Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Reality Show’ Welcomes Modest Opening Sales

Published: Friday 23rd Jan 2015 by David


The ‘Fearless’ Jazmine Sullivan has welcomed her lowest first week sales for an album to date this week, seeing her latest LP ‘Reality Show‘ move 29,708 units.

Debuting at #12 on the Billboard 200, the R&B set made its arrival after 2010’s, ‘Love Me Back‘ sold 57,000 copies in its first week and her debut album ‘Fearless’ shifted 65,000 copies with the help of the timeless number ‘Bust Your Windows.’

The album’s final first week number is sits at the 32,254 mark when sales-equivalent streams are thrown into the mix.

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  1. mishanb January 23, 2015

    such a shame it did so low i watched her on the breakfast club and people been saying what a great album it is. i decided to listen to it to give it a chance and she has made me a fan of hers. i don’t understand how adele sells some much and i think this album has much more soul in this album

    • Rnbluva January 23, 2015

      This era has been messy messy messy! From and single choices, to no promo. Jazmine can sing her ass off, but her material and promo lacks. Adele’s two albums (musically) shits on Reality Show and that’s no shade. With jazmines vocal talent, she should be making much better music. She also needs to work on her image. She’s a thicker girl but dresses in very unflattering clothing. You can tell she’s insecure about her weight too. No shade.

      • Al January 23, 2015

        Pass this girl done fried chicken

      • Blacksista January 23, 2015

        Wow you just read yourself

    • E Young January 23, 2015

      I’m glad that you have listen to the album and she has gained a fan. The real question is…Did you purchase the album after you listened to it?

  2. ~The Arcade~ January 23, 2015

    Honestly, its not her fault. By now we all know the drastic climate change of records sales in the industry is a an all time low… especially with R&B/ Soul singers 🙁

  3. E Young January 23, 2015

    Being one of the 29,708 people who actually purchased the album, she consistently improves her music. I can honestly say this album is proab her best work. She has great singles on this album, but lacks promo, which is why her sells are so low. Her videos need a bigger budget, I do not blame her. I blame her label. She’s doing great choosing singles, but it need crazy promo, she needs to performing everywhere. Adele has huge promo behind her music. Why can’t Jasmine Sullivan have the same promo? She’s needs to be appreciated and respected more for her artistry. Half of you all who comment on these type of post, don’t even now how to appreciate music and will buy an album that is completely trash.

  4. SipTheTruth January 23, 2015

    Lack of promo, no image

  5. #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) January 23, 2015

    She’s way too fat now and has no promo what do people expect?

    • TheElusiveLamb January 23, 2015

      What has been Ciara’s excuse for the last 9 years?

  6. Casual-T January 23, 2015

    Considering the seemingly weak promotion and lack of awareness of this project, these numbers are excellent. Jazmine Sullivan has an almost exclusively r&b audience, so her sales universe is smaller than any artist who has access to pop, or even hip hop, radio.

  7. DanYiel Teflon January 23, 2015

    I also purchased her album & every song is the Business too me! I Live & it’s sad that REAL VOCALIST aren’t shining like These ole Pop/Chicks with WACK ASS ALBUMS!!

  8. Dossome January 23, 2015

    Oh dear,if this trend goes on Musicians won’t be able depend on their music to pay their house rent or keep their lights on..SMH

  9. King January 23, 2015

    To be quite honest this isn’t even that bad for an underrated R&B artist in this day and time. We have people with much more notoriety like Mariah, Mary J., and Jennifer Lopez selling less than 60,000 copies in their first week. It’s sad but that’s just the way it is.

  10. Rated R January 23, 2015

    Where was the promo Jazmine , in this industry you can’t just drop an album when you’ve been gone for a while. you can have great songs. great album . great personality. but if you have no promo all that is irrelevant and then this great body of work becomes invisible. but maybe promo will come now and the album will be a grower, this is just a first week – there’s still a whole year to promote , tour and release singles/ videos and do press. (p.s. some ppl have great first weeks and then do these types of numbers their second week .

