Celebrities React To Grand Jury Decision In Michael Brown Case

Published: Monday 24th Nov 2014 by Rashad

Twitter is set alight as we speak after reports surfaced moments ago that police officer Darren Wilson was exonerated by a grand jury and will not face charges related to killing Michael Brown – an unarmed African American teenager in Ferguson, Missouri.

In the past 24 hours alone, the hashtag #ferguson has been used over 1 million times. And, by this time tomorrow, that number is set to skyrocket.

As news analyst, social media users, and more continue to weigh in so do the likes of Rihanna, Nas, and more. See what they’re saying below:

Will Ferrell



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Michelle Williams

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Nas & Talib Kweli

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Missy Elliott

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Katy Perry

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Marlon Wayans

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Alicia Keys

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Keyshia Cole

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Letoya Luckett

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Gabrielle Union

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Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 10.09.56 PM

Shonda Rhimes

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Jazmine Sullivan

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Pharrell Williams

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  1. Molly November 24, 2014

    It’s unfortunate what happened I was ignorant to this situation. But this is truly sad the man and his family deserve justice 🙁

    • rosy November 25, 2014

      Rihanna I love you but be quiet and stay out this not everything about racism these celebs out here with opinions but all they do is contribute taking your clothes off and violence to our black youth but they want change when they have power all they do is choose to show that u can be slurry like her and Beyonce to our black girls gtfoh with your hypocrisy if you want change be about and show women and girls you don’t need to smoke weed and take your clothes off you and bey have power use it I’m done with the rappers disgusting lyrics with violence

      • rosy November 25, 2014

        Stop jumping on bandwagon I am not a bey fan but I give her credit for staying out of these stuff rih you need to read the facts before you go on these bandwagon a black man beat u up and the black people in America say it is your fault white people come to your defense so don’t start going for black people when they don’t give a f****** about u in America look how they drag poor blue ivy

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) November 25, 2014

        Honestly…u should have never been born

      • Kev Kev November 25, 2014

        How does taking off your clothes or smoking weed equate the downfall of society? Values and Mike Brown are 2 separate topics! She like everyone else knows this was based on the race of the victim. He didn’t deserve to be shot to death for nothing.

      • the voice November 25, 2014

        This IS about RACISM. I’m tried of people like u trying to deny there is a such thing as BIGOTRY in this country and the justice system.

        The prosecutor was clearly on the side of the police officer that murdered Mike Brown

        I am glad some black celebs haven’t remained silent.

  2. Teacher November 24, 2014

    Who cares.black men are shooting and killing each other in the hood everyday but when a white man does it all hell breaks loose.Instead of blaming white people stop destroying your community.

    • Molly November 24, 2014

      I used to think the same but regardless this is horrible and the man was innocent and didn’t deserve to die.

      • OMG Logic!!! November 25, 2014

        The same man that had just robbed a convenience store? That “innocent” man?

    • Sherry November 24, 2014

      Whatever. This is a police officer. They are supposed to serve and protect, correct? Too many stories are popping up about police officers abusing their f****** authority …. especially when it pertains to black and my fellow Latino men. F*** off,

    • Bam Bam November 25, 2014

      You know that whites commit most of their crimes against other whites. Hispanic on hispanic and asian on asian crimes happen too but the one disparity is that men commit more crimes against women. So why not stop man on woman crime. I have been hearing about black on black crime since i was little and not from white people but from people in my community. The only time when the media even cares about black on black crimes is when they want to divert attention to something else. They do not really care they just want people to stop talking about whats happening now just like youre trying to do…

    • N November 25, 2014

      Go and do some research and stop walk around and being ignorant! Do you know why white have the least amount of poverty in USA. Before we talk rubbish let us educate ourself!

    • Nika November 25, 2014

      u sound ignorant – maybe you shouldn’t have typed this morning.

    • AmbeRussell November 25, 2014

      That is a high problem in the black community, but those shooting blacks are criminals. BUT a police officer is SUPPOSE to protect the citizens, not kill them or use their power to take advantage of those ppl.

