From The Vault: Jennifer Lopez – ‘Get Right’

Published: Sunday 4th Jan 2015 by Joe

10 years…

January 4th marks the 10th anniversary of a club-banger that a decade on still gets the dance-floor ablaze.

Today’s From The Vault pick is the colossal ‘Get Right’ by the ever-fierce Jennifer Lopez.

At a time when the world was growing tired of her media presence following the “Bennifer”episode , Ms. Lopez –  with this single – was hoping to right (pun intended) the wrongs caused to her image and reposition herself as an entertainer. Needless to say, it turned out to be just what the career doctor ordered.

Helmed by ‘1 Thing’ maestro Rich Harrison alongside Corey Rooney – with Usher also participating to the song’s development – it was based around an infectious horn riff from the collaboration between James Brown and Maceo and The Macks, ‘Soul Power’.
The diva’s first release in over 18 months, it was met with favorable reviews as well as generous chart positions. Reaching the 12th position of the Billboard Hot 100, it topped both the UK Singles Charts and the World Singles Official Top 100.

Opting to unleash the song and the video the same day (a rarity at the time), it made it near-impossible for folk to disassociate the funky track from its high-octane visual. Francis Lawrence allowed Jen to tap into her acting-skills by portraying a multitude of characters all present at a hyper hip club where ‘Right’ is playing.

Renown for its editorial-looking dance-break (which remains all sorts of epic), indeed it is the kind that makes one feel like the world has stopped and nothing else matters.

The 10 years that separate us from ‘Right”s release have seen Lopez experience career ups and downs; from successful stints on American Idol, to hit singles, to not so successful albums, and a dwindling radio potency.

Still, with a rumored Vegas run on the cards, it seems the ride is anything but over for the Latin beauty and from where we stand, she seems hungrier than she has ever been, which in turn has our appetite for new music from her even more

It will be interesting to see where J.Lo will go next. Wherever she navigates her career, we’re keen to bet that 10 years from now, her star will still be shining bright.

JLo - GetRight

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  1. PL January 4, 2015

    Crazy In Love birthed this song, and many more. Usher is still a dummy for giving the track away.

  2. MariahIsMusic1 January 4, 2015

    Musically she’s trash. I love some of her movies!

  3. Gee January 4, 2015

    This song was wack in my opinion and this was the start of her beginning to decline musically. She’s now become known for her singles rather than her albums overall. Her concert was a weak man’s version of Bey’s I am tour documentary( dance again) live.

  4. Akeem January 4, 2015

    Her dancing is soooooooo overrated.

    • Suicide Blonde January 4, 2015

      She can dance to everything, Hip Hop, Pop, Salsa, Merengue, Samba, Flamenco, Tango and the list go on, you won’t find a more complete dancer than her in music, overrated are those dancers who can only dance to one style. Her diversity beats great dancers like Janet and Ciara IMO.

      • Royalkev January 4, 2015

        I was with you Suicide until you threw Janet in there! Janet has continued to show great versatility in her dancing throughout most of her artistry. The bulk of her videos in her 30+ year career showcase that, from her military-styled choreography in Rhythm Nation to her African/Hawaiian/Asian infused movement in some of her other work (Together Again/Runaway). Jlo’s an exceptional dancer as well, but Janet has exhibit some of the finest, most intricate moves the dance world has ever seen. You’ll even find a budding dancer in Janet from her work on Fame. She does everything from modern to Jazz on that show.

      • Spunkypoop January 4, 2015

        I have to agree with you Royal Kev!

      • Jamon January 4, 2015

        After in living color JlLo was a backup Dancer for Janet Jackson. Then she starred in Selena

      • Suicide Blonde January 4, 2015

        Janet is a better dancer, that’s not a secreat but J.Lo is more diverse, Janet cannot dance to Salsa or any other latin dance. J.Lo’s tribute to Celia Cruz is probably one of the best performances of all times, all in least than 5 minutes, Janet can’t dance to that, it’s okay, both are great dancers but J.Lo can dance to almost dancing style.

