Billboard Revise Hot 100 Methodology / Find Out How It’ll Affect Songs Moving Forward

Published: Wednesday 26th Nov 2014 by Sam

If ever there was any doubt that new times are nigh, it was dispelled last week when it was revealed that the Billboard 200 would now include streams in its chart methodology.

Now, less than seven days later, it has been announced that sister chart – the Billboard Hot 100 – will also be experiencing change.

Find out how it’ll affect singles moving forward below…

Per Billboard:

Effective this week, the methodology for the Hot 100, along with Billboard’s genre hybrid songs charts, has changed slightly to rebalance desired chart ratios for sales, airplay and streaming, as the chart’s streaming component has often been above its desired average ratio, and download sales noticeably below, in recent weeks. Such adjustments to these multi-data pool charts are common (and have been implemented on the Hot 100 when, for example, sales had increased exponentially).


The mathematics are being adjusted to skew slightly more in favour of sales and radio airplay. Why? Because, streaming numbers are growing so fast that had the previous system stayed in place, chart placements would run risk of leaning too heavily towards streams.

Consider this a move in the the opposite of the direction of Billboard 200.

One has to wonder if this was actioned as a response to the backlash re the album tally. Whatever the case, it’s an interesting development nonetheless.

Oh how quickly things change…

Your thoughts?

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  1. #TeamTinashe Stan November 26, 2014

    This is going to be interesting actually. Love the sound of it.

    Congrats to Tinashe “2 On” is officially certified platinum! 🙂

    • BeyRihLiyah November 26, 2014

      but what about that album 🙂 lol that hoeee is a one hit wonder

    • Molly November 26, 2014

      Platinum? you serious?

    • BeyMaraj November 26, 2014

      Woooow okay.. *mouth open*

    • SevynWontStop November 26, 2014


      • BeyRihLiyah November 26, 2014

        your a sevyn stan tinashe is more known than that biiitttch lol sevyn opened up for kmichelle out of all people

    • FutureCIARA November 26, 2014

      Real life struggle. Hope she doesn’t get dropped after the tour.

      • FutureCIARA November 26, 2014

        Girl Stop your s***! ^

    • CiciFinnaBeABride November 26, 2014

      Platinum? I think u mean tinfoil

      • Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan November 26, 2014

        lmao damn

    • Dirty Laundry November 26, 2014

      Ok now come back to us once the album sells 60k hahaha

      • BeyRihLiyah November 26, 2014

        but Kelly flopland highest selling album is 600k and that’s her only certified album and she got DROPPED from her label lmaooooooo

    • Musika November 26, 2014

      She’s still young artist. Her label will still keep her and see what else she’s got to offer in the future.

    • Cbookem November 27, 2014

      Not trying to be mean but i dont think there is anything interesting about her. Yeah she is pretty but what else is there?!? I rather her do tv or movies or even model. She is just like rita ora to mean pretty but nothing to it. But they constantly push rita down our throats like she has platinum albums and movies already. They dont have longevity

  2. Mariah Is Music November 26, 2014

    Billboard is over

  3. #TeamTinashe Stan November 26, 2014

    I see @Beyrihliyah is still mad after I dragged it’s fave in its own post 🙁 Sad thing is that all you got is “thumbs downing” people never “drags.” And not you, the same person who was talking about how great she is and how great her album is lol like don’t drag anyone’s work when you already complimented on it.

    @MollyFromTheBigComfyCouch you sick, syphilis turd. Why are you following me on Twitter? Please stay begging people to follow you and please look for a day job because this ain’t cutting it for ya! Which your flip flopping having àss.
    HASHTAG: #JustToRemindYall #IamLIVING ; )

    • BeyRihLiyah November 26, 2014

      she is a flop bitttttch what made me not like tinaslutt is her little fans on twitter be starting shittt

      • #TeamTinashe Stan November 26, 2014

        Now you’re making excuses lol BYE!
        Remain clinging on an established but THIEF of an artist while I cling on new artists like Tinashe because of course I could just talk about established artists that I am a fan of instead of repping new artists.

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 26, 2014

        She’s a rising artists. a rising star. You are literally stupid.

    • BeyRihLiyah November 26, 2014

      tinawho? will be done by next year she’s replaceable she’s disposable

      • #TeamTinashe Stan November 26, 2014

        The same person that you’re so steam pressed about 😀 Look go outside and find some friends a remain clinging.