    • The Truth Emeritus November 25, 2014

      You know I’m actually here in STL. I grew up in a ferguson among other areas. Despite what you see, Ferguson is a middle class city in STL. These people own homes and attend work and school daily. These are typical human beings. Before this there hasn’t been any killings in aferguson,MO. There are blacks killing blacks in AnyCity,America. There are white on white killings etc. it’s one thing for we as civilians to take the life of another but for someone who has chosen to protect and service his community ,by profession, to take the life of an unarmed person is totally unjustifiable. And why…all because you’re scared? That’s bull. To make matters worse, there are laws to protect these.Who’s policing the police? Nobody evidentially. This is a historical trend. Marvin Gaye sang about it and Tupac rapped about it. This has to stop. I pray for your ignorance and sincerely hope you catch up in thought.

      • The Truth Emeritus November 25, 2014

        Please forgive the typos. I’m at work.

  3. NT November 24, 2014

    No words, can equate to actual feelings when situations like this emerge; this is truly a tragedy and a huge tumble backwards for Americans.

  4. Sherry November 24, 2014

    Civil unrest will solve nothing. I hope the protesters won’t destroy their own town. The verdict is final guys. I know it sucks, but it is what it is. The family deserves privacy and peace.

  5. Yea ok November 24, 2014

    This man was unarmed. And shot over 10 times. For stealing cigerellos. This is crazy. A guy in Florida just got 23 years for killing a police dog. A DOG. But the grand jury didn’t think this guy deserved a trial who killed another human being that was again. Unarmed? I weep for America.

    • Brian310 November 25, 2014

      Wooooooow smfh!!!

    • OMG Logic!!! November 25, 2014

      Someone hasn’t looked at all (or any) of the evidence. The officer’s story adds up when the evidence is actually looked at.

  6. FutureCIARA November 24, 2014

    But everybody wants to pray to God when s*** gets real, but neglect prayer every other day.

    God has everything in control!

    • metzo November 24, 2014

      Preach sis!

  7. DEL BEY November 24, 2014

    It’s nice seeing all these celebrity’s come forward with their remorse but what I don’t understand is with all these high profile celebrity’s in support, why can’t a national movement be enforced into the investigation of the national police department across the United States, these celebrity’s have enough combined power to really make a difference, instead you have them sobbing over their iPhones. if we really want ‘equality’ or ‘change’ we must act precise and act TODAY!

    I’m a half black, half white gay male born and raised in London UK you can understand why I might support equality

    the NWO is in full swing people, pray for your wigs

    • FAF November 25, 2014


  8. FutureCIARA November 24, 2014

    The racist comments on social media from all races are truly disgusting. And people really show their true colors when they are behind computer screens and keyboards!

    • AaliyahForever4x November 25, 2014

      Coming from someone who makes fun of Aaliyah’s death all the time. *Clips nails*

      • sleazy November 25, 2014

        ugh you aaliyah fans need to give it up Aaliyah is dead RIP just go what are you waiting for her to release a new single? just go and enjoy her music and stop giving hera bad name

  9. Toohotfortv November 24, 2014

    Its always interesting when white people have opinions on race relations without acknowledging or being informed of the history of black people in the world/America. Its so much more complicated than a simple quip or blurb on the net. There’s so much more psychology and sociology that goes to explain the disposition and often unfortunate disenfranchisement of black people. Furthermore, its reaks of privilege that one would come onto a mostly “urban” site and make disparaging remarks about black people. Smh the gall.

    • OMG Logic!!! November 25, 2014

      Whenever one can’t take responsibility for one’s actions all that one needs to do is throw out that hot buzzword. Privilege, privilege, privilege. SMDH.

  10. DEL BEY November 24, 2014

    WWIII is coming people, hold on to your wigs (literally)

  11. white people are the devil November 24, 2014

    white people will stop at nothing to see us all in chains once again. in media, in justice, in society at large we continue to digress from the equality that us at the bottom have faught so hard for. from the ongoing gentrification of hip hop, the music that was for those of us who are looked down upon in society either for our skin color or economic status, to the injust legal system that is designed to keep those same people at the bottom, what white people do and get away with is a shame and it’s disgusting.

    • OMG Logic!!! November 25, 2014

      You expect anyone to take you seriously with a username like that? You can’t want equality for Black people while simultaneously vilifying White people.

  12. AISHA MOORE November 24, 2014


  13. metzo November 24, 2014

    It’s unbelievable how a black man would be sentenced to 35 years in prison for killing a police dog, but a black male (unarmed and innocent) murdered by an officer, gets no justice 🙁 . What world do we live in???

