Omarion’s ‘Sex Playlist’ Blasts Into iTunes Top 10

Published: Wednesday 3rd Dec 2014 by David


After enjoying an applause worthy run on ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s first season, R&B singer Omarion makes an unsurprising return to the charts today, blasting into iTunes Top Ten with his latest release ‘Sex Playlist.’

Now available to purchase for $7.99, the project now sits at #8 on iTunes USA’s albums tally and is currently outperforming pre-order digits moved by J.Cole’s ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive‘, Beyonce’s ‘More Only’ and Sam Smith‘s ‘In the Lonely Hour.’


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  1. Yea ok December 3, 2014

    Even if I liked the music* I will be d a m n ed if I have any album cover that looks like that appearing on my phone. Disgusting. Ugh.

    *i don’t like the music

    • 8 December 3, 2014

      It’s not that serious, give it a rest. Anyhow, my thoughts is that it’s good music, better than a lot of stuff out now. I would like to see it higher on the charts though

    • #BYE December 3, 2014

      B****… you stan for pornonce she literly have an ass cheeks as the cover art for her single 7/11 so you need to sit biitch. stop trying to be all pc now ho. #BYE

      • #BYE December 3, 2014


  2. DanYiel Teflon December 3, 2014

    Not mad Omarion sounds good Fa sure!!

  3. #TeamTinashe Stan December 3, 2014

    Yes Omarion!!! So proud! Glad he stopped the dancing to just get people to pay attention to him as just as a singer. And I know he won’t pull a Mario on us with not dancing anymore because he already talked about it. I’m still listening to the album though. Séx Playlist, Post To Be, Steam and Already are my shįt right now. Congrats!!

  4. HYISI December 3, 2014

    Better than most stuff out my ass!
    I didn’t think he could go lower than “Ollusion”..This is Omarion’s worse album to date!The songs sound dated,the lyrics are just meh,and whoever told him to “Try” to sing needs to have charges brought up against them!
    The duet with Jeremiah, hurt my ears and spirit!That has to be the worst duet between male R&B “Singers” period!
    Out of 13 songs I like 1!All these slow and mid-tempo songs just make it a bore fest! 21 remains his best album!Glad I got to stream it first!

  5. #BYE December 3, 2014

    From the neck down he fine.

  6. JOHNVIDAL December 3, 2014

    See Sam? Being in the top10 in USA itunes briefly doesn´t mean a thing (although I´m surprised this guy made it), he won´t sell a damn thing when the album comes out. (I´m saying this cause of his obsession with his faves “achievements” he always reports as if those top10s on itunes and the likes were something.

  7. Victoria B December 3, 2014

    That cover, when know body knows you, you got to do everything to put your face out there.

  8. eugenia December 3, 2014

    Its cool at least hes trying in sad news kelly roland of dedtinys child mom just died i hope she got a chance to see her grandson titian

  9. Liam December 3, 2014

    i listened to the album last night and he really delivered with it…he redeemed himself from that awful album Ollusion lol….

  10. Sisqo is King December 3, 2014

    The cover threw me off but this album is fire. I’m in love with inside,sexplaylist,post to be,don’t leave. Now all I need is “last dragon” by sisQo.

  11. robyatrees February 12, 2016

    i haven’t any thing now to listen , you can sent to me

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