      • k November 27, 2014

        You don’t know anything about Tinashe if you ‘re saying she’s replace able and disposable

  4. ~The Arcade~ November 26, 2014


  5. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! November 26, 2014

    well Blank space is number 1:)

    • Vida November 26, 2014

      LMAO! You are the only positive person on this site.

      • Taylor swift number 1 fan!! November 26, 2014

        Haha thanks.)

  6. the voice November 26, 2014

    I still don’t understand why the count radio spins since people can set up clear channel deals.
    Why include radio at all?

    IGGY did not always have top selling CD when she was #1 ON Billboard.
    Payola helped her stay at #1.
    That doesn’t make sense.

  7. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 26, 2014

    She’s a rising artists. A rising star. You are literally stupid.

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 26, 2014


  8. Mark111 November 26, 2014

    It’ll be interesting to see who will drop off and who will stay. Poor Uggly and the rest of those singles artist. But on the bright side, their albums will do SLIGHTLY better. #R8 #SlayingSoon

  9. metzo November 26, 2014

    I’m still not here for the streamings being added to album sales. It’s B.S. and reductive.
    Let people who flop, flop and those who are real album sellers (ex. Taylor Swift, Pink) slay with real sales. This is only helping artists like Rihanna that struggle for multi-platinum status.
    Oh well. I guess the lessors need to be given a second chance….

    • vee November 26, 2014

      I so agree. We all know one thing that the Navy can do is Stream their asses off. Rihanna is the Queen of YouTube and now I wouldn’t even be surprised if she does 1M first week because of those streams.

      • metzo November 26, 2014

        Neither would I be impressed.

  10. Suicide Blonde November 26, 2014

    I hate Bilboard, let them flop, don’t save these mediocre artists from the embarrassment.

  11. RICHIE_RICH November 26, 2014

    Hmmmmmmm, I guess I don’t follow charts or whatnot so I could care less…….

  12. Mark111 is a homosexual November 26, 2014

    It should be like back in the late 90s and early 00s, with radio counting for 70%+ of the Hot 100 tally. Hits are on the radio, not computers and phones.

    • Sherry November 26, 2014

      Well when radio plays the same 6 songs every hour….

  13. @HBIC_MamaPope November 26, 2014

    Katy Perry is somewhere laughing her b*** off, baking mini muffins and creating a new payola account for Hot 97.

  14. DMWN November 26, 2014

    Billboard operates like a headless chicken. They don’t know what to do or how to do it. Every other month they’re announcing some nonsensical change in their formula; trying to keep up with the industry — as opposed to using their influence and power to be better shape it. If Billboard said no more iTunes, and that only CD singles count as sales, labels would start manufacturing more jewel cases.

    That being said, I’m not all that mad at THIS change. Streaming is stupid and shouldn’t be factored in at all. What matters is radio and retail.

    • Brian310 November 26, 2014

      I completely agree the music industry is in a low place and these constant changes aren’t helping they need to come up with a formula and stick to it. I don’t think streaming should count for albums, singles I don’t mind because No one uses the radio anymore so streaming is a good indication of what songs are popular not radioplay .

  15. FutureCIARA November 26, 2014

    I hate this change, Although it can help or hurt those with real talent

    Sips T

  16. Stephy Tha Lambily November 27, 2014

    YASSSS! Payola! Payola! Payola! Radio deals are going to be intact! The NEW payola deal is CLEAR CHANNEL! They just changed the name. Payola sounded too “criminal like”… Anyways, get those number 1 hits people! Mother Mariah & Papa Tommy taught EVERYONE well on how to utilize payola to its full potential! Cheers Dahhhhlings!

    • JOHNVIDAL November 27, 2014

      I´m tired of that example. Everybody used or uses it. Artists who are supposed to be at their peaks like Katy Perry and artists who despite using it still flop (JLo and her Live it Up). Everybody. Or almost everybody.

  17. JOHNVIDAL November 27, 2014

    Again? Another change? What a joke. They changed it a year ago already. And after touching the Billboard 200 which was the only decent chart left… industry is dead and #1 hits don´t mean anything. It´s so easy to break these “invented” records nowadays.

  18. Casual-T November 27, 2014

    Of late, Billboard has been doing too much, but I’m actually not mad at this change. They can’t use raw data for the Hot 100 b/c one of the three components — sales, airplay, or streams — could literally overwhelm the other two mathematically. They have to periodically re-calibrate the formula.
    Now, that mess they just did to the Billboard 200 was stupid. The BB 200 is supposed to measure album sales as a format — how many people bought albums as albums. Streams should not be a factor.

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