Christina Aguilera Returns To Studio / Working With Pharrell Williams?

Published: Saturday 8th Nov 2014 by Sam

Christina Aguilera has made no secret of the fact she’s been baking a new album in the studio. Indeed, the Pop powerhouse has shared a multitude of recording lab snaps this year – including many taken while pregnant.

A mandatory pause was required, however, when she gave birth to daughter Summer Rain in August.

Now, it appears, it’s back to business for the star, who posted the pic above with the caption:

In more important news..

Fans being fans, it wasn’t long before an interesting observation was made relating to who was sitting behind the sound deck.

See what we mean below….

Per a few interesting pic-stiches, strong evidence suggests Xtina has been cooking up hits with Pharrell Williams (see: strategically placed hat)


The collabo wouldn’t be far fetched at all. Both are set to sit alongside each other on the upcoming season of The Voice and with the show’s judges renown for working together during each series, an Xtina/Skateboard P pairing would continue that trend.

If indeed “happening”, we’re officially excited as their paths haven’t crossed before musically. Hopefully, whatever they are brewing brings the same pepper and spice as Pharrell’s top tier work ala ‘Slave 4 U’ and ‘Blow’. Whatever they do, we praying they steer clear of that ‘Blurred Lines’ sound everyone and their dog channeled last year, as it’s played all the way out.

In any case, enough of our rambling…

Your thoughts?

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  1. KING13 November 8, 2014

    Sam’s right. The blurred lines sound is so tiring. Christina’s own “Slave 4 U” would def help her get her career back on track. I’m still annoyed that “Your Body” never was her best single/video in a LONG time.

    • 2 girls 1 cup November 8, 2014

      I def agree your body was the hit that never was but it was also her fault cause she was being lazy and staying at home eating cheeseburgers and not promoting her s***

      • menthert November 8, 2014

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    • Gaga’s Monster November 8, 2014

      she is a done-deal…just like Mariah. 🙁

      • idgi November 8, 2014

        B**** just like Gaga. At least they are respected artist who have accomplished a lot whereas gag is a weirdo circus freak relying on all these gimmicks which fade and are forgettable.

    • KatyB November 8, 2014

      I totally agree with what you’re saying! Hopefully they can come up with a sound that sounds fresh and original. Knowing Christina though she’s not one to really go with what’s popular. And if that post about her seeking a producer to give her a “Ain’t No Other Man” sound then I’m kinda at ease. Idk I just want her to sing like she means it like she did on Stripped and Back to Basics. But whatever she does it better be #FireandFun!

  2. 2 girls 1 cup November 8, 2014

    Omg yassss Queen I can’t wait! She needs to released something with funk a la ain’t no other man style I really loved that song her last solo big hit he career been dead since 2007 floptina flopiera lol just kidding I love you queen im allowed to make fun of her been a fan since 1998 reflection!

  3. Mark111 November 8, 2014

    Yawn. . . So original. And OTHER news, Usher sold out Madison Square Garden last night. Flop tour my virtual @ss.

  4. Gaga’s Monster November 8, 2014

    Flop-lera!!! 🙁

  5. blue November 8, 2014

    nooooooooooo stay away pharrell! Keep you tired sound away from xtina.
    I swear he has ruined every album by an artist i love starting with ed.

  6. blue November 8, 2014

    nooooooooooo stay away pharrell! Keep you tired sound away from xtina.
    I swear he has ruined every album by an artist i love starting with ed. Thats with the obsession with having everyone sing in their falseto?

    • dotti November 8, 2014

      what are you talking about? the public disagrees that pharrell has ruined anything. he’s been behind numerous celeb hits. i just hope this project doesn’t bring out rabid christina haters in the media that will attack him for working with her. good luck to them both. i wish christina would release a pic of her baby girl?

  7. Kitty Puurrzz November 8, 2014

    MARK MY WORDS… This will SLAY. Xtina is way too talented & mark my words, her return to the throne will happen.

  8. Sherry November 8, 2014

    Christina is done commercially, but that’s okay as long as the music is good she can rack up on commercial acclaim and Grammys.

  9. King M.J November 8, 2014

    Her attitude turned me off years ago..i’m over her.

  10. Teacher November 8, 2014

    Rihanna HAS sold over 300k in a single wk b4!! She sold exactly 306,107 copies of Loud in ONE week in the UK alone! And this wasn’t the first week, but the 4th/5thweek!!! #EVENBETTER
    It’s irrelevant to this post but imma keep postin it til you bitter biitches come up w smthng else!
    Receipt: go google “Rihanna 306107″ and find all those who reported on it! This tired ass Beyonce fansite ddnt report on it tho! #PressedMuch

  11. TheElusiveLamb November 8, 2014

    I was over Xtina with Bionic (excluding maybe three songs), but she won me back with Lotus. The only problem with Xtina was her attitude to everyone. They regarded her a higher b**** then even my fav. Not only that, but she never had an established sound. While it’s beneficial to making sure she’s not dull and boring, it never built her a solid enough fanbase and foundation for her artistry. Oh well. She’s talented. Hopefully Pharrell gives her better material than he gave to Gwen Stefani. Until I hear the new music…

    Now Playing:

    • King M.J November 8, 2014

      I agree. To this day though, her album “Stripped” is absolutely flawless..I think it’s actually her best work.

    • KatyB November 8, 2014

      Agreed! Although I do like Bionic a hell of a lot better than Lotus. Lotus was just…a mess. Listening to the Intro I’m like “ooh this going to be good!” Then by then end of the album I’m just like “really?” She needs to get back with Scott Storch and Linda Perry IMO. Plus I need a Latin flare from her with some RNB cause that’s where she shines best. But overall youre right she doesn’t have a sound. I understand wanting to do different things, cause Madonna did it, however Madonna still has her own sound despite her various remixes. Idk I just need Christina to come correct.

  12. FutureCIARA November 8, 2014

    I want to F** Pharrell!! He probably has a cute hole…

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