      • Royalkev January 4, 2015


        I took everything to mean all that you’ve just stated. I’m sure Jennifer is impossible to beat when it comes to executing those Latin style moves (it’s what she’s familiar with because it’s been a part of her dance background since she was a young child). What I was actually pointing out was the fact that Janet incorporated so many different dance styles in her choreography as well, so her dancing is quite diverse too. I’m not knocking Jenny, I just beg to differ with your opinion of who is more diverse. Personally speaking, they’re both the top 2 dancers I’ve seen in the industry thus far… With Bey, Paula and Ciara rounding out the top 5 for women!

  5. Suicide Blonde January 4, 2015

    I love the song and the album is one of my favorites by her. ‘Step in to My World’ >>>>>>> ‘Get Right’.

    • Royalkev January 4, 2015

      ^ I love this song for Jenny too! 🙂

  6. Cake like Lady GaGa January 4, 2015

    This song SLAYED, and it still does.. When will T********* have a song that slays, 10 after its release? NEVER

    • HYISI January 4, 2015

      That’s rich coming from a Lady Gaga fan,most people don’t even remember the “BTW” era,let along singles from it. Meanwhile Independent women,Say my name,Bills Bills Bills, and more importantly her 2nd single is still being played Today Crazy In Love> anything that ugly drag queen you Stan for has ever done. Hence why she’s a flop in three albums..FOH stanning for the ugliest women in pop!

  7. Tea honey January 4, 2015

    Keep slaying mama f*** the haters

  8. Royalkev January 4, 2015

    Jenny was soooo F(_)cking Hot in this video!!! It’s one of her best, along with ‘Glad’, ‘Waiting for Tonight’, ‘Ain’t It Funny’ (original version), ‘Play’ and ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’!

    • Dossome January 4, 2015

      Glad was everything.Both song and video

  9. Akeem January 4, 2015

    Yall stanning for J Ho but couldn’t find a coin to buy her last album…hell even a single? FOH.

  10. TheElusiveLamb January 4, 2015

    This is still my favorite JLO song. I don’t know why this era didn’t do more, but it still is one of my favorites from her. I was hoping she was going to do that residency, but I heard she pulled out of it. I hope a tour is coming soon.

  11. Stephy January 4, 2015

    I only like the beat.

  12. Portugal January 4, 2015


    Australia 3
    Canada 3
    China 2
    Europe (Hot 100 Singles) 1
    France 2
    Hungary 1
    Ireland 1
    Italy 1
    New Zealand 2
    Portugal 1
    Spain 3
    Taiwan 1
    UK Singles (Official Charts Company) 1
    US Billboard Hot 100- 12
    US Hot Dance Club Songs (Billboard) 1
    US Digital Songs (Billboard) 5
    World Singles Official Top 100- 1

    • johnyvb January 4, 2015

      glad to see someone comment form my country

  13. Dossome January 4, 2015

    These Rich Harrison tracks sound too alike.Until I watched the video(s),I couldn’t tell the difference between this song and 1Thing.The video was cool and Jenny looked hot as usual.The song was cool at the time but today,it seems Crazy In Love and Lose My Breath are the only Harrison songs that aged well

    • PeaceMaker January 4, 2015

      Rich Harrison did not produce “Lose My Breath”. Get your facts right.

  14. coolness January 4, 2015

    Man, I used to LIVE for this song! Now, not so much because I’ve come to realise that the horn sample is kinda screechy and her vocals do nothing for me. CIL & 1 Thing >>> I do LOVE the accompanying video though. I remember seeing it for the first time and just being wowed by how crisp her dancing was. It’s one of her best and should’ve won a VMA. This was the last single by J.Lo that I really liked tbh.

  15. Iamdexxx January 4, 2015

    She’s just amazing.

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