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 25, 2014

      I heard that the guy was 16 years old. They could’ve sent him to juvie or for some serious community work.

    • toohotfortv November 25, 2014

      People keep quoting “a black man… sentenced for killing a police dog” What’s crazy is that he, the one who was sentenced, was just barely “a man” at 18 years old. I dare anyone to (when they’ve at least reached 30 yrs.) look back and think on the regrettable decisions or circumstances they found themselves in. I’m sure there are many a situation that most might look on with shame. What’s really unfortunate is the fact that to attain the “American dream” or any modicum of success, for a Black person in this world, one can’t afford to a single mistake. You have to be exceptional in the midst of mediocrity. One must be better, smarter, funnier, more talented, lighter, darker, nappier, straighter, cooler, calmer, turned-up and down for the cause, against ‘the man’ but, able to assimilate, more creative, less combative, more forgiving, more forgetful, keep forgetting… yeah, that’s right. Push it all to the back of your sculls; then blow it all away because, unfortunately, it seems nothing is ever enough. What a world to have to wake up to. Smh

  14. DEL BEY November 25, 2014

    even Beyonce who I stan for could do so so much more with the influence she has, she and jay have remained silent on this subject, I will always LOVE bey because she IS the best performer and artist of today’s generation but her inquisition into social issues and stigmas really upsets me, she’s not political at all, all that power would be a good help for this case

    • king November 25, 2014


      • DEL BEY November 25, 2014

        I’m sure they do and so do I, she always takes the high road, but maybe a little more engagement in these subject would be nice

    • ronnoc November 25, 2014

      Bey is a SINGER. Not a politician.

      • DEL BEY November 25, 2014

        I never said she has to be, but in an ideal world queen bey would be our saviour on a musical and political tip.

    • N November 25, 2014

      Some people only interest is their selfish ambition. They don’t want to ruffle any feathers to miss out on any opportunity.

      • king November 25, 2014

        and u are so perfect right?

      • Oh, so we doing this today!? November 25, 2014

        No one is perfect nobody is. Not everyone is a narcissist like your fave tho. Grow up.

      • king November 25, 2014

        what u do for society b****?
        u just post share and like
        u have only opinions and u sit like a mf behind your computer waiting for the next trend like this one – hate the police! right? wow u need to get a nobel prize you are a freedom fighter that gets is info from the internet, tv and newspapers that need s*** people like you to sell out and make money. i bet you dont volunteer or do somthing important so you want to talk about selfish ambitions? yeah b****? lol i didnt think so – you just a follower.

    • rosy November 25, 2014

      Rihanna I love you but be quiet and stay out this not everything about racism these celebs out here with opinions but all they do is contribute taking your clothes off and violence to our black youth but they want change when they have power all they do is choose to show that u can be slurry like her and Beyonce to our black girls gtfoh with your hypocrisy if you want change be about and show women and girls you don’t need to smoke weed and take your clothes off you and bey have power use it I’m done with the rappers disgusting lyrics with violence

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* November 25, 2014

      No offense at all. But that’s why you need an education. Being rich ain’t s***. You need to have an education. She’s not educated

  15. king November 25, 2014


  16. Rosie November 25, 2014

    This is exactly the type of mess that makes me thankful I’m not from the US. I hope all those basic white girls who wish they were born in the 50s are happy with this, because that’s exactly where that country is heading at that point.

    • Umm November 25, 2014

      Girl please, you stan and fight over american artists on an American geared blog, with fellow Americans… About Americans. Guhhhhh sit down

      • DEL BEY November 25, 2014

        she has her opinion, I’m from the UK and love American music but some of your country’s political decisions such as excessive deployment of soldiers in the Middle East is questionable

      • Rosie November 25, 2014

        This blog is based in the UK. And I don’t know you. You tried though, honey.

    • Britney Stan November 25, 2014

      But you stan for American artists. Shut your fake ass up you stupid sorry sack of scum!!

      • Umm November 25, 2014

        @Britney GUHHHHHH im saying though, she acting like she don’t be in these posts for hours upon hours out of her week to go in about the Americans and the culture she frontin like she doesn’t wanna be apart of. Smh these girls be fuh-rooooonting!!!!

