21, 2014

    Beyhive! Like this comment if you think TeamTinashe should show some respect to Queen Beyonce and King Elijah.

    • ChakaYonce November 21, 2014

      You got one vote from me sis.

      • 2ForTinashe November 21, 2014

        You know how to give votes but do you know how to clean your p**** front to back?

      • BaddieBey November 21, 2014

        Has Aquarius sold 20k yet?

  79. kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

    7/11 is a trap song tf y’all expect it to sound like Halo

    • HistoRih November 21, 2014

      The only thing it trapped was my poor ears. B****.

      • kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

        Just like Rihanna been trapping our ears for the last 9 years with her yodelling

    • VisionofMimi November 21, 2014

      Trap? Like what your mom did to your dad when she had your ugly a**.

      • kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

        B**** byee!

  80. Mariah Is Music November 21, 2014

    Yaaaasssss 7/11 better than any rihanna ratchet tracks

  81. Teacher( Call ha Young Gummy) November 21, 2014

    Both songs are basic af! But for Beyoncé’s standards they’re ok!

    • kingbeybitch November 21, 2014

      B**** shut up Ring off slays rihannas life

    • Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

      LOL you rihtards act like Rihanna is a superb vocalist, an amazing performer or like her cheap hits are classics. Fashion is where ya’ll standards end. smh

  82. Mariah Is Music November 21, 2014

    Gets me back to BDAY days.

  83. Mariah Is Music November 21, 2014

    Clubs will eat up 7/11 and Urban radio.

  84. metzo November 21, 2014

    7/11 looks like something chief keef would record. #NoShade
    The beat is great and Bey’s rapping flow was really good for a singer. But the lyrics are pure trash and cheap. It is so beneath Beyonce standards. Like leave this ratchet cheap mess to Rihanna. Beyonce, you are so better than this! (I will still bust my ass open if it comes on the radio or club tho)

    As of ring off. It’s a good song. I really loved the way Beyonce sang it, and the voice switches was really cute. Overall, both of the songs are lessors compared to those on the original.

  85. #TeamTinashe Stan November 21, 2014

    Elijah “TGJ Can’t Get Me Hit” Blake still got stans? LMFAO!!!!!! Woo.
    And while Tinashe continues to WRITE her own music, did BeyawnQua tell the TRUTH about her giving herself songwriting credits that she didn’t write yet? 🙂


    • BeySting November 21, 2014

      Elijah may not have his own hit but he knows how to write and SING em. You recognize that word dear? The word SING. Tinashe should try it some time.

    • Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

      You are a mess to even joke about Elijah having stans when Tinashe apparently doesn’t even have 20k fans to buy the music she “writes”. The GP doesn’t care about that. Obviously it’s something that she is missing. The “IT” factor. Bey is unbothered. She is MULTI-talented, ALL writers still want to work with her ( I’m sure your fave would as well) and she has had longevity.

  86. YIS November 21, 2014

    Ring Off sounds like an old Destiny’s Child throwaway track, from the end of TWOTW era when Beyonce was thinking about going solo and started recording solo.
    7/11 is just GARBAGE!
    I love Beyonce, but I wouldn’t pay $5 for this re-release PERIOD!
    I would’ve liked a new album,opposed to two crappy new songs and remixes to songs that don’t need them!

  87. LadyPatra November 21, 2014

    Tinashe stans throwing shade at Elijah when Elijah can out sing her in her sleep.

  88. I clock these thots November 21, 2014

    why does TiMANshe even have fans?

  89. #TeamTinashe Stan November 21, 2014

    I’m pretty sure BeyDumb wrote “7/11” the song will give you “mental deficiencies” just like her stans.
    Let’s hope Blue Ivy doesn’t follow it’s mothers footsteps 🙂

    • ElijahBlakeIsKing November 21, 2014

      You must be mad that Tinashe can’t sell AND can’t sing, at least my King can do one of those things.

      • Sue November 21, 2014

        What exactly has your king sold? Receipts pls

  90. BeyCauseOfBey November 21, 2014

    So Tinotshit is throwing shade at Elijah? The only bad thing you can say about Elijah is that TGJ broke him but is that even a bad thing? The day Tinashe learns to sing even half as good as Elijah is the day Bobby Shmurda goes one week without that saying n****.

  91. Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

    Death at you even running to listen to 7/11. I don’t care how many songs FLOPshe wrote. I fell asleep by the fourth song on the tracklisting. Thank god I thought like the rest of the GP and didn’t waste my coins. 😀

    • #TeamTinashe Stan November 21, 2014

      Thanks for listening to QueenTee! 😉

      • Slay_Hive November 21, 2014

        Thanks for continually checking for the real Queen. Beyonce

  92. #TeamTinashe Stan November 21, 2014

    Remember when I told y’all months ago to figure out how y’all going to make this buttercup man happen? Figure it out! I see the views are still low. 😀

    • ElijahBlakeIsKing November 21, 2014

      Almost half a million? Not bad for a “flop.”

    • SexijahBlake November 21, 2014

      That buttercup man has Grammys? Does Tinashe even have a BET award?

      • Sue November 21, 2014

        Grammys that he won himself and not from another artist

      • AlexisAlsina November 21, 2014

        But he wrote the songs they won for. So….

  93. DanYiel Teflon November 21, 2014

    I’m here FOR IT ALL DC3 is here to stay!! EAT IT B******!! TENITRA~>Kelendria~>Beyoncé!!

  94. arfa November 21, 2014

    7/11 = Trash(you’re a r***** if you like that sh!t) the other song I like. I hope she brings the heat with these videos.