  11. I.D. January 23, 2015

    This is exactly what’s wrong with r&b/hip-hop and music in general these days. Generic, cookie-cutter music that’s forgotten and outdated in a couple of years will ship platinum .

    But REAL music that stands the test of time scans wood…..

  12. Terry B January 23, 2015

    I didn’t know about this album until I saw it in the new release section on iTunes. There needs to be better promo for albums. It’s like ppl are dropping these albums out of thin air. If ppl don’t know about it, how can they support it?

  13. TheElusiveLamb January 23, 2015

    Just weak promo and she hasn’t been out in 4-5 years. She just has to continue to build her buzz. Either way it goes, the album is Mona Lisa (favorite track).

  14. Ruffin January 23, 2015

    Her label and management failed to promote and provide the funds to promote the music properly. This album is Great and should be recognized.
    Whatever happened to Street Teams? hah.

  15. Munchies January 23, 2015

    She literally had no real promo. She never had one national TV promo spot. Nothing! Everything has been word of mouth. 30k is amazing considering most of the people who would happily buy her music have no clue she has music out.

  16. the voice January 23, 2015

    RCA DOES NOT PROMOTE RNB ARTISTS. Chris Brown, Usher, and JT were already superstars before Sony dumped them on RCA.
    Tinashe should be a superstar right now. She should have been crossed over on radio.
    Why hasnt she released ALL HANDS ON DECK.
    At least Tinashe is a good performer and has decided to become a touring artists tho.

  17. HYISI January 23, 2015

    I like this album way more than the last one! Jazmine’s vocals< and the lyrics and themes are amazing.I haven't purchased an album in awhile and hers was worth it!
    They did like 0 promo for this great album..shame

  18. #TeamTinashe Stan January 23, 2015

    The best album so far in 2015.

  19. incognegro January 23, 2015

    As much as we would like to blame artists for the lack of success of their records via poor promotion, marketing, etc, it is actually a smart move. The less overhead you create, the less you owe the record label. So artists like Marsha Ambrosius, Melanie Fiona, and Jazmine Sullivan who write and/or produce their own records may not sell millions of records, but they also do not accumulate millions of dollars worth of debt as they create and control most of the artistic process. But we must also realize that these factors such as promotion, videos, and marketing no longer matter in the new era of media consumption. People can too easily download, youtube, or bootleg an album, so there is no value in making cds. It is a real shame, because the current music era does not appreciate nor support real talent. If you do not have a gimmick, a catchy-single, or look like a model you cannot succeed. Jazmine Sullivan has not put out a bad album yet, and the woman can sing most artists under the table; but she does not get the support she needs to make her a commercially viable artist. I hope Jazmine remains inspired, as her talent exceeds far beyond a 4 minute video, a tight dress, or a makeup contract. I would urge her to go the independent route, tour, and create other artistic enterprises, because in this world of fickle self-hating fans, few artists will get the support their rightfully deserve.

  20. Kyle January 23, 2015

    Like many of the comments above, I’m actually surprised she sold that much. That’s a pretty decent number considering the lack of radio/TV support she has had for this project. Her album is #7 on the Top Actual Album sales chart where they don’t take into account album streams online. That’s pretty solid! I honestly believe this is her best album! She improves with each release. I love her voice and her songwriting ability. She’s definitely one of the most underrated R&B artists of our time but I’m glad she put out another album. I missed her!

  21. Credits January 23, 2015

    Jazmine’s album is amazing! I bought it on iTunes! RCA has a roster of real vocalists, jazmine, Monica and Brandy. Yet none of them are getting the platform to show their voices off to the world. And when I say that I mean the X factors and the American idol stages, those kind of things.

  22. Paws January 24, 2015

    I didn’t even know she had an album out tbh….

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