      • Britney Stan November 25, 2014

        Haha spill Rosies tea!! Shes a fake bitter bandwagoning tramp thats from wack ass Canada trying to be something shes not! I don’t respect her fake flip flopping ass.

      • DEL BEY November 25, 2014

        what did Rosie do to you? seek help

      • Rosie November 25, 2014

        Haha f** I ALWAYS have you and that one Cedric stan pressed for no reason. Like damn is S****** flopping that hard? Hop off my c*** and hop on a Megabus to Las Vegas so Deadney can start selling out those casino theatres again.

  17. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 25, 2014

    Some y’all are just ignorant as fuuck. Murder is premeditated(planned) and/or intention. Now I can’t prove that and so did the prosecution, but there’s manslaughter (google it b******). The guy was shot 10 times. The first shot, hell even the 2nd-3rd-4th shot could’ve decapitated him, but the cop continued shooting. This is where it felt like the cop really want Mike dead.

    • DEL BEY November 25, 2014

      someone’s been watching how to get away with murder

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 25, 2014

        No. I learned about it during the Trayvon case.

  18. Realest November 25, 2014

    Everyone’s an Instagram activist when it’s cute to screen shot a clever saying but don’t say or comment on shiiiiiiit in the interim. Kinda like the folks who jump on football/basketball teams once the championships are going on but don’t give a damn nor watch a game during the season #Bandwagoners DAHHHLING I tell you, #Bandwagoners

    • Skyfall November 25, 2014

      I’d rather have people bandwagon then not say anything at all.

      • Realest November 25, 2014

        Why when it’s not genuine? It’s just because everyone else is doing it. The same ones talking ish don’t vote except for the president because he’s black. No use in commenting unless you truly are passionate about something, not because you’re following the crowd.

      • Britney Stan November 25, 2014

        Skyfall you’re an idiot

  19. Britney Stan November 25, 2014



  20. Skyfall November 25, 2014

    Sad that instead of feeling protecting when a police officer is near, you feel anxious instead.

  21. #TeamTinashe Stan November 25, 2014

    I am disgusted by this! Things like this should never happen. Now Mike Brown’s parents have to bare with that with grief.
    So sad.

  22. Rosie November 25, 2014

    Death at these desperate f*** trying to turn this post into a stan war. You don’t really want to go there.

  23. Mark111 November 25, 2014

    F*** most of them because they JUST NOW saying something. Where were you months ago? Just loke Travon, they don’t speak until AFTER the fact.

  24. Mariah Is Music November 25, 2014

    Lauryn Hill spilled the truth on her MTV Unplugged. We are all under a system that controls everything we do. I will always love Lauryn love for society and her braveness exposing the system.. Smh this is sad but regardless the white man will be free.

  25. Nene November 25, 2014

    United state of America has no law for justice. I a f***** place to live. You can never kill and walk free in the United Kingdom.

  26. lolhart November 25, 2014

    I understand that people outside the USA feel outraged (as am I), but you need to understand that America has a different culture, history and society to yours. Instead of wailing “This would never happen in my country”, think about the problems you guys have.

  27. RDK November 25, 2014

    so sad man,shot first ask question and hand cuff later.
    like this cop who shot this black man dead, and then decided to hand cuff the dead man it’s crazy out here some changes need to make asap.i said my prayers to micheal brown and family and the people protesting.

  28. RICHIE_RICH November 25, 2014

    So sad . May God bless America !!!!!!!

  29. Casual-T November 25, 2014

    The grand jury’s decision was correct. It is a very sad outcome for Michael Brown and the Brown family, but the young man’s behavior caused this incident.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 25, 2014

      So that justifies him being shot 10 times?

  30. Blue Ivy Rodriguez November 25, 2014

    The prosecutor didn’t cross examine hi, Wilson also didn’t hVe a statement said on that day and he washed off the blood off his body without documenting the evidence, he had no injuries either so basically this man has gotten away with murder. There are more inconsistencies with Darren’s/Bobs statements and the evidence that was found before. This was sketchy and covered up, the PD and attorney office needs to be investigated fully to the highest degree

  31. T. R. C. November 25, 2014

    You can’t fight a cop and grab for a cops gun and expect not to get shot. You don’t grab for a cops gun, ever.

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez November 25, 2014

      Yet Wilson has no bruising and are you forgetting that he shot and killed running away and not outside his vehicle? Try to use your brain a little more

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