Bruno Mars Blasts To #1 On Billboard Hot 100 With ‘Uptown Funk’

Published: Wednesday 7th Jan 2015 by Sam

Bruno Mars has done it again.

The electrifying performer has charged to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with his latest release, ‘Uptown Funk’.

Details below…

The dance-floor jam, which is produced and co-headlined by Mark Ronson, rose #2-#1 on the US tally this week.

Key tea about the feat:

* The song swaps places with previous chart topper, ‘Blank Space’ by Taylor Swift, which spent seven weeks at #1.

* Its rise ends a record-tying 19 weeks in-a-row of only women holding the #1 spot.

* The majority (65 percent) of the song’s chart activity this week came from good ole sales. Impressive given the current shape-shifting going on surrounding the weighting of streaming and radio.

* ‘Funk’ serves as Mars’ sixth chart topper and second as a “featured” act. For Ronson, the song becomes his first #1 with his first Hot 100 as an artist. His previous Hot 100 entries as a songwriter/producer include Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’ (which peaked at #9 in 2007), Christina Aguilera’s ‘Hurt’ (rolled out in 2006, with a peak of #19) and interestingly Mars’ 2012/13 hit ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ – which hit #1 and stayed there for six weeks.

Bruno’s previous Hot 100 winners are his guest stint (and first mainstream appearance) on on B.o.B’s ‘Nothin’ on You’ in 2010, which was quickly followed by his own chart-topper ‘Just the Way You Are’ (four weeks, 2010), ‘Grenade’ (four weeks, 2011), ”Heaven’ and ‘When I Was Your Man’ (six weeks and one week, 2013).


Congrats are most certainly in order! The track, which also topped the charts in the UK, is entirely deserving of its success and is a fine addition to the discographies of both Mars and Ronson.

‘Uptown Funk’ is lifted from Ronson’s album ‘Uptown Special’, which hits stores on January 13th. {Source}

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  1. blue January 7, 2015

    this guy is on a roll
    i want him and rihanna on a track together soon

    • maurice January 8, 2015

      why? so she can phuck him too?

    • JOHNVIDAL January 8, 2015

      Please NO! lol

  2. Islandboi242 January 7, 2015


  3. Katycat January 7, 2015

    Ugh! that queen is annoying as f***

  4. Cassie Lover January 7, 2015

    Mj wannabe can’t with him

    • OMG Logic!!! January 7, 2015

      If his style emulates someone, it’s James Brown not Michael Jackson.

      • Mark111 January 8, 2015

        I see MJ, Brown, Prince and Elvis.

  5. blue January 7, 2015

    funny my seven year old nephew thinks he is mj, especially the video for this song, we had a whole argument about it. Lol

    thing is i watch the video and he does seem feminine but the fact that he went there and was so w.t.h about it, kinda reinforces his masculinity.

  6. Blacksista January 7, 2015

    Watch who you call “has beens”. I see Janet, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, The Time, James Brown, and Michael all over this. Impact trumps popularity and record sales. These people made a difference in music! Among others who are disrespected and disregarded on this Site.

  7. Navy Nick January 7, 2015

    This guy is amazing!!!!! So proud this happened; EPIC SONG!!!!!

  8. FutureCIARA January 8, 2015

    My husband will FOREVER SLAY your male RnB and Pop faves!!

    BRUNO IS KING!!!!!!!

  9. ashley January 8, 2015

    From the moment i heard this song on snl,i knew it would be a smash! Congrats to him and ronson,well deserved!

  10. Career Ender January 8, 2015

    my fave slaying all these flop females that you tgj homos always fighting over
    Bruno #1 artist this decading.
    slaying pan cake swift and other half talented non singing yodellers
    thank you Bruno!!!!!!!!!!
    fistopher , trey goat, August thin paper annoying vocals, beaver, 1D and other lessors could never

  11. Career Ender January 8, 2015

    that Lana post came at bad time , that ugly ass twink mateo and rim job (rima) are going to have a session with me
    I wish a biatch would, especially that ugly ass brunette twink that stans for a female brock lesner, gaga the fallen civilain mafia widow and rihganja

    • CATFISH CAREY January 8, 2015

      OH SHUT UP!!!

      • Career Ender January 8, 2015

        you were late for the government cabbage handout bum!
        stay capping that telefunken keyboard

  12. Minajesty(Believe in your Queendom) January 8, 2015

    You go Bruno!!! I love this guy so much, talent always wins.

  13. Jansel January 8, 2015

    He’s f****** that white dude. Bet on it

    • JOHNVIDAL January 8, 2015

      Nah he is straight. Would be hot though 🙂

  14. DanYiel Teflon January 8, 2015

    I’m going to buy that song I actually like that song!!

  15. Merril Owns January 8, 2015

    Glad to hear other types of music at the top

    For all your emerging artists and new music needs, visit

    • Career Ender January 8, 2015

      is that kanye West or you in your gravatar?

  16. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! January 8, 2015

    Awh. Well I actually like the Bruno Mars song, so it’s okay…. And taylor had 7 weeks at number 1. Also taylor is still number 1 on the album charts,, which I’d rather she’d be over singles!

    • Career Ender January 8, 2015

      that non singing pan cake girl is Bruno’s lessor though. bye bum biatch boy

      • Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! January 8, 2015

        He will never get anywhere near Taylor’s album sales….and you’re insulting me as if I’m gay, when Bruno Mars looks so gay in the uptown dunk video.. I mean really!

      • Career Ender January 8, 2015

        twink please, Bruno’s first two albums outsold tay tay’s first two or latest two WW…you pick and choose
        and he has more #1 which sells more too
        and he can sing and out perform that stick figure you stan for
        Bruno > Taylor

    • Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! January 8, 2015

      That comment is all lies. Freeless sold 10 million. His albums sold no where near that.. So your comment is void.


  17. JOHNVIDAL January 8, 2015

    Damn it congrats congrats congrats!
    See? Someone that really deserves it, his album sales success and his chart topping singles. True talent. I loved the song when I first listened to it a month ago but I still hadn´t watched the video. It´s great and fun.

    • Career Ender January 8, 2015


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