  95. WhenItComesToBey November 21, 2014

    Writing your own songs doesn’t mean s*** if the songs ARE s***, ok? Elijah has a proven record of writing hits and his own songs are good. The only reason he isn’t selling is because he doesn’t do that much promo which BETTER change soon.
    Has Tinashe ever given us vocals even half as good as the ones on SF? F****** doubt it.

  96. Writing Credits November 21, 2014

    Now this is a bunch of crap songs, basically I think she wrote this songs and she stole credit from her other songs, like love on top. You can say it slay all you want but this is not music, it is lyrics screaming for relevancy and attention. Don’t know why she wanna make her dad look bad when she wrote Daddy back in the day, or maybe it was a ghost writer. She needs to stop dropping her underwear in songs and put in a full body of work. And to be saying that this songs slays Rihanna songs is beyond pathetic. Rihanna is becoming in a Queen that no other Queen can match. She might not be the queen stage, but she is a radio/ chart queen. I mean if she isn’t such a great singer, why is she then slaying radio and the charts, Rihanna is a chart queen and she making millions, not a lot, but she can build some of you some schools to get a higher IQ, cos guess who has the dumbest fanbase?

    • Anthony November 21, 2014

      Nobody cares whether you think Beyonce wrote these songs are not when she sells millions around the world, wins multiple grammys and sells out arenas and stadiums around the world. Writing isn’t the only talent that an artist can have to make it and Bey has proved that. Your opinion on these songs is subjective to your taste in music, but no one cares what you don’t like anyway. Beyonce’s dad cheated on her mom. That daddy song was almost ten years ago. A lot has obviously changed and Beyonce has the right to sing about what she wants. Rihanna on the other hand may be a Queen in her own right but she is not on Beyonce’s level of respect. Madonna was a popular pop/radio singer yet she couldn’t sing to save her life. Obviously singing isn’t what made Rihanna marketable. It was her image and her ability to pick hit songs. She has a decent catalogue but none of those generic songs will be remembered as classics. What does she have other than singles and fashion to go up against the vet, Beyonce? Chart and radio success will fade and are very basic achievements. Where is the talent? Where is the acclaim? grammys? Respect from peers? You can say what you want about Beyonce’s worldwide fans from differenet backrounds, countries, and cultures. They love and support her and have done it for nearly two decades.

    • DanitySlain November 21, 2014

      I wanna blow him off so badly.

      • AlexisAlsina November 21, 2014

        Join the club.

  97. LB November 21, 2014

    Lmao hahahajahajahahahahaha what is this rubbish?

  98. Writing Credits (Duplicate) November 21, 2014

    Now this is a bunch of crap songs, basically I think she wrote this songs and she stole credit from her other songs, like love on top. You can say it slay all you want but this is not music, it is lyrics screaming for relevancy and attention. Don’t know why she wanna make her dad look bad when she wrote Daddy back in the day, or maybe it was a ghost writer. She needs to stop dropping her underwear in songs and put in a full body of work. And to be saying that this songs slays Rihanna songs is beyond pathetic. Rihanna is becoming in a Queen that no other Queen can match. She might not be the queen stage, but she is a radio/ chart queen. I mean if she isn’t such a great singer, why is she then slaying radio and the charts, Rihanna is a chart queen and she making millions, not a lot, but she can build some of you some schools to get a higher IQ, cos guess who has the dumbest fanbase?

  99. Bosslady November 21, 2014

    TRASH!!! SORRY, BUT I DO NOT SEE EITHER OF THESE SONGS CHARTING….You Bey stans are really easy to get over on, because that’s what Bey is doing, adding these wack ass songs and charging an arm and a leg, because she knows her delusional fans will buy it

  100. Danny Bey November 21, 2014

    But if Rihanna made a song like 7/11 the girls would be praising. N**** bye.

    Clearly Bey wanted to have fun with this track and just get ratchet cuz everyone has a ratchet side. I see it for what it is and the clubs will definitely be living for this song.

  101. Danny Bey November 21, 2014

    Ring Off is obviously about her mom Tina.

  102. Lolwhat November 21, 2014

    7/11 is about Pour It Up

  103. BeyRihLiyah November 21, 2014

    bey is 7/11 is a no go I don’t know why she is dumbing down her music she’s better than this

  104. JOHNVIDAL November 21, 2014

    Not good. Although critics tend to over stimate Beyonce´s music so she´ll be ok.

  105. Kiyonce’ November 21, 2014

    Can’t wait to hear R8 because all this crap the navy is talking yall better pray the album is even half way as good as BEYONCÉ! I love Rihanna too but yall give her way too much credit for someone who just started doing ratchet music in 2011

  106. Kiyonce’ November 21, 2014

    7/11 is a full on southern trap record it’s not supposed to have uppity lyrics it’s just something to twerk & dance to.

  107. Mimi Carey November 21, 2014

    This is doo doo. I just shitted these songs outta my ass. You know what’s funny? Say someone like….keyshia cole dropped these songs. The critics and GP would drag and/or ignore then but miss perfect Beyonce can drop the crappiest s*** and get critical acclaim. It is disgusting for real because the bulk of her music is janky but this ass kissing and upholding her like she’s God with her narcissistic ass has gotsta stop. I’m sleep

  108. loretta123 November 21, 2014

    I;m not a fan but Beyonce last album is one of my favourites…ever!! It’s very good.I listen to it very often.But THESE NEW SONGS are so …trash… why?? beyonce why did u do it? Visual album was soo good(except “Pretty hurts” ALL songs i love.)
    This “ring of” and 7 11 are 10 LEvELS LOWER.

  109. loretta123 November 21, 2014

    I want sth like THIS …..!!!!!!!! like: haunted,BLOW,no angel,partition,rocket and so on.
    Ring off and 7 11 are not FLAWLESS AT ALL.It’s a piece of sh….

  110. mingxxx November 21, 2014

    trash from the thief beyonce…

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