Lil Wayne: “I’ll Be Out Of Cash Money Soon”

Published: Saturday 6th Dec 2014 by David

‘Fireman’ rapper Lil Wayne has confirmed he is to part ways with the ‘Cash Money‘ music group this week, announcing the news on Twitter and going on to tease his plans at Vice’s 20th anniversary party in Brooklyn yesterday.

Find out what he told fans in attendance below…

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  1. SnowBunny December 6, 2014

    His music is LAME now. Don’t blame the label.

  2. Beysus December 6, 2014

    And soon the rest will follow….

  3. DanYiel Teflon December 6, 2014

    LMBO I’ve always hated his sound!!

  4. Career Ender December 6, 2014

    flopping a$s rapper who only know how to rap about pu$$y only

    • CATFISH CAREY December 6, 2014


      • Career Ender December 6, 2014

        lol nah. Cake just went to far to diss me. And I had a tough year for my course so a lil stress was still there
        but im not worried of no street vendor from kayelitsha who eats “chicken intestines” as thee most prestigious meal he can afford
        next time I meet him its on, I ain’t done scalping that thing

      • Pat December 7, 2014

        @CareerEnder, I’m curious, what is your definition of going to far on a blog? Have a seat! If you’re having a bad year then get up, get a job, and stop dishing out what you aren’t willing to receive back! _/

  5. Slay_Hive December 6, 2014

    Lol I find it weird that he is leaving and not Drake. Lil Wayne should definitely have more power at this point in his career. All of the money he made cash money, they should be doing all they can to keep him around. Nicki and Drake will be leaving soon. No more Young Money without Lil Wayne.

    • Career Ender December 6, 2014

      he’s such a weak thug. career tankin and so is his young money power

  6. Rima December 6, 2014

    Its sad he has no control over his career which means neither does Drake or Nicki.

  7. Teacher December 6, 2014

    CM don’t need him anymore they have Drake and Nicki cash king and queen tbh.

  8. December 6, 2014

    i hope so and i hope he takes Drake and Nicki with him.

  9. TheElusiveLamb December 6, 2014

    I wonder what the next album will sound like. What label will sign him now?

    • Career Ender December 6, 2014

      im sure ita gon be some crappy Rock-Rap $hit with the word “pu$$y” apearing 101325 time in the entire album

  10. North West Stan December 6, 2014

    His time has come and gone.

    • You Stupid December 6, 2014

      I second that… *sips*

  11. The One December 7, 2014

    People are so quick to write these stars off when they’re flopping in real like! Thses celebrities are rich and of their projects don’t live up to your perceived “hype” they’ll still be “rich!”

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